Competitive games for Uphill

Uphill Badminton Club enjoyed some competitive and exciting matches last week.

UPHILL Badminton Club’s A, C, D and E teams were involved in some competitive and exciting matches last week.

The A team were away to Clevedon Feathers A and continued their unbeaten run, winning by nine rubbers to nil. Despite the score line, this was a competitive match with two of the rubbers going to three games.

The first rubber to go to three games was the third mixed in which Matt Cole and Christy Langford started slowly and lost the first game 18-21, but then moved up a gear winning the next two 21-10, 21-13.

The second rubber to go to three games was the first men’s in which the Edwards brothers beat Rob Armstrong and Roger Lanning. The Uphill team of Paul Edwards, Becky Mathews, Mark Edwards, Nicky Mills, Matt Cole and Christy Langford have now played eight matches and won them all 9-0.

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The C team were at home to Chew Valley A and lost an exciting match by five rubbers to four. The team consisted of Glyn Davis, Julie O’Sullivan, Neil Burstow, Theresa Davison, Billy Fear and Maureen Mathews.

Uphill got off to a poor start by losing the first mixed rubbe, but then Neil and Theresa and Maureen and Billy won the next two mixed.

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In the ladies’ rubbers, Chew Valley took control winning the first two rubbers convincingly in straight games and the third rubber in three. Uphill then won the second and third men’s rubbers to bring the match to four rubbers each.

Everything depended on the last rubber of the evening between Glyn and Neil and Geue Jayner and Graham Scott. The first rubber stood at 16-all, but then Jayner and Scott won 16-21 and quickly wrapped up the second game to win the match.

For Uphill, Billy Fear won all his games, as did Nicky Scott for Chew Valley.

Uphill D team were at home to Wells City and lost by five rubbers to four. All the games and rubbers were close, with six of the nine rubbers going to three games. Three of the game scores were in the twenties, the highest being 26-24.

The Uphill team of Ellen Davis, Carl Harrison, Caroline Higgins, Billy Fear, Jess Hargrave and Callum Grayson started well when Ellen and Carl won the first mixed. Wells then hit back taking the next two mixed rubbers.

Wells then won the first two ladies’ rubbers, while Uphill won all three men’s rubbers to take the match to four rubbers each with just the third ladies’ to play.

This proved to be a real nail biting rubber between Caroline and Jess and Christy Allen and Sheila Patterson. Christy and Sheila won the first game 24-22, then Caroline and Jess won the second 21-19, before Christy and Sheila won the third 21-19 to complete an excellent night’s badminton.

For Uphill, Carl won all his rubbers and Christy and Sheila won all theirs for Wells City.

The E team were at home to Clevedon Feathers D and won by five rubbers to four. This team had two new juniors, namely Lauren Rickwood and Rowan Weekes and consisted of Callum Grayson (captain), Jess Hargrave, Harrison Whitehouse, Abbi Rickwood, Rowan Weekes and Lauren Rickwood.

Unfortunately Lauren did not get a game, as the Clevedon Feathers team were unable to field a third lady. Clevedon Feathers won both the first two mixed rubbers and the only ladies’ rubber played.

In the men’s, Clevedon Feathers won the first rubber before Uphill hit back winning the last two men’s rubbers. For Uphill, Rowan Weekes had a good start to senior badminton by winning all his rubbers.

? NORTH Somerset Mixed Badminton League Division 1: Clevedon Feathers B 0, Uphill A 9.

Division 2: Portishead A 6, Nailsea&Yatton A 3; Wyvern B 3, Frys B 6.

Division 3: Mendipway 5, Clevedon 4; Wyvern C 6, Winscombe 3; Uphill C 4, Chew Valley A 5.

Division 4: Uphill D 4, Wells City 5; Wells City 8, Mark 1.

Men’s League: Wells City A 3, Mendipway 3; Winscombe 4, Uphill 2.

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