Comfortable Southey Cup victory for Wedmore ladies

Wedmore ladies defeated Victoria in the Southey Cup, winning all four disciplines.

ISLE of Wedmore ladies had an excellent result in their second match of the Southey Trophy competition, winning all four disciplines at home against Victoria.

In the singles, Shirley Wederell took a 15 shot lead after seven ends and ran out a 21-10 winner. In the pairs, Wedmore were three shots adrift after 14 ends but came through strongly to win by nine shots.

Rink scores – singles: S Wederell 21-10; pairs, M Trow, E Deverill 22-13; triples, A Hughes, M Barron, M Ronald 28-10; fours, D Gallop, J Wheller, P Cottrell, M Hordle 27-9.

In the Mendip League, Wedmore ended up all square against Wessex ladies, but with two winning rinks received six points to Wessex’s four.

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Wedmore Ladies 45, Wessex 45: T Newell, R Aston, M Barron 15-14; A Hughes, M Perry, M Ronald 15-18; B Disbury, J Wheller, M Hordle 15-13.

Wedmore ladies played away against Clevedon in the Wessex League, a new fixture as Clevedon are recent entrants to this league.

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In a match of unequal scores, the 27 shot win on Mary Ronald’s rink was enough to overcome losses on the other two rinks and give a four shot win overall.

Wedmore Ladies 58, Clevedon 54: T Newell, J Hunt, A Hughes, M Ronald 36-9; M Trow, J Rush, S Moss, J Masters 15-24; D Gallop, B Disbrey, L Hamblin, M Hordle 7-21.

The ladies enjoyed a friendly at home against Wyrral Park, losing on one of the three rinks but winning overall by 56-45.

ST ANDREWS ladies had a difficult time this week. They lost their DRT match to Portishead and had to abandon their game against Clevedon Promenade after 10 ends, due to torrential rain.

St Andrews Ladies 40, Portishead 67 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): E Blight, B McCollum, S Glenville, M Pattenden 7-24; B Goddard, W Allen, A Campbell, M Bailey 10-22; J Forse, M Cordwell, J Ware, M Favis 23-21.

St Andrews Ladies 41, Clevedon Promenade 19:M Wride, B Goddard, A Campbell 15-3; M Cordwell, B McCollum, J Pitman 6-6; J Smith, A Greenwood, M Favis 13-2; W Allen, D Johnston, J Ware 7-8.

FLUSH from their victory over Wessex in the Fear Plate, Victoria ladies had high hopes of gaining some points in this Mendip League clash. Alas, this was not to be as they were beaten on all three rinks.

Victoria 36 (0), Wessex 62 (10): E Newport, M Brooks, S Cooper 10-23; R Cleeves, P Smith, M Chudley 12-20 S Newman, R Bailey, M Hillman 14-19.

CLARENCE ladies are through to the next round of the Southey Trophy after they beat Clevedon 3-1.

Clarence Ladies 93, Clevedon 75: P Barnbrook 21-16; J Colman, M Noddings 33-22; M Woods, M Davison, V Collicott 20-21; R Mcmillan, S Ellis, C Edlin, M Baker 19-16.

Clarence 59, Clevedon Prom 39 (NSL): M Goodwin, V Jones, C Edlin 19-8; J Higgins, P Hawkins, M Baker 18-19; S Ellis, J Bishop, M Noddings 22-12.

Friendly rink: M Travis, P Dunn, K Bailey 14-13.

WINSCOMBE ladies lost in the North Somerset Triples League at Clevedon Prom.

The best rink was Jan Kimmins, Sue Caddy and Mavis Adams who dropped two shots on the last end to lose by one shot. In a friendly at Congresbury, the ladies lost on two rinks to one.

Winscombe Ladies 29, Clevedon Prom 63 (NS Triples League): J Kimmins, S Caddy, M Adams 14-15; R Keane, L Whatling, S Nash 7-19; T Miles, E Watts, A Ainsworth 8-29.

Winscombe Ladies 36, Congresbury 60 (friendly): S Lowis, M Flay, W Weller, E Watts 8-23; P Heal, M Smith, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 13-26; L Dyer, L Fredersdorff, S Nash, M Adams 15-11.

WESSEX ladies did well to gain 22 points from a possible 30 in the Mendip League this week.

Wessex Ladies 62 (10), Victoria 36 (0): B Wallace, M Davis, J Davis 19-14; L Woodrow, P Taylor, C Peart 23-10; M Hawkins, B Jones, E Deane 20-12.

Wessex Ladies 45 (4) Isle of Wedmore 45 (6): N Peters, M Davis, J Davis 18-15; V Edwards, J Duffy, A Ward 14-15; A Fewings, J Allard, E Deane 13-15.

Wessex Ladies 61 (8), Nailsea 49 (2): P Hanson, C Peart, E Williams 20-16; P Tillson, I Hicks, P Dunn 16-17; P Taylor, M Davis, M McMillan 25-16.

Friendly rink: B Wallace, M Milford, M Hawkins 9-18.

Wessex Ladies 33, Portishead 46: V Ellis, P Turner, E Williams 14-11; L Woodrow, V Edwards, I Hicks 10-15; P Tillson, N Peters, P Hanson 9-20.

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