Crusaders sit on top of the league

Ashcombe Crusadsers are top of Division 1 of the Over-60s League.

ASHCOMBE Crusaders, having completed their Over-60s fixtures, are currently top of Division 1. The Knights and Templars still have several games to play.

Ashcombe Crusaders 110, St Andrews 99: D Stanton, S Hedges, J Taylor 23-17; R Powell, G Wilkinson 23-14; P Sheppard, B Hadley, J Whitton 20-16; A Wilmot, G Tottle, DA Williams 9-28; A Wright, A Little, J Hornett 16-20; D Bleasdale, C Hughes, J Creasey 19-14.

Ashcombe 82, Ardagh 102 (mixed friendly): G Pople, D Norville, B Cullen, M Southwood 17-16; M Field, D Little, J Wilkinson, B Webber 8-25; J Field, A Bryant, M Tasker, J Creasey 16-15; S Noyes, S Davies, D Bleasedale, A Little 10-23; A Fews, L Patterson, B Alden, M Bass 21-23.

Ashcombe 72, Mark Moor 35 (County League): M Bass, P Sheppard, W Spring, DA Williams 20-17; R Powell, S Hedges, J Main, A Yates 26-7; M Parry, D Bleasdale, E Hooper, B Hadley 26-11.

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Ashcombe C 37, Burnham B 71 (County League): G Tucker, G Sansam, I Baker, P Gaulton 9-24; J Marlow, K Hallett, R Tasker 11-22; D Underhay, F Ham, A Freke, R Simmons 17-25.

Ashcombe 58, Clevedon B 64: T Morgan, A Cracknall, B Underhay, L Day 17-20; A Wilmot, D Stanton, A Little, J Whitton 19-21; G Fews, J Price, T Cottrell, B Webber 22-23.

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Ashcombe 131, Cardiff Athletic 105 (friendly): K Halton, M Patterson, T Morgan 23-18; M Unwin, M Parry, J Main, J Price 31-15; R Lewis, R Tasker, A Freke, J Taylor 18-27; J Gilmore, G Tucker, A Wright, J Hornett 27-7; S Eastham, M Bass, L Cox, T Williams 13-21; B Noyes, F Bertram, G Rain, C Hughes 19-17.

Ashcombe 87, North Petherton 126 (mixed friendly): B Benstead, Ros Powell, B McGregor, R Powell 12-21; R Counsell, C Hedges, S Hedges, S Hopkins 21-12; M Sell, B Groves, P Sheppard, R Simmons 16-16; A Fews, V Webber, J Sansam, B Webber 20-19; J Gentle, S Davies, J Marlow, J McInally 9-28; G Sansam, E Winfield, N Counsell, E Hopkins 7-30.

VICTORIA enjoyed two excellent wins at home in the Somerset County League, with comprehensive wins for the A and B teams.

The A team beat Taunton A by 16 shots with wins on all three rinks skipped by Mike Stocker, Will Harrison and Mike Cooper. The team remain bottom of the table, but not without hope as their last two games are against other teams at the foot of the table.

The B team, who occupy a comfortable mid-table position in the table, also won well with a 22 shot victory over Chew Stoke B, with two rink wins by skips Derek Hurst and club captain Mike Manning.

A trip away to play Nailsea B resulted in a heavy 25 shot defeat and a return home without a point for the C team, who at this stage of the season are grateful for their earlier season results which have provided a safe mid-table position.

Victoria D came close to winning their first match of the season, losing at Congresbury by the narrow margin of just three shots. Top rink for Victoria was Tom Farmer, Ian Linham, John Downing and Captain Rod Sleep with an 11 shot win.

Victoria A 61 (12), Taunton A 45 (0) (Somerset County League): P Lunn, D Sealey, P Leadbeater, M Stocker 20-17; M Campbell, R Fenwick, C Gazzard, W Harrison 23-11; H Whyte, K Curtis, D Williams, M Cooper 18-17.

Victoria B 67 (10), Chew Stoke B 45 (2): D Beard, T Bray, J Howell, D Hurst 29-14; J Dyet, T Gatehouse, T Uccellini, M Manning 22-12; P Fisher, A Barnes, M Taylor, S Evans 16-19.

Victoria C 46, (0), Nailsea B 71 (12): B Nicholls, M Willetts, R Austin, K Holland 16-21; T Gilbert, G Richards, A Shattock, G Frost 16-28; P Wyatt, M Milliner, G Hodge, D Avery 14-22.

Victoria D 53 (2), Congresbury 56 (10): R Jacobs, J Codrington, R Sparkes, J Griffiths 10-21; T Farmer, I Linham, J Downing, R Sleep 23-12; F Aldridge, K Leahy, A Waygood, J Kerr 20-23.

CLARENCE’S two teams had a successful time in the Somerset County League, taking 21 points out of a possible 24.

The A team, who are challenging strongly for promotion from North Division One, had a resounding home victory over Congresbury A, by 34 shots. Captain Roger Burrough’s four finished 26 shots clear, while Don Towie’s men, 13-0 down, came back to draw with seven shots on the last three ends.

Clarence A 73 (11), Congresbury A 39 (1): B Rossiter, R Flicker, P Palmer, D Towie 19-19; M Edlin, T Mannion, R Crawford, P Tubb 23-15; T Hooper, T Pritchard, D Stott, R Burrough 31-5.

Clarence B were at home to local rivals St Andrews B, who were top of the table and unbeaten. The home side gave one of their best displays of the season to win by 13 shots. Leading the way were the rink skipped by team captain Mike Clay, who finished 12 ahead.

Clarence B 61 (10), St Andrews B 48 (2): T Ward, J Keay, B Duffy, M Clay 24-12; L Lakey, B Cornwall, D Jackman, G Barlow 18-14; A Bishop, M Davies, M Skyrme, M Adams 19-22.

Despite a strong fightback in the closing ends, Clarence Blues lost by eight shots at home to championship-chasing St Andrews Spartans in Division One of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Gerry Barlow’s trio picked up a four on the last end to win by three shots, while a similar score on the penultimate end enabled Pete Palmer’s men to finish six clear. Reg Flicker, Mike Clay and Martyn Adams were 15-11 down with three ends left but managed a draw.

The 10-shot victory from the St Andrews’ team skipped by ex-Clarence champion Barrie Forse proved decisive in the end.

Clarence Blues 87 (5), St Andrews Spartans 95 (15): L Lakey, H Sparks, D Thomson 14-17; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 20-17; T Hooper, J Rogers, J Burgess 13-17; R Flicker, M Clay, M Adams 15-15; A Bishop, J Keay, P Palmer 17-11; B Rossiter, T Ward, B Ballinger 8-18.

Gloucester City proved too strong for Clarence’s Sunday mixed team in their annual fixture. The only winners for the home team were Sue Bishop, Elaine Stott, Mick Edlin and Ann Ward, who finished 15 shots ahead.

Clarence 99, Gloucester 136: Irene Hicks, Ann Crawford, M Scoins, D Stott 15-18; Brenda Hayes, A Bishop, R Crawford, June Allard 16-29; Veronica Jones, B Cheffers, B Cornwall, Carol Edlin 11-32; T Comfort, Jo Mannion, J Hicks, T Ward 17-19; Shirley Scoins, John Hayes, D Jackman, Joan Davis 15-28; Sue Bishop, Elaine Stott, M Edlin, A Ward 25-10.

BANWELL Bowling Club won a vital league game and enjoyed yet another friendly win against Wilmott Park.

The A team faced Watchet A at home in a fixture both teams needed to win in order to give themselves hope of maintaining their place in Premier One of the Somerset County League.

Although they lost on one rink, Banwell got the important game points and won 62-41 gaining 10 valuable points.

Banwell A 62, Watchet A 41: R Smith, L Smith, C Wilson, P Owen 25-10; T Garfield, G Millard, H Guckian, B Taylor 12-18; T Hyde, H Woodards, K Burgess, J Davies 25-13

On Sunday, the sun came out and a game full of banter with a mix of young and old bowlers took place between Banwell and Wilmott Park.

Over the four rinks, there were three wins to Banwell and a draw, resulting in an 87-55 shot victory with the experienced John Davies skipping his rink of Vivienne Thompson, Jan Davies and Graham Millard to a huge 29-9 victory.

Banwell 87, Wilmott Park 55: V Thompson, Jan Davies, G Millard, John Davies 29-9; T Burnett, M Millard, J Amos, C Wilson 17-16; M Garfield, T Thompson, T Byrnes, J Laurent 19-19; M Laycock, K Smith, T Garfield, A Vickery 22-11

ST ANDREWS enjoyed a successful week, registering four victories.

The A team have just one County League fixture left, and only need one point to ensure that they win promotion back to Division One North at their first attempt. Interestingly, the final league game is due to be played on Saturday against the second-placed side, Yatton A.

The B team’s final league position is less clear, even though they are still top of Division Three North, four other teams still have a say in who gains promotion.

The Wedmore Plate final will take place at St Andrews on August 26, when the Saints will compete against close neighbours, Victoria, for the trophy. The final will start at 2.30pm and everyone is welcome.

St Andrews Spartans 127, Clevedon 106 (Weston Over-60s Triples): K Parker, A Horsburgh, G Wride 24-15; G Sims, J Ling, D Favis 17-16; R Smith, G Burgess, R Venn 19-19; M Simpson, M Goddard, J Warren 18-24; B Rogers, C Reeves, B May 28-17; G Tofte, B Reeves, B Forse 21-15.

St Andrews Spartans 95, Clarence Blues 87 (Weston Over-60s Triples): R Smith, P Villis, D Bailey 17-14; K Parker, A Horsburgh, G Wride 17-20; C Reeves, M Goddard, R McLeod 17-13; B Rogers, J Warren, B May 11-17; M Simpson, R Venn, G Guest 15-15; M Berry, G Tofte, B Forse 18-8.

St Andrews A 81, Winscombe B 26 (County League): G Tofte, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 23-6; K Uglow, R Venn, P Aldus, D Bailey 29-8; M Goddard, G Aldridge, P Villis, A Owens 29-12.

St Andrews A 62, Isle of Wedmore B 52 (County League): G Tofte, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 19-21; K Uglow, R Venn, P Aldus, A Steer 16-16; M Goddard, G Aldridge, P Villis, D Bailey 27-15.

St Andrews B 48, Clarence B 61 (County League): R McLeod, T Allen, A Horsburgh, B May 12-24; K Parker, M Blight, J Warren, D Favis 14-18; R Smith, J Ling, A Ware, G Wride 22-19.

WINSCOMBE bowlers enjoyed a week of mixed results. They won a mixed match against Wrington and the rink of Ann Griffin, Terry Moody, Wendy Weller and Geoff Coombe scored a hotshot.

In the Over-60s match at Clevedon, Winscombe secured another 18 points to move steadily up the table. It was not a good night for Winscombe against Wyrral Park, when Winscombe lost on all five rinks.

In the last match of the Clevedon and District League, Winscombe visited Clevedon again. They needed just one point to finish ahead of West Backwell. This they achieved and finished in a commendable sixth place in their first season playing in this league.

In the Somerset County League, Winscombe had three games this week. The re-arranged match at St Andrews resulted in a heavy defeat against a strong home side. The next day the Winscombe B team reversed their points tally with a comprehensive win against Yatton B and gained 12 points.

Both teams were at home for the first time this year and the A team beat high-flying Bristol B on two rinks to one and secured a 10-2 points win.

Winscombe 89, Wrington 61 (mixed friendly): A Griffin, T Moody, W Weller, G Coombe 32-15; C Hopes, K Headford, R Weller, R Wootten 14-19; K Symons, J Wiles, D Owen, S Caddy 20-11; L Coombe, R Hart, R Knight, J Kimmins 23-16.

Winscombe 99 (18), Clevedon 87 (2) (Weston Over-60s League): K Whatling, L Collier, A Watts 16-15; R Knight, R Kibble, G Neville 19-16; G Lloyd, M Hunter, M Adams 19-12; M Hunt, R Lowman, A Wootten 18-16; P John, P Fredersdorff, A Dudley 12-15; J Smith, M Nash, W Ainsworth 15-13.

Winscombe 63, Wyrral Park 110 (friendly): D Peakall, R Fisher, G Neville 14-22; D Owen, M Nash, A Dudley 14-15; J Vincent, M Hunter, R Lowman 11-20; J Smith, L Collier, K Whatling 20-8; R Weller, N Hansford, A Watts 4-45.

Winscombe 67(1), Clevedon 87(8) (Clevedon & District League): G Lloyd, R Fisher, M Hunt, M Nash 11-20; S Easterby, D Owen, J Smith, K Whatling 13-16; A Brand, D Peakall, J Lukins, R Lowman 13-23; P John, R Weller, R Kibble, A Watts 14-15; W Ainsworth, L Collier, A Dudley, R Feltham 16-13.

Winscombe B 26 (0), St Andrews A (12) (County League): S Easterby, R Weller, M Hunt, R Kibble 6-23; R Knight, R Fisher, J Lukins, M Nash 12-29; J Smith, R Sapsford, G Coombe, G Neville 8-29.

Winscombe A 77 (10), Bristol B 37 (2) (County League): K Whatling, N Hansford, R Lacy, S Eastment 35-6; G Lloyd, R Knight, R Lowman, T Ellis 16-18; W Ainsworth, L Collier, A Dudley, R Feltham 26-13.

Winscombe B 67 (12), Yatton B 43 (0) (County League): J Smith, R Freegard, M Dorrington, M Nash 22-13; S Easterby, R Fisher, R Kibble, A Watts 20-15; J Vincent, R Weller, B Paul, G Neville 25-15.

ISLE of Wedmore men played at home to Portishead in the Over-60s Triples League and each team won three rinks.

Wedmore however, won overall with a final score of 111-88. Ron Barron’s team were pipped at the post losing by just one shot on the final end. Victory was assured by Keith Pettit and his team who won their rink 26-8.

Wedmore 111, Portishead 88: T Hamblin, R Norris, K Burt 19-15, B Dearden, B Aston, D Stansfield 24-11; T Counsell, J Harvey, T Brown 11-14; J Runciman, I Gallop, R Barron 20-21; B Keen, R Hunt, I Faulkner 11-19; K Davey, B Cottrell, K Pettit 26-8.

The men did not fare as well when the B team visited Portishead for a men’s County League match, with only Dennis Stansfield’s team managing a draw and the other two rinks being lost.

Wedmore 47, Portishead 65: V Matthews, I Harvey, C Panchaud, I Faulkner 12-28; D Trow, B Cottrell, S Newdick, C Moss 20-22; P Bean, M Green, B Freeman, D Stansfield 15-15.

The ladies scored a good win at home against Burnham in the Victoria Ladies Triples League, winning all three rinks and with a final score of 70-31. Pauline Cottrell’s team had an excellent game winning 26-10.

Two friendly rinks were also played with one draw and one lost.

Wedmore Ladies 70, Burnham 31: A Hughes, M Ronald, P Cottrell 26-10; T Newell, M Perry, E Deverill 23-10; M Barron, S Moss, M Hordle 21-11.

In another Victoria League match at home, Street won two out of three rinks and just two points to the Wedmore team. Julie Masters team managed a good win 23-14 in an otherwise difficult afternoon for Wedmore ladies.

Wedmore Ladies 47, Street 64: J Collins, M Trow, M Ronald 14-17; M Green, L Hamblin, M Hordle 10-33; D Gallop, R Aston, J Masters 23-14.

Wedmore visited Frome Selwood for a Mid-Somerset Mixed League match winning two out of three rinks, but losing overall 49-53 in a closely fought contest.

Wedmore 49, Frome Selwood 53: C Panchaud, M Barron, G Harvey, R Newell 17-14; A Hughes, M Perry, B Cottrell, R Barron 19-17; T Newell, J Harvey, M Hordle, R Hughes 13-22.

Isle of Wedmore trio, Ray Newell, Mike Green and Trish Newell took part in the Clevedon Prom open triples tournament, when 28 teams from Somerset, Gloucester and as far afield as Oxfordshire, battled it out for the top prizes.

The Wedmore team won all their four matches for a total of 35 points, but were pipped at the post by Avon and Somerset Police and St Andrew’s, both teams scoring

36 points, with Avon and Somerset Police winning the top prize on shots difference. In a mixed friendly played at Chew Stoke, Wedmore won four out of five rinks and won overall by 103 to 94.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 46, Yatton 57 (friendly): H Tranmer, J Blagden, E Stenner 14-9; E Archer, W Manning, B Huggett 21-7; C Lewis, S Wright, A Mew 3-28; C Wilcock, A Purnell, C Andrews 8-13.

Congresbury Ladies 37, Wessex 44 (Mendip League): H Tranmer, C Lewis, B Huggett 8-19; C Wilcock, E Stenner, V Harding 14-9; J Byett, W Manning, C Andrews 15-16.

Congresbury 126, Nailsea 74 (Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): P Dawes, J Churchward, D Gosling 17-16; D Byett, S Pook, C Edwards 28-12; A Collins, K Cole, R Archer 19-15; G Wilcock, J Freemantle, D Rivers 32-11; G Andrews, M Huggett, G Stenner 15-9; M Kimmings, R Joseph, J Stone 15-11.

Congresbury 66, Banwell 93 (friendly): K Cole, J Freemantle, D Manning 19-8; R Anniuk, C Everett, J Stone 10-18; J Churchward, R Archer, T Yearsley 13-17; P Reay, C Blagden, M Huggett 10-32; A Harding, D Byett, C Edwards 14-18.

Congresbury A 39, Clarence A 73 (North Somerset League): D Manning, J Freemantle, D Rivers, R Archer 19-19; M Kimmings, I Morton, M Huggett, R Kirkham 5-31; R Baker, G Stenner, C Shipway, R Becker 15-23.

Congresbury B 56, Victoria D 53 (North Somerset League): A Lewis, R Joseph, C Blagden, B Herbison 21-10; R Anniuk, M Greaves, C Edwards, L Beck 12-23; G Andrews, P Dawes, T Yearsley, J Stone 23-20.

Congresbury 83, Winscombe 99 (mixed friendly): C Wilcock, A Harding, M Kimmings, B Huggett 30-9; F Bailey, D Davis, C Andrews, R Archer 9-28; J Freemantle, S Wright, J Byett, M Huggett 13-20; E Archer, G Andrews, D Harrison, D Manning 14-24; R Baker, H Tranmer, P Dawes, V Harding 17-18.

WINSCOMBE ladies’ Wessex League game against Isle of Wedmore was postponed because of heavy rain.

Against Long Ashton in the North Somerset Triples League, Winscombe had a good win by two rinks to one and by six shots overall.

Winscombe Ladies 50, Long Ashton 44 (North Somerset Triples League): N Weller, S Nash, E Watts 6-16; J Kimmins, P Heal, S Lowman 17-14; T Miles, R Keane, L Fredersdorff 27-14.

WESSEX President’s team played the Captain’s team on a sunny afternoon following torrential rain in the morning.

The President’s team narrowly beat the Captain’s team 26-23. President’s names first: C Peart, C Walker, A Ward, A Fewings 6, S Bishop, S Davies, E Deane, A Powell 12; E Stott, M Davis, E Williams 5, P Tillson, R Hinde, M Hawkins, J Davis 7; M Milford, P Dunn, J Binding 15, P Hanson, J Allard, P Taylor 4.

Following a delicious American tea, captain June Allard presented president Ann Fewings with the Stella Ford Trophy. Flowers were also presented to Ruby Smith on celebrating 65 years of marriage.

The afternoon was enjoyed by all attending including life member Beryl Wallace, retired players and a new member Christine Maxwell.

Wessex Ladies 44 (8), Congresbury (2) (Mendip League): E Stott, M Hawkins, A Powell 9-14; P Hanson, J Allard, P Taylor 16-15; S Davies, C Peart, A Ward 19-8.

Wessex Ladies 29, Sidmouth 50: S Bishop, A Crawford, M McMillan, A Ward 10-26; N Peters, J Allard, E Deane, J Duffy 19-24.

ST ANDREWS ladies won both their games this week. After a defeat last week at West Backwell in the Doreen Ralph Trophy, the ladies achieved a welcome victory by nine shots in the return fixture.

St Andrews Ladies 74, Clarence Ladies 48: K Dobney, M Wride, M Favis 18-10; C Venn, E Reeves, M Pattenden 24-9; J Forse, A Greenwood, A Campbell 23-10; S Sinclair, I Tofte, M Frost 9-19.

St Andrews Ladies 65, West Backwell 56 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): P Uglow, D Johnston, J Pitman, A Campbell 24-20; J Forse, B Goddard, J Ware, M Favis 19-14; W Allen, A Greenwood, S Priory, M Pattenden 22-22.

CLARENCE Ladies 41, St Andrews 74: J Colman, L Oldham, M Noddings 19-9; S Ellis, C Hooper, V Collicott 10-18; A Ballinger, A O’Mara, A Harris 10-23; B Hayes, P Phillips, V Seniors 9-24.

Clarence Ladies 27, Sidmouth 43 (friendly): S Scoins, B Hayes, S Searle, V Jones 7-25; L Oldham, J Mannion, J Bishop, C Edlin 20-18.

VICTORIA ladies only managed to play one game during the past week due to the weather.

It was worth it as they travelled to Wrington and despite some of the team wining and dining before the game, they won on all three triples and took maximum points.

Victoria 58 (10), Wrington 41 (0) (Mendip League): D Owen, A Holland, M Chudley 21-10; J Donald, E Newport, S Cooper 18-17; C Sage, C Willetts, M Hillman 19-14.

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