Convincing cup win for Clevedon

Clevedon made further progress in the Turnbull Cup by visiting their old and feared rivals Bristol, and to their delight came away with a convincing win.

Clevedon made further progress in the Turnbull Cup by visiting their old and feared rivals Bristol, and to their delight came away with a convincing win. They next play Yeovil in the quarter-finals on a neutral green at Street.

In a strange juxtaposition of fixtures in the Weston Over-60s Triples League, Clevedon met the Prom Vikings twice in one week, but with many of the same players involved, the scores were reversed with each team flourishing on their own green.

Clevedon 85, Bristol 67 (Turnbull Cup): N Neath, M Bryant, G Jay, M Payne 19-26;

M Langley, A Morgan, S Withers, N Pearce 22-18; D Bessant, R Pitts, N Westlake, D Mason 16-14; K Bristow, M Short, JP Branfield, J Hick 28-9.

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Clevedon 107, Congresbury 84 (Deverill Black League): N Neath, A Morgan, S Withers, J Hick 22, R Stewart 18; D Harding, J Johnstone, D Bessant, D Mason 22, R Kirkham 18; A Bisp, J Brommage, M Langley, G Jay 24, J Stone 14; B Squire, PA Branfield, R Pitts, N Westlake 21, R Becker 18; R Williams, J Manning, R Sweet, M Payne 18, A Fisher 16.

Clevedon 72,Nailsea 119 (Clevedon and District Over 60s Triples): B Squire, J Manning, M Bryant 16, J Davis 13; J Morgan, M Say, J Brommage 11, T Grigg 23.

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M Archer, J Freeman, R Sweet 7, J Smith 25; K Parkins, N Cape, M Langley 9, D Price 19; D Hull, V Perry, C Seward 18, J Edmunds 17; M Durbin, C Cooper, C Folland 11, J Hathway 22.

Clevedon 124, Clevedon Prom Vikings 75 (Weston Over 60s Triples): J Fowler, P Stevens, A Miller 14, R Wood 18; M Archer, R Boak, M Payne 11, D Demery 16; R Capern, D Priddle, M Langley 16, D Knowles 12; P Cornish, D Harding, A Morgan 28, B Jones 7; C Folland, J Manning, C Seward 31, B Baldwin 4; J Weeks, J Johnstone, D Pratten 24, T Deakin 18.

Clevedon 91, Clevedon Prom Vikings 117: M Hussey, B Wrightson, M Langley 15, R Wood 23; A Crow, R Boak, N Neath 12, D Demery 19; J Johnstone, R Day, A Miller 24, T Deakin 14; G Drewitt, D Priddle, A Morgan 13, B Jones 22; R Williams, K Bird, C Folland 11, F Perry 20; A Bisp, C Cooper, D Pratten 16, D Knowles 19.

Clevedon 111, Heavitree 70 (friendly): M Foster, I Parkin, J Monaghan, P Stevens 31-9; P Hussey, J Brown, M Hussey, D Harding 28-14; F Leonard, A Scott, V Fletcher, J Freeman 15- 20; J Withey, D Watts, J Johnstone, D Pratten 18-16; J Morgan, E Dawson, M Say, H Fry 19-11.

Clevedon Ladies 71, Clevedon Prom Ladies 43 (North Somerset League): J Priddle, M Kew, S Branfield 25, A Crees 15; P Hussey, M Gadd, JM Branfield 31, V Say 13; J Monaghan, L Holden, L Palmer 15, C Pratten 15.

CLEVEDON Promenade travelled to Bath to play in the National Two Rinks. For the winners this would mean entry into the final 16 of the competition. The Prom started off well and were six shots up after three ends, however after 10 ends they had slumped to 10 shots down. To say that they were running hot and cold in Bath about summed up their position.

After 16 ends Prom had reduced the deficit to just six shots and the end game was hotting up, even though the sun had set and the chill wind was biting into the spectators. The game ended with Bath holding onto their six-shot lead and winning an exciting match. They will now face Bristol.

It is with great sadness we learn that the president of Clevedon Promenade, Noel Davies passed away on Friday, July 10 His typical Welsh humour will be missed by his many friends in the local bowling and skittles community.

Over the years he made a huge contribution to the "Prom" bowls club, having served as captain and on the selection committee for a number of years before becoming president. Noel was always keen to accept and implement new ideas, to encourage new bowlers, and to improve the game of bowls.

He was a competitive person, not only at bowls but as a skittler, sadly however, in latter years he had to be a spectator-due to his illness, but attended many bowls matches and continued in his role of captain of the Promenaders skittles team.

Clevedon Prom 124, La Manga Tourists 93 (mixed friendly): B Quantrill, R Jenkins, C Crees 18-18; S Jones, M Loveridge, R Soper 29-17; D Hazell, C Pratten, B Jones 14-25; A Johnstone, D Hampton, D Demery 20-17; D Symes, F Perry, A Crees 24-14; D Cranshaw, D Loveridge, A Symes 19-12.

Clevedon Prom Vikings 75, Clevedon 124 (Weston Over-60s Triples): E Nash-Clark, R Cant, R Wood 18, A Miller 14; K White, P Bissett, D Demery 17, M Payne 11; E Foster, D Hampton, D Knowles 12, M Langley 16; B Quantrill, J Grubb, B Joness 7, A Morgan 29; M Whitehead, R Jackson, R Baldwin 4, C Seaward 31; K Faithful, a Elsey, T Deakin 18, D Pratten 24.

Clevedon Prom 134, Long Ashton 70 (Deverill Black Over-60s Triples): T Deakin, B Jones, H Williams 33, C Arnold 12; E Nash-Clark, R Cant, R Wood 23, P Cornock 10; A Passey, B Rogers, A Pine 17, I Webb 11; A Symes, J Grubb, J Bartlett 15, I Taylor 15; R Cranshaw, G Robinson, D Knowles 21, R Thomas 13; K White, P Bissett, F Perry 25, B Brice 9.

Clevedon Prom 33, Bath 39 (National Two-Rink): R Cranshaw, R Soper, D Demery, A Pine 15-19; A Symes, F Perry, M Chivers, E Furze 18-20.

Clevedon Prom Vikings 117, Clevedon 91 (Weston Over-60s Triples): E Nash-Clark, R Cant, R Wood 23, M Langley 15; K White, P Bissett, D Demery 19, N Neath 12; K Faithful, A Derric, T Deakin 14, A Milller 24; R Baldwin, J Grubb, B Jones 22, A Morgan 13; M Whitehead, R Jackson, F Perry 20, C Follandd 11; A Elsey, D Hampton, D Knowles 19, D Pratten 16.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 51, Clarence Park 40 (North Somerset Triples): A Johnstone, A Gibbins, V Say 16-9; B Young, M Sheppard, C Pratten 16-14; J Fry, F Rawlings, L Greeves 10-21; M Wood, J Hill, A Crees 25-5.

OVER100 couples, divided into four sections, have taken part in the Somerset County Mixed Pairs, and the last eight played the quarter and semi- finals at Bath. There was excellent bowling, with exciting nail-biting matches, two of which warranted an extra end. Congratulations to Julie Ratcliffe and Brian Deverill (West Backwell) and Muriel Lewis and Ian Blatchford (Nailsea), who will play in the final at the end of August.

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