Dave through the first two hurdles

Clarence Bowls Club membership secretary Dave Thomson has successfully got through the first two rounds of the Weston Men’s Open tournament.

HOME club membership secretary Dave Thomson, who has hardly played at all this year, surprised himself by getting through two rounds of the men’s singles on the second day of the Weston Men’s Open Tournament at Clarence Park, sponsored by opticians Optika.

Thomson, who has been looking after his wife Sylvia during her lengthy illness, beat A Farmer (Kineton) 21-18, then knocked out Forest of Dean bowler A Edwards 21-17.

However, he faces his stiffest test yet on Wednesday morning when he takes on Adrian Burbridge (Worcester), the five-time tournament singles champion. Burbridge is among the favourites for the title, having beaten another ex-champion Doug Lewis (Gloucester City) 21-19 in the second round.

The 2010 singles champion Ted Mangan (Victoria), who had forgotten to enter this year’s tournament, got in as a reserve, but went out 21-18 to his clubmate Derek Hurst in the second round.

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Joining Dave Thomson in Wednesday’s third-round singles matches are his Clarence clubmates Trevor Pritchard, David Stott, Andy McMillan and Mick Edlin.

Results in the first two rounds of the singles - section A, round one: A Edwards (F of Dean) bye; A Farmer (Kineton) 18, D Thomson (Clarence) 21; B Ballinger (Clarence) 9, A Burbridge (Worcester) 21; S Gough (Vines Pk) 13, D Lewis (Gloster Spa) 21; B Ford (Brotherhood) 5, T Arnold (Barbourne) 21; J Henry (club unknown) 21, G Cooper (Clarence) 9; A Mannion (Clarence), bye; T Bourne (Vines Pk) 21, P Tubb (Clarence) 6; A Lyne (Lowestoft) 16, R Fear (Mark Moor) 21; J Horsted (GB Britton) 20, C Best (Sully) 21; G Aldridge (Clarence) 18, K Tyack (BAC) 21; P Villis (Banwell) 20, A Townsend (Kineton) 21; C Gilbert (Taunton) 23, R Coleman (Manor Pk) 16; M Campbell (Victoria) 12, M Humphries (GB Britton) 21.

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Section A, round two: A Edwards 17, D Thomson 21; A Burbridge 21, D Lewis 19; T Arnold 17, J Henry 21; A Mannion 15, T Bourne 21; R Fear 21, C Best 14; K Tyack 11 (conceded), A Townsend 15; C Gilbert 5, M Humphries 21; T Pritchard (Clarence) 21, J Knowles (Hereford) 19; D Stott (Clarence) 21, J Keay (Clarence) 10; R Bennett (Brotherhood) 21, M Prosser (Gloster Spa) 12; D Bessant (Clevedon) 22, M Cooper (Victoria) 13; R Turner (Brotherhood) 11, A McMillan (Clarence) 21; B Smith (St And, Bristol), M Edlin (Clarence) 21; M Adams (Ashcombe) 6, G Burbridge (Worcester) 21; E Roberts (Ashcombe) 21, S Claxton (Ashcombe) 9; P Green (Vines Pk) 10, N Savage (Taunton) 21.

Section B, round one: E Mangan (Victoria) 21, M Simpson (Ashcombe) 12; D Hurst (Victoria), bye; D Ellery (Brotherhood) 8, J Cambridge (Brotherhood) 22; D Towie (Clarence) 21, A Tudge (Brotherhood) 14; B Hawkins (Taunton Deane) 14, J Best (Sully) 21; D Sealey (Victoria) 6, J Eardley (Unatt) 21; D Jones (Monmouth) 20, B Lindon (Barbourne) 22; M Laight (Pershore), bye; W Harrison (Victoria) 21, AC Smith (Wells) 12; M Ricketts (Ledbury) 21, F Whitmarsh (Clarence) 6; T Duggan (Vines Pk) 16, M Dare (Torquay) 21; B Duffy (Clarence) 11, S Neal (Whitehall, Bristol) 22; J Parker (Monmouth) 13, B Deverill (Wedmore) 22.

Section B, round two: E Mangan 18, D Hurst 21; J Cambridge 21, D Towie 11; J Best 21, J Eardley 10; B Lindon 21, M Laight 14; W Harrison 15, M Ricketts 21; M Dare 21, S Neal 3; B Deverill, bye; D Morgan (Brotherhood), bye; R Pitts (Clevedon) 13, R Poynter (Abergavenny) 21; R Gravenall (Brotherhood) 4, L Harwood (Ledbury) 21; C Neal (Crowborough) 9, J Wherlock (W Backwell) 23; D Williams (Victoria) 21, C Hall (Worcester) 9; P Bissett (C’don Prom), bye; A Wells (Bris Arrow) 21, R Akhurst (Southampton) 10; P Collins (Chew Stoke) 8, C Gazzard (Victoria) 21; M Stocker (Victoria) 19, D Carr (Ashcombe) 21.

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