Busy month for Isle of Wedmore

ISLE of Wedmore had a busy October with 24 members travelling to the Algarve for the overseas tour.

ISLE of Wedmore had a busy October with 24 members travelling to the Algarve for the overseas tour.

Meanwhile at home the indoor season got off to a flying start with the first of the competitive matches. There was a two-rink match played at home and away in the preliminary round against Watchet in the mixed Egham Trophy. Wedmore won this first match 82-61, but was not so fortunate in the first round against Street at home and away where Wedmore was defeated. Fortune did not smile on the ladies either in the first round of the Yetton Cup when they played two rinks at home and away against Taunton Vivary. Despite a spirited defence, their opponents were too strong and Wedmore went down to go out of the competition. As first round losers they will go on to play in the Yetton Plate.

The men won the first round of the Denny Cup at home and away against Taunton when they scored 82-76 and went on to the second round to play Moonfleet in Weymouth home and away. Unfortunately they went down heavily losing the match 108-44 to go out of the competition.

There has been some success in the friendly matches with the ladies playing at home against Nailsea when they won 44-29. Mixed friendly games were also played and won against Prattens 44-21 and St Andrew's 58-56 and one lost to Puriton 39-34.

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The men played their annual friendly match against the County Under-25s where they usually go down heavily against their youth and enthusiasm. This year was a triples match where having three woods obviously suited the men as they only lost by one shot this time.

Social events got off to a good start with the annual quiz set by last year's winners and which was won by Peter Foren's team, the Dinosaurs, whom he proudly announced had an the average of around 86. Ten teams competed with a buffet served halfway through and the evening was much enjoyed by all who attended.

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This social and thriving club welcomes new members whether beginners or experienced bowlers. Experienced bowlers are welcome to join in the indoor leagues and tuition from qualified coaches is available for beginners, with shoes and bowls available for taster sessions. For further information please contact Pauline on 01934 743271 or Keith on 01934 733237.

ST ANDREW'S had mixed fortunes this week, winning the next stage of the Over-60s Double Rink against Taunton Deane by a huge amount of 36 shots.

Don Bailey's rink at home had a 15-shot victory and the away rink of Barry Forse won by 21 shots.

The Denny Cup and the Top Club competition were both lost, the Denny by 37 shots against a good side from Moonfleet, Weymouth. Unusually, the away rinks were more successful than the home, Ron Gill's rink doing exceptionally well to win by five shots and Barry Forse's rink only going down by two shots. The home rinks were outplayed, Don Bailey's rink losing by 10 shots and Tony Steer's rink going down by 30 shots.

The Top Club competition was played at Taunton Deane in the form of two two-wood singles, pairs, triples, fours. Tony Hyde won the men's two-wood singles and Pat Gill and Don Bailey drew the pairs, but St Andrew's lost 7 points to 3.

St Andrew's 59, Taunton Deane 23 (Over-60s Double Rink): A Hyde, A Yeeles, T Thomas, D Bailey 28-13; M Goddard, G Burgess, D Favis, B Forse 31-10.

St Andrew's 62, Moonfleet 99 (Denny Cup): B Roberts, R Davey, P Villis, D Bailey 16-26;A Hyde, G Millard, P Aldus, A Steer 7-37; K Uglow, T Thomas, R Venn, R Gill 19-14; A Owens, D Favis, C Keedwell, B Forse 20-22.

St Andrew's 3 points, Taunton Deane 7 (Top Club): Men's Two-wood Singles: A Hyde 17-13. Ladies' Two-wood Singles: J Pitman 13-16; Mixed Pairs, Pat Gill, Don Bailey 18-18; Mixed Triples, P Uglow, D Favis, M Favis 16-23; Mixed Fours, C Riley, D Henderson, P Villis, T Thomas 6-34.

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