Clarence men defeat the ladies

Clarence men defeated the ladies in the second grudge match of the season.

DESPITE valiant efforts from the triples skipped by Audrey Powell and Carol Edlin, the men beat the ladies by 25 shots in the second grudge match of the season at Clarence Indoor Bowling Club.

Thirty-five players played in six triples, with Powell, Pam Fowler and Irene Hicks getting the ladies off to a good start. A five on the second end helped them to win by two shots.

However, by the halfway point, the men led by 14 overall, thanks to the teams skipped by Dick Jackman and Roger Burrough, the latter’s men having won by 11 shots against the appropriately-costumed bunny girls, Marlene Woods, Lesley Phipps and Veronica Jones.

However, Carol Edlin skipped Elaine Stott and Jo Mannion to a resounding victory in the first afternoon game, trimming the overall deficit to just two shots. That was as good as it got for the ladies, who lost the last two games by substantial margins.

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Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, especially the lunch. Thanks go to the ladies for a lovely, two-course meal.

Ladies 33, Men 58: Pam Fowler, Irene Hicks, Audrey Powell 9, Tony Hooper, Alan Bishop, Jim Keay 7; Miriam Moore, Jan Bishop, Joan Davis 3, Tony Comfort, Alan Kermack, Dick Jackman 8; Marlene Woods, Lesley Phipps, Veronica Jones 1, John Kellaway, John Atkins, Roger Burrough 12; Elaine Stott, Jo Mannion, Carol Edlin 14, Nigel Martin, Ivan Phipps, Tony Mannion 2; Janet Anning, Ann Ballinger, Pauline Burrough 2, Ray Badman, Chris Read, Mick Edlin 15; Maggie Badman, Shirley Searle, Pat Taylor 4, Rob Stacey, Brian Ballinger, David Stott 14.

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When the leagues resumed at Clarence after the festive break, the outstanding result of the week was Melons’ 14-11 victory over leaders Kiwis in the Friday Triples. Janet Anning, Nigel Martin and skip Terry Cockcroft earned the first victory of the season for a team comprising mainly novice players.

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