Clarence defeat Portished to reach 4 Dimensions final

Brian Cracknell bowling for St Andrews.

Brian Cracknell bowling for St Andrews. - Credit: Archant

Clarence defeated Portishead to reach the final of the 4 Dimensions Cup against Clevedon.

Clarence reached the final of the 4 Dimensions Cup after a very competitive match against Portishead.

The final will be on Sunday at Clevedon Prom against Clevedon and will commence at 10.30am. It was a brilliant team effort, though Don Towie deserves a mention in his singles match winning by six shots.

Results – singles: D Towie 21-15; pairs: M Edlin, D Stott 16-16; triples: A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 15-16; fours: B Ballinger, D Grier, G Barlow, R Crawford 19-18.

Clarence B defeated Chew Stoke B in the county league to leave them top of the division, but they have played two more games than their rivals.

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It was a superb team effort, winning on all three rinks, with the four skipped by John Atkins having a 24-shot advantage

Clarence B 76, Chew Stoke B 40: C Tippet, J Hayes, M Turnball, J Edwards 17-14; B Rossiter, A Bishop, P Lewis, J Atkins 37-13; T Ward, M Peters, M Skyrme, M Davies 22-13.

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Clarence A won a hard-fought encounter with Ashcombe, claiming victory on two of the three rinks, leaving them mid-table in the league. Skips Gerry Barlow and Richard Crawford were joint rinks of the day.

Clarence A 65, Ashcombe A 61: A Gardiner, M Cerasoli, M Phillips, R Burrough 20-22; S Browning, P Williams, R Stacey, R Crawford 19-15; L Lewis, R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 26-24.

Clarence Golds recorded a rare win in the Over-60s League, but still leaves them rooted to the bottom of the league. Dave Thompson’s 21-shot win made sure of the victory.

Clarence Golds 115, Nailsea 94: P Pileggi, J Hicks, J Edwards 18-15; A Bishop, N Martin, D Thompson 32-11; M Thompson, M Turnball, R Higgins 18-15; B Coleman, J Hayes, J Atkins 10-24; G Andrews, A Newland, M Davies 17-9; B Watkins, D, Symes, M Scoins 20-20.

St Andrews A moved out of the relegation places in Premier Two of the Somerset County League when they won by 16 shots away to Bridgwater A.

With a somewhat patched-up team, at one point they were ahead on all three rinks. Barrie Forse’s four, with Luke Yeates and Andy McMillan in great form, maintained their superiority throughout to finish 13 shots ahead.

Danny Favis and his men led also from the early stages and won by six, while Brian Reeves, 13-8 ahead after 13 ends, picked up shots on the last two ends to lose by only three.

Saints have two matches left in which to try to preserve their Premier status, at home to Clevedon Prom and Purnells, who are third and first in the table respectively.

Bridgwater A 42 (2), St Andrews A 58 (10): M Goddard, J Warren, T Ware, D Favis 19-13; R Brereton, G Cooper, G Webber, B Reeves 15-18; L Yeates, J Keay, A McMillan, B Forse 24-11.

Over-60s league leaders Victoria Saxons were too good for St Andrews at home, winning by a large margin. However, the triples skipped by Tony Ware and Barrie Forse picked up four points which could prove valuable for Saints, now in the lower reaches of Division 1.

Victoria Saxons 114 (16), St Andrews 87 (4): B Rogers, R Wootten, G Webber 12-21; G Sims, T Yeeles, B Forse 14-12; A Frost, B Reeves, T Steer 8-29; R Potter, B McLeod, T Ware 28-12; J Ling, B May, D Bailey 15-21; A Cooper, M Goddard, D Favis 10-19.

St Andrews were involved in two very close friendly matches last week. They lost by one shot at home to Bridgwater a triples game and beat tourists Mountain Ash by the same margin.

St Andrews 96, Bridgwater 97: A Frost, R Smith, M Campbell 23-15; R Potter, M Simpson, D Favis 20-13; K Rodgers, J Ling, D Bailey 8-22; G Sims, R Wootten, G Cooper 16-13; D Reynolds, B McLeod, B May 15-16; P Smart, A Cooper, T Ware 14-18.

St Andrews 113, Mountain Ash 112: P Smart, R Potter, R Brereton, N Sell 18-20; B Rogers, G Sims, A Cooper, J Warren 24-13; K Rodgers, R Lee, C Reeves, R Venn 9-25; A Frost, M Forse, R Wootten, G Webber 13-23; M Willetts, M Simpson, M Campbell, B Reeves 26-16; L Yeates, D Reynolds, T Yeeles, B Green 23-15.

Victoria president Stewart Evans selected a team that was strong enough to register a rare win against Somerset County, the first since 2010.

Victoria won on four of the six rinks on a fast green that surprised many of the visitors, with a most memorable performance on the rink of Mike Willetts, Cliff Chudley, Mike Manning and Mike Cooper, who picked up 17 shots in the last five ends including a “hot shot” and a five to win their rink.

In the week’s other two friendlies, Victoria’s rink of Nigel Robbins, Tony Barnes, Pete Wyatt and Derek Hurst were the only winning rink against Banwell, but against North Petherton they only lost on one, with the rink of Richard Hollier, Cliff Chudley, Mike Milliner and skip Mike Stocker winning by 12 shots.

Results in the County League were mixed with the A team winning against Street A, but losing to Bristol. However, the 12 points gained were enough to ensure a comfortable mid-table position in Premier A Division.

The B team will also finish the season mid-table in North 1 after a narrow win against Congresbury, with the sole winning rink of Paul Coumis, Phil Fisher, Mike Manning and Keith Holland winning by five shots to secure victory.

Victoria C travelled to play Winscombe B and with the first third of the match played in heavy rain, Winscombe took the lead and even in better conditions clung on to the lead to win all three rinks.

This defeat leaves the C team skirting with relegation from North 2 with just the one match left. The team need to better the result of Burnham to avoid relegation.

The D team travelled to play Portishead B winning two rinks and the game by 18 shots to register their first win of the season in North 3 Division.

The Saxons returned to winning ways beating St Andrews in the Over-60s League by 27 shots and claiming 16 points cementing their position at the top of Division 1 and with two matches remaining, only need two points to be crowned champions.

The Vikings travelled to Clevedon losing the match by 25 shots, but gaining four points from two winning rinks, the best being an emphatic 21-shot win by the triple of Richard Hollier, Cliff Chudley and Derek Jones.

Victoria 67, Banwell 72: N Robbins, A Barnes, P Wyatt, D Hurst 18-12; A Hollier, Carmine, R Bromet, M Manning 18-20; R Hollier, R Rockett, A Shattock 15-17; H Whyte, G Richards, E Sage, M Cooper 16-23.

Victoria 99, North Petherton 70: P Coumis J Langridge, B Pocock K Holland 26-17; A Hollier, E Sage, A Shattock, D Jones 19-21; R Bromet, Carmine, M Campbell, D Hurst 27-17; R Hollier, C Chudley, M Milliner, M Stocker 27-15.

Victoria A 52 (2), Bristol A 69 (10): P Wyatt, K Harvey, S Davies, W Harrison 12-29; D Fairhurst, A Yates, P Leadbeater, M Cooper 22-18; R Bromet, M Milliner, C Gazzard, C Heal 18-22.

Victoria A 67 (10), Street A 60 (2): P Wyatt, L Stocker, K Harvey, W Harrison 28-13; D Beard, A Yates, C Gazzard, M Cooper 30-16; R Bromet, D Wheatley, J Newman, P Leadbeater 9-31.

Victoria B 54 (8), Congresbury A 52 (4): H Whyte, D Wheatley, A Bray, M Stocker 18-19; P Coumis, P .Fisher, M Manning, K Holland 21-16; M Campbell, P Lunn, H Gibbs, D Hurst 15-17.

Victoria C 41 (0), Winscombe B 78 (12): J Revill, D Roberts, M Milliner, D Jones 14-24; R Hollier, G Richards, G Rain, J Smart 8-27; Carmine, M Willetts, G Frost, D Sealey 19-27.

Victoria D 63 (10), Portishead B 45 (2).

Saxons 114 (16), St Andrews 87 (4): R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 21-12; R Hollier, M Manning, K Holland 21-15; M Campbell, D Sealey, A Yates 29-8; D Williams, J Newman, K Harvey 19-10; R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 12-14; P Lunn, D Wheatley, D Hurst 12-28.

Vikings 84 (4), Clevedon 109 (16): R Hollier, C Chudley, D Jones 27-6; J Turton, M Milliner, G Frost 7-17; A Waygood, B Saward, G Hodge 18-16; J Fenn, T Gatehouse, E Sage 17-20; R Jacobs, G Jones, T Broughton 6-27; Carmine, W Nicholls, B Johnson 9-23.

It was a disappointing week for Ashcombe’s mens teams in both the Somerset Bowls League and the Weston and District Over-60s League.

In the Over-60s League, Ashcombe Crusaders scored an impressive win over Clevedon Prom and narrowly missed another victory over Winscombe, while the Knights and Templars went down heavily against their respective opponents.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe’s A and C teams came close to victory, but the B team suffered a heavy defeat.

Ashcombe Crusaders 115, Clevedon Prom 84: T Morgan, DA Williams, J Whitlow 12-19; S Hedges, A Little, J Creasey 21-16; G Kinsey, T Bass, L day 26-8; D Cooper, G Tottle, G Wilkinson 21-6; K Davies, L Cox, R Powell 9-20; D Bleasdale, B Underhay, T Cotterell 26-15.

Ashcombe Crusaders 95, Winscombe 98: G Kinsey, T Bass, L Day 16-13; L Cox, J Creasey, R Powell 15-18; D Cooper, G Tottle, G Wilkinson 19-11; T Morgan, D.A Williams, J Whitlow 17-18; D Bleasdale, B Underhay, T Cotterell 14-20; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 14-18.

Ashcombe Knights 69, Yatton 134: G Pople, W Spring, A Freke 13-27; M Field, K Hallett, M Paterson 8-20; B Jones, R Counsell, D Wynne 12-21; J McKenzie, N Shufflebotham, E Roberts 12-22; F Bertram, M Bass, K Wheeler 18-12; M Allen, G Mills, R Tasker 6-32.

Ashcombe Templars 82, Clevedon 126: R Cole, M Butt, B Miles 14-18; G Tucker, K Davies, N Coombes 18-24; P March, M Badman, E Booth 11-23; B Duncan, J Bryant, S Andrews 11-21; M Griffiths, J McKenzie, G Fews 18-23; C Vardon, A Tucker, T Pople 10-18.

Ashcombe A 61, Clarence A 65: D Cooper, E Roberts, L Day, J Taylor 15-19; D Bleasdale, T Bass, S Hedges, J Creasey 24-26; M Paterson, G Fews, J Whitlow, R Powell 22-20.

Ashcombe B 40, Burnham 83: G Pople, K Hallett, D Wynne, T Cotterell 12-41; D Freestone, S Andrews, L Cox, A Williams 17-14; F Bertram, K Davies, R Tasker, K Wheeler 11-28.

Ashcombe C 59, Portishead RBL 61: M Butt, J McKenzie, N Shufflebotham, G Wilkinson 20-18; G Tucker, P March, B Miles, P Dimmack 21-22; C Gerlach, W Spring, A Tucker, B Benstead 18-21.

As the season draws to a close, points in league matches become even more valuable.

Winscombe played two Weston & District Over-60s League matches and won both by four rinks to two and collected 16 points from each game.

In the match against Clevedon Prom which was a rehearsal for the semi-final KO Cup match between the teams at the end of the month, Winscombe won by 18 shots with rinks skipped by Wilf Ainsworth and Robin Lowman being the highest scoring rinks.

The match against Ashcombe was much tighter even though Winscombe won on four rinks. They won by just three shots with skips John Sprouting, Ken Whatling, Paul Fredersdorff and Wilf Ainsworth contributing to the winning rinks.

Winscombe 111(16) v Clevedon Prom 93 (4): M Fletcher, J Sprouting, M Adams 12-21; D Brown, G Neville, T Ellis 19-17; B Kibble, G Coombe, R Lacy 14-18; M Newing, K Whatling, P Frederdorff 18-9; B Paul, T Dudley, R Lowman 22-13; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 26-15.

Winscombe 98 (16), Ashcombe 95 (4): M Fletcher, C Westlake, M Adams 13-16; P John, B Paul, J Sprouting 18-15; D Peakall, G Coombe, R Lacy 11-19; J Smith, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 18-17; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 20 14; M Newing, L Collier, K Whatling 18-14.

In the county league games, Winscombe A did not master the wet and windy conditions and it was Burnham who came away with all the points as Winscombe lost on all three rinks.

Winscombe B team needed a win to move out of the relegation zone and their match against Victoria C was a crucial one as the Vic are also under threat of relegation. Winscombe won on all three rinks and gained the maximum 12 points on offer.

Winscombe A 44 (0), Burnham 77 (12): W Ainsworth, R Kibble, M Dorrington, R Lacy 14-26; D Johnston, S Easterby, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff 15-20; N Hansford, A Dudley, K Whatling, M Adams 15-24.

Winscombe B 78 (12), Victoria C 41 (0): R Fisher, P John, M Newing, J Sprouting 24-14; E Kindred, M Hunter, B Andrews, C Westlake 27-19; D Brown, M Fletcher, M Nash, B Paul 27-8.

Winscombe also played a mixed match against Wrington played over four rinks. The club managed to win on all four rinks to win by 28 shots.

Winscombe 90, Wrington 62: S Nash, P Burns, M Nash, R Lacy 19-15; E Kindred, M Howell, G Coombe, S Lowis 24-10; L Coombe, J Rush, J Sprouting B Paul 23-17; L Parfitte, D Phillips, B Andrews, S Caddy 24-20.

Wedmore men’s A team continue to do well in the county league.

This week they played away against Knowle and won by 11 shots. They are currently in second position in the Premier 2 division. This week Eddie Payne’s team had the best win scoring 24 shots to 12.

Wedmore 60, Knowle 49: D Collins, T Brown, K Burt, D Nicholls 18-20; A Birch, G Annuik, K Pettit, E Payne 24-12; V Matthews, I Gallop, R Newell, R Barron 18-17.

The men’s B team continue to struggle, losing at home to Nailsea A by 47 shots to 75.

A strong performance by Wedmore men at home in a Clevedon & District Over-60s League against Clevedon saw them win by 70 shots.

In a high-scoring match, Colin Moss and his team had the best win of the day 29-7. Wedmore 144, Clevedon 74: J Harvey, S Fisher, R Barron 31-11; T Hamblin, I Gallop, D Nicholls 7-15; A Birch, T Brown, R Thurkettle 27-10; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 29-7; J Runciman, D Trow, K Pettit 28-10; B Aston, M Green, E Payne 22-21.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, Wedmore visited Portishead RBL and lost by just six shots. Mike Grosvenor and his team had the best of the day winning 21-8.

Wedmore 87, Portishead RBL 93: A Birch, I Faulkner, K Pettit 9-19; V Matthews, I Gallop, C Moss 19-17; P Smith, G Dodd, M Grosvenor 21-8; T Collingwood, M Green, C Panchaud 14-15; R Bull, J Runciman, S Fisher 14-1; B Aston, D Collins, R Barron 10-16.

The ladies played visitors Portishead in the WDL League and won by three shots, even thought they won just one rink. Overall victory was assured by Maureen Hordle and her team who won their rink 21-8.

Wedmore Ladies 46, Portishead 43: M Barron, J Masters, M Trow 15-17; M Green, P Beard, G Harvey 10-18; A Birch, C Pettit, M Hordle 21-8.

Wedmore ladies played away at Winscombe in the WLL and lost by eight shots. Shirley Wederell and her team had the only win of the day 19-17.

Wedmore Ladies 52, Winscombe 60: J Collingwood, M Fisher, C Pettit, M Hordle 15-21; J Collins, B Disbrey, P Beard, S Wederell 19-17; B Clark, A Birch, L Hamblin, J Masters 18-22.

In the second WDL match of the week, Wedmore ladies were at home to Wessex. Even though Pan Beard led her team to a 23-13 win, it was not sufficient to win the match and Wedmore lost overall by nine shots.

Wedmore Ladies 47, Wessex 56: M Green, A Birch, M Hordle 12-24; J Collins, B Disbrey, P Beard 23-13; P Jenkins, M Fisher, G Harvey 12-19.

In the final WDL match played at home, Wedmore Ladies found visitors Congresbury tough opponents losing by 36 shots to 67, and losing all three rinks.

The week ended with a mixed friendly match played at home against Somerton and the visitors won by 91 shots to 60. Gill Harvey and her team had the only success of the day winning 22-19.

St Andrews Ladies continued their impressive run in the county Southey Trophy, winning 3-1 away against Victoria to reach the semi-finals.

Singles player Carolina Venn lost for the first time, but only by two shots after a giddy spell in the strong sunshine had affected her during the last few ends.

But Saints were always ahead in the pairs through the youthful duo of Imogen Cracknell and Rebecca McMillan, while Meg Favis’ triple built momentum gradually after a close first few ends to win by eight.

After that, there was no doubt about the winners, since Ann Campbell’s rink had dominated throughout and their opponents conceded, 17 shots down after 18 of the scheduled 21 ends.

Now St Andrews Ladies and their loyal band of supporters are looking forward to a semi-final against either Portishead RBL or Clevedon Prom at a neutral green on September 4. Two days before that, St Andrews are at home to Ashcombe in the quarter-finals of the county Fear Cup.

Victoria Ladies 1, St Andrews 3 – singles: C Venn 19-21; pairs: I Cracknell/R McMillan 28-21; triples: J McMillan, J Ware, M Favis 19-11; fours: J Forse, M Pattenden, J Pitman, A Campbell 28-11 (18 ends).

Saints Ladies won two of the three rinks in their home DRT League match with Clevedon Prom, but lost by two shots overall.

Victories by Ann Campbell and Monica Pattenden were not quite enough to offset a 13-shot defeat on the other rink.

St Andrews Ladies 42 (4), Clevedon Prom 44 (6): J Forse, B Goddard, A Powell, A Campbell 17-13; C Venn, D Johnston, M Frost, M Favis 8-21; D Baker, S Glenville, S Sinclair, M Pattenden 17-10.

Rebecca McMillan of St Andrews, narrowly failed to win the Women’s National Junior Pairs Championship in the finals at Leamington.

She and Clevedon’s Laura Holden played superbly through four rounds, but lost by five shots in the final to Devon’s international Sophie Tolchard and Harriet Stevens.

Wessex Ladies had mixed fortunes in the league, winning one and losing the other by just two shots.

Wessex Ladies 49 (2), Clarence 51 (8): V Edwards, E Williams, A Fewings 14-15; P Turner, J Davis, P Taylor 18-14; N Peters, B Jones, J Duffy 17-22.

Wessex Ladies 58 (8), Isle of Wedmore 47 (2): N Peters, A Ward, J Duffy 13-23; V Edwards, E Wade, A Fewings 26-12; P Turner, J Davis, E Williams 19-12. Friendly rink: J Hartree, P Dunn, P Hanson 15-20.

Wessex Ladies 46, Eastover Park 53 (friendly): J Hartree, P Dunn, M Davis 19-15; B Hayes, E Wade, M Hawkins 15-18; S Hewitt, N Peters, D Welfare 12-20.

Wessex Ladies 28, St Andrews 70: S Hewitt, P Turner, M Hawkins 8-27; J Hartree, P Hanson, P Taylor 11-16; J Gardiner, N Peters, A Crawford 9-27.

Wessex president Pat Hanson presents the Stella Ford Trophy to captain Norma Peters, following the captain v president match. (captain 58, president 36).

Winning on one of the three rinks, Clarence Ladies claimed just two points of the 10 points on offer. The winning rink skipped by M Davison won by 13 shots.

Clarence Ladies 47, Victoria 69: M Angove, S Scoins, M Noddings .14-17; R Francombe, S Searle, V Jones 8-40; P Fowler, S Pritchard, M Davison 25-12.

A close encounter saw Clarence win by two shots and claim eight points. Rink of the day skipped by Carol Edlin, won with a five-shot margin.

Clarence Ladies 51, Wessex 49: S Scoins, S Pritchard, M Davison 14-18; R Francombe, V Jones, M Noddings 15-14; P Fowler, M Angove, C Edlin 22-17.

Winscombe played three league matches in the North Somerset Triples League, losing two narrowly and winning the other.

Winscombe visited Long Ashton where they won on two rinks, but lost the match by three shots. The losing rink came up against very good opposition including their skip, who will be participating in the national finals at Leamington.

Their home match against against Ashcombe was almost a repeat of their match at Long Ashton. Winscombe again won on two rinks, but lost the match by just one shot.

Winscombe Ladies 50, Long Ashton 53: M Sprouting, A Ainsworth, E Watts 21-9; L Dyer, S Lowman, L Fredersdorff 16-11; M Howell, S Nash, L Whatling 13-33.

Winscombe Ladies 50, Ashcombe 51: I Miles, J Rush, M Adams 22-14; C Hopes, E Watts, S Caddy 23-11; M Sprouting, L Whatling, W Weller 5-26.

In the Wessex League, Winscombe won at home to Wedmore. Again winning on two rinks to one, but this time keeping the deficit down to just two shots on the losing rink to win the match by eight shots overall.

Winscombe Ladies 60, Isle of Wedmore 52: C Hopes, L Parfitt, M Adams, S Caddy 21-15; I Miles, S Nash, A Ainsworth, E Watts 17-19; M Sprouting, J Rush, L Fredersdorff, W Weller 22-18.

Ashcombe men’s captain Gordon Sampson and ladies’ captain Averill Goacher played their annual fun game, asking members to wear wigs.

The enjoyable game was well won by the ladies’ red team securing a fine result over the men. Refreshments after the game were hosted by both captains, prepared by Martin and Lesley Paterson, served by non-playing members.

The North Somerset League match away at Winscombe was a very close game, with a one-shot advantage giving victory to Ashcombe.

Ashcombe Ladies 51 (6), Winscombe 50 (4): L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 14-22; J Field, B Cullen, L McInally 11-23; J Matthews, M Williams, A Goacher 26-5.

Victoria’s lady captain Margaret Hillman skipped her triple of Sandra Milliner and Sue Harrison to an emphatic 32-shot win against Clarence in the Weston & District Triples League.

To put the icing on the cake, the trio achieved a “hot shot” on the final end to match the men’s feat of earlier in the week. This win cements their position as runners-up in the league marginally behind winners Congresbury.

The ladies repeated their success in the Mendip League game against Wrington, winning two rinks and the match by 22 shots with Chris Sage, Ellen Newport and Sue Newman winning their triple by 19 shots and with one game remaining the ladies are in a comfortable mid-table position.

However, after two fine league wins, the ladies were unable to maintain their form against St Andrews in the quarter-final of the Southey Cup, losing the match overall by 26 shots with the only success being Margaret Hillman’s excellent win in the singles.

Victoria Ladies 69 (8), Clarence 47 (2): N Whyte, B Mangan, A Holland 12-25; C Stevens, R Cleeves, M Chudley 17-14; S Milliner, S Harrison, M Hillman 40-8.

Victoria Ladies 64 (8), Wrington 42 (2): H Frye, K Wilson, S Cooper 19-15; B Williams, M Hillman, M Chudley 20-21; C Sage, E Newport, S Newman 25-6.

Victoria Ladies 64, St Andrews 90 – singles: M Hillman 21-19; pairs: S Harrison, M Chudley 21-28; triples: K Wilson, B Mangan, S Cooper 11-19; rink: H Frye, S Sokol, R Cleeves, S Newman 11-28.

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