Craig undergoes tough training in Spain

Burnham tennis player Craigh Phillips underwent some tough training in Spain.

BURNHAM tennis player Craig Phillips flew out to Spain for a month to train in one of the top performance tennis academies called Global Tennis Academy.

It is run by Jofre Porta, who was Rafa Nadal’s coach for nine years and also Carlos Moya’s coach.

Craig was training six days a week with a rest day on Sundays. A typical day would start with an on-court training session from 8-9.30am and a one-to-one fitness session from 11am-noon.

In the afternoons, Craig would be back on court between 3-30-5pm and then have another fitness session between 6-7pm.

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Craig found the first week a real challenge as it was the hardest he had ever been worked on and off court and struggled with the heat as most days it was around 30-35 degrees.

Craig is now back England training at Avenue Tennis Club five days a week. His goal is to try and break into the top 1,000 in the world, so if there is any businesses that would like to potentially sponsor him for travel costs, accommodation etc, please contact Craig on 07546 230727 or 01278 782758.

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