Busy week for Winscombe

It was a busy week at Winscombe Bowls Club,with eight matches played in the past week.

IT was a busy week for Winscombe, with no less than eight matches played.

Both the men and ladies started the week well with good wins and the men finished off in style with both their county teams also winning.

The ladies went to Clarence Park and beat Wessex by 25 shots. They won on all three rinks in dreadful conditions. It was their first-ever win in the Wessex League.

The men visited Clevedon in the first round of the Four Dimensions competition. Despite losing the singles, they had a good win in the pairs and won the triples on the last end. In the fours rink, it was nip and tuck, but Winscombe ran out winners by four shots to win 3-1 overall.

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By tradition, the match against Bath BC is 21 end triples. This match, away at Bath, saw Winscombe gain another victory by 17 shots.

At West Backwell in the Clevedon District League, the match was played in heavy rain and concluded at 15 ends. Winscombe drew on one rink and lost on the others to secure half a point which kept them one spot off the bottom.

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The Weston and District Over-60s League match at Winscombe against Clevedon Prom resulted in the Prom enjoying the wet conditions better than the home side to run out winners on four rinks to one, with rink drawn.

At Taunton (Vivary Park), it was a close game with Winscombe winning on three rinks to two, but failing to secure the win by five shots.

In the Someset County League Division 1 North, Winscombe A beat Portishead RBL B and secured 11 points to one by winning on two rinks and drawing on one.

Winscombe B, in Division 2 North, travelled to Bristol and also won gaining 10 points to Bristol’s two.

Winscombe Ladies 55, Wessex 30 (Wessex League): C Hopes, W Weller, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 14-15; M Smith, R Keane, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 13-10; T Miles, L Dyer, L Whatling, M Adams 28-5.

Winscombe 3, Clevedon 1 (4 Dimensions) - singles: R Lowman 5-21; pairs: A Watts, A Dudley 21-11; triples: W Ainsworth, R Feltham, M Adams 15-14; fours: M Dorrington, M Nash, L Baldwin, T Ellis 25-21.

Winscombe 56, West Backwell 98 (Clevedon District League): S Easterby, J Sprouting, B Kibble, A Dudley 15-15; R Sapsford, D Peakall, K Whatling, A Watts 9-23; G Hill, G Coombe, M Dorrington, R Lowman 11-26; A Brand, J Lukins, L Baldwin, M Adams 12-17; R Weller, D Owen, R Lacy, R Feltham 9-17.

Winscombe 80, Clevedon Prom 116 (Weston District Over-60s League): G Lloyd, C Westlake, T Ellis 14-24; R Lowman, L Baldwin, M Adams 17-10; J Smith, A Kyprianides, M Nash 13-13; R Weller, L Collier, A Dudley 15-27; B Paul, M Hunter, K Whatling 14-18; R Knight, B Kibble, G Neville 7-24.

Winscombe 94, Taunton Vivary 99 (friendly): R Knight, B White, K Whatling, M Nash 11-21; B Paul, B Prince, R Lowman, R Wootten 10-33; A Brand, J Smith, A Kyprianides, R Feltham 23-8; R Weller, G Hill, L Collier, A Dudley 26-20; D Beaverstock, D Owen, G Neville, M Adams 24-17.

Winscombe A 66 (11), Portishead RBL B 50 (1) (Somerset Division 1 North): N Hansford, M Hunter, R Lowman, T Ellis 22-19; W Ainsworth, L Collier, R Lacy, R Feltham 19-19; K Whatling, J Smith, A Dudley, M Adams 25-12.

Winscombe 118, Bath 101 (friendly): P Hopes, L Collier, A Dudley 28-13; D Peakall, R Knight, R Feltham 20-23; D Beaverstock, K Whatling, M Adams 21-10; G Hill, J Smith, A Watts 12-19; R Weller, R Lacy, M Nash 19-18 ; B Prince, A Kyprianides, R Lowman 18-18.

Winscombe 112, Tregaron Tourists 137 (mixed friendly): D Owen, R Keane, E Watts, P Fredersdorff 17-21; P John, S Nash, B Paul, M Nash 17-11; M Sprouting, J Rush, J Sprouting, A Kyprianides 13-22; W Weller, G Coombe, T Miles, M Dorrington 15-31; R Weller, P Burns, N Hansford, L Fredersdorff 23-14; S Caddy, S Lowis, G Hill, R Knight 9-21; L Coombe, K Headford, M Hunter, A Watts 18-17.

ASHCOMBE Crusaders had a great win in the Over-60s League, winning on all six rinks and by 55 shots against Burnham.

Ashcombe 137, Burnham 82: A Wright, M Southwood, J Creasey 31-11; J Price, L Day, J Whitton 20-15; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 21-19; P Sheppard, G Finnegan, J Taylor 21-17; R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 29-10; A Wilmot, A Little, J Hornett 15-10.

Ashcombe won on three rinks, but lost overall on shot difference against Victoria Saxons.

Ashcombe 93, Victoria Saxons 114: D Underhay, I Baker, E Hopkins 13-24; R Cole, B Underhay, A Freke 14-17; D Cooper, M Parry, W Spring 10-29; B Jones, M Badman, R Simmons 20-19; A Cracknell, J Main, E Hooper 19-15; R Counsell, G Kinsey, T Bass 17-10

Ashcombe 67, Banwell 78 (men’s friendly): B Alden, R Tasker, I Baker, G Wilkinson 14-29; P Sheppard, G Kinsey, A Morgan, J Hornett 15-16; N Coombes, D Bleasdale, M Southwood, J Whitlow 16-20; M Badman, M Badman, A Little, I Shannon 22-13

Despite winning on three rinks, Ashcombe lost by 16 shots to Ashcombe in the Over-60s Triples League.

Ashcombe 92 (4), Yatton 108 (16) (Over-60s triples): G Tucker, K Hallett, M Bass 11-16; S Ash, B Alden, M Brummell 16-17; T Bull, D Andrews, L Cox 23-12; M Unwin, T Pople, T Cottrell 17-16; N Coombes, M Parry, P Gaulton 19-20; R Lewis, R Smith, R Tasker 6-27.

Ashcombe defeated Chew Stoke 96-66 in the North Somerset Four Dimension Cup, winning on three rinks and by 30 shots.

Ashcombe 96, Chew Stoke 66 – singles: R Hadley 21-20; pairs: J Whitton, B Webber 32-13; triples: R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 24-12; fours: P Sheppard, A Cracknell, J Whitlow, J Taylor 19-21.

Ashcombe 69 (10), Banwell 61 (2) (Somerset League): A Morgan, A Cracknell, T Cottrell, J Creasey 30-23; G Fews, A Little, G Wilkinson, B Webber 19-17; A Wilmot, B Underhay, L Day, J Whitton 20-21.

Ashcombe 48 (2), Yatton A 65 (10) (Somerset League): M Bass, P Sheppard, T Bass, J Taylor 10-25; K Hallett, M Parry, E Hooper, J Whitlow 26-17; D Bleasdale, J Main, R Powell, A Yates 12-23.

Ashcombe 68 (12), Bristol D 45 (0) (Somerset League): N Coombes, G Tucker, R Simmons, M Brummell 20-15; D Cooper, G Sansam, I Baker, P Gaulton 27-10; D Underhay, F Ham, R Tasker, A Freke 21-20.

Ashcombe 75, Wrington 53 (mixed friendly): J Sansam, V Webber, M Bass, T Bass 13-16; G Tucker, S Davies, G Sansam, J McInally 26-10; S Hadley, S Appleby, J Main, B Webber 21-13; M Main, J Matthews, G Finnegan, R Hadley 15-14.

CLARENCE continued their strong start to the season with three victories in as many days last week in different competitions.

Firstly, the Blues, Clarence’s senior team, beat a strong Clevedon side by 13 shots in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

The home side finished up on four of the six rinks, led from the front by captain Roger Burrough, who, with Alan Bishop and Jim Keay, won by 13 shots, including a six on the 11th end.

Mick Edlin, Tony Mannion and Gerald Barlow came from 14-16 down with three ends left to win by one, while Paul Tubb’s trio notched up their second victory in two matches.

Clarence Blues 105 (16), Clevedon 93 (4): A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 23-10; R Flicker, P Palmer, M Adams 13-22; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 18-17; J Rogers, B Rossiter, R Crawford 11-17; T Hooper, B Ballinger, P Tubb 18-11; L Lakey, D Thomson, H Sparks 20-16.

Clarence cruised through the opening round of the National Two-Rink competition, beating visitors Portishead by 16 shots. Again, Roger Burrough skipped his rink to a six on one end, timely because they had been 6-3 down. Paul Tubb’s four trailed by one at 10 ends, then hit back to win by six.

Clarence 48, Portishead 32: R Flicker, M Edlin, R Crawford, R Burrough 25-15; B Rossiter, T Pritchard, D Towie, P Tubb 23-17.

The third successive victory came when Clarence A began their Somerset County League campaign with a thrilling, one-shot away victory over Bristol B in Division 1 North.

Bristol B has been promoted in successive seasons, but Clarence were able to edge home despite one of their rinks having gone down by 20 shots. Don Towie’s rink, the last to finish, notched up a match-winning four on their final end.

Bristol B 60 (2), Clarence A 61 (10): B Rossiter, G Cooper, P Palmer, D Towie 27-13; R Flicker, T Mannion, R Crawford, R Burrough 22-15; M Edlin, T Pritchard, M Adams, P Tubb 12-32.

With the rinks shared, Clarence Golds drew 104-all at home to Mark Moor in Division 2 of the Over-60s League.

David Gilbert, Barrie Underwood and George Cooper excelled themselves again with a 22-shot victory, while Eddie Turner, Bert Cheffers and Brendan Duffy stormed back from 13-3 down to win by one, the same margin by which Mike Davies’s triple finished ahead. However, a heavy defeat on rink one cost the Golds victory.

Clarence Golds 104 (10), Mark Moor 104 (10): J Norris, M Phillips, D Jackman 8-31; A Taylor, M Scoins, M Clay 19-19; D Gilbert, B Underwood, G Cooper 26-4; D Grier, J Hicks, J Edwards 16-17; E Turner, B Cheffers, B Duffy 15-14; C Tippett, B Cornwall, M Davies 20-19.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team, under new captain Tony Mannion, began their inter-club fixtures with an impressive away victory over Cheltenham Whaddon. The rinks were shared, with the 20-shot win by Shirley Scoins, Eddie Turner, Jan Bishop and Richard Crawford proving decisive.

Cheltenham Whaddon 103, Clarence Sunday 120: S Scoins, E Turner, J Bishop, R Crawford 33-13; J Hawkins, A Crawford, V Jones, G Cooper 14-22; P Turner, A Taylor, T Mannion, P Hawkins 22-14; C Tippett, P Phillips, M Peters, D Stott 17-25; J Mannion, M Scoins, N Peters, C Edlin 19-16; A Bishop, E Stott, L Oldham, M Edlin 15-23.

Clarence’s daily free coaching sessions for potential new members continue daily (weather permitting) between 10.30am and 12.30pm until Sunday, with all equipment provided.

For further information, anyone interested can contact club coaches David Stott (625404) and Roger Burrough (627507).

ST ANDREWS have experienced mixed results lately, but achieved a resounding 37 shot win against Clarence to win back the Jim McClelland Shield.

Two good wins launched St. Andrews’ County League season, made all the more enjoyable for being the first time this season that everyone was able to leave their waterproofs behind. The close-fought National Two-Fours game was lost by one shot on an extra end.

St Andrews Trojans 91, Clarence Golds (Over-60s Triples) 97: F Mudge, R Dunstone, J Ling 10-26; B Rogers, B Slade, A MacNab 18-12; K Rodgers, C Shearman, M Simpson 16-19; K Parker, M Berry, G Burgess 22-14; G Simms, G Tofte, B Green 13-13; P O’Connor, J Steer, J Warren 12-13.

St Andrews 136, Clarence 99 (Jim McClelland Shield): K Rodgers, R Lee, T Thomas, B May 17-14; G Berry, C Shearman, G Tofte, A Steer 17-25; M Simpson, J Steer, A Horsburgh, G Wride 20-24; G. Simms, A Cooper, J Warren, D Favis 33-9; M Goddard, B Green, M Berry, P Aldus 21-17; G Aldridge, R Dunstone, A McMillan, B Forse 28-10.

St Andrews 31, Prattens 32 (National Two-Fours): A Owens, M Goddard, P Villis, A Steer 17-12; R Smith, T Thomas, D Favis, G Guest 14-20.

St Andrews Trojans 60, Portishead RBL 100 (Over-60’s Triples): K Rodgers, D Favis, A Ware 19-8; R Brereton, T Allen, J Ling 10-18; G Simms, E Day, M Simpson 15-8; G Berry, D Price, J Warren 9-25; P O’Connor, R Dunstone, B Green 7-31.

St Andrews A 71, Victoria B 40 (County League): G Aldridge, A McMillan, G Guest, B Forse 38-10; A Owens, R Venn, S Davies, A Steer 12-20; K Uglow, A Horsburgh, P Villis, D Bailey 21-10.

St Andrews B 75, Victoria D 32 (County League): R Smith, M Blight, P Aldus, G Wride 29-13; M Simpson, A Cooper, M Goddard, D Favis 18-11; K Rodgers, G Tofte, T Thomas, B May 28-8.

St. Andrews 63, Avon & Somerset Police 112 (mixed friendly): Mrs J Forse, G Simms, T Thomas, Mrs A Campbell 12-16; C Shearman, C Robinson, G Tofte, Mrs M Pattenden 9-33; Mrs W Allen, Mrs J Pitman, B Forse, B Reeves 16-19; R Smith, Mrs E Reeves, Mrs M Frost, T Allen 13-17; K Parker, Mrs A Greenwood, Mrs E Blight, G Wride 13-27,

ISLE of Wedmore men hosted Victoria Vikings in the Over-60s Triples League and recorded a convincing 130-86 win, with just one rink lost.

Rink Scores: J Runciman, M Green, P Moxey 20-17; V Matthews, D Barnett, K Burt 27-11, D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 17-9, J Clark, R Bull, I Faulkner 9-22, R Hunt, S Fisher, R Hughes 30-11; R Norris, S Newdick, T Brown 17-10.

In the Mid-Somerset Mixed league the team played Shepton Mallet and won by a narrow 52-47 margin.

Rink Scores: V Matthews, B Cottrell, M Hordle, R Newell 13-18; T Newell, M Perry, K Phillimore, K Burt 24-14; R Bull, S Newdick, G Harvey, R Hughes 15-15.

The good weather finally arrived for a friendly away match against Queen Camel and Wedmore had a good 106-67 win. Three rinks produced close matches but good wins by Clive Panchaud’s rink (30-8), and Mike Hordle’s four (25-10) won the match for Wedmore.

North Petherton ladies visited Wedmore for a Victoria League match in cold conditions. Wedmore lost 46-36, winning on just one rink, but won a friendly rink 18-12.

Rink scores: D Gallop, M Trow, E Deverill 8-18; P Beard, L Hamblin, S Wederell 14-17; C Pettit, R Aston, S Moss 14-11.

The ladies played a friendly triples match against Clevedon Prom, winning three rinks and losing one. In a close game, Elaine Deverill’s rink managed a win on the final end, making the score 70-60.

A charity day held in support of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance raised �270. A series of different, fun formats tested everyone’s skills to the limit and the mixed weather did not make the tasks any easier.

CONGRESBURY 76, Henleaze 72: J Freemantle, C Blagden, D Gosling 13-16; R Jones, F Horton, T Yearsley 16-18; S Pook, C Edwards, J Stone 16-12; C Everitt, D Rivers, R Archer19-9; J Churchward, A Edwards, M Huggett 12-17.

Congresbury 29, Isle of Wedmore 51 (National Two Rink): P Reay, R Stewart, C Shipway, R Becker 10-34; D Manning, G Stenner, M Wear, L Beck 19-17.

Congresbury 70, Portishead 81 (Cooperative Funeralcare Evening League): S Pook, R Archer, M Wear, J Stone 10-24; R King, G Stenner, C Shipway, R Becker 33-9; D Manning, D Gosling, R Kirkham, B Herbison 7-26; P Reay, D Byett, F Horton, L Beck 20-22.

Congresbury 56, West Backwell 51 (Somerset League Division 1 North): R Baker, G Stenner, C Shipway, R Becker 16-22; D Manning, M Huggett, M Wear, R Kirkham 24-15; P Reay, F Horton, T Yearsley, R Stewart 16-14.

Congresbury Ladies 58, Bristol Arrows 55 (friendly): Chris Wilcock, D Whiskin, E Stenner, V Harding 31-14; P Baker, A Harris, R Horton, B Huggett12-23; C Lewis, C Skuse, D Davis, A Mew15-18.

YATTON 70, West Backwell 52 (friendly): W Pugh, A Grundy, J Parker, D Blundell 21-11; R Adams, T Bone, J Knight, E Reynolds 16-15; N Allen, T Eden, B Topham, Triples rink: 16-15; G Dodd, M Tosley, A Turley, T Storm 17-11.

Yatton 57, Clevedon 107 (Clevedon & District Evening League):

T Storm, J Knight, J Hook, C Parsons 12-22; A Churchill, H Williams, K Dodd, D Sweet 10-18; M Musgrove, R Bish, N Edmonds, P Tetreault 14-17; L Howe, R Adams, D Bessant, W Casey 13-16; R Mills, N Robinson, T Robinson, M Withyman 8-26.

Yatton 18, Bath 46 (National Two Rink): J Parker, T Robinson, J Hook, K Dodd 8-24; A Churchill, C Parsons, D Bessant, W Casey 10-22.

Yatton 108, Ashcombe Templars 98 (Weston Triples League): A Grundy, D Goddard, D Blundell 27-6; A George, J Parker, T Storm 16-17; E Butt, B Foster, B Hardwick 17-16; A Turley, G Price, B Topham 16-11; M Musgrove, R Adams, P Creber 20-19; G Walford, J Knight, E Reynolds 21-23.

Yatton A, 65 Ashcombe B, 48 (Somerset County League): B Topham, R Mills, N Edmonds, G Smith 25-10; B Foster, H Williams, P Osborne, D Sweet 23 12; L Howe, D Blundell, T Storm, W Casey 17-26.

Yatton B 66, Portishead RBL C 43: M Musgrove, J Knight, N Robinson, T Robinson 15-21; J Parker, B Hardwick, R Bish, J Hook 28-11; D Goddard, P Creber, A Churchill, C Parsons 23-11.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 59 (8), Clevedon 46 (2) (North Somerset Triples League): N Counsell, B MacGregor, S Ford 25-17; S Hadley, M Tasker, S Weadon 13-18; M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 21-11.

Ashcombe Ladies 48, Long Ashton 43 (friendly): M Main, V Webber, M Tucker, S Weaden 22-17; A Cox, M Sell, J Wilkinson, S Hopkins 11-13; J Matthews, D Norville, N Counsell, J McInally 15-13.

CLARENCE Ladies 73, Warwick Tourists 57: M Goodwin, A Ballinger, M Baker, M Noddings 26-18; S Scoins, P Phillips, V Jones, P Burrough 15-13; J Mannion, S Searle, M Davison, C Edlin 20-14; M Woods, A O’Mara, V Collicott, P Hawkins 12-22.

Clarence Ladies 60, Victoria Park 44: S Scoins, A O’Mara, S Searle, V Jones 18-20; J Colman, M Moore, J Mannion, P Burrough 16-18; M Goodwin, S Foster, A Ballinger, C Edlin 24-8.

Clarence Ladies 44, North Petherton 47: P Burrough, V Jones, M Nodings 14-10; S Scoins, P Hawkins, M Baker 16-23; J Mannion, J Bishop, C Edlin 14-14.

AFTER being defeated in the Top Club by Victoria, Wessex ladies revisited them on and scooped the full 10 points in the Mendip League.

Wessex Ladies 55 (10), Victoria 34 (0): P Tillson, J Allard, E Williams 20-11; J Binding, B Jones, J Davis 17-14; A Fewings, M Davis, A Ward 18-9.

Wessex Ladies 30 (2), Winscombe 55 (8) (Wessex Ladies League): P Tillson, M Hawkins, J Allard, E Williams 15-14; D Forsyth, S Bishop, B Jones, P Dunn 10-13; V Edwards, M Milford, M Davis, A Ward 5-28.

Wessex Ladies 52, Warwickshire Tourists 83: S Bishop, M Hawkins, B Jones, E Williams 16-21; P Turner, P Hanson, J Duffy, A Ward 10-22; P Tillson, C Peart, D Forsyth, P Taylor 13-20; V Edwards, J Allard, E Deane, J Davis 13-20.

Wessex Ladies 52, Long Ashton 42: S Bishop, P Tillson, J Allard, E Williams 12-15; E Stott, V Edwards, B Jones, A Ward 23-15; C Walker, M Hawkins, J Binding, J Duffy 17-12.

THE ladies of St Andrews won two of their three most recent fixtures. Unfortunately, the loss came in their Top Club round one tie at Castle Cary.

St Andrews Ladies 52, Eastover Park 41: M Wride, A Greenwood, M Pattenden 17-11; P Uglow, E Reeves, A Campbell 21-9; W Allen, K Dobney, S Glenville 14-21.

St Andrews Ladies 1.5, Castle Cary 2.5 (Top Club) – singles: P Uglow 14-21; pairs: J Pitman, A Campbell 18-18; triples: M Wride, S Glenville, M Pattenden 9-15; fours: J Forse, B Goddard, M Frost, M Favis 16-13.

St Andrews Ladies 83, Mark Moor 64: K Dobney, A Greenwood, M Pattenden 17-22; E Blight, B McCollum, J Pitman 16-15; S Sinclair, D Johnston, M Frost 12-21; B Goddard, S Priory, M Favis 38-6.

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