Clarence rally to win trophy match

Ashcombe Park Bowls Club youngsters.

Ashcombe Park Bowls Club youngsters. - Credit: Archant

A strong finish by Clarence bowlers saw them pip St Andrews by a point to capture the Jim McClelland Trophy.

THE annual match for the Jim McClelland Trophy between Clarence and local rivals St Andrews turned out to be one of the closest ever.

Home team Clarence were behind for much of the game, but a rally over the closing ends brought them victory by one shot.

Their last rink to finish, skipped by David Stott, notched up a notable 14-shot victory over their ex-player Barrie Forse’s four, which also included two other former Clarence men.

At No 3 for Stott’s team was new Somerset Under-25 captain Grant Aldridge, who has returned to Clarence after a year at St Andrews. He was the county under-25s’ Player of the Year in 2012.

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Clarence finished up on two other rinks, those skipped by Martyn Adams and Paul Tubb, the latter earning a one-shot win with his final wood.

Tubb had been brought in to replace new Clarence captain Mike Clay, who was sidelined through injury.

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Clarence 103, St Andrews 102: R Flicker, J Edwards, G Aldridge, D Stott 22-8; A Bishop, J Hicks, T Pritchard, R Burrough 16-16; J Atkins, M Scoins, D Jackman, R Crawford 13-25; T Ward, B Difford, J Keay, P Tubb 19-18; R Rossiter, R Dodson, M Davies, M Edlin 13-18; A Taylor, B Cheffers, T Mannion, M Adams 20-17.

The Sunday season at Clarence began last weekend with a captain’s choice match, organised by new Sunday captain Alan Bishop.

Despite the cold wind, it was well supported, with 42 players enjoying seven rinks of friendly triples over 15 ends and also tucking into an excellent tea, including bread pudding, made by Alan’s wife Sue.

Bishop is looking forward to an enjoyable season, with the first inter-club Sunday match against Cheltenham Whaddon on May 12. On Sundays when there are no matches, he plans to organise regular roll-ups.

Clarence, the Bowls England Club of the Year, is always happy to welcome new members. They will be holding open days in May. Check the Mercury for details, or speak to one of the club coaches, Roger Burrough on 01934 627407 or David Stott 01934 625404.

ASHCOMBE Crusaders started their championship quest with a resounding victory, winning five of the six rinks played against Winscombe in the Over-60s League.

Crusaders 109, Winscombe 76: G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 19-16; D Stanton, A Little, DA Williams 23-11; R Powell, G Wilkinson, J Taylor 12-16; A Freke, L Day, J Hornett 17-9; P Sheppard, D Bleasdale, J Whitton 23-10; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 15-14.

Unfortunately, the Knights lost their opening game against Nailsea, winning on only two of the six rinks played.

Knights 87, Nailsea 125: R Cole, I Baker, J Main10-28; M Parry, W Spring, K Hallett 16-20; G Kinsey, D Norville, E.Hooper 11-30; R Counsell, J Price, E Hopkins 8-21; B Jones, B Underwood, E Roberts 23-14; D Cooper, A Cracknell, T Bass 19-12.

Ashcombe 100, St Andrews 118 (mixed friendly): S Noyes, S Davies, R Powell, J Taylor 21-20; G Pople, R Powell, S Hopkins, E Roberts 12-29; L Paterson, M Macmahon, A Freke, A Goacher 21-14; S Appleby, D Stanton, J Hughes, E Hopkins 16-20; M Field, L Owens, J Wilkinson, J Main 12-28; B Golding, J Field, C Hughes, J McInally 18-17.

Ashcombe 65, Bristol 90 (men’s friendly): J Marlow, R Counsell, M Parry, R Powell 20-19; G Sansam, M.Badman, J Main, L Cox 14-31; D Underhay, R Tasker, A Freke, G Wilkinson 11-22; T Morgan, M Paterson, W Spring, G Finnegan 20-19.

Ashcombe 111, Congresbury 95 (men’s friendly):

N Coombe, R Simmons, E Hooper, B Webber 16-24; M Unwin, M Bass, T Bass, L Day 11-24; A Perkins, D Norville, I Baker, T Williams 25-8; G Fews, R Counsell, K Hallett, P Gaulton 21-19; F Bertram, D Bleasdale, E Hopkins, T Roberts 18-13; M Tripp, G Mills, B Underhay, J Hornett 20-17.

Ashcombe 123, Watchet 114 (mixed friendly):

M Parry, J Mathews, I Baker, J Main 23-18; P Sheppard, B Cracknell, J Wilkinson, E Robert 14-26; I Cracknell, L Paterson, G Sansam, E Hopkins 26-7; M Main, L Owens, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson 32-12; B Alden, S Appleby, A Little, J McInally 12-20; J Sansam, M Paterson, S Hopkins, A Freke 14-31.

Ashcombe 61, Prattens 96 (mixed friendly): J Gentle, S Baynton, N Counsell, T Williams 7-24; R Tasker, R Counsell, M Tasker, S Weaden 13-24; B Benstead, R Powell, T Morgan, C Hedges 12-17; S Hedges, E Winfield, M Williams, R Powell 19-11; D Underhay, A Bryant, B Groves, R Simmons 10-20.

CLARENCE retained the Jim McClelland Shield from St Andrews mainly due to a emphatic win by David Stott rink over a subdued rink skipped by Barrie Forse.

In an extremely tight game, the result was decided with the last bowl of the game, with Clarence holding one shot, Forse turned another Clarence wood in, to give them the two shots required for overall victory.

For St Andrews, Tony Steer’s rink had a superb 12-shot win, ably supported by Don Bailey’s rink winning by five. Andrew Owens forced a tie on his rink, while Gordon Wride and Steve Davies lost narrowly on theirs.

St Andrews 119, Bridgwater 91 (friendly): R Brereton, T Ware, D Bailey 21-12; R Smith, A Horsburgh, B May 24-14; K Uglow, M Simpson, G Wride 25-8; G Tofte, J Ling, T Steer 17-13; P Smart, B Reeves, G Guest 16-16; G Sims, M Goddard, D Favis 6-28.

St Andrews 102, Clarence 103 (Jim McClelland Shield): K Rogers, J Ling, P Aldus, T Steer 25-13; G Tofte, R Brereton, G Webber, D Bailey 18-13; P Smart, R McLeod, A Horsburgh, A Owens 16-16; K Uglow, B Rogers, B May, G Wride 18-19; R Smith, J Warren (capt), D Favis, S Davies 17-20; M Blight, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 8-22.

The ladies’ first friendly match of the season ended in victory, helped by the fact that Nailsea’s score was reduced by ¼ on one rink, which fielded only three ladies.

St Andrews 118, Ashcombe Park 100 (mixed friendly): Ms S Sinclair, G Cooper, T Allen, D Favis 20-21; R Smith, Mrs A Greenwood, A Horsburgh, Mrs A Campbell 29-12; Mrs M Main, Mrs J Forse, Mrs I Tofte, J Warren 14-21; D Price, Mrs J Smith, R McLeod, G Wride 20-16; Mrs M Wride, A Lay, M Goddard, Mrs M Favis 18-12; G Tofte, Mrs E Reeves, B Reeves, Mrs M Pattenden 17-18

St Andrews Ladies 55, Nailsea 48½: W Allen, E Reeves, S Priory, M Pattenden 13-18; J Forse, D Cooper, M Frost, A Campbell 20-16½; R McMillan, I Tofte, J Ware, M Favis 22-14.

VICTORIA Vikings suffered a setback with defeats in the league and cup.

The Vikings hosted Yatton in Over-60s League and were convincingly beaten with just one rink win gained by Ernie Longworth, Richard Austin and George Frost.

The Vikings travelled to play Burnham in the Over-60s Cup and despite a much improved performance, were beaten by 26 shots.

There were two good rink wins skipped by Graham Hodge and making his debut for the club Graham Raine.

The run of poor results extended to the friendly game at Penarth with top rink skipped by Mike Taylor and supported by John Codrington, Tony Barnes and Terry Gatehouse winning by 13 shots.

Victoria 76 (2), Yatton 117 (18) (Over 60’s League): S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 14-20; G Jones, R Sparkes, A Shattock 11-25; E Longworth, R Austin, G Frost 17-14; R Hollier, J Griffiths, G Hodge 12-15; T Gilbert, A Waygood, C York 11-21; I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing 11-22.

Victoria 91, Burnham 117 (Over 60s Cup): S Thynne, R Austin, D Jones 14-23; I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing 14-24; R Jacobs, C Chudley, G Frost 15-23; G Jones, R Sparkes, G Raine 21-15; R Hollier, J Griffiths, G Hodge 23-6; W Nicholls, A Waygood, C York 4-26.

Victoria 114, Penarth 134 (friendly): T Gilbert, G Richards, A Uccellini, M Stocker 22-23; A Guest, E Longworth, J Griffiths, D Williams 21-18; M Milliner, J Smart, R Rockett, P Leadbeater 10-28; W Nicholls, C Chudley, M Campbell, D Jones 14-29; P Wyatt, A Shattock, J Newman, M Manning 20-22; J Codrington, A Barnes, T Gatehouse, M Taylor 27-14.

WINSCOMBE played three matches last week and lost them all, not mastering the heavy greens as well as their opponents.

In the one home match against Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston Over-60s Triples League, they only won on one rink and lost by 33 shots.

They doubled this deficit at Portishead RBL in the Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeral League losing on all five rinks.

Against local rivals Banwell in the traditional early season friendly and rehearsal for the Parrot Shield two-leg competition later in the season, Winscombe played much better, winning on two rinks and narrowly losing a third by two shots. Unfortunately, one rink lost heavily which again resulted in a loss by 28 shots.

Winscombe 76, Banwell 104 (friendly): G Lloyd, R Kibble, R Lacy, T Ellis 22-14; M Dorrington, J Sprouting, A Dudley, A Watts 15-25; W Ainsworth, K Whatling, R Feltham, M Adams 18-14; S Easterby, L Collier, R Lowman, R Birmingham 14-16; A Pye, M Hunter, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 7-35.

Winscombe 60, Portishead RBL 126 (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeral League): S Easterby, P Fredersdorff, R Kibble, M Nash 16-30; B Paul, R Weller, L Collier, R Lowman 12-27; M Dorrington (c), J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 10-23 ; G Coombe, P Hopes, R Lacy, A Watts 12-22; P John, B White, R Feltham, R Birmingham 10-24.

Winscombe 76, Ashcombe Crusaders 109 (Weston Over-60s League): G Coombe, P Fredersdorff , M Nash 14-15; R Lowman, L Baldwin, A Dudley 9-17; G Lloyd, K Whatling, R Birmingham 11-23; B Paul, W Ainsworth, G Neville 16-19; J Sprouting (c), L Collier, M Adams 16-12; P Hopes, R Kibble, A Watts 10-23.

Winscombe 76, Ashcombe Crusaders 109 (Weston Over-60s League): G Coombe, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 14-15: R Lowman, L Baldwin, A Dudley 9-17; G Lloyd, K Whatling, R Birmingham 11-23; B Paul, W Ainsworth, G Neville 16-19; J Sprouting (c), L Collier, M Adams 16-12; P Hopes, R Kibble, A Watts 10-23.

ISLE of Wedmore’s early season friendly matches were played in true April weather.

There were no men’s matches, but the Wedmore ladies played three times -

City of Wells ladies visited Wedmore and beat the home side 51-39 winning two out of three rinks. Pauline Cottrell’s team was the only winning team, with a 21-14 score.

The next visiting team was Congresbury and after some close games, Wedmore lost by just two shots (47-49). Elaine Deverill’s team were Wedmore ladies’ winning rink with a 19-15 victory.

Wedmore ladies visited Wyrall Park, losing to the home side by a final score of 46-59. Pauline Cottrell again led the best performing team, losing by just one point after a closely-contested game.

The Wedmore teams had success in the two mixed friendly matches this week. After a chilly afternoon’s play at Clevedon Prom, Wedmore won 108-91. Mary Ronald led her team to the best result of the afternoon winning 30-8.

North Petherton visited Wedmore for a mixed friendly match and the home team had a convincing 80-58 win. Marie Trow’s team ensured Wedmore’s overall victory by winning their rink 29-5.

The club’s next, free taster day will be held on May 5 at 2pm. This is a good opportunity for anyone thinking of taking up this enjoyable sport. Just call Brendon on 01934 743271 or Keith on 01934 733237 for details.

CLARENCE Ladies 36, Long Ashton 53: M Woods, P Phillips, P Burrough 15-16; C Hooper, S Searle, V Collicott 9-17; S Scions, M Baker, C Edlin 12-20.

Clarence Ladies 40, Long Ashton 50: S Scions, P Phillips, P Burrough 12-27; M Woods, C Edlin, P Hawkins 16-9; S Ellis, C Cromey, M Baker 12-14.

WESSEX ladies had a good win and gained eight points in their first league match of the season against Mark Moor.

Wessex Ladies 65 (8), Mark Moor 46 (2): V Edwards, B Jones, J Duffy, E Deane 16-23; J Allard, M Milford, A Fewings, J Davis 28-8; P Hanson, M Hawkins, C Peart, A Ward 21-15.

ASHCOMBE Park Bowling Club has started its season with free coaching for juniors.

The 1st North Worle Scouts and William and Hanna, whose parents contacted the club, thoroughly enjoyed their first experience. The coaching will carry on for at least three more weeks on a Saturday morning 10am-noon.

Bowls is a sport for young people who do not like contact sports. For more information, contact 01934 514855.

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