Competitive victory for Victoria

Victoria win a competitive match against Penarth.

VICTORIA travelled to Wales to play their traditional game against Penarth and although Victoria won by 12 shots, five of the six rinks were extremely competitive.

Victoria’s win was secured by an excellent rink win of 12 shots gained by John Codrington, Eric Sage, Mike Manning and skip Ted Mangan.

Victoria played host to another Welsh team, this time Mountain Ash were the visitors. Unfortunately the visitors were unable to enjoy the result as they lost by a big margin of 51 shots. Top rink for Victoria was Richard Austin, Jim Palmer, Geoff Stocker and John Howell who recorded a 21 shot win. ?

Victoria 119, Penarth 107: J Griffiths, R Sparkes, R Rockett, M Taylor 16-19; J Codrington, E Sage, M Manning, E Mangan 28-16; J Newman, R Sleep, A Uccellini, M Stocker 21-19; W Osborne, C Chudley, M Fletcher, K Curtis 16-14; H Whyte, A Waygood, P Leadbeater, K Holland 18-20; T Gilbert, T Gatehouse, D Sealey, D Williams 20-19.

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Victoria 113, Mountain Ash 62: H Whyte, M Willetts, D Jones, M Cooper 30-12; R Austin, J Palmer, G Stocker, J Howell 36-15; J Loughlin, A Barnes, P Palmer, W Harrison 27-15; J Newman, G Hodge, R Fenwick, C Gazzard 20-20.

A WARM welcome was afforded to Ashcombe Bowling Club when they visited the Royal Household at their club in Windsor Great Park.

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For a centenary match, it was fitting that Ashcombe scored 100 shots, although the Royal Household won the game by 45 shots.

Ashcombe 100, Royal Household 145: G Tottle, B Alden, P Fisher, G Wilkinson 25-24; G Tucker, R Counsell, A Little, I Shannon 10-35; R Powell, R Kibble, J Main, J Whitlow 20-26; S Ash, P Gaulton, R Tasker, A Williams 10-21; P Sheppard, W Spring, E Roberts, L Day 20-24; D Underhay, R Williams, J Price, J Taylor 15-15.

Ashcombe Crusaders 112 (13pts), Isle of Wedmore 96 (7) (Weston Over-60s Triples League): A Wright, L Day, B Webber 15-17; D Bleasdale, I Chesney, J Taylor 24-10; D Stanton, J Main, J Whitlow 26-13; R Hadley, A Williams, A Yates 15-18; R Powell, M Southwood, J Creasey 17-17; G Finnegan, J Price, J Hornett 15-21.

Ashcombe Templars 71, Nailsea 135 (Weston Over-60s Challenge Cup): K Hallet, Colin Winser, T Cottrell 10-22; S Ash, B Jones, R Ford 16-19; R Cole, T Bass, M Adams 13-19; N Coombes, M Field, R Tasker 10-32; M Tripp, M Brummell, V Bragg 17-13; M Bass, P Gaulton, B Alden 5-30.

Ashcombe Templars 101 (5pts), Clarence Golds 111 (15) (Weston Over-60s Triples League): K Hallet, P Gaulton, R Ford 24-16; T Pople, T Bass, M Adams 16-16; M Tripp, M Brummell, V Bragg 22-14; T Bull, Colin Winser, T Cottrell 9-17; M Unwin, E Booth, L Cox 18-20; N Coombes, B Alden, R Tasker 12-28.

A home match against Bridgwater saw the visitors win this friendly six-rinker by just five shots. It was close, right up to the final two ends where Bridgwater picked up nine shots to seal the game.

Ashcombe 107, Bridgwater 112 (friendly): A Morgan, M Bass, B Cracknell, J Creasey 21-18; G Sansam, F Ham, P Fisher, A Yates 11-23; M Adams, T Bull, D Bleasdale, B Webber 17-14; D Stanton, G Fews, J Main, J Whitlow 21-14; N Coombes, K Hallet, P Gaulton, T Cottrell 22-11; H Benstead, A Cracknell, B Alden, G Finnegan 15-32.

Ashcombe 94, Bristol 50 (friendly): B Golding, S Easterby, G Tucker, J Price 23-13; M Unwin, D Norville, A Little, J Hornett 20-13; A Wilmot, W Spring, R Tasker, A Williams 21-14; M Tripp, B Noyes, R Kibble, E Roberts 30-10.

Ashcombe 119, North Petherton 98 (mixed friendly): B Alden, L Owens, J Hughes, G Wilkinson 22-20; S Noyes, D Andrews, J Main, A Goacher 14-25; B Noyes, D Norville, R Powell, A Wright 19-13; A Fews, A Morgan, M Main, J Whitlow 22-12; M Palmer, M Tasker, R Perkins, P Sheppard 22-14; M Tucker, B Golding, S Hopkins, V Bragg 20-14.

Ashcombe 73, Ardagh 82 (mixed friendly): L Owens, Colin Winser, S Hopkins, J Creasey 23-16; S Noyes, D Norville, E Hooper, J Hornett 16-25; T Shearman, N Urch, E Hopkins, A Goacher 15-23; N Counsell, A Morgan, B Macgregor, J Taylor 19-18.

A visit to the all-weather surface at Wrington usually presents a challenge and this visit was no exception.

Ashcombe 54, Wrington 80 (mixed friendly): J Sansam, S Bayntun, E Hopkins, R Simmons 11-26; D Cooper, N Urch, M Tasker, L Day 16-14; S Hadley, R Perkins, S Hopkins, M Brummell 14-15; L Owens, G Kinsey, G Day, R Hadley 13-25.

Ashcombe 93, Prattens 62 (mixed friendly): D Andrews, D Little, J Hughes, V Bragg 18-20; N Counsell, P Chewins, P Sheppard, G Wilkinson 21-19; A Fews, Rose Powell, Roy Powell, R Simmons 30-10; M Main, D Underhay, J Wilkinson, A Little 24-13.

CLARENCE Golds began their season with a 10-shot victory over Ashcombe Templars in Division 2 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

The winners’ stars were John Norris, back after a year out of bowls through injury, Mike Skyrme and skip Gerry Phillips, whose 16-shot victory proved decisive. They had an eight on the 15th end. The Golds’ team included debutants Dennis Urch and Rod Dodson.

Clarence Golds 111, Ashcombe Templars 101: D Urch, M Scoins, R Cornwall 16-24; R Dodson, J Burgess, H Sparks 16-16; M Phillips, A Bidmead, G Kettleborough 14-22; L Lakey, D Stevens, I Baker 17-9; R Rossiter, J Hicks, T Cockcroft 20-18; J Norris, M Skyrme, G Phillips 28-12.

The Blues, Clarence’s first team, who were the Over-60s Division 2 champions last season, had a tough baptism in the higher grade away to Clevedon, who beat them by 15 shots.

The visitors finished up on only two rinks, with Gerry Barlow, Tony Mannion and Brian Ballinger their most successful combination.

Clevedon 99, Clarence Blues 84: M Edlin, T Perry, R Burrough 18-16; G Barlow, T Mannion, B Ballinger 20-9; T Ward, J Edwards, B Forse 10-20; R Rossiter, M Clay, I Barnbrook 17-16; J Larvin, D Jackman, P Tubb 10-20; R Flicker, G Cooper, R Crawford 9-18.

There was a colourful turn-out of 80 players from Clarence men and ladies’ and Wessex ladies for the annual St George’s Day international between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Scotland, bolstered by more than a few ‘ringers’, were the winners for the second year running, with the Irish second. Afterwards, the players enjoyed an excellent hotpot, prepared by Kaye Bailey and her helpers.

Prize money and raffle money, totalling �163, from both this event and the match between Clarence men and ladies were donated to the National Visually Impaired Bowls Association, who are staging a tournament at Clarence Park from this Friday until Sunday. Clarence’s Bob Rossiter will be among the competitors.

Chacewater, from Cornwall, were the first tourists to visit Clarence Park this year, on Saturday. They proved formidable opponents and singers, finished up on five of the 10 rinks and winning by 38 shots.

Clarence/Clarence ladies/Wessex rinks: M Edlin, J JefferysG Cooper, M Baker 14-25; S Scoins, J Kellaway, P Tubb, A McMillan 20-15; T Mannion, V Edwards, J Edwards, T Pritchard 9-31; L Oldham, C Beynon, I Baker, C Edlin 18-28; R Flicker, L Lakey, M McMillan, T Ward 15-19; P Bridgman, I Hicks, B Cornwall, A Powell 18-16; J Norris, M Scoins, J Hicks, P Hawkins 12-27; B Rossiter, S Pritchard, D Jackman, R Crawford 20-16; J Hawkins, R Kellaway, C Read, A Ward 27-14; J McMillan, G Barlow, J Keay, R Burrough 14-17.

Free taster sessions for prospective bowlers continue daily at Clarence Park (11am-1pm) until May 15. All equipment is provided and free coaching is available.

The sessions are proving popular and all three clubs based at Clarence Park have gained new members as a result of them, but more would be welcomed.

CONGRESBURY 86, Chew Stoke 95 (friendly): D Byett, J Churchward, M Huggett, R Whiskin 18-22; M Kimmings, C Blagden, R Archer, J Stone 9-26; A Harding, R Anniuk, G Stenner, L Beck 21-15; P Dawes, K Cole, P Reay, R Kirkham 20-18; S Pook, F Bailey, F Horton, R Becker 18-14.

Congresbury 88, Bloomfield 111 (friendly): J Freemantle, G Gosling, G Stenner, R Kirkham 19-18; M Greaves, D Manning, J Stone, C Shipway 14-21; N Davis, F Horton, K Hector, R Stewart11-27; D Folds, D Gosling, P Reay, R Becker 28-20; J Churchward, R Archer, R Whiskin, L Beck 16-25.

Congresbury 99, Wrington 66 (Norris Bryan Cup): C Blagden, D Davis, D Manning, B Huggett 29-15; D Whiskin, F Bailey, P Sharps, R Whiskin 24-14; N Davis, R Horton, M Huggett, K Herbison 18-17; J Blagden, F Horton, C Andrews, B Herbison 28-20.

WINSCOMBE played four games this week including their first Over 60s League match against Burnham which they lost.

They won the friendly game against Clevedon Prom, but lost both mixed games against Mark Moor and Chacewater Tourists.

Winscombe 82, Mark Moor 103 (mixed friendly): J Sprouting, S Nash, B Paul, I Tofte 19-21; W Weller, D Peakall, R Lacy, A Ainsworth 6-30; R Freegard, R Keane, A Watts, M Nash 26-6; J Smith, R Weller, S Lowman, M Dorrington 13-25; M Sprouting, M Smith, G Tofte, R Lowman 18-21.

Winscombe 85, Clevedon Prom 62 (friendly): D Beaverstock, M Roberts, M Hunt 27-9; R Weller, J Smith, G Neville 18-17; R Knight, A Pye, M Adams 11-17; D Peakall, L Collier, M Nash 15-14; G Lloyd, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 14-19.

Winscombe 86, Burnham 110 (Over-60s Triples): W Ainsworth, J Lukins, M Adams 24-10; K Whatling, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 10-21;G Lloyd, A Pye, A Dudley 12-18; G Neville, L Collier, R Wootten 12-29; R Lowman, R Freegard, M Roberts 13-18; J Smith, M Hunter, L Baldwin 15-14.

Winscombe 101, Chacewater Tourists 179 (mixed friendly): S Caddy, G Tofte, R Lacy, M Adams 12-26; T Miles, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington, M Roberts 18-20; J Sprouting, S Lowis, W Ainsworth, R Lowman 15-25; M Sprouting, K Headford, S Lowman, M Nash 16-28; D Peakall, S Nash, K Whatling, I Tofte 6-40; L Whatling, G Hill, R Freegard, M K Adams 20-19 ; L Fredersdorff, R Keane, B Paul, A Watts 14-21.

ST ANDREWS played two games this week which resulted in one win and one loss.

In the friendly against Welsh tourists Pontycymer, Don Bailey’s rink came back to draw their game after being 7-17 down. In the same game, Danny Favis’ rink made an equally good recovery after being 8-17 down, but were unable to draw level by the final end.

Unfortunately, St Andrews will no longer field two teams in the Over-60s Triples League, their second team, the Trojans, have withdrawn from the league. Grateful thanks to all club members who have represented Trojans over the last five years.

St Andrews 89, Yatton 94 (Over-60s): D Price, R Reed, R Dunstone 19-16; G Matthews, A MacNab, J Ling 16-14; NR Lay, AE Day, B. May 8-21; PG Berry, C Robinson, D Nutt 16-10; J Chance, C Reeves, TW Allen 14-20; K Rodgers, B Slade, B Green 16-13.

St Andrews 90, Pontycwmer 85: R Brereton, TW Allen, M Berry, D Favis 16-17; F Mudge, P Smart, A Horsburgh, RJ Warren 21-12; K Parker, A MacNab, K Rodgers, S Davies 23-12; R Smith, A Cooper, R Dunstone, D Bailey 19-19; C Robinson, A Ware, T Bell, T Thomas 11-25

TWO wins provided a useful start to the season for Ashcombe ladies, including a win at Victoria, and a home win against Congresbury.

Ashcombe Ladies 66, Victoria 50 (friendly): N Counsell, B Groves, M Williams, S Weaden 26-13; D Norville, N Urch, J Hughes, J McInally 22-23; S Hadley, L Owens, B Cullen, B Macgregor 18-14.

Ashcombe Ladies 60, Congresbury 52 (friendly): M Tucker, B Edmunds, M Williams, C Hedges 21-16; A Cox, S Noyes, M Tasker, J Wilkinson 21-19; A Fews, N Urch, G Day, S Hopkins 18-17.

CLARENCE Ladies 28, Portishead 42 (NSL): S Ellis, M Davison, M Baker 14-20; S Scoins, P Burrough, V Collicott 11-20; L Oldham, V Senior, M Woods 16-12.

Friendly: S Searle, S Foster, J Bishop 15-24; M Waite, P Phillips, V Jones 13-18. Clarence 50, Long. Ashton 43 (NSL): L Oldham, P Dunn, M Noddings 18-9; P Phillips, J Bishop, M Baker 15-20; S Ellis, C Edlin, V Jones 17-14.

Clarence Ladies 47, Yatton 53: J Colman, M Waite, S Foster, P Burrough 14-16; S Ellis, S Phelps, J Higgins, V Senior 14-21; S Scoins, P Phillips, M Woods, V Jones 19-16.

ST ANDREWS ladies began their outdoor season with two good wins, a great start for Jackie Ware’s captaincy.

St Andrews Ladies 70, Nailsea Ladies (Doreen Ralph Trophy): P Uglow, E Blight, S Priory, A Campbell 18-9; J Forse, B McCollum, J Ware, M Favis 26-10; C Venn, E Reeves, D Johnston, M Pattenden 26-21.

St Andrews Ladies 58, Wessex Ladies 52: P Uglow, E Blight, M Wride, A Campbell 18-14; W Allen, J Reed, J Ware, M Favis 25-20; J Smith, A Greenwood, S Priory, M Pattenden 15-18.

WESSEX Ladies 45 (8pts), Wrington 42 (2) (Mendip League): A Ward, C Peart, P Dunn 6-16; E Deane, M Davis, J Davis 23-14; M Hawkins, A Powell, E Williams 16-12.

Wessex 52, St Andrews 58 (friendly): B Jones, M Hawkins, M Davis, E Williams 20-25; N Peters, M McMillan, C Peart, A Powell 18-15; A Fewings, E Stott, J Binding, J Duffy 14-18.

Wessex 60 (6 pts), Mark Moor 56 (4) Wessex Ladies League): V Edwards, E Stott, P Taylor, E Williams 13-24; J Allard, E Deane, M Davis, J Davis 27-9; D Stenning, B Wallace, B Jones, J Binding 20-23.

VICTORIA ladies played host to Ashcombe Park and lost their first encounter of the season against their close rivals.

Victoria’s only winning rink was Sue Newman, Carol Willetts, Jessie Donald and skip Sue Cooper who won by the narrowest margin.

In what was scheduled as a two rink ladies match against Mountain Ash on a tour of Somerset turned out to be against one rink of ladies and one rink of men, therefore Margaret Hillman’s rink did well to win against a rink of men.

Margaret paid tribute to her team members Ann Palmer, Rose Cleeves and Annie Holland, who all felt justifiably proud to have won by four shots.?

Victoria Ladies 50, Ashcombe Park 64: C Sage, S Lawrence, A Holland, M Chudley 13-24; S Newman, C Willetts, J Donald, S Cooper 23-22; R Cleeves, H Watson, R Bailey, I Cruse 14-18.

Victoria 49, Mountain Ash 37: D Owen, S Newman, S Harrison, M Chudley 24-16; A Palmer, R Cleeves, A Holland, M Hillman 25-21.

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