Clevedon ladies reach national finals

CLEVEDON first entered for the Ladies National Championships only four years ago, so it is a great achievement that five of their members have reached the national finals at Leamington Spa in August, as well as being Somerset County finalists.

CLEVEDON first entered for the Ladies' National Championships only four years ago, so it is a great achievement that five of their members have reached the national finals at Leamington Spa in August, as well as being Somerset County finalists at the end of the season.

Sue Bird and Lyn Palmer have won through in the pairs, and Laura Holden, Jacqui Branfield and Stefanie Branfield in the triples. With two of the five still only in their teenage years this belies the public's impression that bowls is a game just for retired people.

Entry in such competitions requires stamina as well as great skill, and it is hoped that their (and many others) example will encourage more young people to learn the sport and achieve national prominence.

In Somerset's Turnbull Cup, the men played their first match against local rivals Portishead Royal British Legion, and enjoyed a large win. On the debit side, the remaining team in the National Double Fours were squeezed out by Bristol on the last end.

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Clevedon 96, Portishead RBL 58 (Turnbull Cup): E Kitchen, M Bryant, G Jay, M Payne 27-10;

S Withers, R Pitts, N Westlake, D Mason 21-13; D Bessant, A Morgan, N Pearce, PJ Branfield 23-21; R Withers, M Short, J P Branfield, J Hick 25-14.

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Clevedon B 32, Bristol A 35 (National Double Fours): S Withers, M Short, N Pearce, P J Branfield 14-19; J P Branfield, D Bessant, D Mason, J Hick 18-16.

Clevedon 98 (4 points), Burnham 33 (0) (Four Dimensions, away): Singles: S Withers 21-11. Pairs: D Bessant, N Westlake 25-10. Triples: R Withers, R Pitts, D Mason 26-5. Fours: N Neath, A Morgan, G Jay, M Payne won 26-7.

Clevedon 93, Portishead RBL 95 (Deverill Black league): E Kitchen, A Miller, D Bessant, G Jay 24, J Bridle 14; R Capern, J Freeman, M Bryant, R Pitts 19: S Secker 17; G Woods, P A Branfield, N Neath, S Withers 6, D Yeates 35; D Harding, B Squire, A Morgan, M Short 16: D Gregory 17; R Williams, C Follamd, R Sweet, M Payne 28, R Yeoman 12.

Clevedon 90, Clevedon Promenade 97: B Squire, A Bisp, M Langley, M Payne 24, D Demery 16; E Kitchen, K Parkins, S Meyrick, G Jay 22, F Perry 25; D Harding, J Gover, A Morgan, M Bryant 12, C Crees 27; R Capern, P A Branfield, N Neath, R Pitts 22, C Pearce 9; R Williams, R Boak, A Miller, R Withers 10, E Furze 20.

Clevedon Ladies 64, Clarence Ladies 38 (North Somerset League): P Hussey, G Day, J M Branfield 19-12; J Priddle, S Short, S Branfield 26-11;

M Kew, J Helliker, V Fletcher 19-15.

Clevedon 85, Portishead RBL 132 (Clevedon & District Over-60s Triples): A Bisp, R Williams, P Stevens 8-34; M Hussey, R Day, V Perry 15-26; M Archer, R Boak, A Miller 12-22; A Crow, E Kitchen, N Neath 16-18; M Durbin, B Wrightson, J Freeman 15-19; J Morgan, C Cooper, C Folland 19-13.

Clevedon 136, Yatton 84 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): D Harding, D Priddle, D Pratten 19:, E Reynolds 14; R Capern, J Johnstone, J Freeman 13, C Cullen 16; G Drewitt, R Boak, C Seward 25, A Hayett 13; K Summerell, A Bisp, A Miller 22, A Woodward 12; K Bristow, M Say, R Sweet 21, B Topham 18; P Cornish, J Fowler, M Payne 36, T Storm 11.

Clevedon Ladies 74, West Backwell Ladies 16 (friendly): M Foster, A Scott, J Priddle, L Holden 17, B Wherlock 16; J Drewitt, S Savage, S Short, S Branfield 30, S Stagg 9; M Rothwell, A Ford, M Kew, J M Branfield 27, P Topley 16.

Clevedon 77, Winscombe 74.(friendly): K Summerell, A Howarth, R Boak, P Stevens 18-30; F Adshead, D Hull, B Wrightson, C Folland 17-15; G Drewitt, J Morgan, V Perry, A Miller 22-16; M Hussey, D Taylor, E Kitchen, N Cape 20-13.

Clevedon 124,:Weston St Andrew's 79 (friendly): J Gover, D Watts, J Freeman, C Folland 28-9; G Drewitt, M Archer, D Harding, R Pitts 22-14; R Capern, M Hussey, K Bristow, R Sweet 28-20; A Bisp, T Riding, R Boak, A Miller 18-21; B Wrightson, J Morgan, J Manning, P Stevens 28-15.

Clevedon 113, Frampton-on-Severn 124 (friendly): J Drewitt, T Riding, M Hussey, L Palmer 21-18; D Taylor, D Watts, J Monaghan, A Morgan 25-10; S Savage, M Archer, G Drewitt, D Brightman 16-23; J Morgan, J Withley, A Bisp, J Priddle 21-18; M Foster, E Dawson, P Hussey, D Pratten 21-25; A Scott, A Ford, V Fletcher, D Priddle 9-30.

Clevedon 81,Berkshire Masonic 81 (friendly): .A Ford, R Day, M Kew 9-17; P Cornish, N Cape, D Pratten 22-15; A Howarth, M Gadd, G Woods 22-9; .G Day, J Fowler, P Stevens 17-14; J Morgan, M Say, J Helliker 11-26.

Clevedon 103, Burnham 135 (friendly): K Summerell, A Howarth, G Drewitt, J Priddle 15-16; M Archer, M Davis, M Gadd, A Morgan 13-39; M Hussey, J Withey, A Bisp, E Kitchen 23-18; J Drewitt, E Dawson, J Fowler, G Woods 11-25; D Taylor, P B Davis, J Monaghan, D Priddle 17-20; M Rothwell, S Savage, M Say, J Freeman 24-17.

FRIDAY evening saw Clevedon Prom travel to Victoria in Weston. In the past Prom have not been the best of travellers, and unfortunately for them history repeated itself again.

Early in the match the writing was on the wall, when one of the Prom's four rinks began dropping shots, and after only 10 ends, they were 21-0 down. The other three rinks kept plugging away, but to no avail. Prom lost eventually by 24 shots.

Their campaign in the Turnbull Cup is now over, and they will have to wait until next year, and hope that the tide will turn in their favour, and again they can lift the cup.

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