Coastal Archers’ summer event

Coastal Archers host their 25th summer tournament.

COASTAL Archers held its 25th summer tournament which was a one-way double clout shoot.

This was again Tassel Award Status, which means archers can gain badges in different colours when they achieve particular scores. At the end of the day, nine archers are awaiting verification of their white awards and one is claiming a black award.

Clout shooting is when the archers try to drop their arrows as close as they can to a small flag, called the clout. The men’s flag is 180 yards away and the ladies’ is 140 yards. The juniors shoot shorter distances with the youngest children aiming from 80 yards.

The archers came from as far as Torquay and Wales and local clubs attended as well. The rain held off, but the strong wind made accurate shooting difficult, particularly for the longbow archers who shoot traditional wooden arrows with feather fletchings.

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Their arrows fly slower than the aluminium and carbon arrows that the recurve and compound bows tend to shoot.

Lady Paramount was Mrs Maureen Hicks, who presented the trophies and medals at the end of the day.

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Results - 180 yards - gentleman compound: Ben Glover (Exmouth Archers). Recurve: Pat Ryan (Wells City Archers); Eliot Green (Coastal Archers); Steve Glover (Exmouth Archers).

Longbow: Martyn Jones (Bowmen of Mendip); Stuart Edwards (Pembroke Co of Archers); Ron Elston (Wellington Bowmen). Barebow: Trevor Bolt (Torquay Co of Archers); Chris Bissell (Coastal Archers); David Bennett (Coastal Archers).

Ladies Compound: Nia Meredith (Torquay Co of Archers). Recurve: Maddie Meatyard (Exmouth Archers); Amanda Cale (Tockington Archers); Elaine Coward (Coastal Archers). Longbow: Mavis Reynolds (Cheltenham Archers); Janet Hudson (Deer Park Archers); Paula Heath (Bowmen of Mendip). Barebow: Janet Ross (Wellington Bowmen); Val Leveridge (Coastal Archers).

Gentlemen Longbow (140 yards): Robin Leveridge (Coastal Archers); Tim Cale (Torquay Co of Archers); Brendan O’Connor (Tockington Archers).

Junior Gentlemen Barebow (140 yards): Martin Bennett (Wellington Bowmen). Junior Gentlemen Barebow (80 yards): Matthew Hudd (Coastal Archers).

Junior Ladies Recurve (80 yards): Emily Cook (Coastal Archers). Junior Ladies Barebow (80 yards): Erin Bennett (Wellington Bowmen). Team Trophy: (Exmouth Archers).

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