Clarence reach the cup final

Clarence Blues defeated Weston Over-60s League Knockout Cup holders Winscombe to reach the final

CLARENCE Blues reached the final of the Weston Over-60s League Knockout Cup with a brilliant victory over holders Winscombe.

The home team finished up on four of the six rinks against the club who have won the cup for the last two years, led by Trevor Ward, Martyn Adams and Pete Palmer, 13-shot victors.

Clarence’s other winning rinks were skipped by Gerald Barlow, captain Roger Burrough and Paul Tubb.

Clarence Blues 96, Winscombe 87: T Ward, M Adams, P Palmer 26-13; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 14-13; A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 18-13; T Hooper, J Rogers, P Tubb 15-12; L Lakey, D Thomson, H Sparks 10-22; R Flicker, R Rossiter, R Crawford 13-14.

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The Blues came back down to earth the following day when they lost by eight shots at home to Burnham in the Over-60s League.

They picked up only five points, through wins by skips Martyn Adams and Roger Burrough and a draw by Mick Edlin’s trio. Adams, Trevor Ward and John Burgess had a six on the penultimate end.

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Burrough, Alan Bishop and George Cooper conceded a six on the 15th end to go one behind, then picked up a total of eight shots in the next three to win by six.

Clarence Blues 99 (5), Burnham 107 (15): T Ward, J Burgess, M Adams 26-16; J Rogers, B Rossiter, R Crawford 10-22; A Bishop, G Cooper, R Burrough 24-18; L Lakey, H Sparks, D Thomson 16-19; T Hooper, M Phillips, P Tubb 8-17; B Underwood, T Mannion, M Edlin 15-15.

It was another successful Saturday for Clarence’s Somerset County League teams, with both winning to stay high in their respective tables.

Clarence A won 65-51 away to Burnham A in Division One North, despite having finished up on only one of the three rinks. They took eight points to Burnham’s four.

The B team made it five victories in a row as they cruised home against local rivals Victoria D, once again taking all 12 points on offer. Captain Mike Clay’s rink had the biggest winning margin, 17 shots, while Martyn Adams’s men picked up a six on one end as they finished 15 ahead.

Clarence B 59 (12), Victoria D 26 (0): T Ward, L Smith, M Skyrme, M Clay 23-6; A Bishop, M Scoins, J Burgess, M Adams 22-7; L Lakey, B Cornwall, D Jackman, M Davies 14-13.

In the Over-60s League, Clarence Golds made a good start away to Nailsea, but the home side took control to win comfortably. The Golds’ only winners were Bert Cheffers, Mike Scoins and George Cooper, who finished two clear.

Nailsea 124 (18), Clarence Golds 74 (2): John Hayes, J Edwards, M Skyrme 12-16; J Hawkins, G Phillips, M Phillips 10-25; C Tippett, B Cornwall, M Davies 9-23; M Peters, B Rossiter, M Clay 14-31; A Taylor, B Underwood, B Duffy 13-15; B Cheffers, M Scoins, G Cooper 16-14.

WINSCOMBE played Clarence Blues at Clarence Park in the semi-final of the Weston Over-60s Knockout Cup.

Winscombe were going for a hat-trick of wins in this competition as they had been the holders for the last two years. They came up against a strong Clarence team, but fought back from a 30 shot deficit to finish just nine shots short.

At Victoria in the Over-60s League, Winscombe were again behind on all rinks but came back to lose on the five rinks played by just 10 shots. This is the first time Winscombe have lost on the green to Victoria in seven matches played this year. However, Victoria were unable to field the required six rinks, so lost 10 shots and two points. Winscombe therefore drew the match on shots, but secured 12 points to Victoria’s eight and Victoria have still not beaten Winscombe this year.

Both Somerset County League teams lost. The A team visited Wedmore and were always behind. The high-flying B team lost their first game on the green this year to a strong Ashcombe side. Winscombe B won on just one rink and secured two points.

In the Clevedon and District Evening League, it was a must win match against West Backwell to overtake them in the league. It was a close game, but Winscombe won by two shots and secured another seven points.

The bi-annual match against the Madeira Bowling Club at Exmouth followed the recent pattern, where the home team usually wins the Marjorie Stewart Ink Stand Trophy.

This unusual trophy was donated by a Winscombe member in memory of her husband to be played over 21 ends triples. The match has been played since 1950 and as a result of this win by Madeira, the games are tied at 31-all over the 62 years.

The mixed friendly against Burnham was a close match with no less than three rinks drawn, one lost by one shot and one rink won by two shots. Overall Winscombe won by seven shots.

Winscombe A 36 (0), Isle of Wedmore A 65 (12) (County League): K Whatling, M Hunter, A Dudley, M Adams 9-17; G Lloyd, L Collier, R Lacy, S Eastment 12-24; W Ainsworth, R Wootten, R Lowman, T Ellis 15-24.

Winscombe B 53 (2), Ashcombe B 65 (10) (County League): D Beaverstock, J Sprouting, B Paul, G Neville 11-24; S Easterby, R Fisher, R Kibble, A Watts 18-28; J Smith, R Sapsford, G Coombe, M Nash 24-16.

Winscombe 87 (12), Victoria 87 (8) (Weston Over-60s League): R Lowman, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 11-22; K Whatling, L Collier, A Watts 15-13; B Paul, R Wootten, T Ellis 11-27; G Lloyd, R Kibble, W Ainsworth 21-12; G Hill, B White, M Adams 19-13.

Winscombe 74 (7), West Backwell 72 (2) (C&D League): N Hansford, G Hill, R Lacy, R Feltham 20-15; S Easterby, J Smith, R Kibble, A Dudley 7-14; G Coombe, B Paul, J Lukins, S Eastment 14-23; D Beaverstock, M Nash, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 16-11; W Ainsworth, R Fisher, L Collier, M Adams 17-9.

Winscombe 87, Clarence Blues 96 (Over-60s KO Cup semi-final): G Lloyd, R Kibble, R Wootten 13-26; G Hill, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 13-14; B Paul, B White, A Dudley 13-18; K Whatling, L Collier, A Watts 12-15; J Sprouting, M Hunter, M Adams 22-10; J Smith, M Nash, W Ainsworth 14-13.

Winscombe 94, Madeira 128 (Marjorie Stewart Trophy): D Beaverstock, C Westlake, T Ellis 8-28 ; B Paul, P Fredersdorff, R Wootten 16-13; K Whatling, L Collier, M Adams 33-13; S Easterby, R Kibble, A Dudley 8-38; J Smith, B White, R Feltham 9-18; D Owen, M Nash, A Watts 20-17.

Winscombe 107, Burnham 100(mixed friendly): A Brand, B Prince, S Nash, M Nash, 19-19; M Trenchard, K Headford, G Coombe, S Caddy 15-15; C Hopes, J Wiles, R Freegard, W Ainsworth 18-19; L Coombe, J Rush, P Hopes, J Sprouting 22-20; P John, A Griffin, L Whatling, K Whatling 14-14; M Sprouting, K Symons, D Beaverstock, G Hill 19-13.

ST ANDREWS could only record one victory, a resounding win over Bristol C in the County League.

Another defeat, in the return leg of the Ron Taylor Cup, handed the trophy to Victoria by a total of 58 shots.

The Saints extend their thanks to Ashcombe Park for the loan of Messrs Stanton, Morgan, Hedges and Williams, who participated in the fixture against Somerset BA Patrons.

The Wedmore Plate final against Victoria was due to take place at Vivary Park, Taunton, but bad weather caused the game to be postponed and the new venue and date are to be agreed by the county.

St Andrews 109, Somerset Patrons 120: G Sims, C Reeves, T Allen, P Villis 22-22; M Goddard, J Steer, A Horsburgh, B May 14-21; A Cooper, F Mudge, G Burgess, B Green 18-11; P Smart, B Rogers, J Ling, J Warren 19-19; C Robinson, R Dunstone, R McLeod, G Wride 18-16; D Stanton, A Morgan, S Hedges, A Williams 18-31.

St Andrews 80, Victoria 120 (Ron Taylor Cup): P Smart, F Mudge, T Allen, T Thomas 10-33; R Smith, J Ling, A Ware, D Favis 5-23; G Sims, G Aldridge, E Day, B Reeves 13-17; M Simpson, R Dunstone, M Goddard, R Venn 17-17; A Cooper, R Brereton, B Green, J Warren 18-17; M Blight, C Reeves, R McLeod, A Horsburgh 17-13.

St Andrews Spartans 99, Ashcombe Crusaders 110 (Over-60s Triples): R McLeod, J Ling, A Ware 18-9; B Rogers, T Thomas, G Wride 20-16; K Uglow, A Horsburgh, A Steer 14-23; R Smith, B May, D Favis 16-20; M Goddard, T Allen, G Guest 14-19; A MacNab, R Venn, B Reeves 17-23.

St Andrews A 82, Bristol C 37 (County League): R Smith, G Aldridge, P Villis, A Owens 32-11; K Uglow, R Venn, P Aldus, A Steer 33-11; G Tofte, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 17-15.

VICTORIA experienced a disappointing set of results with just two wins and a draw in the nine games played during the week.

Victoria’s interest in the Four Dimensions was extinguished by Banwell, despite a fine rink win by Pete Lunn, Ken Harvey, John Howell and skip Mike Cooper.

In the County League, Victoria C achieved maximum points with the rink of Darren Beard, Mike Willetts, Richard Austin and captain Derek Jones winning by 11 shots.

Victoria B won two rinks skipped by Mike Taylor and Derek Hurst against Mark Moor, but a heavy defeat on the other rink allowed the visitors to secure the match win.

Victoria D travelled across town to play Clarence B and as forecast heavy showers made an appearance, causing several delays before a thunderstorm flooded the green forcing an abandonment with 15 ends played and a win on all three rinks for Clarence. The rink of Richard Jacobs, Rod Sleep, David Roberts and John Griffiths were involved in a game of fluctuating fortunes and at the time of abandonment were unfortunately just one shot in arrears.

Victoria Saxons were involved in an exciting finish against Banwell in the Over-60s League, with the game finishing in a draw with an excellent rink win of 16 shots by Pete Lunn, Derek Jones and Ken Curtis.

St Andrews came to Victoria for the second leg of the Ron Taylor Cup hoping to overcome an 18 shot deficit, but Victoria rose to the occasion to win the game and to enjoy the return of the Ron Taylor Cup for another year.

The men’s friendly team played two away games, the first locally against Banwell and despite a good win of 22 shots by the rink of Rod Sleep, Eric Sage, John Howell and Stuart Evans, lost by 23 shots.

An away day trip to Minehead was as always one of the season’s friendly highlights and Victoria won three rinks with the rink skipped by club captain Mike Manning impressing with a 15 shot win. However, Minehead achieved victory by five shots.

A five shot defeat was also the result of the mixed friendly played at home against GB Britton, with top rink of Maryisa Angove, Richard Austin, Sue Newman and Mike Stocker excelling with a 21-6 shot win.

Victoria 1, Banwell 3 (50-88) (Somerset County 4 Dimensions): P Leadbeater 14-22; H Whyte, K Curtis 4-30; J Newman, D Sealey, M Stocker 11-20; P Lunn, K Harvey, J Howell, M Cooper 21-16.

Victoria B 30, Mark Moor 40 (Somerset County League): J Dyet, P Fisher, A Barnes, M Manning 7-23; D Sealey, T Uccellini, D Williams, M Taylor 10-7; T Gatehouse, T Bray, J Howell, D Hurst 13-10.

Victoria C 47, Congresbury B 30: D Beard, M Willetts, R Austin, D Jones 20-11; T Gilbert, M Milliner, J Mingo-West, G Frost 15-9; P Wyatt, B Nicholls, G Hodge, J Smart 12-10.

Victoria D 26, Clarence 59: R Jacobs, R Sleep, D Roberts, J Griffiths 13-14; T Farmer, G Jones, I Linham, J Downing 6-23; F Aldridge, L Kelly, B Saward, P Newport 7-22.

Saxons 87, Winscombe 87 (Weston and District Over-60s League): J Newman, R Fenwick, M Manning 22-11; J Mingo-West, D Sealey, M Taylor 12-21; P Lunn, D Jones, K Curtis 27-11; G Hodge, G Richards, T Uccellini 13-15; H Whyte, R Rockett, A Barnes 13-19.

Victoria 67, Banwell 90 (friendly): B Nicholls, G Richards, R Rockett, M Manning 11-33; F Aldridge, A Shattock, A Barnes, K Curtis 11-24; R Sleep, E Sage, J Howell, S Evans 32-10; J Mingo-West, M Milliner, G Hodge, P Leadbeater 13-23.

Victoria 114, Minehead 119 (friendly): J Codrington, A Shattock, T Gatehouse, M Manning 31-16; J Griffiths, D Williams, R Rockett, M Taylor 13-24; T Gilbert, R Sleep, G Hodge, D Jones 13-18; B Nicholls, B Johnson, J Newman, M Stocker 16-26; F Aldridge, C Chudley, E Sage, G Frost 19-18; G Richards, A Barnes, P Leadbeater 22-17.

Victoria 114, GB Britton 119 (mixed friendly): M Angove, R Austin, S Newman, M Stocker 34-8; B Nicholls, C Willetts, R Cleeves, J Newman 19-19; D Owen, M Milliner, A Holland, C Chudley 15-16; S Milliner, R Bailey, P Newport, E Sage 14-30; D Beard, C Sage, M Chudley, M Taylor 13-18; M Willetts, A Austin, E Newport, T Gatehouse 19-28.

THE Isle of Wedmore men had a convincing win when Portishead visited in the Over-60s Triples League, winning 130-89.

Wedmore won five out of six rinks and Keith Burt’s team had the best result with a 27-11 victory.

Wedmore 130, Portishead 89: D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 11-17; T Hamblin, M Green, I Faulkner 29-18; B Dearden, P Bean, K Burt 27-11; J Harvey, B Freeman, R Hughes 22-11; C Wheller, R Norris, C Panchaud 21-16; J Runciman, B Treloar, R Newell 20-16.

The A team celebrated a good win at home over Winscombe A in the men’s county league, with a final score of 65-36, and winning all three rinks The highest differential came from the team led by David Wederell, who won 24-12.

Wedmore 65, Winscombe A 36: V Matthews, D Trow, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 24-15; R Bull, M Green, K Pettit, D Wederell 24-12; R Newell, I Faulkner, D Nicholls, R Barron 17-9.

The men visited Castle Cary for an evening Mid Somerset League match and were beaten on three rinks, winning just one rink. Roger Hughes and his team prevented a whitewash by winning their rink 25-9.

Wedmore 66, Castle Cary 75: V Matthews, S Fisher, I Faulkner, K Burt 12-20; B Dearden, C Panchaud, R Newell, R Hughes 25-9; T Brown, B Cottrell, R Thurkettle, R Barron 16-22; T Hamblin, K Phillimore, G Annuik, C Moss 13-24.

Bridgwater Durleigh visited Wedmore for a men’s Over-60s Triples League match which resulted in a narrow win for Wedmore and two rinks won by each team. Roger Hughes team came in with the best result of the afternoon with a 21-8 win. Final Wedmore 57, Bridgwater Durleigh 46: J Runciman, M Green, R Barron 11-13; R Hunt, B Cottrell, R Hughes 21-8; B Aston, I Faulkner, K Burt 10-18; T Hamblin, K Davey, T Brown 15-7.

With black skies, torrential rain and thunder rumbling throughout the afternoon, Wedmore played away against Yatton in the men’s county league. Yatton won on two out of three rinks with only Colin Moss’ team managing a narrow victory.

Wedmore B 49, Yatton B 72: T Hamblin, P Bean, C Panchaud, K Burt 13-24; K Davey, R Hunt, B Freeman, D Stansfield 14-28; B Cottrell, S Newdick, S Fisher, C Moss 22-20.

Wedmore ladies visited Congresbury for a Mendip League match which turned into an exciting afternoon.

Wedmore won one rink and lost two, but the final score was a draw with 46 points each. Marie Trow and her team saved the day with an 18-7 win and Wedmore took away four points to Congresbury’s six.

Wedmore Ladies 46, Congresbury 46: C Pettit, J Hunt, M Trow 18-7; T Newell, P Beard, P Cottrell 13-15; M Barron, M Perry, S Moss 15-24.

In another Mendip League match, the ladies visited Wrington and had a successful afternoon winning all three rinks. All the results were close and the best performance came from Marie Trow and her team with a 16-11 win.

Wedmore Ladies 57, Wrington 40: M Barron, J Hunt, S Moss 19-17; B Clark, B Disbrey, J Masters 22-18; J Collins, P Beard, M Trow 16-11.

The ladies played at home to Mark Moor in the Wessex Ladies League and won two out of three rinks. Sandra Moss and her team helped secure an overall win by achieving a rink score of 26-11.

Wedmore Ladies 58, Mark Moor 48: T Newell, M Barron, L Hamblin, J Masters 10-25; B Disbrey, M Fisher, J Hunt, M Hordle 22-12; B Clark, M Green, M Trow, S Moss 26-11.

Ashcombe visited Wedmore for a Wessex Ladies League match and the Wedmore teams won two rinks, taking eight points and maintaining their top position in the league. Mary Ronald’s team score of 30-14 ensured a good overall win.

Wedmore Ladies 66, Ashcombe 55: B Disbrey, L Hamblin, P Cottrell, M Ronald 30-14; P Beard, J Hunt, M Perry, G Harvey 22-14; B Clark, C Pettit, M Trow, S Moss 14-27.

Wedmore played away at Prattens in a Mid Somerset Mixed League match winning just one rink of three.

Wedmore 44, Prattens 64: A Hughes, J Harvey, K Burt, R Newell 17-21; T Newell, J Masters, V Matthews, R Hughes 18-15; R Bull, M Barron, B Cottrell, R Barron 9-28.

The ladies played a friendly at home against Wyrral Park and everyone enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. At the end Wedmore lost 53-58, but won two out of three rinks. Rosemary Aston’s team had the best win, 24-19.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 49, Victoria 52 (WDLL): J Blagden, P Baker, V Harding 20-10; C Wilcock, C Andrews A King 11-24; C Lewis, D Harrison, B Huggett 18-18.

Congresbury Ladies 46, Isle of Wedmore 46 (Mendip League): E Archer, W Manning, K Herbison 15-13; C Wilcock, M Hill, V Harding 24-15; P Baker, C Andrews, A Mew 7-18.

Congresbury Ladies 62, Mark Moor 59 (friendly): C Wilcock, J Garrett, R Horton 19-9; A Harris, L Storey, J Blagden 19-11; H Tranmer, E Stenner, C Andrews 12-12; E Archer, W Manning, A Jones 12-27.

Congresbury B 68, St Andrews 71 (North Somerset League): M Hopkins, R Joseph, P Dawes, R Kirkham 21-29; R Jones, A Edwards, R Anniuk, J Stone 21-27; M Greaves, J Churchward, I Morton, B Herbison 26-15.

Congresbury A 61, Winscombe 57 (North Somerset League): P Reay, M Kimmings, M Huggett, G Stenner 18-25; R Baker, D Byett, R Archer, R Becker 23-13; J Freemantle, C Edwards, D Rivers, R Stewart 20-19.

Congresbury 49, Bridport 100 (mixed friendly): C Lewis, A Edwards, D Rivers, R Becker 12-19; M Greaves, J Garrett, J Freemantle, B Huggett 11-33; D Byett, B Morton, P Dawes, M Huggett 15-20; H Tranmer, S Wright, I Morton, R Stewart 11-28.

Congresbury 61, Chew Stoke 70 (friendly): R Anniuk, R Joseph, M Kimmings, L Beck 9-26; D Byett, D Gosling, D Rivers, G Stenner 21-17; A Edwards, C Holloway, C Edwards, D Manning 16-15; G Andrews, K Cole, M Huggett, R Archer 15-12.

Congresbury A 64, Bristol B 52 (Somerset League): R Baker, D Byett, C Shipway, R Becker 17-14; P Reay, M Huggett, D Rivers, R Stewart 18-29; D Manning, P Dawes, G Stenner, R Kirkham 29-9.

Congresbury B 31, Victoria C 47 (Somerset League): G Andrews, A Edwards, I Morton, R Archer 10-12; R Anniuk, R Joseph, J Freemantle, J Stone 9-15; M Kimmings, J Churchward, C Edwards, D Gosling 12-20.

YATTON 77, Mark Moor 132 (Weston Triples League): E Butt, E Reynolds, M Withyman 15-28; M Musgrove, J Knight, R Bish 9-22; S Pascoe, G Price, J Parker 10-23; K Lawrence, P Creber, T Storm 15-12; R Adams, B Foster, B Hardwick 18-23; A George, A Turley, D Blundell 12-23.

Yatton 88, Nailsea 106: N Allen, G Price, P Creber 9-20; M Musgrove, D Goddard, T Storm 18-10; G Dodd, E Reynolds, M Withyman 16-17; K Lawrence, A George, B Hardwick 11-24; E Butt, P Osborne, J Parker 17-21; B Foster, R Adams, R Bish 17-14.

Yatton 77, Mark Moor 132: A George, D Goddard, D Blundell 19-18; E Butt, B Foster, M Withyman 7-22; M Musgrove, P Creber, T Storm 7-25; K Lawrence, J Knight, B Hardwick 19-13; S Pascoe, G Price, J Parker 7-29; G Walford, R Adams, R Bish 18-25.

Yatton 68, Ashcombe Templars 96: G Dodd, P Creber, T Storm 13-15; S Pascoe, E Reynolds, B Foster 19-12; M Musgrove, R Adams, J Parker 18-19; E Butt, A George, D Blundell 7-36; K Lawrence, J Knight, B Hardwick 11-14.

Yatton A 72, Wedmore B 49 (Somerset County League): B Foster, J Parker, N Edmonds, G Smith 24-13; L Howe, R Lewis, T Storm, W Casey 28-14; S Pascoe, R Bish, P Osborne, D Sweet 20-22.

ST ANDREWS ladies enjoyed success in both their fixtures with the win in the friendly at West Backwell achieved with good wins on all three rinks.

St Andrews Ladies 54, Nailsea 45 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): M Wride, B Goddard, E Blight, M Favis 23-17; J Forse, A Greenwood, S Glenville, J Ware 13-10; P Uglow, D Johnston, S Priory, M Pattenden 18-18.

St Andrews Ladies 63, West Backwell 25: M Wride, E Blight, M Favis 25-6; J Forse, D Johnston, M Pattenden 22-9; A Greenwood, J Smith, J Pitman 16-10.

WINSCOMBE ladies battled hard against Clevedon in the Wessex League and came within two shots on one rink before losing.

At Long Ashton in the North Somerset Triples League, the home side mastered the extreme weather conditions better and won easily.

The home friendly against Congresbury produced a good win. Winscombe won on all three rinks to register their first victory against a Congresbury team.

Winscombe 65, Congresbury 42 (friendly): S Lowis, J Rush, R Keane, E Watts 23-14; A Griffin, S Nash, L Whatling, M Adams 23-15; J Wiles, P Heal, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 19-13.

Winscombe 54, Clevedon 80 (Wessex League): C Hopes, P Burns, W Weller, L Fredersdorff 20-22; J Kimmins, L Coombe, L Whatling, S Nash 19-25; M Sprouting, J Rush,T Miles,A Ainsworth 15-33.

Winscombe 18, Long Ashton 53 (NST): T Miles, L Whatling, L Fredersdorff 7-18; M Smith, S Nash, E Watts 5-16; C Hopes, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 6-19.

CLARENCE Ladies 68, West Backwell 44 (NSL): J Colman, M Baker, C Edlin 17-17; M Woods, P Phillips, P Burrough 14-21; Y Burrough, L Oldham, V Jones 37-6.

Clarence Ladies 74, Clevedon 62 (NSL): S Pritchard, L Oldham, M Baker 13-16; J Mannion, V Jones, P Hawkins 17-21; B Hayes, P Bidmead, V Collicott 19-16; J Colman, M Woods, E Edlin 25-9.

Clarence Ladies 36, Portishead 41 (WDLL): J Mannion, V Jones, C Edlin 8-18; S Pritchard, M Woods, M Baker 16-10; J Colman, P Phillips, P Burrough 12-13.

Clarence Ladies 49, West Backwell 41: S Foster, L Oldham, P Dunn, P Hawkins 9-15; C Hooper, P Bidmead, P Barnbrook, C Edlin 18-8; M Moore, B Hayes, S Searle, M Baker 12-18.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 56, North Petherton 46 (friendly): S Hadley, B Groves, M Tucker, J McInally 24-12; S Noyes, J Field, M Williams, B Cullen 18-17; A Cox, A Kearns, D Norville, J Wilkinson 14-17.

Ashcombe Ladies 59 (8), Portishead 40 (2) (NSL): N Counsell, J Hughes, S Ford 18-9; A Fews, M Tasker, S Hopkins 29-14; M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 12-17. Friendly rink: D Little, C Hedges, M Williams 18-14.

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