Competitive bowling at Winscombe’s finals weekend

Wessex Ladies.

Wessex Ladies. - Credit: Archant

Winscombe Bowls Club held its finals weekend, which provided plenty of excellent and competitive bowling.

FINALS weekend at Winscombe provided some excellent and competitive bowling, with the men’s singles (R Calvert Cup) being won by Robin Lowman, who beat Tony Watts in a close game until the last few ends, eventually winning 21-15.

The ladies’ singles (Mary & Alf Pitt Cup) was won 21-19 by Rowena Keane against Carol Hopes. The men’s pairs was won by Mike Adams and Tom Ellis, with Maureen Sprouting and Pam Heal winning the ladies’ pairs.

The two-wood event was won by Reg Birmingham, with the men’s triples picked up by M Dorrington, Graham Neville and Robin Lowman. The mixed pairs was won by Trixie Miles and Rob Lacy.

Other winners over the weekend were: Nick Hansford in the men’s handicap singles, Derek Phillips and Tony Watts in the men’s handicap pairs, Reg Birmingham in the veterans with Sam Easterby winning the men’s novices cup and Sue Caddy the ladies’ novices cup.

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Club games during the week were two friendly games against South Petherton, with Winscombe winning by one shot and losing to a Plessey tourist side from the Isle of White.

Winscombe 93, South Petherton 92: S Ovenden, R Lowis, E Watts, P Cast 18-17; C Hopes, C Bryant, L Collier, P Fredersdorff 25-13; I Miles, S Lowis, R Knight, A Watts 16-22; M Newing, D Peakall, W Weller, R Weller 16-25; D Philips, D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy 18-15.

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Winscombe 94, Plessey 150: C Hopes, D Peakall, M Nash, K Whatling 16-18; I Miles, T Moody, P John, P Fredersdorff 6-28; D Sapsford, S Lowis, R Weller, G Neville 20-13; L Coombe J Smith, E Watts, R Lacy 18-19; S Vincent, C Bryant, G Coombe, A Watts 19-18; D Seaman, D Brown,W Weller, L Fredersdorff 18-24; M Newing, S Nash, B Paul, M Dorrington 7-24.

ST ANDREWS ended their outdoor season with a win in a mixed match against Eastover Park. Bridgwater.

Members now look forward to their indoor season, where they will be joined by players from other clubs on their newly refurbished three-rink indoor green.

St Andrews welcomes new and existing bowlers to experience their excellent facilities at their Thirlmere Road indoor club, coaching can be arranged for new bowlers.

St Andrews 89, Eastover Park 60: H Chesters, C Coffin, M Goddard, J Ware 31-15; C Venn, A Greenwood, G Cooper, B Reeves21-11; K Rodgers, S Priory, S Sinclair, N Sell 23-14; R Brereton, J Warren, A Ware 14-20.

CLARENCE close their outdoor season this Saturday with President’s Day, which is preceded today (Thursday) by the traditional final inter-club match, against Bridgwater.

Last week, Clarence entertained two lots of tourists, as well as staging the annual current and past captains v presidents’ game. This was won by the presidents’ team, with their most successful rink comprising Bob Rossiter, Elizabeth Williams, Pam Hawkins and Audrey Harris, who finished 13 shots ahead.

Essex tourists Gidea Park brought six rinks to Clarence for a mixed match. In a closed finish, the home team squeezed home by three shots.

This was mainly due to Fakhry Al-Hinai, David Gilbert, Pauline Dunn and skip Carol Edlin, winners by 23 shots with a six on one end. Other winning Clarence skips were captain David Stott and Audrey Harris.

Clarence 115, Gidea Park 112: F Al-Hinai, D Gilbert, Pauline Dunn, Carol Edlin 31-8; Eileen Wade, M Peters, Pam Hawkins, M Edlin 16-32; Beryl Deacon, June Allard, M Davies, G Barlow 14-23; Norma Peters, G Andrews, H Sparks, Pat Taylor 16-23; Pam Turner, M Scoins, M Skyrme, D Stott 17-15; B Rossiter, Irene Hicks, T Mannion, Audrey Harris 21-11.

The second tourists’ match in successive days tested Clarence’s playing resources as they put out nine mixed rinks against Plessey, from the Isle of Wight.

This time, the visitors came out on top, by 35 shots, although they won only five of the rinks. Two of Clarence’s winning fours were skipped by Edlins-Mick, who finished 15 shots ahead, and Carol, winner by eight. Chris Read and Pam Hawkins also skipped their teams to victory.

Clarence 151, Plessey 186: M Thompson, Tess Langford, J Edwards, D Towie 6-35; J Kelloway, Pam Turner, J Atkins, G Barlow 15-25; L Lewis, F Al-Hinai, Barbara Jones, M Phillips 10-25; Brenda Hayes, J Hicks, A Bishop, C Read 21-17; B Rossiter, D Jackman, D Stott, M Edlin 30-15; B Cheffers, Shirley Searle, M Davies, B Sweet 11-24; Beryl Deacon, R Smith, M Scoins, Audrey Harris 13-18; M Peters, John Hayes, T Mannion, Carol Edlin 20-12; Irene Hicks, Eileen Wade, K Marshall, Pam Hawkins 25-15.

ASHCOMBE men played away to Taunton in a friendly match and in a close fought game, Ashcombe managed to win on all four rinks by a margin of nine shots.

Ashcombe 64, Taunton 55: M Tripp, L Cox, G Sansam, T Cottrell 15-12; G Tottle, B Duncan, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 16-13; D Freestone, R Tasker, D Cooper, A Cracknell 17-15; B Miles, B Bishop, S Hedges, D Wynne 16-15.

Ashcombe played against three touring teams, Gidea Park, Troedyrhiw, Merthyr West and a mixed friendly with Watchet. They lost to Gidea Park by five shots, but won against Troedyrhiw by six. Merthyr West were the victors with a 27-shot difference and Watchet won by 11 shots.

Ashcombe 125, Gidea Park 130: G Pople, M Bass, A Freke, J Main 22-11; R Counsell, M Butt, L Cox, J Taylor 16-23; B Duncan, A Tucker, D Wynne, G Wilkinson 19-14; S Andrews, T Bass, M Southwood, A Cracknell 20-18; D Freestone, C Vardon, G Sansam, A Little 15-19; G Tucker, B Bishop, M Paterson, J Whitlow, 18-26; N Coombe, J Bryant, B Benstead, J Creasey 15-19.

Ashcombe 112, Troedyrhiw 106: M Butt, D Wynne, G Sansam, J Taylor 25-12; F Bertram, C Vardon, M Badman, J Hornett 18-15; K Davies, B Miles, D Cooper, G Wilkinson 27-13; R Counsell, B Bishop, R Tasker, J Main 17-12; D Underhay, G Pople, A Freke, L Cox 9-28; B Benstead, A Tucker, J Creasey, A Cracknell 16-26.

Ashcombe 103, Merthyr West 130: B Duncan, M Paterson, A Cracknell, J Creasey 24-20; J Piper, K Davies, G Sansam, J Main 12-29; B Miles, C Vardon, R Tasker, M Southwood 15-23; B Bishop, B Benstead, D Cooper, G Wilkinson 18-19; G Fews, R Counsell, L Cox, J Hornett 18-17; J Bryant, D Wynne, L Day, J Whitlow 16-22.

Ashcombe 89, Watchet 100: F Bertram, S Noyes, E Roberts, J McInally 19-19; B Alden, J McKenzie, N Counsell, J Whitlow 23-12; M West, M Paterson, B Benstead, S Weaden 19-22; A Tucker, M Butt, S Hopkins, E Hopkins 10-35; B Miles, R Counsell, K Wheeler, A Goacher 18-12.

VICTORIA played just two matches as the outdoor season nears the end.

The men played the ladies in the usual end of season fun game which resulted in a win for the men, despite several men guesting for the ladies in what was a good afternoon, rounded off with a fish and chip supper, a winner for all.

Victoria Men 108, Victoria Ladies 56: A Bray, J Newman, R Rockett 35-11; D Roberts, D Jones, D Williams, C Heal 28-11; W Nicholls, G Richards, L Stocker, M Cooper 20-18; C Santosuosso, R Bromet, H Whyte, J Langridge 25-16.

The annual game when the captain’s select entertained the president’s select took place on one of the best Saturday afternoon’s of the year from the weather point of view.

The president declared the match a draw as each team won three rinks each. The game was enjoyed by all and the members and their guests sat down to an excellent meal provided by the ladies.

Captain 140, President 86.5: P Coumis, M Milliner, J Newman, D Williams 31, J Turton, D Roberts, G Rain, G Frost 10; P Wyatt, J Langridge, D Jones, C Heal 17, S Stocker, T Gatehouse, J Howell, M Manning 18; H Whyte, R Bromet, A Bray, M Cooper 32, C Santosuosso, T Gilbert, B Saward, S Evans 10; D Beard, G Richards, A Yates 31, T Broughton, R Fenwick, G Hodge 7; R Hollier, P Fisher, D Hurst 11, R Jacobs, G Stocker, M Stocker 22; W Nicholls, G Robbins, L Stocker, K Holland 18, A Webb, R Rockett, M Campbell 19.5.

THE big event of the week at Wedmore was the final of the Weston & District Over-60s Triples Cup.

Wedmore’s team travelled to Clevedon Prom and were beaten by 18 shots.

Wedmore 80, Burnham 98: A Birch, I Faulkner, R Hughes 20-16; B Aston, K Pettit, K Burt 15-16; T Hamblin, D Stansfield, R Barron 7-17; V Matthews, R Newell, C Moss 12-14; T Brown, C Panchaud, D Nicholls 12-25; J Runciman, D Collins, E Payne14-10.

In the last match of the outdoor season, Wedmore played at home against West Backwell in the Clevedon and District Over-60s League and ended the season in style with a 34-shot win. Roger Hughes had the best win of the afternoon 24 shots to 12. Wedmore 116, West Backwell 82: R Norris, D Trow, R Newell 22-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 25-14; A Birch, J Runciman, R Hughes 24-12; M Green, J Harris, K Pettit 17-16; T Brown, C Panchaud, R Barron 16-13; C Wheller, K Burt, D Nicholls 12-16.

The ladies managed to play a rescheduled WLL match away against Ashcombe, even though the forecast for the day promised torrential rain.

After a closely fought match, Wedmore ladies won by just two shots, a good recovery having been down after 15 ends.

Wedmore Ladies 55, Ashcombe 53: J Collins, B Clark, C Pettit, G Harvey 20-17; T Newell, P Jenkins, M Fisher, S Wederell 16-17; J Collingwood, M Barron, A Hughes, M Hordle 19-19.

WESSEX Ladies did well to reach the final of the Fear Cup Plate, but Clevedon were strong opponents and Wessex had to be satisfied with being runners-up.

Wessex Ladies 52, Clevedon 69: P Turner, B Jones, A Fewings, J Davis 21-22; C Peart, A Ward, E Williams, P Taylor 19-17; N Peters, M Hawkins, M Davis, J Duffy 12-30.

CLARENCE Ladies had to settle for runners-up spot in the Somerset County Southey Trophy final against a strong Portishead RBL team at Ashcombe.

Without two of the players who had helped them win their semi-final, they shuffled their resources slightly. Singles player Margaret Noddings was unlucky to be on the end of an outstanding performance from Marilyn Gozna, who beat her 21-9.

Just as in the semi-final, this left Clarence either needing either to win the other three disciplines or to pile up enough shots in the pairs, triples and fours to edge it on shot-difference in the event of a 2-2 tie.

The triple had a good lead approaching the final ends and won eventually by four shots, making it 1-1. However, the four, who had been ahead, slipped behind, while the pair, although fighting back well from a substantial deficit, dropped eight shots on the last two ends to make a Portishead victory almost certain.

With the four trailing 12-16 after the 20th end, the match was called off, giving the RBL Poppies victory by 3-1.

Clarence Ladies 1, Portishead RBL Ladies 3 – singles: Margaret Noddings 9-21; pairs: Jo Mannion/Carol Edlin 12-24; triples: Pam Fowler, Veronica Jones, Audrey Harris 17-13; fours: Marysia Angove, Ann Ballinger, Pauline Burrough, Val Collicott 12-16.

ST ANDREWS Ladies lost to Clevedon Promenade in the final of the Somerset Fear Cup, despite winning on two of the three rinks contested.

They could not counter the deficit on the third rink and lost overall by six shots and had to settle for runners-up.

St Andrews Ladies 59, Clevedon Prom 65: R McMillan, J Forse, A Campbell, J Ware 24-17; C Venn, M McMillan, M Bailey, M Favis 20-17; I Cracknell, W Allen, B Goddard, M Pattenden 15-31.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 71 (8), Mark Moor 57 (2) (Wessex League): M Main, M Tucker, N Counsell, J Wilkinson 36-8; S Bayntun, B MacGregor, M Tasker, S Weaden 15-30; J Field, S Hopkins, J Hughes, A Goacher 20-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 53 (3), Wedmore 55 (7): J Field, S Appleby, M Main, M.Tasker 17-16; P Wynne, S Noyes, M Tucker, A Goacher 19-19; A Cox, D Norville, S Hopkins, N Counsell 17-20.

VICTORIA Ladies played the men in the annual fun day.

As usual it was a fancy dress and this year the theme was on the beach, with some excellent costumes resulting in a colourful display which was enjoyed by all. Although the result went against the ladies it was soon forgotten when all enjoyed the fish and chip supper.

Ladies’ captain’s day was the final event of Sue Newman’s year when she challenged her vice-captain Margaret Hillman.

Both teams included guests from the four local clubs as well as county president Celia Whitmarsh and her senior vice-president Marilyn Gozna. The match was enjoyed by all the players and everyone sat down to an excellent meal after the game.

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