Good wins for Clarence bowlers

Clarence Bowls Club members at their opening day

Clarence Bowls Club members at their opening day - Credit: Archant

Clarence had another good win against Isle of Wedmore in the North Somerset KO Cup.

Rob Skudder, Doug Grier, Nigel Martin and skip Gerald Barlow took a four on the last end to draw level, as Clarence won the other three rinks.

Bob Rossiter, Jon Loveridge, Don Towie and skip David Stott were one down after six ends but won eight ends in a row, with a six on the 19th, to eventually win by 16.

Clarence Blues beat Banwell on shots in the Over-60 League, with Martin Ford, Ken Marshall and skip Tony Mannion racing to a 13-2 lead after eight ends.

Their Banwell rivals levelled with one end to go, but Mannion's men held their nerve to claim a five and victory.

Newcomer Rob Skudder played two for Reg Flicker and skip Mick Edlin in their 14-shot win, while John Rogers, Mike Davies and skip Bob Sweet came out on top by 16.

But Clarence went out of the Tony Allcock mixed fours against Portishead, losing by 17 overall.

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Carol Marshall, Ken Marshall, Mick Edlin and skip Carol Edlin were nine down at halfway, but took seven from the next two ends and it was close until the 16th end, when they claimed a four on the way to a 19-15 win.

Winscombe lost their Over-60 League clash with Ashcombe Crusaders by 21 shots, after one win, two drawn rinks and three losses.

And they went down by 13 against St Andrews, but picked up six points after winning on three rinks.

But the ladies had a six-shot win over North Somerset Triples League leaders Portishead RBL, after winning on two of the three rinks.

Chrissie Bryant's rink picked up no less than 19 of their 21 shots on the first four and last four ends of their match.

The news was not so good against a strong Clevedon side, though, as Winscombe lost all three rinks to go down by a decisive margin.

Results, Clarence 103 Isle of Wedmore 86: R Rossiter, J Loveridge, D Towie, D Stott 31-15; R Skudder, D Grier, N Martin, G Barlow 17-17; M Fry, M Ford, K Marshall, T Mannion 21-19; B Benn, P Williams, B Duffy, B Sweet 21-16; M Samways, G Leigh, R Crawford, M Edlin 13-19.

Clarence Blues 113 Banwell 96: J Loveridge, R Crawford, B Duffy 13-19; B Benn, D Grier, G Barlow 12-22; B Rossiter, C Ellis, D Stott 19-20.; J Rogers, M Davies, B Sweet 27-11; M Ford, K Marshall, T Mannion 20-15; R Flicker, R Skudder, M Edlin 22-8.

Clarence 27 Portishead 44:C Marshall, K Marshall, M Edlin, C Edlin 19-15; L Leigh, M Davison, G Leigh, T Mannion 8-29.

Winscombe 94 (4) Ashcombe Crusaders 115 (16): M Newing, W Ainsworth, A Watts 16-16; D Brown, B Andrews, G Coombe 19-14; G Keenan, K Whatling, M Adams 14-22; P John, J Stone, G Neville 19-19; A Rowe, J Sprouting, R Lacy 15-18; D Peakall, C Bryant, T Ellis 11-26.

Winscombe 94 (6) St Andrews 107 (14): M Newing, W Ainsworth, A Watts 16-14; D Brown, W Andrews, G Coombe 19-14; D Peakall, C Bryant, T Ellis 8-29; A Rowe, J Sprouting, T Stone 9-26; G Keenan, K Whatling, M Adams 14-19; P John, M Nash, G Neville 28-5.

NSTL, Winscombe 53 Portishead RBL 47: C Hopes, J Hunt, C Bryant 21-13; S Carson, A Bougourd, A Ainsworth 16-13; P Pow, L Whatling, M Sprouting 16-21.

Winscombe 27 Clevedon 72: P Pow, S Nash, M Sprouting 8-24; C Hopes, M Howell, C Bryant 10-23; L Whatling, A Bougourd, A Ainsworth 9-25.