David retains his singles title at Clarence

Singles Champion David Stott with runner up Harry Sparks.

Singles Champion David Stott with runner up Harry Sparks. - Credit: Archant

Clarence Park’s David Stott retained his singles title after defeating Harry Sparks in the final.

MEMBERS of the three clubs based at Clarence Park had mixed weather for their finals’ weekend.

Half of Clarence Ladies’ finals were played on Friday due to the club’s commitment in the Fear Plate on the Sunday.

Some superb bowling, with several intriguing and closely-fought matches, was enjoyed by spectators- and competitors throughout the three days.

David Stott, Clarence’s defending champion, came through to win his third championship in a rain-interrupted match against one of Clarence’s elder statesmen, Harry Sparks.

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The senior gentlemen v the Class of 2013 featured a rink with a combined age of just shy of 365 years, while 86 year-old Beryl Wallace of Wessex Ladies appeared in two of her club’s finals, winning both.

At the other end of the age-spectrum, Somerset Under-25s captain, Grant Aldridge, still just 20, turned on a great display in the Clarence men’s pairs final, with relatively new bowler Chris Tippett, to triumph by a wide margin against Roger Burrough and Alan Kermack.

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One of the closest results came in the Clarence Ladies’ two-wood pairs final, with Carol Edlin and Pam Fowler overcoming Sheila Ellis and Pat Phillips by just one shot after an extra end.

Carol and husband Mick had a successful finals weekend, winning five titles between them and appearing in several more finals.

To cap a wonderful weekend, news came through that Clarence Ladies had overcome Ashcombe to reach the final of the Fear Plate.

Thanks and congratulations must go to all the competitions committee members for their work in organising the competitions throughout the year and it is with sadness that we say farewell to Martyn Adams, as he leaves to move to South Wales.

Clarence results - singles champion: David Stott (21), runner-up: Harry Sparks (13); first-time singles: Tony Mannion 21, Dick Jackman 20; handicap: Grant Aldridge 21, Martyn Adams (7); two-wood singles: Mick Edlin 16, John Edwards (13); Under-70s singles: Mick Edlin 21, Barry Underwood 8; Over-70s singles: Adrian Gardiner 21, Mike Scoins 4.

Two-wood pairs: David Stott, Richard Crawford 18, Mick Edlin, Gerry Barlow 12; four-wood pairs: Chris Tippett, Grant Aldridge 32, Alan Kermack, Roger Burrough 10; mixed pairs: Trevor & Sari Pritchard 24, Mick & Carol Edlin 15; triples: Harry Sparks, John Atkins, Trevor Ward 16, Brendan Duffy, Gerry Barlow, Doug Grier 14; fours: Brian Ballinger, John Norris, Maurice Phillips, Dick Jackman 17, Grant Aldridge, Brian Difford, Chris Tippett, John Atkins 13.

Paxton Challenge: Don Towie 21, Ivan Phipps 17; two-wood triples league: Brendan Duffy, Richard Crawford, Mike Skyrme/Roy Kellaway 18, Paul Tubb, John Hayes, Brian Difford 15; singles league: Doug Grier 21, Martyn Adams 10; senior gentlemen (Bob Cornwall, Bert Cheffers, John Stewart, Dick Jackman) 23, Class of 2013 (Nigel Martin, Jim Birt, Derek Weston, Terry Schofield) 9.

Clarence Ladies results - Championship: Pam Barnbrook 21, Margaret Noddings 9; handicap: Carol Edlin 21, Pam Barnbrook 8; two-wood singles: Margaret Noddings 17, Mary Davison 7; Pratt Cup: Pat Phillips 21, Brenda Hayes 17; four-wood pairs: Pam Barnbrook, Brenda Hayes 21, Christine Hooper, Mary Davison 12; two-wood pairs: Pam Fowler, Carol Edlin 18, Sheila Ellis, Pat Phillips 17; club triples: Pam Fowler, Audrey Harris, Carol Edlin 21, Ann Ballinger, Veronica Jones, Margaret Noddings 13; club fours: Brenda Hayes, Pam Fowler, Audrey Harris, Margaret Noddings 28, Yvonne Burrough, Pat Phillips, Ann Ballinger, Margaret Baker 16.

Wessex Ladies results - singles champion: Dilys Forsyth 21, Maria Williams 9; two-wood singles: Ann Fewings 15, Verlie Edwards 11; first-time singles: Verlie Edwards 16, Mary Hawkins 2; handicap: Pat Taylor 26, Christine Peart 17; two-wood pairs: Barbara Jones, Christine Peart 24, Elaine Stott, Ann Fewings 11; four-wood pairs: Verlie Edwards, Maria Williams 26, Elaine Stott, Elaine Deane 13.

Triples: Pam Turner, Jan Binding, Audrey Powell 22, Claudine Walker, Mary Hawkins, Maria Williams 11; fours: June Allard, Beryl Wallace, Pam Dunn, Audrey Powell 31, Norma Peters, Ann Crawford, Barbara Jones, Pat Taylor 9; Jubilee two-wood pairs: Pam Turner, Rita Hinde 13, Elaine Stott, Mary Hawkins 10; Woodland Triples: Beryl Wallace, Pat Hanson, Mary Davis 11, Claudine Walker, Rita Hinde, Pat Taylor 10.

Clarence Blues 104 (14), Victoria Saxons 98 (6) (Over-60s Triples League): R Dodson, J Burgess, M Clay 13-18; A Bishop, B Underwood, B Ballinger 22-13; T Ward, L Lakey, D Stott 18-12; D Thomson, H Sparks, G Barlow 14-16; D Grier, A Gardiner, M Edlin 14-20;R Flicker, T Mannion, R Burrough 23-19.

Clarence Golds 97 (14), Ashcombe Templars 91 (6) (Over-60s Triples League): L Lewis, K Marshall, D Jackman 14-12; T Comfort, M Peters, M Phillips 11-19; B Difford, M Scoins, B Duffy 24-15; J Larvin, A Taylor, B Hanks 12-19; A Kermack, J Hicks, M Davies 16-17; J Kellaway, R Cornwall, J Edwards 20-9.

Clarence 119, West Witney 116: Verlie Edwards, M Peters, M Scoins, D Stott 17-28; Norma Peters, A Taylor, C Tippett, M Phillips 14-24; Elaine Stott, T Comfort, Irene Hicks, D Jackman 21-15; Sue Bishop, R Cornwall, L Lakey, J Edwards 19-18; R Rossiter, Margaret Goodwin, A Mannion, M Edlin 27-15; A Bishop, Marlene Woods, J Atkins, R Burrough 21-16.

Clarence’s press officer, Jim Keay, was unexpectedly rushed into Bristol Royal Infirmary and was treated in the coronary care unit. All members of the clubs at Clarence Park extend their good wishes to Jim for a speedy recovery.

ASHCOMBE Park finals weekend was an outstanding success, due to all the hard work put in by competition secretaries Jill Wilkinson and John Main.

There was some superb bowling and a couple of nail-biting games that went to the wire. In the ladies’ two-wood between Mavis Main and Joan McInally, it was 14-all on the 21st end and on the extra end Mavis won by one shot.

Similarly, in the ladies’ triples, M Main, J Wilkinson B MacGregor were 13-all after 18 ends against L Owens, M Tucker M Tasker and won by one shot on the extra end.

The ladies’ champion this season was the outstanding Avrill Goacher, her opponent Norma Counsell, already had two trophies under her belt.

After many years in the club, Ian Shannon reached his goal and became the men’s champion with his worthy opponent Len Day as runner-up.

Ladies champion: A Goacher, runner-up: N Counsell; Cribb: L Owens, S Hopkins; Handicap: J McInally, S Hopkins; two-wood: M Main, J McInally; four-wood pairs: M Main, S Weadon; L Owens, J Hughes.

Triples: M Main, J Wilkinson, B MacGregor; L Owens, M Tucker, M Tasker. Phyl Hammond: N Counsell, B Groves; Vi Drew: N Counsell, S Ford; Doris Payne: J McInally; Under-40s: Frazer Ham, Imogen Cracknell.

Men’s champion: I Shannon, L Day; pairs: P Sheppard & T Roberts, J Whitlow & J Taylor; mixed pairs: M Main & J Main, J McInally & A Cracknell; triples: A Wilmot, A Cracknell & J Whitlow, E Booth, A Freke & L Day; handicap: B Jones, M Southwood; two-wood: B Caddick, G Sansam; Presidents Shield: J Whitlow, T Bass; veterans: C Hughes, B Jones; novices: M Field, G Sansam.

Ashcombe were the hosts to Clevedon in this year’s annual Fellowship Cup match.

This cup was initiated by a player named Terry Clark, who originally played for Clevedon. After moving to Weston he decided to join Ashcombe as he believed the teams were similar in outlook.

The result of the game saw Ashcombe retain the cup, taking three of the five rinks and winning 101-84.

In the Over-60s game against Clarence Golds, the Templars won on three rinks, but lost the game by 15 shots. The friendly game against Taunton ended with both teams taking two rinks, but Ashcombe won overall by 12 shots.

Ashcombe 101, Clevedon 84 (Fellowship Cup): B Caddick, M Badman, T Morgan, J Hornett 21-13; N Coombes, J Marlow, P Sheppard, R Powell 22-17; G Pople, K Hallett, J Main, J Creasey 16-20; B Benstead, T Cottrell, A Freke, G Wilkinson 18-20; R Counsell, S Andrews, S Hedges, L Cox 24-14.

Ashcombe Templars 82, Clarence Golds 97 (Over-60s League): G Tucker, G Sansam, R Tasker 9-20; M MacMahon, M Brummell, P Gaulton 15-24; J Piper, G Pople, F Bertram 19-12; B Alden, G Fews, R Simmons 19-11; M Field, M Paterson, B Benstead 12-14; B Golding, B Noyes, E Booth 17-16.

Ashcombe 87, Taunton 75 (friendly): D Underhay, R Counsell, G Wilkinson, I Shannon 25-15; G Tucker, R Simmons, B Caddick, T Cottrell 12-26; B Noyes, K Hallett, I Baker, T Morgan 14-19; J Piper, M Bass,M Parry, L Cox 36-15.

VICTORIA Saxons suffered a setback in the Over-60s league as they lost by six shots to Clarence Blues, picking up six points.

There were three winning rinks skipped by Mike Stocker, Brian Stock and Ken Harvey. Still, with just 18 points needed with two matches to play, they are still in with a chance of winning the league.

The mixed friendly team travelled to Clevedon Prom and recorded a healthy win by 31 shots, winning four of the five rinks. Mike Taylor again proved master of the green, skipping his rink of Richard Jacobs, Chris Sage and Cliff Chudley to an excellent 18-shot win.

Victoria hosted the Spreadeagle tourists, made up of retired Barclays Bank personnel recruited from 11 counties. Spreadeagle are unbeaten in all their touring games and in a close game, Victoria nearly ruined the record.

With Victoria needing three shots on the last end of the final rink to win, Malcolm Campbell and his rink could only get two shots, which resulted in an overall draw.

Victoria Saxons 98 (6), Clarence Blues 104 (14): P Lunn, A Uccellini, M Stocker 18-13; T Gatehouse, J Newman, K Holland 13-22; M Manning, A Bray, M Taylor 12-18; H Whyte, K Curtis, B Stock 16-14; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 20-14; M Campbell, D Sealey, D Hurst 19-23.

Victoria 105, Clevedon Prom 74 (mixed friendly): C Stevens, R Sleep, J Griffiths, R Rockett 18-13; W Nicholls, G Poolman, S Newman, E Sage 18-23; R Jacobs, C Sage, C Chudley, M Taylor 27-9; L Kelly, A Waygood, E. Newport, D Jones 17-14; B Johnson, S Sokol, M Milliner, J Newman 25-15.

Victoria 72, Spreadeagle 72: B Johnson, J Mingo-West, A Barnes, N Sell 19-15; P Wyatt, M Milliner, C Chudley, J Newman 17-24; L Kelly, S Thynne, N Stocker, M Stocker 16-15; W Nicholls, D Roberts, J Griffiths, M Campbell 20-18.

ST ANDREWS produced another fine display, this time in the Over-60s Knockout Cup final, to overcome Portishead RBL, for the second final win in just over a week.

There were sound performances from Gordon Wride’s rink, Don Bailey, ably assisted by Ken Uglow and George Webber and a notable game by Gerry Tofte, while backing up Barrie Forse’s triple.

Watching captain Jim Warren, was again delighted to lift the cup, in a season that has proved to be one of great success.

St Andrews 105, Portishead RBL 83: G Cooper, G Tofte, B Forse 25-9; K Uglow,G Webber, D Bailey 24-6; A Yeeles, T Ware, D Favis 7-24; K Parker, B May, T Steer 15-12; R Smith, A Horsburgh, G Guest 12-15; M Goddard, B Reeves, G Wride 22-17.

St Andrews 101, Winscombe 108 (Over-60s League): T Lay, T Steer, G Wride 24-18; J Ling, B May, D Bailey 12-27; K Uglow, A Yeeles, G Webber 24-16; B Rogers, R Gill, D Favis 8-19; M Goddard, A Ware, B Forse 21-8; G Cooper, A Horsburgh, J Warren (c) 12-20.

WEDMORE finals weekend was held in mainly dry weather with just the odd shower. The winners were – ladies’ pairs: Julie Collins & Trish Newell; men’s pairs: Greg Anniuk & Richard Grant; family pairs: Trish & Ray Newell; mixed pairs: Chris Mercer & Dave Nicholls; open four-wood: Kevin Phillimore; ladies’ four-wood: Elaine Deverill; men’s four-wood: Ron Barron; ladies’ two-wood: Barbara Disbrey; men’s two-wood: Keith Davey; Over 70s: Brian Ashton; new winners: Dave Collins.

In the men’s Over-60’s Triples League, Wedmore played at home against Burnham, winning just two rinks. Clive Panchaud and his team put in the best performance winning their rink 22-7.

Wedmore 89, Burnham 98: J Clark, P Bean, K Burt 10-20; K Davey, B Cottrell, K Pettit 16-13; V Matthews, I Gallop, C Panchaud 22-7; B Keen, B Andrews, I Faulkner 11-16; C Wheller, D Stansfield, R Newell 16-24; J Runciman, M Green, R Hughes 14-18.

Bridgwater ladies visited Wedmore for a Victoria Ladies Triples match. The home side lost by just three shots after a closely fought contest, with each team winning one rink and one drawn

Wedmore Ladies 45, Bridgwater 48: B Disbrey, M Perry, P Beard 11-15; D Gallop, C Pettit, E Deverill 18-17; M Hordle, M Fisher, S Wederell 16-16.

Wedmore played host to St Andrews ladies for a friendly match which the home side won 65-38.

WINSCOMBE had two good wins in the Weston & District Over-60s League, gaining 32 points which moves them up the league and into contention for third position.

First victims were St Andrews Spartans at the Bournville green where the Spartans put up a creditable performance sharing the rinks. However, Winscombe had the best winning rinks. Graham Neville, Wilf Ainsworth and Gerald Lloyd won by 18 shots and Tony Watts, Ronnie Wootten and John Sprouting picked up a six on the last end to win by 15 shots. Overall Winscombe won by seven shots to gain 14 points.

Next up were Clevedon Prom at home and Winscombe were again victorious, winning on five rinks and a large margin overall. Major contributions by two rinks in particular, Paul Hopes, Geoff Coombe and Reg Birmingham, together with Colin Westlake, Lew Collier and Tommy Ellis sealed the Proms fate. Winscombe still have one more match to play in the league at Clarence Blues.

Winscombe also won against Garrard tourists from Swindon by 22 shots on a beautiful sunny afternoon in a sociable match.

The annual match between the men and the ladies has developed a new competitive edge since the introduction of the Mike Roberts Memorial Trophy, donated by Trixie Miles. The men retained the trophy with a fine four rink victory.

Winscombe 108 (14), St Andrews Spartans 101 (6) (Over-60s League): R Lowman, M Hunter, A Dudley 8-21; G Coombe, R Kibble, R Birmingham 19-8; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 16-24; G Lloyd, W Ainsworth, G Neville 20-12; P Hopes, L Collier, T Ellis 18-24; J Sprouting (c), R Wootten, A Watts 27-12.

Winscombe 114 (18), Clevedon Prom 75 (2) (Over-60s League): M Hunt, J Sprouting, A Watts 15-13; C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 25-9; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 12-20; P Hopes, G Coombe, R Birmingham 28-9; G Lloyd, W Ainsworth, G Neville 15-14; R Knight, M Hunter, A Dudley 19-10.

Winscombe 112, Garrard Tourists 90: W Weller, E Kindred, G Coombe, A Watts 19-18; J Sprouting, L Coombe, B Paul, P Fredersdorff 25-23; C Hopes, P John, J Kimmins, M Nash 26-15; M Sprouting, R Weller, E Watts, R Lowman 20-20; T Miles, P Hopes, S Lowman, R Lacy 22-14.

Winscombe Tournament Floodlight results: Victoria E 10,West Backwell A 17; Nailsea C 7, St Andrews B 21; RBL Poppies 17, Wrington C 12; Winscombe B 13, Wrington A 19; Winscombe C 12,Victoria B 26; Winscombe C 12,Wells A 23; Clarence Park A 9; Wells C 13, Winscombe A 28; Clevedon Prom B 8, Wrington A 20; Banwell A 24, Congresbury A 12; Wedmore A 9, Nailsea A 23; Nailsea C 15, Wrington B 18; Congresbury H 14, Wells B 20; Victoria B 10, Congresbury D 16; Nailsea B 10, Winscombe B 20; Congresbury C 11, Wyrral Park A 12.

THE ladies of St Andrews won two of their three fixtures, luckily, they were the two most vital games.

The success at Yatton moves them closer to a possible Doreen Ralph Trophy League title, their final position will depend on the result of the Saints’ final league game at home to Chew Stoke Ladies.

The other victory was in the return leg of the Iris Owen Cup, an annual competition, played over two legs, against Winscombe. The cup, in honour of a past member of both clubs, is retained by the Saints after an aggregate win of 37 shots over their visitors.

St Andrews Ladies 63, Yatton 38 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): P Uglow, B Goddard, E Blight, A Campbell 29-6; J McMillan, M Wride, S Priory, M Favis 17-14; J Forse, D Johnston, M Bailey, M Pattenden 17-18.

St Andrews Ladies 38, Isle of Wedmore 65: K Dobney, D Johnston, B Goddard, I Tofte 11-20; M Wride, A Greenwood, S Priory, E Blight 13-19; J Forse, D Cooper, M Frost, M Favis 14-26.

St Andrews Ladies 60, Winscombe 39 (Iris Owen Cup): P Uglow, J Pitman, A Campbell 21-10; M Frost, M Bailey, M Pattenden 22-15; W Allen, E Blight, M Favis 17-14.

IN the Fear Plate semi-final played at Clevedon, Ashcombe ladies lost by six shots against Clarence Park.

Ashcombe Ladies 50, Clarence Park 56: M Main, S Hopkins, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 8-21; N Counsell, B MacGregor, J Hughes, J McInally 13-23; M Tucker, S Ford, M Tasker, S Weaden 29-12.

Ashcombe Ladies 53 (8), Wedmore 52 (2) (Wessex League): M Palmer, S Noyes, C Hedges, S Hopkins 18-17; M Tucker, L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 13-18; N Counsell, J Field, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 22-17.

Ashcombe Ladies 45 (2), Clevedon Prom 58 (8): S Bayntun, J Field, N Counsell, J Hughes 14-23; M Tucker, L Owens, C Hedges, S Weaden 20-17; D Little, S Davies, L Paterson, S Hopkins 11-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 48 (4), Clevedon 67 (6) (North Somerset League): N Counsell, S Hopkins, J McInally 17-16; M Tucker, M Tasker, S Weaden 26-23; L Paterson, B MacGregor, S Ford 6-28.

Ashcombe Ladies 38 (1), Long Ashton 63 (9): M Tucker, J Wilkinson, S Weaden 14-16; S Noyes, L Paterson, C Hedges 5-28; J Field, B Cullen, S Ford 19-19.

WINSCOMBE ladies played the second leg of the Iris Owen Trophy at St. Andrews, losing on all three rinks, going down by 21 shots overall.

Having lost by 16 shots in the first round meant that St Andrews retain the trophy for another year. The trophy was formally presented to winning captain Irene Tofte by conceding captain Lesley Fredersdorff.

Winscombe 39, St Andrews 60: C Hopes, J Rush, T Miles 10-21; M Sprouting, W Weller, S Caddy 15-22; L Dyer, R Keane, L Fredersdorff (c) 14-17.

CLARENCE ladies defeated Ashcombe by six shots on the final end of an exciting Fear Cup Plate semi-final encounter.

Clarence Ladies 56, Ashcombe 50: J Colman, P Phillips, M Baker, M Noddings 12- 29; S Scoins, J Mannion, V Jones, P Barnbrook 23-13; M Davison, J Bishop, V Collicott, C Edlin 21-8.

Clarence Ladies 66, Portishead 34 (NSL): S Scoins, P Phillips, C Edlin 22-11; J Colman, J Bishop, V Collicott 19-9; A Ballinger, M Davidson, M Baker 25-14.

Friendly: L Oldham, J Mannion, V Jones 25-13.

Clarence Ladies 46, Mark Moor 55 (friendly): S Scoins, P Phillips, J Bishop 14-24; S Searle, M Woods, V Jones 17-15; P Fowler, J Mannion, M Baker 15-16.

WESSEX Ladies 48 (2), Victoria 57 (8) (Weston & District League): N Peters, P Hanson, P Taylor 16-26; I Hicks, C Peart, J Duffy 18-14; P Turner, M Davis, D Forsyth 14-17.

Wessex Ladies 36 (0), Burnham 72 (10): P Turner, B Jones, D Forsyth 14-27; J Duffy, A Ward, A Fewings 13-22; J Binding, J Allard, C Peart 9-23.

Wessex Ladies 47, Yatton 56 (friendly): S Davies, E Wade, M Hawkins, P Taylor 20-16; V Edwards, B Wallace, B Jones, M Davis 17-21; S Bishop, V Gardiner, J Allard, P Hanson 10-19.

VICTORIA Ladies have won the Mendip League with victory over Congresbury.

Victoria Ladies 54 (8), Congresbury 42 (2): S Newman, S Harrison, M Chudley 27-6; R Cleeves, A Holland, M Hillman 17-14; C Sage, E Newport, S Cooper 10-22.

Victoria Ladies 45, Portishead RBL 48: G Poolman, C Sage, S Newman 19-18; D Owen, R Bailey, A Holland 13-13; C Stevens, R Cleeves, E Newport 13-17.

Victoria Ladies 57 (8), Wessex 48 (2) (Weston & District League): J Donald, C Willetts, M Hillman 14-18; R Bailey, R Cleeves, S Cooper 26-16; D Owen, A Holland, M Chudley 17-14.

Victoria Ladies 17, Spreadeagle Tourists 48: S Lawrence, C Willetts, E Newport, M Hillman 11-21; T Ellis, S Milliner/ C Stevens, S Harrison, M Chudley 6-27.

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