Clarence register first County League victory of the season

Jim Keay bowling for Clarence BC.

Jim Keay bowling for Clarence BC. - Credit: Archant

Clarence registered their first victory of the season in the Somerset County League.

A TERRIFIC performance by David Stott’s rink, who won by 17 shots, enabled Clarence A to register their first victory of the season in the Somerset County League.

Playing at home to previously unbeaten Bridgwater A, they were behind overall until threequarters of the way through the match, then Stott’s men picked up a five and Paul Tubb’s a six to give Clarence the lead.

With Stott’s rink finished, Tubb played two excellent woods on his final end, which meant that he finished just a shot behind, and Roger Burrough’s beaten four had only to avoid disaster, which they did, for Clarence to win by three shots.

Clarence A 58 (8), Bridgwater A 55 (4): B Rossiter, G Barlow, G Aldridge, D Stott 24-7; T Ward, M Adams, D Towie, P Tubb 20-21; M Edlin, J Keay, M Clay, R Burrough 14-27.

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Clarence beat visitors Congresbury in the North Somerset 4 Dimensions competition with victories in the singles and triples and a battling draw in the fours.

David Stott’s 21-15 singles win kicked things off, then Paul Tubb skipped his triple to victory by 15 shots. The pairs always looked likely to go Congresbury’s way and, with Clarence’s four trailing going into the final stages, it looked as if overall shot-difference would decide things.

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However, a three on the last end gave Richard Crawford and his men a draw, leaving Clarence clear winners.

Clarence 5, Congresbury 3 - singles: D Stott 21-15; pairs: D Towie/G Aldridge 22-26; triples: M Edlin, J Keay, P Tubb 27-12; fours: T Ward, T Mannion, T Pritchard, R Crawford 19-19.

Over a weekend during which the clubs met three times, Congresbury had struck the first blow when they won by six shots at home to Clarence in the Somerset Turnbull Cup.

Paul Tubb and Gerald Barlow both skipped their rinks to victory for the visitors, but a heavy defeat for David Stott’s usually-reliable four put Clarence out of the competition.

Congresbury 82, Clarence 76: B Rossiter, T Mannion, G Aldridge, D Stott 16-28; T Ward, D Towie, M Adams, P Tubb 19-17; T Hooper, M Scoins, R Crawford, G Barlow 22-17; M Edlin, T Pritchard, M Clay, R Burrough 19-20.

The other encounter between Clarence and Congresbury featured the clubs’ B teams in the Somerset County League.

Midway through the game, Clarence, the visitors, had a good lead, but Congresbury fought back well and the match ended in a draw. Clarence’s winning rink was skipped by Richard Crawford, while Trevor Pritchard tied and Chris Read picked up a three on the final end to secure the draw.

Congresbury B 54 (6), Clarence B 54 (6): A Kermack, M Scoins, J Burgess, T Pritchard 18-18; B Underwood, M Skyrme, J Edwards, R Crawford 21-20; T Hooper, T Mannion, D Jackman, C Read 15-16.

Clarence reached the third round of the Bowls England National Two-Rink competition when they registered a fine away victory over Yatton A.

Reg Flicker, Trevor Pritchard, Mike Clay and Roger Burrough led throughout the 21 ends to finish nine shots ahead, while the rink skipped by David Stott lost by just one. In the next round, Clarence travel again, to Bath club Bloomfield.

Yatton A 32, Clarence A 40: R Flicker, T Pritchard, M Clay, R Burrough 24-15; M Edlin, D Towie, G Aldridge, D Stott 16-17.

Clarence Blues returned with only four points from their visit to champions Ashcombe Crusaders in Division One of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Barrie Underwood, Jim Keay and Roger Burrough finished eight shots clear, having been 16-0 up at one point, while Paul Tubb’s triple snatched victory by one on the final end. Mick Edlin’s men came back well from 15-5 down with five ends left but lost by one.

Ashcombe Crusaders 113 (16), Clarence Blues 88 (4): A Bishop, D Thomson, H Sparks 14-28; T Mannion, J Rogers, P Tubb 18-17; R Flicker, I Phipps, G Barlow 8-18; B Rossiter, J Burgess, M Edlin 14-15; M Clay, R Crawford, D Stott 12-21; B Underwood, J Keay, R Burrough 22-14.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s League, did well to win by 22 shots away to Ashcombe Templars in their Division 2 fixture. They went down on only one rink, with Brian Hanks, Maurice Phillips, Ron Higgins and Dick Jackman the winning skips, while John Edwards drew.

Ashcombe Templars 79 (3), Clarence Golds 101 (17): J Hawkins, A Taylor, B Hanks 25-8; J Norris, K Marshall, M Phillips 20-15; D Gilbert, M Peters, R Higgins 17-11; J Stewart, B Cheffers, D Jackman 14-11; C Tippett, M Scoins, B Duffy 10-19; B Difford, M Skyrme, J Edwards 15-15.

Inexperienced skips Rob Stacey and Ken Marshall both notched up victories as Clarence’s Sunday mixed team beat Community, from Worcester. The visitors fielded several notable players, including Adie Burbridge, the reigning Weston open tournament singles champion.

Clarence won five of the six rinks, their other victorious skips being Pauline Dunn, Audrey Powell and John Edwards.

Clarence 132, Community 81: Miriam Moore, A Taylor, T Comfort, Pauline Dunn 25-11; Lucy Oldham, Ann Crawford, A Bishop, Audrey Powell 21-11; Marlene Woods, Carol Marshall, I Phipps, Veronica Jones 9-26; B Rossiter, Sue Bishop, Jo Mannion, R Stacey 28-12; B Difford, Irene Hicks, T Cockcroft, J Edwards 25-8; Elaine Stott, J Hicks, Jan Bishop, K Marshall 24-13.

The three clubs based at Clarence Park have had an influx of new members following their open days during May. However, more would be welcomed by Clarence men and ladies and Wessex Ladies.

Anyone interested, please contact the club on 01934 632748 or contact one of the coaches: Roger Burrough on 01934 627407 or David Stott 01934 625404.

ST ANDREWS enjoyed another good week, with the A and B teams gaining maximum points from their County League games.

The A team travelled to Congresbury and won 70-55. Don Bailey’s rink picked up four shots on the last end, after starting it all square, while George Webber’s rink held on by one shot, after dropping a three on their last end. Barrie Forse (with all his rink making significant contributions) won by 10 shots to complete the win.

The B side were at home to Portishead RBL C and again took all 12 points with good performances by all three rinks.

Alex Horsburgh and Brian May skipped their rinks to comfortable victories, while captain Jim Warren’s quartet edged ahead over the last few ends.

St Andrews 70, Congresbury 55 (County League): P Aldus, G Cooper, S Davies, B.Forse 28-18; R Smith, K Uglow, R Venn, G Webber 21-20; M Goddard, G Tofte, A McMillan, D Bailey 21-17.

St Andrews 77, Portishead RBL C 37 (County League): K Rodgers, A Cooper, J Ling, J Warren (c) 18-13; K Parker, M Blight, T Allen, B May 27-9; A Lay, A McNab, E Day, A Horsburgh 32-15.

St Andrews 114, Bridgwater 86 (friendly): R Smith, G Sims, A Horsburgh 30-15; R McLeod, J Ling, J Warren (c) 14-13; P Smart, T Allen, G Webber 15-15; K Uglow, R Brereton, P Aldus 26-8; F Mudge, R Venn, D Bailey 15-13; M Goddard, G Burgess, D Favis 14-22.

St Andrews 100, Clevedon Prom 93 (Over-60s League): K Rodgers, M Goddard, B Reeves 11-20; B Rogers, A Horsburgh, D Bailey 26-11; G Sims, T Allen, B May 21-13; G Cooper, K Uglow, B Forse 14-22; G Tofte, G Webber, D Favis 15-13; R Smith, B McLeod, J.Warren (c) 13-14.

IT was a Turnbull Cup disaster for Victoria when, with the game against Chew Stoke seemingly won, they dropped 16 shots over the last six ends to lose by five shots.

Club captain Mike Manning was hugely disappointed that despite winning three rinks, Victoria’s participation in the Turnbull Cup has come to an early finish.

Victoria 71, Chew Stoke 76 (Turnbull Cup): D Beard, D Fairhurst, M Campbell, C Gazzard 19-14; J Newman, R Fenwick, M Taylor, B Stock 13-29; N Stocker, P Fisher, A Bray, M Cooper 20-16; P Wyatt, N Sell, K Harvey, M Stocker 19-17.

Victoria travelled to Clevedon to play the 4 Dimension competition and were successful, winning the pairs and rink and drawing the triples. David Fairhurst and Mike Cooper excelled in the pairs winning by eight shots.

In the National 2 Rink against Weston (Bath), Victoria won by 12 shots with both Mike Cooper and Mike Stocker skipping their rinks to comfortable victories.

Victoria 2.5, Clevedon 1.5 (4 Dimension - singles: C Gazzard 14-21; pairs: D Fairhurst, M Cooper 24-12; triples: P Wyatt, K Harvey, M Stocker 20-20; fours: H Gibbs, A Bray, D Williams, W Harrison 22-17.

Victoria B 40, Weston (Bath) 28 (National 2 Rink): D Beard, M Manning, D Hurst, M Stocker 20-16; N Stocker, P Fisher, C Gazzard, M Cooper 20-12.

In the County League, Victoria D travelled to play Bristol C and were well beaten by 21 shots.

Victoria D 46 (0), Bristol C 67 (12) (County League): L Kelly, G Jones, G Hodge, J Kerr 15-19; T Gilbert, A Waygood, R Sparkes, J Griffiths 15-27; R Jacobs, W Nicholls, P Newport, J Mingo-West 16-21.

Victoria Saxons entertained Burnham in the Weston & District Over-60s League and proved too strong for the visitors, winning three rinks and drawing one to pick up a valuable 15 points.

Victoria Vikings travelled to Clevedon and although well defeated, picked up four points courtesy of two rink wins, the best being Brian Johnson, Pete Newport and skip Graham Rain.

Victoria Saxons 111 (15), Burnham 101 (5) (Weston & District Triples League): M Campbell, K Curtis, D Hurst 21-21; R Fenwick, A Bray, M Taylor 15-18; H Whyte, A Barnes, M Manning 20-13; T Gatehouse, K Holland, D Sealey 24-17; J Smart, A Uccellini, M Stocker 13-19; R Jacobs, J Newman, B Stock 18-13.

Victoria Vikings 73 (4), Clevedon 113 (16): B Johnson, P Newport, G Rain 16-11; W Nicholls, C York, A Shattock 9-19; R Hollier, R Sparkes, J Griffiths 17-15; T Gilbert, J Mingo-West, E Sage 12-22; R Austin, C Chudley, G Frost 14-19; S Thynne, G Richards, D Jones 5-27.

In a friendly match at home to North Petherton, Victoria struggled in the sun to find any energy and lost on all four rinks.

Victoria hosted Pontyclun tourists in a mixed friendly, but the tourists were unable to field any ladies and ran away with the game. Top rink for Victoria was led by Fiona Waters with Mike Milliner, John Mingoe-West and skip Derek Jones.

Victoria played both Burnham and Worcester when the sun shone and on a fast green neither visitors could cope with the conditions and Victoria were at their best. Derek Hurst skipped his rink of John Mingo-West, Harrison Whyte and Dave Sealey to a fine 14-shot victory against Burnham.

To cap an eventful week, Victoria for the first time won on all six rinks against Worcester in a mixed friendly with Graham Rain again skipping his rink of Nathan Stocker, Maryisa Angove and Sue Newman to an emphatic 11-shot win.

Victoria 56, North Petherton 93 (friendly): W Nicholls, C Chudley, J Newman, K Harvey 18-21; M Willetts, L Kelly, M Campbell, A Bray 10-25; J Griffiths, N Sell, K Holland, M Taylor 16-22; L Stocker, M Milliner, A Barnes, M Stocker 12-27.

Victoria 71, Pontyclun 110 (mixed friendly): W Nicholls, S Sokol, J Griffiths, P Newport 8-27; C Webb, T Gilbert, G Richards, G Rain 18-21; J Mills, J Turton, C Chudley, M Hillman 12-27; F Waters, M Milliner, J Mingo-West, D Jones 18-13; S Milliner, B Johnson, R Bailey, E Sage 15-22.

Victoria 132, Burnham 96: D Beard, J Griffiths, A Uccellini, A Bray 17-19; R Austin, P Fisher, M Fletcher, S Evans 20-20; N Stocker, T Gatehouse, D Fairhurst, M Stocker 16-14; P Wyatt, M Willetts, K Holland, D Jones 23-13; J Mingo-West, H Whyte, D Sealey, D Hurst 30-16; W Nicholls, C Chudley, G Frost, C Gazzard 26-14.

Victoria 151, Worcester 105 (mixed friendly): T Ellis, R Bailey, D Fairhurst, M Stocker 24-17; N Stocker, M Angove, S Newman, G Rain 26-15; D Owen, J Turton, M Chudley, M Taylor 27-19; R Austin, C Stevens, E Sage, D Hurst 23-21; C Sage, J Mills, M Milliner, J Newman 27-18; P Wyatt, F Waters, C Chudley, M Manning 24-15.

ASHCOMBE Knights had a cracking game against Yatton in the Over-60s League, beating them by just one shot and winning on four of the six rinks played.

The rink skipped by J Price won 17 of the 21 ends played, taking the rink by 19 shots. Also, the rink skipped by T Bass had similar success winning by 14 shots.

The Crusaders defeated Clarence Blues in the Over-60s League by 25 shots to win 113-88. They also won on four of the six rinks played, with the rink of skip T Williams taking a 14-shot lead and skip J Creasey winning by nine.

In the Over-60s Knockout Cup, Ashcombe Templers went down heavily to Portishead RBL, losing on all rinks

The friendly against Clarence Golds was won by Clarence with the Templers only managing to win on one rink and draw on another.

Ashcombe Knights 103, Yatton 102 (Over-60s League): R Counsell, G Mills, E Hopkins 10-36; B Jones, D Norville, T Cottrell 14-9; R Cole, I Baker, J Main 16-14; G Kinsey, K Hallett, J Price 25-6; M Bass, A Cracknell, T Bass 27-13; N Coombes, M Parry, E Roberts 11-24.

Asahcombe Crusaders 113, Clarence Blues 88 (Over-60s League): L Day, A Little, T.Williams 28-14; A Willmot, S Hedges, J Whitlow 17-18; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 18-8; P Sheppard, D Bleasdale, J Whitton 15-14; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 21-12; R Powell, G Wilinson, J Taylor 14-22.

Ashcombe Templers 61, Portishead RBL 145 (Over-60s Knockout Cup): G Pople, G Fews, R Lewis 9-19; K Davies, B Alden, L Cox 6-24; D Freestone, M Field, R Simmons 13-28; M Unwin, M Tripp, B Benstead 12-18; M Macmahon, G Tucker, P Gaulton 6-30; S Andrews, B Noyes, M Brummell 15-26.

Ashcombe Templers 79, Clarence Golds 102: G Tucker, M Patterson, B Benstead 8-25; M Unwin, B Noyes, M Badman 15-20; M Field, F Bertram, R Simmons 11-17; K Davies, G Pople, M Brummell 15-15; S Andrews, B Alden, L Cox 11-14; D Freestone, E Booth, P Gaulton 19-11.

WINSCOMBE enjoyed a shock victory at Clevedon in the Clevedon & District Evening League.

Winscombe won by three rinks to two and by four shots to beat high-flyers Clevedon. All rinks played their part. Rob Lacy’s rink saw the lead change hands after being ahead for the first 15 ends, but battled back to win by three.

Tony Watts’ rink picked up a five on the 17th end to half the deficit to lose by just five. Mike Nash’s rink had another good win and Paul Fredersdorff hung on to lose by just five.

The story of the match has to be Mike Adam’s rink of Paul Hopes, Les Baldwin and Rod Feltham, who came back from 3-17 down after nine ends to win by five shots. A real game of two halves as Clevedon won only two of the last 12 ends.

There was also a match of two halves in the friendly against Bristol where Winscombe won well on two rinks and Bristol won well on two rinks. The deciding end was the last on the losing Winscombe rink skipped by Tony Watts. They picked up three shots and Winscombe won overall by just one shot.

All available members of Winscombe were called upon to entertain Leicester tourists in a mixed game as this was on the same day as the match at Clevedon. The home team lost, but won on two rinks.

Winscombe 94 (7), Clevedon 90 (2) (C&D Evening League): P Hopes, L Baldwin, R Feltham, M Adams 24-19; R Fisher, J Smith, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff 15-20; R Sapsford, D Johnson, M Dorrington (c), M Nash 20-14; P John, A Pye, A Kyprianides, A Watts 17-22; R Lowman, K Whatling, L Collier, R Lacy 18-15.

Winscombe 81, Bristol 80 (friendly): R Fisher, L Collier, M Dorrington, M Nash 10-23; N Hansford, K Whatling (c), T Ellis, M Adams 32-10; R Knight, J Smith, R Lowman, A Watts 13-31; S Easterby, R Kibble, G Neville, R Lacy 26-16.

Winscombe 96, Leicester tourists 149 (friendly): D Peakall, M Bailey, M Smith, J Sprouting 9-32; J Kimmins, C Bailey, J Rush, L Fredersdorff (c) 18-23; B Prince, A Hart, M Sprouting, G Coombe 18-15; T Darkin, T Moody, C Hopes, E Watts 23-25; R Hart, P Burns, R Knight, S Lowman 18-17; A Brand, K Headford, D Rush, S Nash 10-37.

CONGRATULATIONS go to Ashcombe Park’s Mavis Main on winning her first team game for Somerset against Dorset.

She has again been selected to play against Warwickshire on June 22 at Barnwood. Averill Goacher has been selected for the Dorset and Warwickshire games as one of the travelling reserves and Joan McInally was also selected as one of the non-travelling reserves for both games.

Ashcombe Ladies 63, Burnham 59 (friendly): S Noyes, B Groves, N Counsell, S Hopkins 18-20; J Field, A Bryant, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 21-18; L Owen, C Hedges, B Cullen, J McInally 24-21.

Ashcombe Ladies 36, Nailsea 54 (friendly): A Cox, S Bayntun, M Tasker, J Hughes 9-29; S Noyes, M Tucker, B Groves, B MacGregor 11-15; M Main, L Owens, S Hopkins, A Goacher 16-10.

Ashcombe Ladies 59 (2), Isle of Wedmore 66 (8) (Wessex League): L Paterson, S Ford, S Hopkins, M Williams 25-18; M Tucker, B MacGregor, N Counsell, J Hughes 13-24; J Field, C Hedges, M Tasker, S Weaden 21-24.

JUST a month ago, the ladies of St Andrews had a clean sweep on all three rinks when they played host to Portishead RBL in the Doreen Ralph Trophy.

The return fixture proved to be a much harder battle, with the Saints winning on only one rink and losing the game by 32 shots.

Their friendly game, away to Clevedon Promenade, was a much closer affair, with the ladies winning the match by one shot.

St Andrews Ladies 35, Portishead RBL 67 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): C Venn, I Tofte, S Priory, M Pattenden 9-32; P Uglow, B Goddard, J Ware, M Favis 18-12; J Forse, M Frost, J Pitman, A Campbell 8-23.

St Andrews Ladies 59, Clevedon Promenade 58: P Uglow, A Greenwood, S Glenville 17-9; J McMillan, B McCollum, J Pitman 8-13; J Forse, D Johnston, E Blight 18-19; S Sinclair, M Bailey, M Pattenden 16-17.

WINSCOMBE ladies played two league games this week, one each in the NSTL and the Wessex League.

Their first game played away against Clevedon Prom in the NSTL resulted in a win for their opponents. Winscombe were not helped by losing seven shots on the fourth end of Eve Watts’ rink, nor by five shots given away on the 12th end of Lesley Fredersdorff’s rink.

It was down to Angela Ainsworth’s rink to provide some positive news for the ladies with a 23-19 win as Winscombe lost overall by 52-72.

Their second game against Wessex at home resulted in an overall win for Winscombe with almost a clean sweep. Winning rinks skipped by Sheila Nash and Sarah Lowman and a one shot loss on Mavis Adam’s rink meant the team secured eight points and a 65-55 win.

Winscombe Ladies 52, Clevedon Prom 72 (NSTL): T Miles, S Lowman, E Watts 13-26; C Hopes, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 23-19; W Weller, M Adams, L Fredersdorff (c) 16-27.

Winscombe Ladies 65, Wessex 55 (Wessex League): T Miles, P Heal, S Caddy, S Nash 24-18; M Smith, L Dyer, L Whatling, M Adams 18-19; M Sprouting, P Burns, J Rush, S Lowman 23-18.

WESSEX Ladies 51 (8), Congresbury 48 (2) (W&DLL): C Walker, J Binding, M Hawkins 20-17; I Hicks, P Hanson, E Deane 17-19; V Edwards, A Ward, J Duffy 14-12.

Wessex Ladies 25 (1), Portishead 42 (9): J Palmer, P Hanson, P Taylor 7-16; E Stott, B Jones, J Davis 6-14; V Edwards, C Peart, J Duffy 12-12.

Wessex Ladies 43 (2) Nailsea 47 (8) (Mendip League): N Peters, A Powell, J Davis 10-19; J Allard, A Fewings, A Ward 26-8; I Hicks, P Hanson, M Davis 7-20.

CLARENCE Ladies 36, Congresbury 48: S Pritchard, C Edlin, V Collicott 12-11; M Woods, M Davidson, P Burrough, 11-19 S Scoins, J Mannion, V Jones 13-18.

Clarence Ladies 55, Victoria 66: S Pritchard, P Burrough, P Barnbrook 18-22; J Mannion, J Bishop, C Edlin 26-20; M Davidson, P Phillips, V Collicott 11-24.

Clarence Ladies 46, Clevedon 50: C Hooper, P Dunn, M Noddings 13-21; S Searle, P Phillips, J Bishop 11-17; S Ellis, C Edlin, M Baker 22-12.

VICTORIA ladies continued their fine form in the local leagues, despite a hiccup at Fosseway.

Two fine victories in the Weston & District League was offset against a loss at Fosseway in the Mendip League.

Victoria Ladies 65 (8), West Backwell 41 (2) (Weston & District League): S Milliner, R Bailey, E Newport 16-25; D Owen, M Angove, M Hillman 32-9; C Sage, S Newman, M Chudley 17-7.

Victoria Ladies 66 (8), Clarence 55 (2) (Weston & District League): T Ellis, R Bailey, M Hillman 20-26; C Webb, S Newman, A Holland 24-11; A Austin, R Cleeves, E Newport 22-18.

Victoria Ladies 42 (2), Fosseway 58 (8) (Mendip League): J Donald, C Willetts, A Holland 8-19; S Milliner, R Cleeves, S Harrison 9-25; C Sage, E Newport, M Hillman 25-14.

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