Busy week for St Andrew's

INDOOR BOWLS - ST ANDREW'S had another busy week, three cup games but only one victory.

ST ANDREW'S had another busy week, three cup games but only one victory.

In the Denny Cup, St Andrew's met the might of BCL, a team containing many of the county's top bowlers, and came out on top with a three-shot win. At home, Don Bailey's rink had a good nine-shot win, while Ron Gill's rink went down by 11 shots, but the two away rinks of Barry Forse and Tony Steer had a two-shot victory.

The ladies in the Yetton Cup were unlucky losers, the two away rinks of Meg Favis and Ann Campbell did well to finish with a one-shot win and a draw. The home rinks of Jackie Ware went down by just two shots, but Jan Binding's rink went down by 18 shots.

The Egham Trophy mixed game saw both home rinks have small winning margins against a strong Ilminster side, Tony Steer by three shots and Don Bailey by nine shots, but the away rinks were outplayed, Ron Gill losing by 22 shots and Barry Forse by 19 shots.

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St Andrew's 71, BCL 68 (Denny Cup): B Roberts, R Davey, P Villis, D Bailey 26-17; K Uglow, T Thomas, R Venn, R Gill 11-21; A Hyde, G Millard, P Aldus, A Steer 18-16; A Owen, S Davis, C Keedwell, B Forse 16-14.

St Andrew's 60, Taunton Deane 79 (Yetton Cup): C Venn, H Watson, S Glenville, J Ware 16-18; M Wride, M Millard, A Powell, J Binding 10-28; P Gill, M Wootten, M Bailey, M Favis 18-17; P Uglow, C Riley, J Pitman, A Campbell 16-16.

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St Andrew's 61, Ilminster 90 (Egham Trophy): J Ware, A Campbell, G Wride, D Bailey 26-17; P Gill, M Favis, P Villis, A Steer 19-16; P Uglow, A Powell, R Venn, R Gill 7-29; C Venn, M Millard, K Uglow, B Forse 9-28.

St Andrew's 61, North Petherton 43 (friendly): P Gill, B Ennis, M Favis, T Thomas 21-18; B Alden, C Thomas, J Binding, D Favis 15-15; J Marney, C Riley, P Villis, R Gill 25-10.

St Andrew's 56, Isle of Wedmore 58 (friendly): R Smith, L Blight, B Alden, E Hooper 22-19; J Smith, M Blight, J Pope, K Rodgers 14-25; John Pope, A Cooper, Ano, A Powell 20-14.

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