Comprehensive cup defeat for Saints

St Andrews suffer a comprehensive defeat in the North Somerset Knockout Cup by Victoria.

ST ANDREWS won a couple of their matches this week, but this was counter-balanced by a decisive defeat against Victoria in the North Somerset Knockout Cup.

Also, Spartans’ Triples League match against Winscombe was decided by the fact that one of the Saints’ rinks didn’t turn up, giving two points and 10 shots to the host club and handing them victory.

St Andrews 60, Victoria 141 (North Somerset Knockout Cup): R Davey, B Green, R McLeod, J Warren 18-24; J Chance, A Cooper, R Venn, D Bailey 6-29; D Nutt, C Reeves, T Bell, S Davies 16-35; A Yeeles, R Dunstone, M Berry, A Horsburgh 8-36; R Smith, M Leigh, J Ling, D Favis 12-17.

St Andrews Spartans 79, Winscombe 87 (Weston Over-60s Triples): R Smith, T Bell, D Favis 18-8; M Leigh, T Allen, M Berry 12-17; R Davey, J Ling, R Venn 12-22; J Chance, A Ware, T Thomas 13-22; D Price, A Yeeles, G Wride 24-8.

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St Andrews A 58, Clevedon B 62 (County League North Division 1): J Chance, M Leigh, T Thomas, D Favis 14-24; M Berry, A Yeeles, R Venn, G Wride 22-24; R Smith, R Davey, T Bell, S Davies 22-14.

St Andrews B 49, Winscombe B 47 (County League North Division 2): B Rogers, C Reeves, J Ling, D Nutt 19-18; D Price, A. Cooper, B May, J Warren 7-18; M Blight, G Berry, T Allen, A Horsburgh 23-11.

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St Andrews 117, Tamworth Tourists 108: Mrs M Wride, F Mudge, J Chance, B May 15-25; B Rogers, Mrs J Reed, T Allen, D Nutt 19-21; Mrs E Blight, R Reed, R Brereton, J Warren 27-10; Mrs E Reeves, Mrs M Cordwell, D Price, A Horsburgh 29-10; Miss K Dobney, Mrs M Bayliss, Mrs P Uglow, A P Lay 8-23; P O’Connor, P Smart, Mrs A Greenwood, T Bell 19-19.

THE first of the only two games played this week did not go Victoria’s way as they travelled to Ashcombe for a friendly and lost on three of the five rinks.

Victoria 73, Ashcombe Park 103: G Richards, C Chudley, G Frost, D Jones 21-17; J Codrington, E Sage, A Barnes, M Manning 15-16; R Austin, M Willetts, R Rockett, K Holland 16-16; W Nicholls, P Newport, R Sleep, S Evans 11-24; J West, D Roberts, M Fletcher, D Hurst 10-30.

Victoria 124, Winscombe 98: G Richards, T Gatehouse, M Fletcher, D Hurst 22-11; M Willetts, A Waygood, K Harvey, D Jones 21-16; J Loughlin, R Sleep, D Sealey, S Evans 16-23; T Gilbert, A Shattock, J Griffiths, N Sell 19-9; J West, R Sparkes, A Barnes, K Holland 26-16; E Sage, B Saward, A Uccellini, M Manning 20-23.

FOR the second year, Devon County played Wiltshire County at Ashcombe Park in a friendly match.

There were nine games, six rinks for seniors, and three rinks for juniors. It is hoped that this will become a regular event and possibly encourage more young people to take up the game.

Ashcombe Crusaders 124 (18), Isle of Wedmore 73 (2) (Over-60s): A Wright, M Southwood, J Creasey 19-9; J Piper, J Taylor, DA Williams 28-8; A Wilmot, L Day, R Hadley 17-12; R Powell, D Carr, A Yates 26-10; G Finnegan, J Price, J Hornett 18-10; D Stanton, J Main, J Whitlow 16-24.

Ashcombe Knights 85 (4), Nailsea 102 (16) (Over-60s): R Perkins, D Norville, E Hopkins 15-19; A Morgan, B Underhay, W Caddick 13-15; R Counsell, A Freke, J Whitton 17-14; G Mills, R Simmons, W Spring 8-19; D Underhay, B Golding, E Hooper 19-10; V Bragg, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson 13-25.

Ashcombe 102, Victoria 73 (friendly): B Alden, P Sheppard, D Bleasdale, D.A Williams 17-21; B Benstead, R Smith, P Gaulton, T Bass 16-15; M Adams, S Easterby, J Price, T Cottrell 16-16; K Hallet, Colin Winser, D Stanton, J Whitlow 24-11; G Tucker, F Ham, G Tottle, A Yates 29-10.

WINSCOMBE lost by seven shots away at Wryall Park, even though Tony Dudley’s trio which included Malcolm Dorrington and Andy Kyprianides, won by 24 shots and secured a triples hot shot on the fifth end.

On Saturday, Winscombe had no league games and took a relatively inexperienced team to Victoria. They lost by four rinks to two, but found some new talent including David Johnson and John Willes playing their first games for the club.

In the mixed game at Wedmore on Sunday, Ann Hart playing her first competitive game finished on Winscombe’s only winning rink.

Winscombe 98, Victoria 124 (friendly): G Lloyd, D Johnson, P Hopes, M Hunt 11-22; A Brand, J Willes, L Collier, M Nash 16-21; R Freegard, J Smith, M Dorrington, W Ainsworth 23-16; B Paul, J Vincent, A Kyprianides, K Whatling 9-19; M Roberts, K Symons, M Hunter, R Lowman 16-26; J Sprouting, G Tofte, R Wootten,R Lacy 23-20.

Winscombe 106, Wyrall Park 113 (friendly): J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Nash 12-25; R Knight, P Fredersdorff, S Eastment 20-16; J Smith, W Ainsworth, M Hunt 10-19; D Beaverstock, B Paul, L Collier 15-23; M Dorrington, A Kyprianides, A Dudley 35-11; R Freegard, G Tofte, A Watts 14-19.

Winscombe 68, Isle of Wedmore 111 (mixed friendly): M Dorrington, A Hart, S Nash, M Nash 22-19; L Fredersdorff , R Hart, J Smith, M Roberts 10-29; M Sprouting, P Fredersdorff, S Caddy, A Watts 10-23 ; M Smith, K Symons, P Keane, I Tofte 13-23; B Paul, J Sprouting, T Miles, G Tofte 13-17.

THE glorious weather evidently benefited the visitors, rather than Clarence’s home Sunday mixed team.

Shipston Sports had a comprehensive victory, winning on all rinks. Dick Jackman was Clarence’s unlucky skip, winning his first duck as highest-losing skip.

Clarence 89, Shipston Sports 151: L Woodrow, M Waite, L Oldham, A Bidmead 18-31; M Woods, J Hayes, T Mannion, P Dunn 18-19; J Mannion, G Aldridge, I Hicks, D Stott 15-21; E Stott, D Urch, J Bishop, D Jackman 13-31; C Tippett, R Dodson, P Phillips, J Hicks 14-21; B Hayes, P Bidmead, M Phillips, T Cockcroft 11-28.

ISLE of Wedmore’s County B team suffered at the hands of Mark Moor, losing on two of the three rinks and gaining only two points.

After being one shot in the lead at 10 ends, Wedmore slipped to lose by 19 shots.

Rink scores: B Treloar, R Hunt, B Aston, D Stansfield 9-28; T Hamblin, T Simpson, K Phillimore, C Moss 20-19; R Bull, C Wheller, B Andrews, K Burt 18-19.

Wedmore recorded a convincing win against the visitors from Castle Cary in the Mid-Somerset League, winning on three rinks to achieve victory by 24 shots.

Wedmore 88, Castle Cary 64: R Bull, T Simpson, D Stansfield, R Hughes 17-19; T Brown, J Runciman, I Faulkner, R Barron 23-11; V Matthews, B Treloar, R Thurkettle, C Moss 26-13; R Newell, D Barnett, K Masters, K Burt 22-21.

The Over-60s team had an unpromising start against Burnham, lagging by 21 shots after 10 ends. However, they showed good fighting spirit, especially Ian Faulkner’s rink who recovered from 4-10 down at 10 ends to win by one shot on the last end.

Unfortunately, the recovery was not enough to overcome the deficit and Wedmore finished just 11 shots behind, with two winning rinks.

Wedmore 98, Burnham 109: D Trow, C Wheller, I Faulkner 16-15; V Matthews, B Treloar, R Thurkettle 15-21; C Merrett, D Barnett, R Barron 14-17; R Hunt, T Keates, B Aston 15-19; J Runciman, T Hamblin, D Stansfield 16-18; R Bull, R Norris, R Newell 22-19.

Wedmore had two mixed friendlies scheduled last Sunday. The home game was against Winscombe resulting in a win on four of the five rinks and a substantial win overall by 111-68.

For the away game, Wedmore travelled to Paulton for a four rink friendly, although shortage of players at both clubs reduced one rink to triples.

However, an enjoyable game in good weather resulted in a win for Wedmore on three rinks, with an overall score of 91-52.

CONGRESBURY B 42, Bristol B 78 (Somerset League Division 2): G Andrews, I Morton, R Archer, J Stone 15-26; R Baker, G Andrews, D Gosling, M Huggett 14-22; M Greaves, R Joseph, F Horton, L Beck 13-30.

Congresbury 127, Nailsea 82 (Clevedon & District Over-60s League): G Andrews, J Churchward, G Stenner 15-24; N Davis, R Archer, J Stone 22-14; R Baker, C Blagden, R Whiskin 26-10; M Kimmings, A Collins, R Kirkham 18-13; P Dawes, J Freemantle, M Huggett 19-12; D Byett, D Gosling, T Yearsley 27-9.

Congresbury 82, Clevedon Prom 87 (Clevedon& District Evening League): D Byett, F Horton, A Fisher, L Beck 16-17; R King, P Reay, R Stewart, R Becker 15-19; D Manning, M Kimmings, G Stenner, B Herbison 16-18; S Pook, M Huggett, R Whiskin, J Stone 26-12; P Dawes, C Blagden, M Wear, R Kirkham 9-21.

Congresbury 143, Severn Vale 81 (mixed friendly): C Lewis, K Cole, D Whiskin, A Fisher 33-12; D Byett, A Fisher, C Blagden, C Shipway 23-8; C Wilcock, C Andrews, R Archer, R Whiskin 18-16; M Greaves, D Davis, R Horton, L Beck 26-11; E Archer, J Freemantle, M Hopkins, M Huggett 24-15; J Blagden, S Wright, P Dawes, F Horton 19-19.

ST ANDREWS ladies won two games this week, most notably their third round Fear Cup match against Ashcombe Park.

The ladies have now reached the quarter-finals of this year’s competition. The friendly game against Victoria was affected by heavy rain, which restricted play to just eight ends.

St Andrews Ladies 42, Ashcombe Park 63: K Dobney, B McCollum, J Pitman, M Favis 20-21; P Uglow, D Johnston, M Frost, M Pattenden 9-19; J Forse, W Allen, A Greenwood, J Ware 13-23

St Andrews Ladies 40, Long Ashton (Doreen Ralph Trophy) 60: P Uglow, S Priory, J Ware, M Pattenden 16-22; M Wride, J Smith, J Pitman, A Campbell 9-21; C Venn, S Glenville, M Bailey, M Favis 15-17.

St Andrews Ladies 28, Victoria 11: J Forse, M Cordwell, J Ware, M Favis 10-4; M Wride, S Glenville, E Blight, A Campbell 9-3; W Allen, B McCollum, J Pitman, S Priory 9-4.

St Andrews Ladies 74, Ashcombe Park 52 (Fear Cup): C Venn, J Forse, M Pattenden, M Favis 21-17; P Uglow, B Goddard, J Ware, A Campbell 23-22; M Wride, S Glenville, S Priory, J Pitman 30-13.

CLARENCE ladies are through to the next round of the Fear Plate competition after a narrow win of just two shots against Victoria.

The successful winning rink of R McMillan, P Dunn, C Edlin and skip M Noddings finished nine shots up, which made up for the two losing rinks.

Clarence 53, Victoria 51: M Woods, M Davison, V Senior, P Hawkins 12-16; J Colman, P Phillips, M Baker, V Collicott 16-19; R McMillan, P Dunn, C Edlin, M Noddings 25-16.

WINSCOMBE ladies played a North Somerset Triples League match in the rain at Portishead and were losing on two rinks and drawing on one, when it was decided to call a halt after 15 ends.

Portishead collecting nine points to Winscombe’s one.

Winscombe Ladies 30 (1), Portishead 49 (9) (North Somerset Triples League): T Miles, E Watts, A Ainsworth 6-15; L Whatling, R Keane, L Fredersdorff 10-20; J Kimmins, I Tofte, S Nash 14-14 (15 ends played - rain).

GLORIOUS sunshine greeted St Andrews Ladies Bowls Club’s 25th Anniversary.

The ladies welcomed guests and members from local clubs who helped to make the day special. Everyone enjoyed a bowls drive and an excellent buffet lunch was served by the gentlemen members of St Andrews.

Some of the club’s founder members said a few words before the drive was continued during the afternoon. The drive was won by Sue Cooper of Victoria and a cream tea completed the day’s events in style.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 52, St Andrews 74 (Fear Cup): N Counsell, G Day, M Williams, S Weaden 22-23; M Main, J McInally, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 17-21; S Hadley, B Macgregor, J Hughes, S Ford 13-30.

Ashcombe Ladies 54 (8), Portishead RBL 38 (2): A Cox, N Counsell, M Williams 15-16; M Tucker, G Day, C Hedges 18-11; M Tasker, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 21-11.

Ashcombe Ladies 90 (10), Isle of Wedmore 34 (0) (Wessex League): J Beat, G Day, M Williams, S Weaden 30-12; M Main, C Hedges, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 35-5; S Noyes, M Tucker, J Hughes, S Hopkins 25-17.

Ashcombe Ladies 63, St Andrews 42 (friendly): S Hadley, S Davies, J Hughes, S Weaden 19-9; N Counsell, G Day, M Williams, A Goacher 23-13; S Noyes, D Norville, J Wilkinson, P Chewins 21-20.

Ashcombe Ladies 59, Victoria Park Bridgwater 40 (friendly): A Fews, S Davies, B Groves, M Main 29-9; J Field, L Owen, M Tasker, S Hopkins 9-20; M Tucker, N Urch, B Cullen, J McInally 21-11.

ON a morning trip to Nailsea, Victoria ladies came away with a creditable draw, thanks to Margaret Hillman’s triple winning by seven shots.

Credit was also due to the other two triples as they kept the game tight.

Victoria 48, Nailsea 48: C Willetts, R Bailey, M Hillman 20-13; S Newman, R Cleeves, J Donald 15-19; D Owen, E Newport, A Holland 13-16.

The ladies beat Clevedon Promenade in the Weston and District Triples League, despite only winning on one triple. The winning margin of 19 shots was enough to win the match.

Victoria 47(6), Clevedon Promenade 44 (4) (Weston & District Triples League): S Lawrence, R Cleeves, R Bailey 10-21; C Sage, E Newport, P Smith 10-15; C Willetts, M Chudley, S Cooper 27-8.

Victoria bowed out to local rivals Clarence Park by two shots in the Fear Plate. Although a close game throughout, Victoria had two winning rinks, but just not enough shots.

Victoria 51, Clarence Park 53: S Newman, C Willetts, E Newport, S Harrison 16-25; A Palmer, J Donald, P Smith, M Hillman 19-16; P Osborne, R Cleeves, A Holland (replaced by C Sage due to injury), M Chudley 16-12.

THE Wedmore ladies game at North Petherton in the Victoria League resulted in a good win on one rink, though not enough to overcome losses on the other two rinks.

An extra friendly rink provided some compensation, with a win for Wedmore by six shots.

Wedmore Ladies 53, North Petherton 60: R Aston, S Moss, G Harvey 24-15; J Bean, M Trow, M Hordle 18-20; M Green, A Hughes, M Barron 11-23.

The Wessex league game against Ashcombe was even more disappointing, with all three rinks losing by substantial margins.

WedmoreLadies 34, Ashcombe 90: M Green, S Moss, M Perry, G Harvey 12-30; B Disbrey, J Hunt, J Gainey, M Barron 5-35; T Newell, J Rush, L Hamblin, M Hordle 17-25.

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