Clarence enjoy great start in Tony Allcock Trophy; Victoria cheer win double

Clarence Bowling Club members prepare to take to the green

Clarence Bowling Club members prepare to take to the green - Credit: Clarence BC

Clarence enjoyed a great start in the Tony Allcock Trophy with a 45-28 win over Long Ashton.

Lyn Leigh, Mary Davison, Gordon Leigh and skip Tony Mannion took a six on the first end and slowly built on that good start to run out winners by 16 shots.

Carol Marshall, Ken Marshall, Mick Edlin and skip Carol Edlin found it harder going on the other rink, dropping fours on the 15th and 16th ends to fall four behind.

But two shots were pulled back on the penultimate end and Edlin's team scrambled a three to take the match by one.

Clarence Blues had a convincing 20-shot win over Isle of Wedmore.

Bob Rossiter, Colin Ellis and skip Mick Edlin lost the first end but built a nice lead over the next couple of ends to go 7-2 up. 

The seventh and eighth ends proved decisive as they took four, then five to cement a 12-shot lead by the halfway point.

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Isle of Wedmore made a gallant recovery charge to get within six shots by the 16th, but a six on the next end by Clarence sealed the match.

Clarence Golds snatched a two-shot victory over mark Moor with rink of the day going to Trevor Nash, John Hayes and skip Pete Williams.

They took the first four ends without reply and kept the pressure on to win by eight shots in an 83-81 victory.

Results - Tony Allcock Trophy, Clarence 45 Long Ashton 28: L Leigh, M Davison, G Leigh, T Mannion, 27-11; C Marshall, K Marshall, M Edlin, C Edlin, 18-17.
Clarence Blues 84 Isle of Wedmore 64: J Loveridge, R Crawford, B Duffy,14-16; J Rogers, M Davies, B Sweet, 12-14; B Rossiter, C Ellis, M Edlin, 25-13; B Benn, D Grier, G Barlow 19-8; M Ford, K Marshall, T Mannion 14-13. 
Clarence Golds 83 Mark Moor 81: T Nash, J Hayes, P Williams 20-12; R Ferdinand, M Harryman, G Leigh 12-18; C Robinson, R Packer, G Andrews 20-20; D Flamson, T Richards, D Weston 12-14; T James, M Samways, A Cord 14-17.

*Victoria Saxons made it two wins from two with another hard fought victory over Clarence Blues. 

Two of the rinks had one-shot wins and there was also a draw, with the best performing rink skipped by Don Wheatley and aided by Roger Rockett and Harrison Whyte.

Arthur Jackson led his trio and was impressed by vice-captain Dave Carpenter who excelled at lead.

The trios of Cooper, T Gibbs and Puddy and Harrison, Campbell and Bromet had the narrowest wins. In another nip and tuck contest Owen, Pocock and Coumis drew 13-13.

Victoria Vikings travelled to Nailsea and returned with the spoils after a five-shot win.

There were two standout rinks for the Vikings as the Johnson, Gatehouse and Cleeve combination recorded a 29-6 win, closely followed by Smart, Hollier, and Pratt, who triumphed 24-7.

Veteran Frost led his team of Manning and Willets to complete the wins by 15-13.

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Results, Victoria Saxons 94 Clarence 88: Carmine, Newman, Heal 11-23; Carpenter, Milliner, Jackson 17-10; Puddy, Gibbs, Cooper 16-15; Bromet, Campbell, Harrison 16-15; Coumis, Pocock, Owen 13-13; Whyte, Rockett, Wheatley 21-12.
Nailsea 98 Victoria Vikings 108: Willets, Manning, Frost 15-13; G Robbins, K Puddy, Hodge 18-23; Pratt, Hollier, Smart 24-7; Kelly, Roberts, Jones 5-28; Bryant, Nicholls, Richards 12-21; Cleeve, Gatehouse, Johnson 29-6.