Cup win for Alleycats

SKITTLES - THE final of the George Davis Cup took place between two of the town's best teams, Alleycats and St John's B at the 49 Club.

THE final of the George Davis Cup took place between two of the town's best teams, Alleycats and St John's B at the 49 Club,

With the Alleycats narrowly missing out three years ago and the St John's B going for a hat trick of wins, both teams turned up a bit nervous. The first set started off slowly until Ashley Poole got a 17 spare on the third hand for the Alleycats, and went on and got two more spares scoring 68 (highest George Davis score). St John's came back with a spare from Steve Cooper, the set was won by 26 pins by the Alleycats.

Going into the second set unusually pins down, St John's brought on experienced players Malcom Day and Steve James to try and pull some pins back, with Steve getting a spare on the fifth hand which helped St John's pull five pins back. The third set started off closely and that is how it stayed until the fifth hand when Dave Fairhurst got a spare for St John's only for Lee Romeo to reply on the sixth hand with a spare of his own, Alleycats went on to win the set by two pins.

Now 23 pins down going into the fourth set, St John's brought on the big boys, two Kings and a Bully, and it started off so well for St John's with Tim King getting a spare on the first hand. For the rest of the set the Alleycats stayed with them until the fifth hand when John Bastin got a spare which virtually stopped any chance of St John's pulling the pins back, but Tim King had different ideas, replying with a spare of his own, only not to be enough, the set was drawn, with the Alleycats going on to lift the cup by 23 pins,

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The match was compered by Charlie Loud and was played and completed in a great sporting atmosphere by both teams

High scores: Alleycats, Ashley Poole 68, Lee Romeo 54, John Bastin 52, total 563. St John's B, Tim King 56, Dave Fairhurst 53, Steve Cooper 49, total 540

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The Central League will look forward to seeing you all at the end of season presentation evening at the Webbington Hotel on May with a three-course meal and a great local band Steve Mitchell's The Moderations.

Scores from April 21 and 22, Division 1: Breakaways 523 (P Bruton 57) 12, Renegades 477 (M Hanson 47) 2; Belvedere 485 (A Hudson 48) 6, Bizzy Bs 513 (P Griffiths 60) 8; Century B 508 (D Wilmott 52) 12, Wurzels 474 (K Rutherford 58) 2; Alleycats 456 (D Hazell 43) 2, Choppers 469 (H Johns 45) 12; Ere For The Beer 564 (M Wilcox 52) 14, Poachers 522 (D Parker 54) 0; St John's B 554 (T King 54) 4, Cabot Fubars 561 (I Rowlands 61) 10.

Division 2: Dambusters 516 (C Ager 47) 4, Sweeney 513 (M P Taylor 52) 10; WAFC 484 (J Sedgebeer 45) 2, Persuaders 516 (M Thompson 57) 12; Rejects 491 (T Arthers 53) 10, Hornets 467 (P Mager 46) 4; Wookurs 474 (D Sirmon 51) 12, Gatecrashers 460 (N Mead 43) 2; Balmoral Steamers 521 (C Murrey 53) 2, Century A 544 (D A Jones 56) 12; Wanderers 544 (A Milsom 58) 12, Falcons 504 (K Tozer 54) 2.

Division 3: Tornadoes 507 (J Dark 48) 12, Reptiles 495 (D Stacey 47) 2; Electric Sports 487 (J West 59) 2, Depoteers 516 (C Howell 52) 12; Atoms 478 (S Hawkins 49) 12, Double Six 453 (M Vowles 51) 2; Elvers 487 (R Taylor 55) 4, Conservative B 497 (A Newland 47) 10; Nutters 471 (B Collins 49) 12, NALGO 465 (A Litten 61) 2; REA 436 (R Robbins 43) 10, Fortyniners 435 (A Wright 41) 4.

WESTON and District Ladies' League cup finals: Front Pin: Drifters (S Tucker 39) 253, Wooden Tops (T Walker 41) 262.

Ushers Cup: Worle Century Ladies (Clare Millett, S Peers 41) 413, New Pennies (K Holbrook 48) 446.

Knockout Cup, Division 1: Electrodes (J Slocombe 44) 460, Streakers (P Clark 41) 405. Division 2: WM Starlights (W Pearson 42) 428, Avengers (D Vincent, C Attwell 43) 419. Division 3: Hart Breakers (H Keep 50) 419, Strugglers (H Boyd 51) 443. Division 4: Nutty Ladies (B Marney 47) 378, Likely Lassies (P Rossiter 45) 412.

THE Weston and District League have vacancies for the coming season.

If you would like to join the league, please get in touch with Hugh Edwards on 635197 or Bryon Boulter on 512559.

The league is the longest running league in the area and covers a radius of 12 miles out of Weston.

The league plays mostly on Monday nights but some Tuesdays.

The annual general meeting is on Monday, June 7 at 8pm at the Conservative Club, Alexander Parade, Weston.

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