Clarence maintain unbeaten record

Bowls - an indoor generic picture

Bowls - an indoor generic picture - Credit: Archant

Leaders of the Weston & District Mixed League, Clarence kept their 100 per cent record with a seven-shot victory over Woodspring.

CLARENCE, leaders of the Weston & District Mixed League, kept their 100 per cent record with a seven-shot victory over Woodspring, the second time they have beaten them this season.

David Stott’s Clarence rink won by two away, but a 10-shot defeat for the other away team, plus a last-end loss for Mick Edlin’s home four, meant that Veronica Jones and her men had to win by 10 at home for overall victory.

They led by exactly that going into the final end and picked up six to make the margin of victory comfortable.

This Saturday, Clarence play St Andrews, champions for the last two years, whom they have beaten already this season.

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Clarence rink scores – home: Pam Fowler, Brian Difford, Pat Taylor, Mick Edlin lost 12-11; Rob Stacey, Alan Bishop, Jim Keay, Veronica Jones won 22-6. Away: Lucy Oldham, Tony Mannion, Gerry Barlow, Martyn Adams lost 16-6; Tony Hooper, Tony Comfort, Jan Bishop, Dave Stott won 13-11.

THE first round of the Ron Taylor Cup took place resulting of two rinks each, unfortunately for St Andrews, the highest winning rinks went to Victoria.

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Ron Gill’s rink came out on top with a 17-shot win and Ernie Hooper’s four with a 21-shot win, but John Ling went down by 19 and Mike Blight by 31 shots. Saints losing overall by 12 shots.

The mixed friendly played at the Isle of Wedmore also shared rinks, with Wedmore coming out on top. George Guest’s rink had a six-shot win, but Mike Berry went down by 21 shots, Saints losing overall by 15.

Sunday saw another tough game in the Wessex League against Christie Miller, both away rinks going down. Barrie Forse lost by nine shots and Danny Favis by 15.

At home, Tony Steer had a tough game which showed in the score as he went down by 25 shots. Don Bailey’s rink salvaged two points, going 10-0 in front after only four ends. Playing the last end it was all even, but they managed to pull a couple to win.

On Sunday, St Andrews travel to Weymouth to play Moonfleet in the Top Club competition. After their good win over Torquay, this game is the semi-final and will be a big task for the Saints.

St Andrews 68, Victoria 80 (Ron Taylor Cup): D Stanton, M Berry, J Ling 9-28; T Hyde, J Steer, R Gill 29-12; C Coffin, G Cooper, E Hooper 25-4; R Smith, M Simpson, M Blight 5-36.

St Andrews 30, Isle of Wedmore 45 (friendly): A Cooper, B McCollum, E Blight, G Guest 21-15; D Cooper, A Greenwood, M Blight, M .Berry 9-30.

St Andrews 52, Christie Miller 99 (Wessex League): M Berry, R Roberts, R Venn, D Bailey 22-20; T Hyde, G Millard, P Aldus, A Steer 5-30; M Campbell, W Ainsworth, K Uglow, B Forse 15-24; D Stanton, G Tofte, B Reeves, D Favis 10-25.

WOODSPRING lost 45-52 to Clarence in the Weston Mixed League.

On the home rink skipped by C Hedges, they romped away to lead 15-2 at 12 ends, but Clarence managed to pull back four shots giving a final score of 16-6. The rink skipped by G Russell had a close fought game losing by only two shots.

The away rink skipped by T Williams also had a close game winning by one shot, unfortunately the other away team took a heavy loss.

Home: N Urch, J Sansam, E Morley, G Russell 11-13; R Nock, G Sansam, I Bryant, C Hedges 16-6. Away: S Collard, B Cullen, S Hopkins, E Hopkins 6-22; N Coombes, S Davies, M Williams, A Williams 12-11.

Woodspring ladies defeated Wedmore 33-29 in a friendly played at Wedmore.

Scores: M Sutton, C Hedge, S Lupton 15-17; M Taske, P Edwards, S Weaden 18-12.

Playing away against Wedmore in a county indoor league match, the rink skipped by club captain T Williams was up against it from the first bowl and although they fought hard, they couldn’t make any headway and were beaten by 14 shots.

The other away rink skipped by B Hadley was well supported by his three teammates with some good bowling. On the last end it was 16-16 with Wedmore holding shot and Bob took the jack to give them two shots. Both teams won two sets each, but Wedmore were the higher scorers

Woodspring 74 (4), Wedmore 88 (12) - home: M Parry, C Edwards, S Ash, M Brummell 18-25; J Watson, G Fews, G Finnegan, G Russell 22-19.

Away: B Jones, D Norville, R Tasker, A Williams 16-28; G Tucker, E Hopkins, S Hedges, R Hadley 18-16.

WEDMORE entertained St Andrew’s in a mixed friendly match and registered a 45-30 victory.

The afternoon lived up to its friendly billing with both sides enjoying the bowling and the camaraderie arising from teams who know each other well.

Honours were even as far as rinks were concerned, with both sides taking one each. However, the result was an overall 45-31 win for Wedmore. Maureen Hordle’s rink winning 30-9 and Brian Aston’s rink going down by seven shots to lose 22-15.

In a home friendly against Victoria, the ladies’ team drew one rink, losing the other. Rosemary Aston’s team was leading 14-12 as the last end began, but it ended in a 14-14 draw. On the other rink, Vicky Beard’s team lost 10-25, an overall score of 24-39 to Victoria.

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