Clevedon struggle to find enough eligible swimmers

SATURDAY saw the first meeting of this year's Cotswold Series for Clevedon Swimming Club.

SATURDAY saw the first meeting of this year's Cotswold Series for Clevedon Swimming Club.

Due to rule changes and Clevedon's recent promotion to the First Division of the National Arena League, swimmers who have swum for the club in the National Arena League are not allowed to compete in the Cotswold's.

Clevedon, sponsored by Bristol Hotspring Ltd., also have a swimmer who is still not eligible to swim in the Series due to qualification for the National Championships 4 years ago.

This means, that for a club of Clevedon's size, there are not enough swimmers to swim separate and strong squads in both events and Clevedon are using the Cotswold series for development.

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Where there is a shortage of swimmers, fielding ineligible swimmers and not claiming any points that might otherwise be earned. Bristol Central have decided to leave the league and so the gala was reduced to three teams.

On this basis Clevedon came third on the night behind squads from Bishopsworth and Lydney: Bishopsworth 184; Lydney 142; Clevedon 102.

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This is a creditable result as Clevedon fielded ineligible swimmers in 20 races and many of the swimmers who were legal, were swimming in higher age groups. Individual point scoring race winners were: Emma Sudol, Gabriel Jones, Zack Holdaway, Jack DeViell, Jamie Capern, Nicholas Bray, Frase Linnet, Natasha Hawley, Kristian Lloyd (2), Olivia Coombes and Elena Crosnan.

Relay squads also suffered from ineligibility and the following won and scored points for it: Lucy Barrat, Elena Crosnan, Agnes Gay and Emily Sturdy.

There was some very good PB's on the night from the eligible swimmers. Jamie Capern, Ella Cemlyn-Jones (2), Olivia Coombes (2), Jack DeViell (2), Agnes Gay, Ellen Gentry, Natasha Hawley, Joel Holdaway, Zack Holdaway, Benjamin Howlett, Kristian Lloyd (2) and Emma Sudol, all beating their previous times.

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