Defending champions through the first round

Weston Ladies Open Tournament defending pairs champions make it through the first round.

DEFENDING champions Jackie Ware and Meg Favis (St Andrews) came through the first round of the pairs on Tuesday, the third day of the Weston Ladies Open Bowling Tournament.

They had a comfortable victory over a pair from St Dunstans, Worcester, and next meet the Wessex Ladies’ duo Ann Ward and Maria Williams. They beat local rivals Mary Davison and Val Collicott (Clarence) by four shots.

The other local derby also went the way of Wessex, with 14-year-old Jennifer McMillan and Joan Duffy beating the Clarence pair Margaret Baker and Carol Edlin.

Playing her first matches for two years, former Clarence ladies’ captain Audrey Harris, now unattached, has got through two rounds with C Maynard (Torquay).

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Monday’s mixed pairs round two results: B Halligey (Pencoed)/D Stott (Clarence) 17, J Butler/M Butler (Barbourne) 19; P Gunn/R Gunn (Caerglow) 11, A Powell (Wessex)/M Dare (Torquay) 21; E Williams (Wessex)/D Williams (Victoria) 11, G Fry/R Fry (Gloucester Spa) 14; Pat Hawkins/C Hawkins (Monmouth) 22, J Forse/A Ware (St Andrews) 6; M Sewell (Pencoed)/B Underwood (Clarence) 28, B Mumford (Welford)/R Dodson (Clarence) 19; A White/A White (Bristol Arrow) 20, C Van Noorden (Maidenhead)/P Bissett (Clevedon Prom) 11; M Dyer/N Grenfell (Clevedon Prom) 20, C Venn (St Andrews)/P Villis (Banwell) 10; P Aston (Kings Heath)/M Campbell (Victoria) 14, S Godfrey (Kings Heath)/E Skip (Monmouth) 13; D Darknell/A Darknell (Monmouth) 19, C Willetts/K Curtis (Victoria) 18; I Hicks (Wessex)/A Barnes (Victoria) 22, M Woods/G Cooper (Clarence) 14; L Palmer/A Morgan (Clevedon) 7, P Marsh/A McGregor (Bristol Arrow) 26; S Bird/K Bird (Clevedon) 18, P Dunn (Wessex)/H Sparks (Clarence) 16; E Hunter/M Humphries (GB Britton) 15, V Ford/R Brown (Bristol Arrow) 18; C Edlin/M Edlin (Clarence) 18, K Gent/D Gent (Caerglow) 26; J Ind (Bristol Arrow)/D Williams (GB Britton) 26, J Halligey (Pencoed)/R Flicker (Clarence) 6; S Hadley/R Hadley (Ashcombe) 15, L Houghton/W Port (Leamington Spa) 13.

Round three results on Tuesday: Butler/Butler 5, Powell/Dare 21; Fry/Fry 20, Hawkins/Hawkins 8; Sewell/Underwood 3, White/White 22; Dyer/Grenfell 26, Aston/Campbell 6; Darknell/Darknell 9, Hicks/Barnes 17; Marsh/McGregor 24, Bird/Bird 13; Ford/Brown 6, Gent/Gent 22; Ind/Williams 16, Hadley/Hadley 12.

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Tuesday’s pairs results: Preliminary round – A Mitchell/G Batt (Henleaze) 17, P Burrough/A O’Mara (Clarence) 15; M Davis/J Davis (Wessex) 18, T Hilton/D Macklin (Long Ashton) 10; C Van Noorden (Maidenhead)/C Smith (Pontypridd) 9, S Branfield/L Holden (Clevedon) 23; C Pearce/M Dyer (Clevedon Prom) 45, S Searle/V Jones (Clarence) 9; B Mumford (Welford)/M Edwards (Thornfield) 29, J Allard/P Taylor (Wessex) 5.

Round one – J Nash (Gloucester Spa)/J Lee (Barnwood) 9, E Williams/P Dunn (Wessex) 20; P Marsh/J Ind (Bristol Arrow) 15, G Fry/K Williams (Gloucester Spa) 11; A Cox/P Aston (Kings Heath) 18, Pat Hawkins (Monmouth)/J Forse (St Andrews) 14; B Halligey/M Sewell (Pencoed) 12, S Curtis/M Pye (Gloucester City) 21; E Hunter (GB Britton)/A White (Bristol Arrow) 10, L Palmer/S Bird (Clevedon) 15; Davis/Davis 8, Mitchell/Batt 19; Branfield/Holden 24, Pearce/Dyer 14; Mumford/Edwards 19, Ford/Brown 6; S Newman/R Cleeves (Victoria) 10, C Maynard (Torquay)/A Harris (unattached) 12; S Bailey/C Britton (Bristol Arrow) 12, M Hawkins/P Turner (Wessex) 17; E Lewis/R Watkins (Redland Green) 20, J Butler (Barbourne)/J Halligey (Pencoed) 7; K Gent/P Gunn (Caerglow) 22, C Willetts/R Bailey (Victoria) 4; J McMillan/J Duffy (Wessex) 20, M Baker/C Edlin (Clarence) 4; H Panting/J Lamb (St Dunstans) 7, J Ware/M Favis (St Andrews) 19; M Davison/V Collicott (Clarence) 14, A Ward/M Williams (Wessex) 18; M Foster/A Scott (Clevedon) 15, D Darknell/W Evans (Monmouth) 17

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