Crusaders run out winners at Winscombe

Tournament sponsor Alison Harwood from Optika presenting the Singles Champion trophy to Mike Rickets

Tournament sponsor Alison Harwood from Optika presenting the Singles Champion trophy to Mike Rickets from Ledbury BC and runner up trophy to Gareth Burbridge from Worcester BC - Credit: Archant

Ashcombe Crusaders defeated Winscombe by nine shots in the Over-60s League.

ASHCOMBE Crusaders played Winscombe in the Over-60s League and both clubs took three rinks each.

The Crusaders won overall by nine shots and gained 14 points. In the friendly against the Police, both teams won on two rinks, but Ashcombe came out on top winning by 23.

Once again in the friendly versus Bridgwater, both clubs won on two rinks, but Ashcombe were triumphant taking the game by just five shots.

The Templars played six rinks against Nailsea and lost by a mere five shots. In the Over-60s League game against Clevedon, the Knights went down only managing to take two rinks and gain four points.

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Crusaders 91, Winscombe 82 (Over-60s League): G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 8-18; R Powell, G Wilkinson, J Taylor 26-14; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 24-9; L Cox, A Freke, A Little 8-13; L Day, D. Bleasdale, J Whitton 10-14; A Wilmot, S Hedges, J Whitlow 15-14.

Ashcombe 88, Police 65 (friendly): B Noyes, D Bleasdale, R Tasker, J Whitlow 22-11; R Counsell, P Sheppard, G Wilkinson, E Hooper 18-21; G Tucker, S Andrews, B Caddick, T Bass 28-12; H West, M Badman, T Morgan, B Webber 20-21.

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Ashcombe 63, Bridgwater 58 (friendly): R Counsell, A Freke, J Taylor 22-10; D Underhay, G Wilkinson, B Webber 8-18; T Morgan, M Bass, B Caddick 14-22; S Hedges, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 19-8.

Templars 101, Nailsea 106 (friendly): G Tucker, B Noyes, B Alden 14-23; M McMahon, G Fews, E Booth 18-14; D Freestone, F Bertram, L Cox 22-16; K Davies, M Brummell, P Gaulton 19-16, J Piper, M Paterson, R Tasker 15-16; R Cole, S Andrews, B Benstead 13-21.

Knights 95, Clevedon 117 (Over-60s League): B Caddick, T Cottrell, A Cracknell 28-22; R Counsell, I Baker, J Main 13-22; J Price, D Norville, B Underhay 10-23; G Kinsey, E Roberts, E Hooper 15-21; W Spring, K Hallett, E Hopkins 14-13; M Bass, G Mills, T Bass 15-16.

Ashcombe 72, Willmott Park 67 (mixed friendly): J Mathews, S Davies, L Cox, E Hopkins 18-17; A Cox, R Powell, I Baker, T Bass 18-18; S Andrews, J Sansam, S Hopkins, E Hooper 19-16; B Alden, S Appleby, B Macgregor, R Powell 17-16.

Ashcombe 105, Middlesex 79 (mixed friendly): S Davies, G Holcombe, S Hopkins, A Little 15-21; S Appleby, P Sheppard, B Macgregor, B Webber 27-21; L Owens, M Parry, A Freke 15-10; G Tucker, A Bryant, M Tasker, J Creasey 15-19; M West, E Roberts, S Weaden 30-8.

Ashcombe 61, Wedmore 83 (mixed friendly): D Freeston, J Sansam, J Hughes, M Bass 16-27; B Noyes, G Sansam, N Counsell, J McInally 21-21; J Mathews, R Counsell, L Paterson, S Hedges 17-18; S Noyes, M Paterson, C Hughes, C Hedges 7-17.

IT was a quiet week for St Andrews, with only a friendly and two tourist games, mainly due to the county tour and Weston Open Tournament.

St Andrews 85, Eastover Park 61 (friendly): R Smith, T Allen, J Warren (c) 17-14; F Mudge, J Ling, D Favis 28-8; K Parker, G Burgess, B Green 19-22; P Smart, B Reeves, B May 21-17.

St Andrews 58, Gilfach Goch 87: M Simpson, T Allen, P Aldus, A.Steer 13-20; P Smart, R Smith, M Goddard, A Horsburgh 21-16; K Parker, G Cooper, M Berry, D.Favis 14-24; B Rogers, A McNab, J Warren (c), G Webber 10-27.

St Andrews 123, Gnoll (Neath) 117: R Brereton, A McNab, T Allen, G Webber 21-22; K Dobney, T Ware, R McLeod, B Reeves 25-18; R Smith, J Ling, T Day, J Warren (c) 24-16; P Smart, E Reeves. F Allen, A Horsburgh 22-23; K Parker, A Cooper, J Ware, G Burgess 12-26; G Cooper, R Venn, P Aldus, D Favis 19-12.

VICTORIA Bowling Club members at the Weston tournament in Clarence Park enjoyed great success with one winners’ trophy, two runners-up trophies, two semi-finalists and a quarter-finalist.

In the Sunday triples, Team Stocker, Mike with sons Nathan and Lee won the trophy, making Mike a very proud dad, particularly as Nathan had only returned to bowling this year after a 12-year absence and Lee has been bowling for just eight weeks.

Mike’s 14-year-old grandson Sam is already receiving coaching at Victoria, so the plan is for a Team Stocker to enter the gala fours in 2014.

Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper won their pair’s semi-final on the last end by one shot, but despite a great comeback in the final from 21-14 down, their opponents won the match with the final wood.

Victoria’s Lee Stocker and Dave Fairhurst were part of the rink that had a great run to the final of the gala fours, but this year had to settle for a well deserved runners-up trophy.

Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper teamed up with Pete Wyatt and enjoyed a good run in the triples until losing in the semi-finals in what was a close match until their opponents took charge in the closing ends.

Mike Stocker joined his son Nathan in the pairs, winning well in the rounds until their defeat in the semi-final.

Nathan Stocker with his girlfriend partner Tiffany Ellis, who had only just taken up the game in the last few weeks, reached the quarter-finals of the mixed pairs.

Victoria president Beric Saward was delighted that nine of Victoria’s entrants to the competition returned with awards and the other members enjoyed their participation and their own successes.

BECAUSE of the Weston Open Tournament, the three teams based at Clarence Park had no games from Sunday to Saturday last week.

However, Clarence B travelled to Bristol C for a Somerset County League match, which they lost by eight shots. Adrian Gardiner skipped the only winning rink, who picked up a four on the final end to finish three ahead.

Bristol C 62 (10), Clarence B 54 (2): J Hicks, A Kermack, T Pritchard, D Towie 16-23; R Stacey, C Tippett, J Burgess, A Gardiner 21-18; A Bishop, A Taylor, M Scoins, G Aldridge 17-21.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team entertained Panteg House in their annual fixture and beat them by 36 shots, their second victory in a row.

Most of the damage was done by the rink of Ann Crawford, Tony Comfort, Jan Bishop and Trevor Ward, who won by 24 shots. The other winning skips were Veronica Jones, who had a six on the fifth end, David Stott and Pam Hawkins, while Richard Crawford drew.

Clarence 127, Panteg House 91: Marlene Woods, J Hicks, Jo Mannion, Veronica Jones 20-19; Ann Crawford, T Comfort, Jan Bishop, T Ward 31-7; Verlie Edwards, Rita Hinde, Ann Ward, D Stott 17-14; Lucy Oldham, A Bishop, I Phipps, Audrey Powell 17-18; J Hawkins, Pat Phillips, J Edwards, R Crawford 18-18; Irene Hicks, D Gilbert, M Phillips, Pam Hawkins 24-15.

WINSCOMBE’S highlight of the week was their victory at Burnham in the Weston and District Over-60s KO Cup.

This has been a successful competition for Winscombe over the last three years. They narrowly missed a place in the final last year and won the trophy for both the previous two years.

The match at Burnham was a game of two halves. Winscombe’s first three rinks won well and their second three rinks lost narrowly resulting in a 18-shot overall victory. Winscombe play Victoria Saxons in the next round.

In other league matches, Winscombe lost at Ashcombe in the Weston Over-60s League and at West Backwell in the C&D League, while West Backwell gained revenge for their defeat in the Wedmore Plate.

Winscombe also played two mixed matches against Minehead at home, losing by just seven shots and travelled to South Petherton, where they lost, but enjoyed playing the club for the first time.

Winscombe 116, Minehead 123 (mixed friendly): D Johnson, P Heal, J Rush, P Fredersdorff 16-20; W Weller, J Smith, G Hill, M Dorrington (c) 26-12; C Hopes, D Rush, W Ainsworth, R Lowman 12-27; P John, A Ainsworth, A Watts, M Nash 25-19; P Hopes, C Bailey, S Lowman, L Fredersdorff 23-18; M Sprouting, T Moody, J Sprouting, E Watts 14-27.

Winscombe 82, Ashcombe Crusaders 91 (Weston Over-60s): P Hopes, L Collier, T Ellis 14-26. J Sprouting, G Neville, M Nash 18-8; R Knight, A Pye, R Birmingham 9-24; A Watts, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 14-15; G Coombe, K Whatling, L Baldwin 14-10; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 13-8.

Winscombe 85, West Backwell 101 (C&D Evening League): S Easterby, G Matthews, K Whatling, L Collier 18-23; A Watts, P John, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 16-25; G Coombe, G Hill, A Kyprianides, M Nash 13-21; R Fisher, D Owen, A Pye, R Lowman 26-15; R Kibble, J Smith, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington (c) 12-17.

Winscombe 116, Burnham 98 (Weston Over-60s Cup): G Coombe, K Whatling, L Baldwin 14-19; R Knight, L Collier, T Ellis 17-25; P Hopes, A Watts, R Birmingham 24-11; G Lloyd, R Wootten, W Ainsworth 26-13; A Pye, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 17-12; J Sprouting, G Neville, M Nash 18-24.

Winscombe 96, South Petherton 119 (mixed friendly): D Johnson, J Sprouting, L Whatling, L Fredersdorff 18-20; J Kimmins, R Keane, W Ainsworth, P Fredersdorff 14-18; M Sprouting, A Kyprianides, M Nash, A Ainsworth 15-23; T Miles, C Hopes, K Whatling (c), L Collier 13-17; S Caddy, P Hopes, E Watts, M Dorrington 16-21; W Weller, S Nash, A Watts, R Lowman 20-20.

WEDMORE men had an excellent 95-67 win at home against Fosseway in the Mid Somerset League with one rink scoring a hot shot with eight points.

Ron Barron’s team achieved the hot shot, but the highest winning differential came from Dave Nicholls and his team with a 28-16 win

Wedmore 95, Fosseway 67: V Matthews, C Panchaud, T Brown, D Nicholls 28-16; R Bull, J Arthurs, I Faulkner, C Moss 26-15; T Counsell, J Harvey, I Gallop, R Barron 24-13; D Trow, S Newdick, K Phillimore, R Thurkettle 17-23.

In the Turnbull Cup, the men visited Purnells, and after a challenging afternoon’s bowling, came away with just one rink won and a final score of 59-85. Roger Hughes led his team to the only victory with a 24-19 score.

Wedmore 59, Purnells 85: T Brown, I Gallop, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 24-19; V Matthews, J Arthurs, D Nicholls, C Moss 10-23; B Back, P Moxey, K Pettit, D Wedderell 15-17; R Bull, K Phillimore, R Newell, E Payne 10-26.

Wedmore men had an equally tough match at Clevedon Prom in the Over-60s Triples League, with Ron Barron and his team achieving the only win of the day. Final score: 117-71.

The ladies also had a week of mixed fortunes. The away match against Wessex in the Mendip League had to be concluded after 12 ends after one of the Wedmore team fell heavily and could not be moved. The final score of 40-25 stands and Wedmore won one rink, drew one and lost one

Wedmore Ladies 40, Wessex 25: M Hordle, S Moss, M Trow 24-3; D Gallop, P Beard, M Ronald 9-9; T Newell, C Pettit, J Masters 7-13.

Another successful afternoon was the home match in the Wessex League against North Petherton, with the ladies winning all three rinks

Wedmore Ladies 60, North Petherton 45: J Collins, M Barron, C Pettit, M Ronald 21-15; B Clark, J Gainey, J Wheller, E Deverill 20-15; D Gallop, M Fisher, J Hunt, L Hamblin 19-15.

Both the weather and Wedmore ladies’ fortunes changed for their match at home against Clevedon in the Wessex League, when only Gill Harvey’s team managed a win 23-13.

Wedmore Ladies 40, Clevedon 42.25: T Newell, J Collingwood, J Wheller, G Harvey 23-13; C Mercer, B Clark, M Trow, S Wederell 10-11; B Disbrey, D Gallop, M Hordle, E Deverill 7-21.

Another home match, this time with Victoria in the Mendip Ladies Triples League resulted in one rink drawn and two lost.

Wedmore Ladies 38, Victoria 46: M Barron, J Wheller, M Trow 13-13; C Pettit, P Beard, E Deverill 12-16; J Collins, S Moss, M Hordle 13-17.

In the Mid-Somerset Mixed League, Frome Selwood visited Wedmore. The home team won one rink and lost two, with Ray Newell and his team having the only success with a 19-14 win. Final score: 50-55.

Williton visited for a mixed friendly match which Wedmore won 77-51. Ron Barron and his team had the best winning differential with 22-9 score.

WINSCOMBE ladies had a good start to the week with a win against Victoria in a friendly match played away.

Winning two out of the three rinks was enough to overcome four shots lost on the third rink and resulted in a 62-46 shots win overall.

Winscombe’s second game of the week was played at home against Ashcombe Park in the NSTL and despite winning two rinks again, an overall shot difference of five in favour of Ashcombe allowed them to leave with six points to Winscombe’s four.

Angela Ainsworth, supported by Trixie Miles and Sarah Lowman had a resounding 20-6 win on their rink, but unfortunately this victory was not repeated on the other rinks and Winscombe lost 46-51 overall.

Winscombe 62, Victoria 46 (friendly): T Miles, A Griffin, S Nash, A Ainsworth 21-11; C Hopes, J Wiles, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (c) 24-14; M Smith, L Dyer, W Weller, E Watts 17-21.

Winscombe 46, Ashcombe 51 (NSTL): C Hopes, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (c) 15-14; T Miles, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 7-21; M Sprouting, L Whatling, R Keane 12-19.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 45 (2), Clevedon Prom 63 (8) (North Somerset Triples League): M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 22-17; S Bayntun, M Tasker, S Weaden 11-20; M Tucker, C Hedges, S Hopkins 12-26.

Friendly rink: J Matthews, D Norville, B Groves 11-26.

Ashcombe Ladies 51 (5), Portishead RBL 51 (5): S Noyes, M Tasker, S Weaden 19-17; D Norville, N Counsell, J Hughes 13-17; B Groves, J Wilkinson, S Ford 19-17.

Ashcombe Ladies 51 (6), Winscombe 46 (4): M Tucker, M Tasker, S Weaden 6-20; S Noyes, J Wilkinson, J .McInally 14-15; L Paterson, N Counsell, A Goacher 31-11.

VICTORIA ladies had a mixed week as they lost at home in a friendly, but went to Wedmore in a Mendip League match and came away with nine of the 10 points on offer.

In the Weston tournament, Carol Webb, partnered by Don Towie of Clarence in the mixed pairs, won the competition in a close finish as Don took out their opponents shot wood to win by one shot.

Victoria Ladies 46, Winscombe 62 (friendly): C Webb, J Donald, C Willetts, M Hillman 14-24; G Poolman, S Sokol, R Bailey, S Cooper 11-21; D Owen, C Stevens, S Newman, A Holland 21-17.

Victoria Ladies 46 (9), Wedmore 38 (1) (Mendip League): S Sokol, S Harrison, M Chudley 16-12; C Willetts, R Cleeves, M Hillman 17-13; M Angove, S Newman, E Newport 13-13.

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