Clarence defeat the Over-60s league champions

Action from the days play.

Action from the days play. - Credit: Archant

Clarence registered a fine victory over league champions Victoria Saxons in the Over-60s league.

CLARENCE Blues continued their winning start to the season with a fine away victory over league champions Victoria Saxons in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

The rinks were shared, but convincing wins by Clarence’s former Victoria player Pete Palmer (15 shots) and Roger Burrough (14) proved crucial. Mick Edlin skipped their other victorious rink, winners by three shots.

Just as important in Clarence’s success was a brilliant comeback by team captain David Stott’s trio. From 16-0 down after six ends, they refused to give up, losing eventually by just three shots.

Victoria Saxons 106 (6), Clarence Blues 113 (14): R Flicker, B Underwood, P Palmer 27-12; S Bishop, T Mannion, R Crawford 13-17; B Rossiter, J Burgess, D Stott 19-22; H Sparks, C Read, M Edlin 17-14; A Gardiner, J Keay, R Burrough 26-12; D Thomson, J Rogers, K Marshall 11-29.

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Although Mark Moor turned up one rink short for their Over-60s Division 2 match with Clarence Golds, the home team were unable to take advantage, losing by 22 shots.

Only club captain Brendan Duffy’s rink managed a win, by four, as Mark, who run only one team, proved too strong against Clarence’s second string.

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Clarence Golds 79 (4), Mark Moor 101 (16): B Cheffers, R Dodson, J Hayes 13-24; F Al-Hinai, A Kermack, J Edwards 14-21; J Larvin, J Atkins, R Higgins 11-23; D Gilbert, M Scoins, B Duffy 19-15; C Tippett, D Jackman, M Phillips 12-18; sixth Clarence rink given a walkover, two points and 10 shots.

From Thursday until Sunday last week, Clarence hosted the annual tournament for the visually-impaired, which was attended by blind and partially-sighted bowlers from all over the country.

It was a successful event, with good weather for most of the time. Catering was supplied by members of the Clarence and Wessex ladies’ clubs, while the tournament was supported by Weston and Worle Lions.

ASHCOMBE Knights had a resounding win over Ashcombe Templars in the Over-60s League winning by 42 shots.

In the Knockout Cup, the Templars were up against their home team of Ashcombe Crusaders and sadly lost on five of the six rinks played.

The mixed game played against Severn Vale saw Ashcombe win on three rinks, lose two and draw one.

Ashcombe Knights 129, Ashcombe Templars 87 (Over-60s): P Gaulton, M Bass, T Cottrell15, M Macmahon, D Wynne, M Paterson 19; A Wright, K Hallett, E Hooper 34, G Tucker, S Andrews, E Booth 10; J Marlow, W Spring, K Wheelen18, D Freestone, G Pople, F Bertram 16; D Cooper, G Miles, L Day 14, J Piper, M Tripp, B Benstead 12; M Parry, I Baker, J Main 14, B Alden, B Noyes, M Badman 18; N Coombes, A Freke, I Shannon 34, K Davies, T Pople, L Cox 12.

Ashcombe Crusaders 118, Ashcombe Templars 92 (KO Cup): T Bass P Sheppard A Williams 25, T Pople K Davies F Bertram 15; G Tottle A Little B Webber 21, D Freestone D Wynne M Paterson 6; R Powell G Wilkinson A Yates 25, G Tucker S Andrews E Booth 10; T Morgan M Southwood J Creasey 19, J Piper M Tripp B Benstead 18; A Wilmot D Bleasdale J Whitton 9, B Alden B Noyes M Badman 25; G Finnegan J Hornett J Whitton 19, D Underhay G Pople L Cox 18.

Ashcombe 115, Severn Vale 92 (mixed friendly): S Appleby, S Andrews, M West, L Cox 22-8; G Tucker, L Owens, D Cooper, K Wheeler 15-15; S Davies, R Counsell, B Benstead, I Baker 13-20; S Noyes, B Noyes, M Paterson, E Hopkins 29-15; B Alden, D Norville, T Cottrell, T Roberts 16-19; K Davies, B Cullen, M Parry, J Main 20-15.

Ashcombe 150, Chacewater 189 (mixed friendly): S Bayntun, B Alden, M Paterson, A Goacher 20-20; B Noyes, S Davies, L Cox, J Taylor 23-15; M Main, I Baker, J Main, M Baker 7-28; A Cox, D Underhay, B Underhay, B Webber 13-25; D Freestone, J Mathews, B Cullen, J Whitlow 18-11; L Owens, L Paterson, G Wilkinson, T Bass 19-17; G Tucker, M Sell, T Williams, E Hooper 10-22; M Parry, M Tucker, A Freke, J Creasey 14-16; D Norville, M West, B Benstead, S Weaden 15-17; S Noyes, T Morgan, G Sansam, J McInally 13-18.

Ashcombe Crusaders 111, Wedmore 86: R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 19-12; A Wilmot, S Hedges, J Whitlow 19-12; P Sheppard, T Bass, J Whitton 22-18; G Finnegan, D Bleasdale, DA Williams 14-16; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 20-13; G Tottle, A Little, B Webber 17-15.

Ashcombe 101, Ardagh 86: D Freestowe, L Paterson, M Parry, J Whitlow 25-15; G Tucker, A Goacher, G Tottle, L Cox 18-27; A Cox, M MacMahon, I. Baker, J Creasey 21-17; B Alden, M Paterson, J Main, M Baker 23-7; M Main, B MacGregor, A Freke, K Wheeler 14-20.

Ashcombe Ladies 58, Victoria 46 (friendly): J Field, B Cullen, D Norville, A Goacher 23-14; A Cox, L Paterson, N Counsell, S Weaden 25-14; L Owens, M Sell, J Wilkinson, M Baker 10-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 39 (0), Clevedon Prom 68 (10) (North Somerset League): M Tucker, M Baker, S Weaden 11-26; N Counsell, J Hughes, J McInally 10-21; A Cox, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 18- 21. Friendly rink: J Matthews, L Paterson, B MacGregor 19-19.

The game against Watchet was abandoned after nine ends due to severe rain. The score at the time was Ashcombe 35, Watchet 49. Another fixture has been arranged for later in the season.

VICTORIA celebrated three excellent wins with victories for both Over-60s teams, the Saxons and Vikings and in the National Two-Rink competition.

The Vikings recorded their first Over-60s win, beating Nailsea by 26 shots with Nailsea gifting a rink and 10 shots as they were a player short. John Smart skipped his rink of Terry Gilbert and Mike Milliner to a healthy victory margin of 15 shots.

Vikings 90 (14), Nailsea 64 (6): R Hollier, C Chudley, D Jones 13-14; R Jacobs, W Nicholls, G Frost 15-17; L Kelly, J Griffiths, G Hodge 10-0; J Codrington, M Willetts, A Shattock 19-10; T Gilbert, M Milliner, J Smart 23-8; D Roberts, G Richards, J Mingo-West 10-15.

In the Weston & District Over-60s Cup, the Saxons won their first game of the season with Mike Stocker, Derek Hurst and Bryan Stock skipping their rinks to victory.

Saxons 106, Yatton 92: D Williams, G Stocker, M Stocker 22-17; R Austin, J Newman, D Hurst 26-7; M Fletcher, D Sealey, B Stock 20-9; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 14-15; H Whyte, A Bray, M Taylor 12-26; R Fenwick, M Campbell, K Holland 12-18.

In the National Two Rink competition, Victoria A played Bloomfield B and both rinks won, securing an 18-shot victory. In the next round, they are away to Portishead RBL.

Victoria A 52, Bloomfield B 34: N Stocker, P Leadbeater, C Gazzard, M Cooper 25-13; P Wyatt, J Newman, A Bray, M Stocker 27-21.

In the Over-60s league game against Clarence Blues, the Saxons won three rinks with the three of Dave Williams, Geoff Stocker and skip Mike Stocker winning by 18 shots, but it was not enough to make up the deficit with Clarence Blues winning by a narrow margin of seven shots

Saxons 106 (6), Clarence Blues 113 (14): D Williams, G Stocker, M Stocker 29-11; T Gatehouse, J Newman, D Hurst 12-27; M Fletcher, D Sealey, B Stock 12-26; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 22-19; H Whyte, A Bray, M Taylor 14-17; R Fenwick, M Manning, K Holland 17-13.

Victoria bowlers were able to relax in a fun game, pitting England versus the Rest of the World. Five rinks were used playing a mixture of two-wood triples and three-wood pairs.

England 94: D Beard, N Sell, D Fairhurst 17-19; M Milliner, J Mingoe-West, G Hodge 26-15; M Willetts, J Newman 18-23; L Kelly, A Barnes 16-17; J Griffiths, P Fisher 17-13.

Rest of the World 87: W Nicholls, D Williams, D Hurst 19-17; D Roberts, J Howell, M Cooper 15-26; G Richards, M Manning 23-18; R Austin, M Campbell 17-16; H Gibbs, D Jones 13-17.

Victoria are continuing with their successful open days with more than 20 people turning up to experience the game, with several people completing application forms to join the club.

Open days are continuing on Saturday and May 17 between 10-noon. Alternatively, a telephone call to the club on 01934 623993 can be made to book a coaching spot.

ST ANDREWS lost their first Over-60s triples match of the season at home to Clevedon by 11 shots, only winning on two of the six rinks.

Away to North Petherton in a triples match, the Saints lost by 12 shots, despite a 28-9 win by captain Jim Warren’s rink.

St Andrews 72, Clevedon 84 (Over 60s Triples): M Goddard, R McLeod, G Wride 15-16; A Lay, R Venn, K Curtis 11-21; A Yeeles, A Ware, D Favis 19-11; K Uglow, D Price, J Warren 18-24; R Smith, G Tofte, D Bailey 3-25; G Sims, R Roberts, A Horsburgh 29-9.

St Andrews 72, North Petherton 84 (friendly): G Tofte, J Steer, J Warren 28-9;C Coffin, J Ling, G Wride 11- 17; D Wills, K Curtis, A Horsburgh 9-20; G Sims, T Allen, D Bailey 13-18; K Uglow, D Price, D Favis 11-21.

St Andrews Ladies 52, Eastover Park 45 (friendly): E Reeves, J McMillan, A Campbell 15-11; I Tofte, J ware, M Favis 19-12; S Sinclair, S Priory, M Bailey 18-15.

WINSCOMBE won all six games last week.

Their successful week started by prevailing in a mixed away game cut short by the weather against Mark Moor winning by seven shots. The friendly game against North Petherton was a finely matched affair with Winscombe just coming out on top by just three shots.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, they notched up a second away win by beating Clevedon BC by 38 shots. The first two games of the season in the Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare League also resulted in success for Winscombe with wins against both Clevedon Promenade by five shots and West Backwell at by three shots.

The week ended with an eight-shot win in a friendly, but competitive game away to Bristol.

Winscombe 65, Mark Moor 58: G Hill, S Lowis, E Watts, R Lacy, 11-11; W Ainsworth, L Coombe, J Sprouting, L Fredersdorff, 14-6; J Kimmins, C Bryant, B Paul, P Fredersdorff, 10-6; G Lloyd, S Nash, R Keane, M Nash, 12-11; D Rush, D Johnson, M Sprouting, M Dorrington, 6-17; C Hopes, J Rush, G Coombe, A Watts, 12-7.

Winscombe 86, North Petherton 83: B Paul, J Smith, L Collier, W Ainsworth 13-18; R Sapsford, G Mathews, G Coombe, R Lowman 14-14; R Knight, M Hunt, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 23-20; P John, G Hill, J Sprouting, R Lacy, 18-14; R Fisher, T Uccellini , J Lukins, R Birmingham, 18-17.

Winscombe 116, Clevedon 78: R Lowman, J Lukins, G Neville, 20-14; R Wooten, J Sprouting, R Birmingham, 19-13; R Kibble, T Uccellini, A Dudley, 25-7; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth, 26-12; A Watts, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 8-21; B Paul, L Collier, T Ellis, 18-11.

Winscombe 72, Clevedon Promenade 67: R Sapsford, R Fisher, L Collier, R Birmingham 18-11; A Watts, R Kibble, M Dorrington, S Eastment 18-16; W Ainsworth, G Hill, P Fredersdorff, M Nash, 12-18; R Lowman, D Beaverstock, A Dudley, R Lacy, 24-22.

Winscombe 68, West Backwell 65: S Easterby, M Hunt, P Fredersdorff, M Hunt 6-30; R Sapsford, G Hill, R Kibble, W Ainsworth 19-10; M Dorrington, J Smith, A Dudley, S Eastment 24-13; R Lowman, P John, L Collier, A Watts 19-12.

Winscombe 84, Bristol 76: G Hill, D Johnson, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 27-13; R Weller, G Mathews, L Collier, A Watts 17-18; D Beaverstock, M Hunter, M Dorrington, R Birmingham 20-23; B Prince, M Hunt, B Paul, G Neville 20-22.

ISLE of Wedmore men’s first Over-60s triples league match was played at home against Ashcombe Crusaders, with the visitors winning 111-86.

Keith Pettit and his team was the only winning rink of the day with a score of 16-14. Rink scores: T Simpson, P Bean, R Hughes 12-19; T Hamblin, D Barnett, D Stansfield 12-19; V Matthews, D Collins, C Panchaud 18-22; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 16-14; J Harvey, R Norris, S Newdick 13-20.

The first round of the Mark Moor Cup competition, an annual mixed team battle between local teams, Wedmore and Mark Moor, resulted in a decisive 137-103 win for Wedmore.

Stuart Fisher and his team had the best result of the afternoon with a 33-10 victory.

Scores: M Fisher, C Wheller, R Newell 24-16; B Andrews, P Bean, I Gallop, G Harvey 16-23; D Gallop, C Mercer, P Beard, R Barron 28-11; M Green, B Disbrey, B Cottrell, I Faulkner 16-22; J Collins, M Barron, M Hordle, S Fisher 33-10; T Newell, I Harvey, J Wheller, M Green 20-21.

Wedmore ladies played a home friendly match against Yatton, winning two rinks, drawing the third and winning 52-43. Best team was skipped by Elaine Deverill with an 18-13 win and Shirley Wedderell’s team secured their win on the last end with a score of five.

The mixed friendly matches continued with Bradley Stoke visiting Wedmore. The final score was 60-77 with the visitors winning three out of four rinks. Roger Hughes and his team had the only success of the day with a 27-15 win.

Visitors YNYS were beaten 96-79 by the mixed home side, with Wedmore winning three of the five rinks. The best result of the day was that of Elaine Deverill and her team who won 24-13.

IN the local derby between Wessex ladies and Clarence, Wessex were shots down when they went into tea. However, the final score was a two-shot win for Wessex.

Wessex Ladies 97, Clarence 95: E Wade, P Hanson, B Jones, P Taylor 12-18; J Palmer, T Langford, J Davis, A Fewings 19-23; V Edwards, J Allard, M Hawkins, E Deane 23-14; M Milford, V Gardiner, J Duffy, P Dunn 23-16; N Peters, L Hedderman, C Peart, A Ward 20-24.

CLARENCE ladies led by 22 at tea in their annual friendly match with green-sharers Wessex, but lost by two shots.

Of the five rinks, Clarence won three, those skipped by Margaret Noddings, Pauline Burrough and Mary Davison.

Wessex Ladies 97, Clarence 95 - Clarence rinks: S Scoins, P Phillips, C Cromey, M Noddings 23-19; S Ellis, J Coles, V Jones, C Edlin 16-23; M Goodwin, C Hooper, Pauline Dunn, P Burrough 24-20; J Colman, S Searle, J Mannion, M Davison 18-12; A Ballinger, L Phipps, A Harris, V Collicott 14-23.

WINSCOMBE ladies’ first game of the season in the Wessex League due to be played against Clevedon Prom was rained off and has been re-arranged for the June 30.

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