Difficult conditions for Nailsea

CROQUET - NAILSEA South East team played Cornwall at home in the semi-final of the South West Federation Golf Croquet League.

NAILSEA South East team played Cornwall at home in the semi-final of the South West Federation Golf Croquet League.

The hoops had been freshly set in new holes and were firm and unforgiving, making playing conditions difficult. As a result many games were low scoring and only three of the 20 games were completed within the 45-minute time limit.

The Nailsea team had a two-game lead going into the final round, but lost all three games in the last round giving victory to Cornwall, who won eight games to Nailsea seven with five drawn games.

Results: Doubles: Mary Barnes and Ron Harridge lost 5-3 and drew 4-4; David Hunt and Andrew Buchanan lost 3-2 and won 5-3. Singles: Peter Dyke lost 6-3, won 7-3 and 2-1 and lost 3-2; David Murphy won 5-4, lost 7-3 and won 5-4; David Hunt drew 4-4 and 2-2 and lost 6-3; Mary Barnes won 4-3 and 4-2; Ron Harridge drew 2-2 and lost 6-5; Andrew Buchanan drew 5-5 and lost 7-4.

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Club semi-finals results: Short Croquet: Brian McCausland beat Ryan Cabble +6; Brigit Clayton beat David Hunt +9. One-ball (level play): Brian McCausland beat Steve Walker +1. One-ball (handicap play): Tony Hinchliffe beat Sheila Ware +4; Mike Tracy beat Carl Jones +5.

Marshall Midda Shield: Polly Reynolds beat Peter Dyke 7-6; Chris Jackson beat Brian McCausland 7-5. Golf Croquet singles (level play): Jim Gregory beat Ryan Cabble 7-5; Peter Dyke beat Brian McCausland 7-2. Golf Croquet singles (handicap play): Mike Tracy beat Carl Jones 7-6. LARS Plate: Ian Telfer beat Steve Walker +4T.

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Open handicap singles: Geoff Hughes beat Greta Stringer +12. Over-50s:

Ian Telfer beat Graham McCausland +17; Rob Royffe beat Jim Gregory +25

Ladies singles: Linda Shaw beat Greta Stringer +1T; Pat Long beat Kathy Wallace +2T. Open advanced singles: Marcus Evans beat Ryan Cabble +23TP; Kriss Chambers beat John Grimshaw +15.

Enginuity Plate: David Richards beat Ian Telfer +13; Pat Long beat John Grimshaw +8. Equal bisques: Rob Royffe beat Mike Tracy +1T.

Most matches took place at the weekend in glorious sunshine. The recent dry spell together with firm, newly-set hoops produced conditions considerably more difficult than those experienced during this season.

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