Clarence keep up promotion push

Clarence kept up their promotion push with victory over Banwell.

CLARENCE A registered a resounding away win over Banwell B in Division 1 North of the Somerset County League.

They finished up on all three rinks to take the full 12 points and stay in contention for promotion. Tony Hooper, Trevor Pritchard, Pete Palmer and Don Towie won by 20 shots.

Banwell B 35 (0), Clarence A 83 (12): R Flicker, T Mannion, R Crawford, D Stott 23-12; M Edlin, G Cooper, J Keay, P Tubb 29-12; T Hooper, T Pritchard, P Palmer, D Towie 31-11.

Clarence B’s County League match away to Burnham B was postponed because the green was too wet.

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Clarence Blues completed an exciting, three-shot victory at home to Clevedon Prom in Division One of the Over-60s League. With just the rink skipped by Martyn Adams to finish, the result was in the balance, but, three down, he snatched the shot from the visitors to give Clarence victory.

His was one of the winning home rinks, the others being those skipped by Richard Crawford, for whom a two on the last end was decisive, and the ever-reliable Paul Tubb, the latter despite having dropped a five at the death.

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Clarence Blues 85 (14), Clevedon Prom 82 (6): J Rogers, R Rossiter, R Crawford 15-14; L Lakey, D Thomson, H Sparks 8-16; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 13-16; A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 16-19; T Hooper, B Ballinger, P Tubb 17-11; R Flicker, T Ward, M Adams 16-6.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s League, took on Isle of Wedmore at home in pouring rain and lost by 41 shots.

This was despite a hot-shot nine on rink 14 by Barrie Underwood, Bob Cornwall and George Cooper. The Golds won on only two rinks, skipped by Maurice Phillips and John Edwards.

Clarence Golds 85 (4), Isle of Wedmore 126 (16): J Larvin, G Phillips, M Davies 5-24; John Hayes, M Scoins, J Hicks 15-25; B Underwood, B Cornwall, G Cooper 17-25; K Marshall, D Jackman, M Phillips 15-12; L Smith, M Skyrme, J Edwards 16-14; F Al-Hinai, D Grier, M Clay 17-26.

Clarence were comfortable winners in the annual friendly match against Newport HSOB. The home team lost on only two of the six rinks, with skips Mike Davies and Mike Clay having the biggest victories.

Clarence 105, Newport HSOB 69: C Tippett, A Cord, T Ward, M Phillips 12-15; T Hooper, M Edlin, L Lakey, M Davies 19-6; T Comfort, K Marshall, T Mannion, R Crawford 15-12; J Cope, I Phipps, M Skyrme, M Clay 29-7; J Larvin, B Rossiter, D Jackman, D Stott 12-20; A Taylor, L Smith, M Scoins, M Adams 18-9.

VICTORIA had just the one county game with the B team travelling to Portishead RBL, a club where Victoria do not often enjoy success.

However, on this occasion, the team recorded an excellent win and although club captain Mike Manning was defeated, a superb win of 18 shots by the rink of Pete Lunn, Terry Gatehouse, Tony Bray and skip Mike Taylor carried the day.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, Victoria Saxons lost heavily to Ashcombe Crusaders despite only losing on one rink, the only consolation was picking up eight points.

Victoria Vikings gained revenge by narrowly defeating Ashcombe Templars by just one shot in what turned out to be a close and competitive game to the last end with the rink of Bill Nicholls, Alan Shattock and Stuart Evans being last to finish the game.

Captain of the day Cliff Chudley was pleased to see the victory for his fledgling team and is confident that the team will continue to improve over the season.

Victoria B 73 (10), Portishead RBL C 46 (2): P Fisher, D Sealey, J Howell, D Hurst 29-14; J Dyet, S Evans, A Barnes, M Manning 14-20; P Lunn, T Gatehouse, T Bray, M Taylor 30-12.

Victoria Saxons 84 (8), Ashcombe Crusaders 101 (12): P Lunn, T Uccellini, M Stocker 16-16; M Campbell, K Curtis, D Hurst 17-12; T Gatehouse, T Bray, M Taylor 17-15; J Mingo-West, G Hodge, D Sealey 6-33; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 15-12; H Whyte, J Newman, M Manning 13-13.

Victoria Vikings 98 (14), Ashcombe Templars 97 (6): S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 17-12; B Nicholls, A Shattock, S Evans 26-14; F Aldridge, D Roberts, J Griffiths 10-20; T Gilbert, C Chudley, C York 14-20; R Jacobs, G Richards, G Frost 22-15; E Sage, B Saward, J Smart 9-16.

IN yet another rain-affected week, St Andrews won their only fixture, beating Burnham in the Over-60s Triples League.

St Andrews Spartans 108, Burnham 101 (Over-60s Triples League): R Smith, M Goddard, A Horsburgh 17-12; M Berry, R Venn, B May 19-17; B Rogers, T Allen, P Villis 25-19; K Parker, R McLeod, D Bailey 12-23; G Tofte, B Reeves, B Forse 19-16; . Sims, J Ling, T Thomas 16-14.

ASHCOMBE’S first game of the week against St Andrew Spartans was cancelled through bad weather.

Another casualty was the B team game against Yatton.

Ashcombe 101 (12), Victoria Saxons 84 (8) (Over-60s Triples): G Tottle, C Hughes, D A Williams 16-16; A Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 33-6; A Wright, A Little, J Hornett 15-17; A Wilmot, S Hedges, L Day 12-15; D Bleasdale, G Finnegan, J Taylor 12-17; R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 13-13.

Ashcombe Templars 97 (6), Victoria Vikings 98 (14) (Over-60s Triples): G Pople, S Ash, M Bass 20-10; G Tucker, B Alden, M Brummell 12-17; M Paterson, L Cox, R Ford 15-22; R Lewis, T Pople, T Cottrell 16-9; M Field, N Coombes, P Gaulton 20-14; B Benstead, A Write, K Hallett 14-26.

Ashcombe 70, Britton Ferry Steel 75 (men’s friendly): G Tucker, B Benstead, M Southwood, J Creasey, 15-20; B Noyes, M Bass, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 19-18; B Golding, A Morgan, R Simmons, E Hooper 11-25; G Fews, D Cooper, C Hughes, G Wilkinson 25-12.

Ashcombe C 47 (2), Nailsea B 57 (10) (Somerset League): D Underhay, G Tucker, R Simmons, A Freke 18-24; J Gilmore, G Sansam, D Cooper, P Gaulton 11-18; J Marlow, N Coombes, M Brummell, R Tasker 18-15.

Ashcombe A 62 (2), Winscombe A 66 (10) (Somerset League): A Morgan, A Cracknell, T Cottrell, J Creasey 32-16; G Fews, A Little, G Wilkinson, B Webber 14-23; D Stanton, B Underhay, L Day, J Whitton 16-27.

Ashcombe 138, Charing BC 163 (mixed friendly): A Fews, E Winfield, R Tasker, J Hornett 19-24; J Gental, S Appleby, D Underhay, L Cox 12-19; I Cracknell, M Sell, A Cracknell, B Webber 12-16; A Bingham-Curtis, M Williams, G Sansam, E Hopkins 19-25; B Noyes, L Paterson, J Sansam, A Little 22-16; J Gilmore, V Webber, N Counsell, A Freke 26-17; A Cox, M Paterson, R Simmons, S Weaden 13-21; R Counsell, D Little, B Cracknell, T Bass 15-25.

WEDMORE men played away against Clarence Golds in the Over-60s Triples League and won four rinks out of six, with Brian Aston’s team scoring a decisive 24-5 win.

Wedmore 126, Clarence Golds 85: J Harvey, T Bullock, B Aston 24-5, T Counsell, M Green, K Burt 25-15, J Runciman, C Wheller, I Faulkner 25-17, V Matthews, A Reynolds, C Paunchaud 12-15, D Trow, S Newdick, K Pettit 14-16, J Clark, B Freeman, R Barron 26-17.

The ladies played at home against Wrington in the Mendip Ladies Triples League, winning two rinks out of three, victory being assured by an excellent 28-8 win by Maureen Hordle’s team.

Wedmore Ladies 59, Wrington 38: B Clark, C Pettit, M Trow 20-14, A Hughes, M Barron, M Hordle 28-8, D Gallop, M Perry, S Moss 11-16.

In the Mid-Somerset Mixed League, Wedmore played away at Castle Cary in miserable weather and the score did nothing to raise the spirits as all three rinks were lost.

Wedmore 43, Castle Cary 58: V Matthews, J Masters, C Panchaud, G Harvey 12-21, T Newell, M Perry, S Newdick, K Burt 14-17, R Bull, J Harvey, M Hordle, R Newell 17-20.

The ladies were also due to play Castle Cary in the Fear Cup at home, but on the first end, captain Liz Hamblin slipped and fell and the decision was taken that conditions were too dangerous and the match was postponed.

In friendly matches this week, Somerset Patrons visited Wedmore and on a sunny afternoon the Patrons won three out of five rinks. Ray Newell and Liz Hamblin, Wedmore’s men’s and ladies’ captains, with their team played exceptionally and won their rink 34-12, which gave Wedmore an overall winning score of 109-101.

Wedmore men played Ashtead touring team at home and won all three rinks, running out 84-31 victors.

A mixed team visited Ashcombe on a sunny day to win three out of four rinks. Ron Barron’s team were the best performers with a 32-12 win. Final score was 89-62 to Wedmore.

The match against Wellington, played at home, saw two rinks won by each team, but an overall 88-68 win for Wedmore was helped by Clive Wheller’s team, who scored a 28-8 win.

YATTON 90, Clevedon 75 (Clevedon and District Evening League): J Knight, H Williams, P Tetreault, C Parsons 19-22; J Parker, S Pascoe, T Storm, R Bish 18-14;

D Goddard, D Blundell, R Lewis, A Woodward 21-8; M Musgrove, N Robinson, P Osborne, N Edmonds 19-11; L Howe, G Dodd, D Bessant, W Casey 13-20.

Yatton Ladies 38, Long Ashton 40 (DRT League): L Manning, W William, A Batson, S Parsons 8-20; A Storm, C Cheesewright, B Topham, M Spalding 14-11; P Welham, S Crombie, P Allen, P Goddard 16-9.

WINSCOMBE won all three matches played this week, starting in the Weston Over-60s Triples League, when they had a good win against Clevedon and secured 18 points.

The first leg of the Parrot Shield with rivals and neighbours Banwell resulted in an 11 shot win for Winscombe. It was a close game with four rinks shared and one rink drawn.

The Somerset County Division 2 North game at St Andrews was postponed due to the bad weather, but the well-draining Winscombe green was playable for the A team’s Division 1 match against Ashcombe A.

The green played well and the weather was relatively kind with the sun peaking through occasionally. The game was close, but the result went to the home team by four shots and gave Winscombe another 10 points.

Winscombe 66 (10), Ashcombe A 62 (2) (County League): K Whatling, L Collier, A Dudley, S Eastment 23-14; G Lloyd, N Hansford, R Wootten, T Ellis 28-16; W Ainsworth, M Hunter, R Lacy, R Feltham 16-32.

Winscombe 99, Banwell 88 (Parrot Shield): K Whatling, L Collier, A Dudley, S Eastment 19-22; R Lowman, J Smith, R Wootten, T Ellis 15-15; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth, R Feltham 20-21; N Hansford, P Fredersdorff, L Baldwin, A Watts 16-14; M Dorrington, G Hill, M Nash, G Neville 29-16.

Winscombe 119 (18), Clevedon 88 (2) (Weston Over-60s League): W Ainsworth, L Baldwin, A Dudley 26-13; R Lowman, K Whatling, A Watts 28-11; G Lloyd, B Paul, G Neville 17-16; G Hill, M Hunter, M Nash 14-11; R Knight, B Kibble, T Ellis 28-7; J Smith, A Kyprianides, R Wootten 6-24.

Winscombe ladies won their match against Clarence in the North Somerset Triple League two rinks to one win. Their match against Wrington was cancelled because of the weather.

Winscombe 42, Clarence 35 (NST League): W Weller, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 12-11; M Smith, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 11-17; M Sprouting, S Lowman, E Watts 19-7.

Winscombe held its popular men’s triples tournament when 28 teams from all over the south west played on what turned out to be a pleasant day with long periods of sunshine.

The winners were the Victoria triple of Mike Stocker, Colin Gazzard and Will Harrison, who beat a team from West Backwell in the final.

The winning team were presented with their prizes by Jen Feltham, wife of the CEO Rod Feltham of sponsors Avoncrop Amenity Products, together with Tony Dudley from Boley and Skuse, Building Contractors, Burnham, who sponsored the trophies.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 58, Burnham 47 (corrected result) (Weston & District League): J Blagden, E Stenner, K Herbison 21-17; C Wilcock, R Horton, B Huggett 20-9; A King, D Harrison, V Harding 17-21.

Congresbury Ladies 50, Fosseway 40 (Mendip League): L Storey, P Baker, B Huggett 21-9; C Wilcock, D Davis, C Andrews 12-15; C Lewis, S Burridge, V Harding 17-16.

Congresbury Ladies 62, North Petherton 31 (Weston & District League): J Blagden, D Davis, V Harding 29-6; C Wilcock, J Byett, A Jones 14-15; P Baker, H Hopkins, K Herbison 19-10.

Congresbury 112, Winscombe 69 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): D Manning, D Rivers, R King, B Herbison 21-8; P Reay, J Churchward, R Stewart, L Beck 18-16; M Kimmings, R Archer, G Stenner, R Kirkham 26-16; S Pook, C Blagden, M Huggett, M Wear 24-9; D Byett, F Horton, C Shipway, R Becker 23-20.

Congresbury 111, Portishead RBL 99 (Co-operative Funeral Care Over-60s League): R Baker, J Freemantle, M Huggett 14-16; R Jones, C Blagden, M Wear 26-11; G Andrews, D Byett, B Herbison 16-18; M Kimmings, S Pook, T Yearsley 24-10; DA Edwards, M Hopkins, R Archer 16-26; J Churchward, D Gosling, D Rivers 15-18.

Congresbury A 46, Burnham A 63 (Somerset League): D Manning, F Horton, G Stenner, M Wear 13-23; D Byett, R Archer, R Stewart, R Kirkham 13-16; P Reay, D Rivers, M Huggett, R Becker 20-24.

Congresbury B 65, Nailsea 58 (Somerset League): G Andrews, R Anniuk, M Kimmings, M Hopkins 21-24; A Collins, A Edwards, J Freemantle, D Gosling 20-20; R Baker, C Blagden, J Churchward, B Herbison 24-14.

Congresbury vs Portishead

Congresbury 133, Portishead 32 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): M Kimmings, I Morton, M Wear, R Kirkham 23-9; R King, D Byett, C Shipway, R Becker 40-6; R Baker, D Rivers, G Stenner, B Herbison 41-10; S Pook, P Reay, R Stewart, L Beck 29-7.

Congresbury 93, Portishead 105 (Co-operative Funeralcare Over 60’s League): P Dawes, D Rivers, T Yearsley 19-12; D Byett, C Blagden, L Beck 23-8; J Churchward, D Gosling, R Kirkham 11-18; A Edwards, GC Edwards, D Manning 16-14; R Jones, R Archer, G Stenner 19-21; C Holloway, J Freemantle, M Huggett 5-32.

Congresbury 55, Ashtead 75 (friendly): G Andrews, P Dawes, R Archer, T Yearsley 24-16; C Everitt, A Harding, P Reay, G Stenner 7-38; D Folds, K Cole, J Freemantle, R Becker 24-21.

Congresbury B 56, Clevedon Prom 58 (Somerset League): A Collins, J Freemantle, D Rivers, C Edwards 17-22; R Jones, P Dawes, J Churchward, B Herbison 19-16; M Greaves, A Edwards, D Gosling, G Stenner 20-20.

WESSEX Ladies 95, Clarence 73: V Edwards, M Milford, M Davis, E Williams 19-12; P Tillson, M Hawkins, J Binding 17-7; C Walker, B Jones, A Ward, E Deane 24-16; S Bishop, J Allard, A Crawford, C Peart 18-17; E Stott, I Hicks, P Dunn, P Taylor 17-21.

Wessex Ladies 44, Clevedon 43 (Fear Cup, conceded after 18 ends): J Allard, M Davis, A Powell, E Williams 13-21; C Peart, E Deane, A Fewings, J Davis 19-6; A Ward, B Jones, P Taylor, D Forsyth 12-16.

Wessex will now play Bath in the quarter-finals at Clevedon Prom on July 13 at 6.15pm.

Matches against Congresbury and Ashcombe were both postponed for the second time because of the weather conditions.

IN a close encounter in almost continuous rain, St Andrews just edged out Victoria by two shots in the Fear Plate.

Considering the rain, there was still some excellent bowling, the best rink of Margaret Hillman with Annie Holland having an outstanding game.

Victoria 54, St Andrews 56: C Sage, C Willetts, S Newman, M Chudley 16-21; D Owen, A Austin, S Harrison, S Cooper 14-21; A Palmer, E Newport, A Holland, M Hillman 24-14.

Victoria Ladies 46 (3), Nailsea 52 (7) (Mendip League): D Owen, C Willetts, S Harrison 8-24; C Sage, S Newman, S Cooper 20-10; A Austin, E Newport, M Hillman 18-18.

ST ANDREWS ladies managed to play two fixtures, the rain taking its toll on the rest of their schedule.

Only 14 ends were played in the game against Burnham before the rain stopped any further play. Congratulations to the ladies on their Fear Cup Plate victory against Victoria.

St Andrews Ladies 35, Burnham 41: J Forse, I Tofte, B Goddard 14-16; W Allen, E Reeves, S Priory 11-11; K Dobney, S Sinclair, J Ware 10-14.

St Andrews Ladies 56, Victoria 54 (Fear Cup Plate): P Uglow, D Johnston, J Pitman, A Campbell 14-24; C Venn, W Allen, S Glenville, M Pattenden 21-14; J Forse, B Goddard, J Ware, M Favis 21-16.

CLARENCE Ladies 61, Wessex 81: A Ballinger, K Bailey, J Bishop, P Dunn 21-17; A O’Mara, P Fowler, M Davison, A Harris 17-18; S Searle, M Moore, P Phillips, V Jones 16-24; B Hayes, M Travis, C Edlin, V Collicott 7-22.

Clarence Ladies 35, Winscombe 42 (NSL): S Ellis, P Phillips, C Edlin 7-19; J Mannion, V Jones, M Noddings 17-11; M Woods, P Burrough, P Dunn 11-12.

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