Clarence secure county league victory over Portishead

Victoria v Clevedon Prom.

Victoria v Clevedon Prom. - Credit: Archant

Clarence B secured a well-deserved victory against Portishead in the Somerset County League.

Clarence B team earned a well-deserved win against Portishead, with special acclaim going to the rink skipped by John Edwards, who won by 14 shots.

Clarence B 68, Portishead 51: T Ward, N Martin, A Bishop, K Marshall 18-13; F Al Hinai, R Stacey, M Skyrme, J Edwards 29-15; C Tippet, M Peters, M Turnball, M Scoins 21-23.

Clarence Golds compounded a bad start to the season with a heavy loss to Portishead by 61 shots, with their best losing rink skipped by John Edwards going down by just three shots.

Clarence Golds 75, Portishead 136: L Lewis, M Peters, I Phipps 14-19.; M Thompson, C Tippet, M Scoins 12-24; D Symes, J Atkins 9-34; J Kelloway, D Weston, J Edwards 15-18; A Bishop, K Marshall, H Sparks 9-20; F Al Hinai, N Martin, R Higgins 16-21.

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This week saw the start of the Somerset Bowls League with Ashcombe fielding three teams this year.

Last year, Ashcombe A finished in second place in the North 2 Division gaining promotion, as did Ashcombe B who finished top of North 3 Division.

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In addition to the A and B teams, Ashcombe are this year fielding a C team. This has been formed to give inexperienced and new bowlers the opportunity to take part in a county competition.

To assist the newer members, a number of Ashcombe’s more experienced bowlers have volunteered to be part of the C team to act as mentors.

Ashcombe A 52, Winscombe A 69: N Coombes, G Fews, S Hedges, J Taylor 19-24; L Day, E Roberts, T Bass, R Powell 13-24; D Cooper, A Freke, M West, J Whitlow 20-21.

Ashcombe B 50, Portishead A 61: F Bertram, D Wynne, K Wheeler, D.A Williams 18-21; M Paterson, K Hallett, E Hopkins, J Creasey 11-21; G Pople, G Sansam, T Cotterell, B Webber 21-19.

Ashcombe C 51, Portishead B 51: M Dew, W Spring, A Tucker, B Benstead 14-23; G Tucker, B Miles, N Shufflebotham, J Main 17-14; R Stokes, M Butt, J McKenzie, G Wilkinson 20-14.

In addition to the Somerset Bowls League, this week also saw a number of matches in the Weston and District Over-60s League, where again Ashcombe field three teams.

Ashcombe Crusaders 100, Winscombe 107: L Day, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 23-16; D Cooper, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 14-16; G Tottle, D Bleasdale, R Powell 7-22; G Kinsey, T Bass, B Webber 18-22; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 21-15; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 17-16.

Ashcombe Crusaders 112, Clevedon Prom 102: T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 18-21; D Cooper, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 18-10; L Cox, J Hornett, R Powell 16-21; L Day, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 21-15; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 14-20; G Kinsey, T Bass, B Webber 25-15.

Ashcombe Knights 96, Victoria Vikings 96: F Bertram, B Jones, K Wheeler 16-14; A Freke, G Sansam, D Wynne 7-24; M Field E Roberts, A Cracknell 21-8; B Alden, G Finnegan, R Tasker 20-18; R Counsell, W Spring, J Main 10-18; M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 22-14

Ashcombe Templars 83, Yatton 87: M Unwin, K Davies, N Shufflebotham 16-10; D Wynne, M Badman, E Booth 4-25; M Butt, J Bryant, T Pople 14-13; C Vardon, M Tripp, B Miles 15-12; G Tucker, S Andrews, N Coombes 20-10; B Duncan, J McKenzie, G Fews 14-17.

Ashcombe 74, West Backwell 70 (Cup): M Butt, D Cooper, S Hedges, J Taylor 15-12; B Bishop, G Sansam, M West, A Little 13-18; M Unwin, D Wynne, M Southwood, G Wilkinson 16-11; M Paterson, D Bleasdale, J Main, J Whitlow 16-16; G Pople, B Benstead, M Badman, T Bass 14-13.

Ashcombe played Wrington on their artificial green, which plays considerably faster than traditional grass and gave the home team a major advantage.

Ashcombe 52, Wrington 82: M Dew, J McKenzie, J Sansam, G Sansam 15-20; P Dimmack, S Noyes, J Matthews, E Hopkins 12-21; M Unwin, B Alden, M Williams, D.A Williams 11-20; T Morgan, A Bryant, M Tripp, D Wynne 14-21.

Finishing power proved crucial again for St Andrews as they won by 13 shots away to Clevedon in the Weston & District Over-60s League Knockout Cup.

Clevedon, newly relegated to Division 2, proved difficult opponents on a heavy green and the overall scores were level entering the final three ends of the match.

However, Tony Ware’s triple picked up eight shots in the closing ends, Barrie Forse’s men scored seven and Don Bailey’s team three, meaning that Forse did not have to play the final end.

All three of those rinks won, while Danny Favis skipped his trio to victory by one shot. His team included Chic Coffin, making his seasonal debut.

Clevedon 81, St Andrews 94: R Potter, R Brereton, B Reeves 11-14; B Rogers, C Coffin, D Favis 17-16; K Rodgers, G Sims, G Wride 12-14; G Cooper, J Keay, B Forse 19-12; K Uglow, M Goddard, T Ware 18-12; T Yeeles, K Curtis, D Bailey 17-13.

Saints took a much-depleted team to North Petherton for their second Somerset County League fixture of the season and did well to pick up two points in a 26-shot defeat.

They came courtesy of the four skipped by their inimitable ex-captain Jim Warren, a late replacement for Danny Favis. With Ronnie Wootten in fine form, they won by five, having been 19-3 up at halfway.

Another late stand-in Malcolm Simpson gave a good account of himself on Don Bailey’s rink, but a heavy defeat for captain Andy McMillan sealed Saints’ fate.

North Petherton A 75 (10), St Andrews A 49 (2): A Cooper, J Keay, T Yeeles, A McMillan 11-33; L Yeates, M Simpson, B May, D Bailey 15-24; K Uglow, R Brereton, R Wootten, J Warren 23-18.

Saints had three matches rained off last week – a mixed game against Avon & Somerset Police, the Over-60s League encounter with Victoria Saxons and the ladies’ away friendly at Wessex.

A 3-15am fire alarm at their hotel on the Sunday night livened things up for St Andrews during their enjoyable tour to Torquay. It turned out to be a false alarm, but they all had to troop outside in their nightwear for more than an hour.

It wasn’t the best preparation for their final match, against Culm Vale at Cullompton, and it must have taken its toll because they suffered their first defeat of the tour, by four shots.

In beautiful weather, the 31 tourists, 23 of whom played, enjoyed themselves immensly, even the three of them who managed to nose-dive in the hotel dining room. Fortunately, only their pride was hurt!

Fines were levied for virtually everything, resulting in £200 being raised for the club’s charity, the Alzheimers Society. As usual, the tour was organised superbly by Tony and Jackie Ware.

Babbacombe 61, St Andrews 66: T Yeeles, Jane Smith, A McMillan, Myra Bailey 17-11; Carolina Venn, T Lay, K Uglow, W Harrison 15-14; R Smith, Marie McMillan, G Guest, D Bailey 20-16; Pat Uglow/Di Johnston, Jackie Ware, K Harvey, T Ware 14-20.

Paignton 72, St Andrews 79: M Simpson, T Lay, Marie McMillan, D Bailey 14-28; B Rogers, Ann Greenwood, G Guest, Myra Bailey 22-17; R Smith, Sheila Glenville, T Yeeles, AMcMillan 21-15; Carolina Venn, J Ling, Jane Smith, T Ware 22-12.

Torquay 65, St Andrews 75: K Uglow, Sheila Glenville, T Yeeles, T Ware 22-10; Pat Uglow/Marie McMillan, M Simpson, K Harvey, Jane Smith 20-19; R Smith, B Rogers, Jackie Ware, G Guest 17-21; J Ling, Ann Greenwood, A McMillan, W Harrison 16-15.

Culm Vale 61, St Andrews 61: Sheila Glenville, G Guest, Myra Bailey, A McMillan 9-20; B Rogers, K Uglow, Marie McMillan, K Harvey 15-15; Jane Smith, Ann Greenwood, J Ling, D Bailey 17-8; Carolina Venn, M Simpson, T Yeeles, T Lay 16-18.

Victoria overcame the first hurdle in the National Double Rink competition, winning emphatically against Wilmott Park by 36 shots with both rinks skipped by Steve Davies and Mike Cooper scoring over 30 shots.

The Somerset County League first round of games did not go well with just a win for the C team who scored eight shots over the last three ends to secure victory by two shots and claim 10 points.

The D team entertained Clevedon Prom C team and the result was in doubt until the final end when Clevedon Prom snatched the win by two shots, despite a fine win of 16 shots by the rink of Terry Gilbert, Bill Nicholls, Dave Roberts and skip Eric Sage.

The B team achieved two close rink wins by skips Mike Stocker and Derek Hurst, but lost the game against Wedmore B by eight shots, picking up the consolation of four points.

The A team travelled to Bath A losing by 11 shots gaining just two points for a single rink win.

The Saxons played Clarence Blues in the Over-60s Knockout Cup and with the Saxons in control of the game throughout won by 12 shots. Alan Yates skipped his triple of Brian Pocock and Mike Manning to an emphatic 15-shot victory.

The Vikings travelled to play Ashcombe Knights in the Over-60s League and in a game played in wet conditions with difficult lines, a draw was a fair result with the Vikings returning home with eight points, the reward for two excellent rink wins by the triples skipped by Derek Jones and Brian Johnson.

Victoria played at Bridgwater in a five-rink friendly with the rink of John Mingo-West, Mike Milliner, Brian Pocock and Mike Stocker leading the way with an 18-shot win ensuring victory for Victoria.

Vale Tourists Oxfordshire were visitors for a mixed friendly who won convincingly by 26 shots, leaving Victoria with the consolation of just two rink wins skipped by John Smart and Sue Cooper.

Victoria 67, Wilmott Park 31: P Wyatt, J Newman, A Yates, S Davies 31-20; D Beard, C Walker, C Gazzard, M Cooper 36-11.

Victoria A 44 (2), Bath A 55 (10).

Victoria B 51 (4), Wedmore B 59 (8): P Lunn, B Pocock, K Harvey, M Stocker 19-15; R Bromet, S Stocker, M Manning, M Campbell 13-28; R Hollier, P Fisher, K Holland, D Hurst 19-16.

Victoria C 56 (10), Congresbury B 54 (2): J Mingo-West, A Shattock, D Williams, D Jones 13-27; C Santasousso, G Richards, J Smart, G Hodge 24-14; T Broughton, M Milliner, A Barnes, G Frost 19-13.

Victoria D 60 (2), Clevedon Prom C 62 (10): T Gilbert, W Nicholls, D Roberts, E Sage 26-10; J Fenn, S Thynne, J Griffiths, J Langridge 16-30; D Parker, N Robins, J Turton, S Evans 18-22.

Victoria Saxons 109, Clarence Blues 97: P Lunn, A Bray, M Cooper 14-23; B Pocock, M Manning, A Yates 27-12; D Williams, K Holland, C Heal 14-17; R Bromet, A Shattock, M Stocker 20-15; A Barnes, R Rockett, K Harvey 19-18; J Mingo-West, D Sealey, D Hurst 15-12.

Victoria 98, Bridgwater 92: C Santasousso, G Richards, P Wyatt, P Leadbeater 22-20; J Mingo-West, M Milliner, B Pocock, M Stocker 28-10; N Robins, R Hollier J Langbridge, D Sealey 11-24; M Willetts, J Fenn, R Rockett, M Campbell 20-17; P Coumis, R Bromet, J Smart, G Frost 17-21.

Victoria Vikings 96 (8), Ashcombe Knights 96 (12): J Griffiths, G Jones, T Broughton 14-16; R Hollier, G Richards, D Jones 24-7; J Turton, J Langridge, G Frost 14-22; R Jacobs, E Sage, B Johnson 18-10; C Santasousso, T Gatehouse, G Hodge 18-20; A Waygood, D Roberts, J Smart 8-21.

Victoria 96, The Vale Tourists Oxfordshire 122: P Coumis, F Walters, M Milliner, D Hurst 16-17; H Chesters, C Stevens, B Pocock, E Sage 10-27; S Milliner, S Pocock, M Campbell, A Bray 16-20; B Williams, R Bailey, R Bromet, J Smart 23-16; H Frye, J Johnson, B Johnson, S Cooper 16-13; L Kelly, J Fenn, C Sage, E Newport 15-29.

The week started with Winscombe’s green being temporarily handed over to the Somerset County Bowls Association for them to hold trials for the Middleton Cup, the Bowls England inter-c ounty cup competition.

The weather on Sunday was absolutely perfect, which is more than could be said for Wednesday when a popular fixture against Bath had to be cancelled due to the poor weather conditions.

However, they were back on track and able to play the over-60s fixture against Ashcombe Park. This was a tight match with each team winning three rinks, but the deciding factor was the rink skipped by Tony Dudley, which won by 15 shots giving Winscombe a 107-97 victory.

In the North Somerset League, matches with both Winscombe’s A and B teams in action at home. The A team completed the double against Ashcombe A winning on all three rinks.

Midway through this match it was very tight with Ashcombe holding a slender lead. However, in the second half, Tommy Ellis’s rink turned a losing margin of four shots to 16 at the halfway point into a 24-19 victory to complete a massive comeback to comfortably secure the match.

Also worthy of mention, the captain’s rink (Malcolm Dorrington) which went into the last end all square at 20-20, but came up with the decisive shot to secure not only the win but all the rink points too.

At the same time the B team were facing Yatton B and again this was close at half-time with one rink well up, one well down and one neck-and-neck.

The deciding factor here was the third of these rinks (skipped by Tony Dudley) where they managed to go from a close game to taking all of the last eight ends to secure a handsome win.

Winscombe 107 (14), Ashcombe 90 (6): J Sprouting, L Collier, M Adams 22-18; J Smith, G Coombe, R Birmingham 16-17; G Lloyd, M Hunter, R Lowman 16-23; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 15-21; C Westlake, G Neville, T Ellis 16-11; B Paul, M Fletcher, T Dudley 22-7.

Winscombe A 69 (12), Ashcombe A 52: G Lloyd, W Andrews, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 24-19; N Hansford, M Hunter, K Whatling, M Adams 24-13; M Fletcher, J Smith, S Easterby, M Dorrington 21-20.

Winscombe B 59 (10), Yatton B 52 (2): R Fisher, M Trenchard, B Paul, T Dudley 25-15; P John, R Lowis, B Weller, J Sprouting 11-22; D Brown, A Trenchard, G Hill, G Neville 23-15.

Clarence Ladies president Shirley Scoins welcomed members and guests to the 90th anniversary celebrations.

Ladies dressed in the era of the 1920s and played games of bowls arranged by captain Veronica Jones.

1926 was the year Clarence became one of the oldest ladies bowling clubs to form in England. During the 90 years, many past and present members have gained their county badges and quite a few trophies have been won.

The weekend coincided with the 90th birthday celebrations of Bowls England patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Victoria Ladies played two Mendip Triples League games in the week both games played in the rain.

They achieved a draw against Fosseway with a good rink win of 10 shots by Hannah Frye, Annie Holland and Sue Newman and a narrow defeat against Wedmore, despite winning the two rinks skipped by Sue Cooper and Annie Holland.

Victoria 49 (4), Fosseway 49 (6): C Stevens, R Cleeves, M Hillman 13-19; S Milliner, E Newport, S Cooper 13-17; H Frye, A Holland, S Newman 23-13.

Victoria 47 (4), Wedmore 57 (6): R Bailey, C Sage, M Hillman 11-24; K Wilson, S Harrison, S Cooper 21-19; G Poolman, R Cleeves, A Holland 15-14.

Ashcombe Ladies 48 (10), Portishead 39 (0) (North Somerset Triples League): J Field, N Counsell,A Goacher 17-13; L Paterson, M Tucker, S Weaden 15-14; J Matthews, J McInally, J Wilkinson 16-12. Game curtailed to 15 ends due to inclement weather.

Ashcombe Ladies 24, Long Ashton 20 (friendly): L Paterson, S Appleby, M Tucker, J Hughes 11-4; S Bayntun, P Wynne, C Hedges, A Goacher 6-9; M Shufflebothan, J Field, N Counsell, J Wilkinson 7-7. Only 10 ends were played due to severe weather.

Ashcombe Ladies 47, Yatton 56 (friendly): P Wynne, A Cox, M Main, B MacGregor 14-17; L Paterson, M Shufflebothan, J Mathews, J McInally 23-10; S Appleby, C Hedges, D Norville, S Hopkins 10-29.

Wessex Ladies won the only match played this week and gained eight points in the league.

Rain all day caused the match against St Andrews to be cancelled.

Wessex Ladies 45 (8), Portishead 34 (2): N Peters, B Jones, J Duffy 17-11; V Edwards, M Hawkins, P Taylor 15-6; P Turner, C Peart, A Ward 13-17.

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