Cheddar Yellows come out on top with narrow win over Oranges

Cheddar Walking Football Club

Cheddar Walking Football club face the camera - Credit: Cheddar WFC

Toby Attwood's stunning strike helped Cheddar Yellows secure a narrow win over the Oranges.

A low scoring game saw the Yellows, captained by Chris King, narrowly defeat the more experienced and, on paper, far more talented, Oranges who were captained on the evening by Bob Bunn

The Oranges, despite having a lot of great possession, were never really able to break down the superb defence of the Yellows, where Tim Richens was simply outstanding.

And when, on the two occasions, they did get through they met with fantastic goalkeeping from the lively and vocal Chris King, who made one wonderful save in particular from the left foot of Chris Underhill.

Although Oranges were dominating possession, with Jerry King at the heart of most of the good things, there was always the threat from the Yellows, especially as they were more mobile with Russell Young, Clive Vaughan, and the two Attwoods, Ben and Toby, always breaking up play and counterattacking. 

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Tim Youngberg was also a reassuring presence for the Yellows, linking the midfield and defence to tremendous effect.

As well as their lively and energetic midfield, the Yellows also had the goal threat of Keith Hooper and Tony Scott, but they were often met with some strong resistance defensively by not only Bob Bunn in the goal, but Colin Batt who was energetic at the back.

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However, the second half did see the unsavoury side of Batt’s defending as he put in a crunching, bad foul, on Young,  his rival and adversary on the Yellows team.

The pattern of the game was set and carried on into the second half, when the skilful Steve Grant arrived to add to the numbers for the younger Yellow side.

However, it did look like the game was going to end in a somewhat unbelievable 0-0, when Toby Atwood broke the deadlock by scoring with a wonderful finish, which even Bunn could not get to.

Despite a few more chances and scares from Randall and Henderson in attack, Richens and King kept them at bay and ensured there were no more goals and the hard-fought game was won by the closest margin by the Yellows 

Orange: Bob Bunn, Colin Batt, Jerry King, Shaun Palfrey, Chris Underhill, Kev Attwood, Steve Henderson, Paul Rodgers, Paul Randall, Robin Boyd.

Yellow: Chris King, Tim Richens, Ben Chick, Ben Attwood, Toby Attwood, Russell Young, Clive Vaughan, Steve Grant, Keith Hooper, Tim Youngberg, Tony Scott.

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