Clarence retain McClelland Trophy

Clarence retain their Jim McClelland Trophy in their annual match against St Andrews.

CLARENCE won the annual Jim McClelland Trophy match against local rivals St Andrews.

The home side finished up on all four rinks for victory by 21 shots, led by Trevor Ward’s rink, who had 11 to spare.

Clarence 83, St Andrews 62: R Flicker, A Mannion, T Pritchard, T Ward 24-13; R Rossiter, I Baker, M Clay, G Cooper 17-16; J Loveridge, C Beynon, B Duffy, C Read 21-14; G Barlow, T Cockcroft, T Perry, P Tubb 21-19.

Like most visiting teams, Clarence B found the artificial rink at Wrington too tricky and suffered a heavy defeat on Saturday in North Division 3 of the Somerset County League.

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However, Tim Perry’s rink, which included 17-year-old Grant Aldridge and second-year bowler Colin Beynon, did exceptionally well to lose by only five shots.

Wrington 102 (12pts), Clarence B 30 (0pts): G Aldridge, C Beynon, M Davies, T Perry 13-18; L Lakey, J Keay, I Baker, A McMillan 9-41; J Larvin, M Scoins, B Cornwall, D Jackman 8-43.

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Paulton 47, Clarence 93 (mixed friendly): M Woods, R Dodson, S Pritchard, D Stott 23-10; M Waite, L Oldham, J Bishop, T Pritchard 38-5; S Davies, G Aldridge, M Davies, P Hawkins 13-17; J Larvin, E Stott, D Gilbert, V Jones 19-15.

Eddie Turner, back playing after more than a year out through illness, made a winning return to competition in the first round of Clarence’s club triples. He, Les Lakey and George Cooper beat Barrie Underwood, John Burgess and Don Towie 21-15.

Other results in the triples first round: J Larvin, A Jones, I Baker 11, R Rossiter, A Hooper, R Cornwall 20; R Kelloway, J Edwards, D Jackman 13, R Dodson, T Cockcroft, T Ward 17; G Aldridge, A Bidmead, B Duffy, bye; Jeff Hayes, M Davies, R Crawford 19, C Beynon, D Stevens, C Read 16; J Kelloway, M Scoins, R Burrough 16, J Atkins, T Mannion, T Pritchard 18; C Tippett, B Hanks, I Barnbrook, bye; L Medcraft, M Clay, P Tubb 15, J Norris, J Keay, D Stott 13.

ASHCOMBE B 61 (5 pts), Yatton B 61 (7) (SCL North 2): A Cracknell, M Parry, R Kibble, B Webber 17-19; A Purkiss, B Underhay, E Roberts, J Creasey 25-20; B Alden, P Fisher, R Simmons, E Hooper 19-22.

Ashcombe A 53 (4), Congresbury A 61 (8) (SCL North 1): S Hedges, J Main, G Wilkinson, J Whitlow 25-14; D Carr, D Bleasdale, I Chesney, A Yates 9-30; R Powell, J Horn, J Taylor, A Wilmot 19-17.

Ashcombe B 63 (12), St Andrews B 41 (0) (SCL North 2): A Wilmot, P Fisher, A Little, L Day 22-15; A Freke, A Cracknell, J Whitton, B Webber 22-10; A Purkiss, B Underhay, E Roberts, J Creasey 19-16.

Ashcombe Crusaders 104 (12), Victoria 91( 8) (Over-60s): J Hornett, J Main, R Hadley 16-18; G Tottle, R Powell, A Yates 21-11; A Wright, L Day, B Webber 14-20; S Hedges, M Southwood, J Creasey 13-18; D Bleasdale, I Chesney, J Taylor 13-20; A Wilmot, D Carr, J Whitlow 27-4.

Ashcombe Crusaders 116 (16), St Andrews 112 (4) (Over-60s): A Williams, L Day, B Webber 26-20; D Andrews, J Price, J Hornett 14-17; A Wilmot, J Main, A Yates 20-16; S Hedges, M Southwood, J Creasey 18-17; J Piper, D Carr, J Whitlow 20-19; D Bleasdale, I Chesney, J Taylor 18-23.

Ashcombe Knights 120 (18), Mark Moor 83 (2) (Over-60s): A Morgan, B Underhay, E Roberts 11-19; P Sheppard, R Simmons, R Kibble 25-13; R Counsell, A Freke, J Whitton 20-12; A Cracknell, W Spring, G Wilkinson 18-13; R Williams, A Little, I Shannon 25-18; A Lewis, B Golding, E Hopkins 21-8.

Ashcombe 107, Severn Vale 102 (mixed friendly): S Hadley, J Sansam, N Coombes, P Sheppard 27-12; G Sansam, N Urch, B Groves, L Cox 12-24; S Noyes, T Bull, A Lewis, J Hornett 19-14; B Noyes, S Bayntun, J Wilkinson, G Mills 19-17; M Tucker, L Owens, D Andrews, V Bragg 23-15; A Cox, B Benstead, Ros Powell, R Hadley 7-20.

ISLE of Wedmore A team won their Division 1 North match against Clevedon B by 63-47, winning on two rinks and gaining 10 points.

Wedmore 63, Clevedon B 47: D Trow, I Faulkner, K Pettit, R Barron 25-12; G Anniuk, I Gallop, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 14-19, R Newell, T Brown, R Ronald, E Payne 24-16.

The B team were even more successful, playing against Chew Stoke B, with Clive Panchaud’s and Colin Moss’s rinks coming back strongly in the second half to join Keith Burt’s rink and win all three, gaining 12 points.

Wedmore 75, Chew Stoke B 48: T Counsell, P Bean, P Rowlett, K Burt 27-11, V Matthews, T Hamblin, K Phillimore, C Moss 25-16; B Aston, A Reynolds, K Masters, C Panchaud 23-21.

Victoria made a profitable visit to Wedmore in the Over-60s League, going away with a win on three of the six rinks and claiming 14 out of the 20 points.

Wedmore 92, Victoria 112: M Fowler, P Moxey, D Wederell, 19-15; D Trow, B Cottrell, D Stansfield 10-25; J Runciman, P Brading, C Moss 9-18, T Hamblin, D Barnett, R Thurkettle 23-18, R Norris, P Rowlett, R Ronald 10-22, J Clark, P Bean, I Faulkner 21-14.

Ashcombe were the hosts for a four-rink mixed friendly. Although the rinks were shared two each, the overall score was 60-75 in Ashcombe’s favour.

VICTORIA suffered a setback in their drive to retain the Over-60s championship with a 12-shot defeat against a strong Ashcombe Crusaders, but crucially still picked up a valuable eight points.

Top winning rink was Terry Gatehouse, Mike Taylor and skip Dave Williams with a shot shot win.

The team travelled to Isle of Wedmore and got back to winning ways with a 20-shot win and securing 14 points. Victoria’s top winning rink was Mike Fletcher, Tony Uccellini and Ted Mangan who won by 15 shots.

Victoria entertained Clevedon in a friendly and in a game that see-sawed throughout the afternoon, Clevedon finally pulled away in the closing ends to win by 10 shots despite an excellent rink win of 18 shots by Bill Osborne, Rod Sleep, John Kerr and Mike Taylor.

Victoria 91 (8), Ashcombe Crusaders 103 (12) (Weston & District Over-60s Triples League): R Fenwick, M Campbell, D Hurst 18-16; P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 11-21; M Fletcher, G Stocker, A Uccellini 20-14; H Whyte, J Howell, K Harvey 18-13; T Gatehouse, M Taylor, D Williams 20-13; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 4-27.

Victoria 112 (14), Isle of Wedmore 103 (12): P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 18-9; H Whyte, M Campbell, D Hurst 18-23; T Gatehouse, M Taylor, D Williams 15-19; M Fletcher, A Uccellini, E Mangan 25-10; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 22-10; R Rockett, G Stocker, K Harvey 14-21.

Victoria 91, Clevedon 101 (friendly): J Griffiths, D Roberts, N Sell, P Palmer 21-18; J Codrington, A Waygood, A Barnes, D Avery 12-26; M Milliner, C Chudley, G Thorne, D Sealey 12-26; S Thynne, W Nicholls, G Frost, D Hurst 16-19; W Osborne, R Sleep, J Kerr, M Taylor 30-12.

Victoria 80, City of Wells 66 (mixed): P Osborne, J Griffiths, R Cleeves, M Taylor 25-14; S Newman, P Newport, M Chudley, D Williams 14-17; D Owen, M Milliner, R Bailey, M Campbell 15-27; W Osborne, E Newport, C Chudley, J Newman 26-8.

AFTER a spate of Knockout Cup wins, recent games have resulted in just one win out of five fixtures for St Andrews.

Congratulations from the Saints to Clarence for retaining the Jim McClelland Cup after their second victory since its inauguration last year.

St Andrews Over-60s 77, Clevedon Promenade 57: B Slade, T Bell, A Horsburgh 21-14; G Matthews, C Robinson, D Nutt 12-17; F Mudge, G Berry, J Warren 24-15; R Shaw, T Allen, B Green 20-11.

St Andrews 62, Clarence 84 (Jim McClelland Cup): G Matthews, A MacNab, E Day, D Nutt 13-24; F Mudge, C Robinson, S Davies, D Favis 16-17; M Blight, R Dunstone, T Bell, G Wride 14-22; P O’Connor, C Reeves, R Venn, D Bailey 19-21.

St Andrews Spartans 112, Ashcombe Park Crusaders 116 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): J Chance, D Whitehouse, D Bailey 16-20; C Reeves, R Venn, T Thomas 20-26; R Smith, A Yeeles, M Berry 17-18; M Goddard, A Ware, D Favis 17-14; K Parker, R McLeod, G Wride 19-20; D Price, T Bell, A Horsburgh 23-18.

St Andrews A 45, Winscombe A 67 (County League North Division 1): F Mudge, B Reeves, M Berry, T Thomas 13-28; J Chance, T Bell, R Venn, D Bailey 15-22; M Goddard, A Yeeles, B May, D Favis 17-17.

St Andrews B 41, Ashcombe Park B 64 (County League North Division 2): D Price, C Robinson, E Day, D Nutt 15-23; A Lay, C Reeves, R Dunstone, R McLeod 10-22; M Blight, R Smith, T Allen, A Horsburgh 16-19.

BOTH Winscombe teams had good wins in the Somerset County League this week.

The A team secured 11 points against St Andrews and the B team 10 points against Mark Moor. However, there was a week of bad luck for Winscombe in Knockout competitions.

They lost in the North Somerset Knockout Cup at West Backwell, despite winning on three rinks to two on an excellent green but with the added difficulty of bowling into a setting sun.

They also lost in the 4 Dimensions competition at home against Portishead. The shots were tied after all four games had completed their allotted ends. Winscombe winning well in the pairs (S Eastment and M Dorrington), the singles (A Dudley) and losing in the triples and rink. In the tie breaker, Portishead took the tie by three shots.

In other friendly games, Winscombe had good wins against Congresbury and Bristol, and also in a mixed match against Wrington.

Winscombe A 67 (11), St Andrews A (45) (1) (SCL North Division 1): M Dorrington, L Collier, A Dudley, M Nash 28-13; W Ainsworth, M Hunter, R Lacy, S Eastment 17-17; R Lowman, R Wootten, A Pye, T Ellis 22-15.

Winscombe B 60 (10), Mark Moor 55 (2) (SCL North Division 2): G Lloyd, J Smith, J Lukins, L Baldwin 10-30; N Hansford, M Hunt, M Roberts, A Watts 23-11; R Knight, G Tofte, K Whatling, G Neville 27-14.

Winscombe 72, Portishead 72 (+3) (Somerset 4 Dimensions): A Dudley (singles) 21-19; M Dorrington, S Eastment (pairs) 24-10; W Ainsworth, G Neville, A Watts (triples)14-16 ; M Roberts, M Nash, R Wootten, T Ellis (rink) 13-27 (+3).

Winscombe 93, Congresbury 63 (friendly): N Hansford, P Hopes, M Dorrington, W Ainsworth 12-17; G Tofte, D Owen, R Lacy, R Feltham 17-16; J Feltham, R Fisher, K Whatling, M Adams 19-12; D Beaverstock, B Paul, M Roberts, M Nash 28-8; R Freegard, A Kyprianides, A Watts, S Eastment 17-10.

Winscombe 80, West Backwell 96 (North Somerset KO Cup): N Hansford, M Roberts, M Hunt, A Watts 15-14; A Pye, J Lukins, A Dudley, R Wootten 11-24; J Smith, J Sprouting, K Whatling, L Baldwin 21-17; J Feltham, R Lacy, R Feltham, M Adams 12-21; W Ainsworth, L Collier, G Neville, M Nash 21-20.

Winscombe 92, Bristol 57 (friendly): A Brand, J Sprouting, M Roberts, M Adams 18-23; R Weller, D Owen, R Wootten, M Hunt 23-9; W Ainsworth, G Tofte, L Collier, M Nash 18-13; B Paul, R Fisher, K Whatling, A Dudley 33-13.

Winscombe 86, Wrington 59 (mixed friendly): M Sprouting, J Kent, S Thomas, A Watts 20-8; P Hopes, A Griffin, I Tofte, M Roberts 20-18; C Hopes, R Weller, G Tofte, A Dudley 26-10; W Weller, J Sprouting, A Kyprianidies , J Kimmins 20-23.

BANWELL Bowls Club congratulates one of their younger players, Chris Wilson and Victoria bowler Andrew Owens who have been selected to represent Somerset in the Middleton Cup at Hereford.

In the Premier League 1, the A side this week had a tricky away fixture with local rivals Victoria. The game was close throughout and despite five shots being dropped on the last end of Banwell’s only losing rink, a great showing by the rink skipped by Tony Steer ensured that 10 points were gained sending them into second place.

Meanwhile, Banwell B was at home to Chew Stoke. This was also a close game in which the result could have gone either way. Rink of the day was skipped by Alan Vickery, 10-1 down after 10 ends they fought back to win by seven shots. The other rinks kept it tight, losing by three shots and two shots resulting in eight hard fought home points.

Banwell A 66 (10pts), Victoria A 62 (2): T Hyde, G Millard, P Villis, A Steer 28-19; K Ruby, H Guckian, J Laurent, B Taylor 24-20; T Garfield, P Aldus, C Wilson, P Owen 14-23.

Banwell B 63 (8), Chew Stoke 61 (4): T Winstone, P Arlotte, M House, A Vickery 23-16; M Laycock, R Smith, J Keith, K Burgess 21-24; D Walker, J Amos, H Woodards, T Byrnes 19-21

ST ANDREWS ladies continue their successful season with a good victory against Congresbury and a hard-fought draw with Nailsea.

St Andrews Ladies 64, Congresbury 35: P Uglow, B McCollum, S Priory, M Pattenden 22-12; K Dobney, E Reeves, A Greenwood, J Ware 24- 8; M Cordwell, D Johnston, S Glenville, M Favis 18-15.

St Andrews Ladies 66, Nailsea 66 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Forse, J Smith, S Priory, M Bailey 33-22; M Wride, W Allen, S Glenville, M Favis 9-27; E Blight, M Cordwell, B Goddard, J Ware 24-17.

WINSCOMBE ladies lost narrowly in the North Somerset Triples League against Ashcombe and had to abandon their game against Clevedon in the Wessex League because of heavy rain.

Winscombe 50(2), Ashcombe 57 (10) (North Somerset Triples League): T Miles; E Watts, A Ainsworth 20-12: M Smith, L Whatling, I Tofte; 11-24; M Sprouting, J Kimmins, M Adams 19-21.

CLARENCE ladies’ only two fixtures this week were both in the Weston & District League.

Clarence had just one winning rink against Burnham, which gave them two points. The home match against West Backwell was more successful, Clarence picking up nine points out of 10.

Clarence Ladies 44, Burnham 65: J Colman, J Mannion, M Baker 11-27; S Scoins, M Davison, M Noddings 15-22; P Phillips, M Woods, C Edlin 18-16.

Clarence Ladies 60, West Backwell 41: S Pritchard, M Woods, M Baker 26-14; J Colman, M Davison, V Collicott 16-9; V Jones, V Buick, M Noddings 18-18.

WEDMORE ladies enjoyed success in the first round of the Southey Cup competition, winning three of the four rinks.

The pairing of Marie Trow and Elaine Deverill achieved victory by 33-8 shots, but the fours had a nail-biting finish. After being 19-13 up after 16 ends, they were level after 20 ends and managed to win by just one shot on the last end.

Rink scores – singles: S Wederell 21-10; pairs: M Trow, E Deverill 33-8; triples: T Newell, A Hughes, M Ronald 13-20; fours: D Gallop, J Wheller, P Cottrell, M Hordle 20-19.

Wedmore ladies played away against Eastover Park in the Victoria League, winning only one rink to lose overall by 38-51.

Wedmore Ladies 38 (2), Eastover Park 51 (8): J Collins, S Moss, M Ronald 10-17; M Green, R Aston, M Stansfield 16-14; D Gallop, J Hunt, J Masters 12-20.

The Mendip League against Fosseway was slightly more successful with Wedmore winning two rinks, but lost overall by five shots.

Wedmore Ladies 54, Fosseway 59: B Disbrey, G Harvey, E Deverill 20-18; D Gallop, S Moss, P Cottrell 25-15; J Collins, T Newell, M Ronald 9-26.

VICTORIA ladies gained revenge in the second game played against Ashcombe Park this season to leave honours even.

Sue Cooper steered her rink to an emphatic 12 shot win to secure victory.

Victoria 63, Ashcombe Park 54: R Cleeves, J Donald, P Smith, S Cooper 24-16; S Newman, E Newport, S Harrison, M Chudley 23-18; C Sage, M Brooks, R Bailey, M. Hillman 16-20.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 57 (8), Winscombe 50 (2) (North Somerset League): M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 24-11; S Noyes, J Hughes, B Macgregor 12-20; B Cullen, C Hedges, J McInally 21-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 56 (6), Mark Moor 50 (4) (Wessex League): M Palmer, S Noyes, D Norville, S Ford 31-11; M Tucker, B Groves, M Williams, C Hedges 14-20; A Fews, L Owens, R Powell, S Hopkins 11-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 54, Victoria 63 (friendly): S Noyes, V Webber, J Hughes, J McInally 16-24; J Field, D Norville, G Day, M Williams 18-23; S Hadley, R Powell, J Wilkinson, B Macgregor 20-16.

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