Dramatic last bowl victory for Victoria

Victoria reach the semi-finals of the Turnbull Cup after beating Bloomfield with the last bowl of the last end.

VICTORIA made it through to the semi-finals of the Turnbull Cup after beating Bloomfield with the last bowl of the last end.

In a game which saw Victoria some 20 shots down at one stage, the team clawed their way back into contention. With an extra end already played and lost, Dave Williams’ rink was left to decide the match.

With the opposing team holding match, Williams took out the opposing wood with his last bowl to collect two shots and to win the match.

In the semi-final, they meet Taunton at as yet an unknown venue.

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Victoria 79, Bloomfield 75: J Newman, P Leadbeater, K Curtis, M Stocker 15-23; M Campbell, K Holland, E Mangan, C Gazzard 21-14; H Gibbs, A Owens, J Howell, D Williams 22-15; J Loughlin, A Uccellini, M Cooper, W Harrison 21-23.

Victoria completed a double over Clevedon and a clean sweep over them in all competitions to date. The rink of Harrison Whyte, Graham Hodge and skip Pete Palmer excelling with an 11 shot win.

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Victoria 101 (16), Clevedon 85 (4) (Weston & District Over-60s League): A Barnes, M Taylor, D Williams 13-22; T Gatehouse, K Curtis, M Stocker 19-11; D Sealey, A Uccellini, E Mangan 21-14; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 13-15; H Whyte, G Hodge, P Palmer 20-9; R Rockett, M Fletcher, K Holland 15-14.

In their first away match against Somerset Masonic, Victoria quickly took command, winning on four of the five rinks. Club president Dave Williams fresh from his Turnbull Cup heroics, skipped his rink of Mike Milliner, John Griffiths and Ken Curtis to 16 shot win.

Victoria 100, Somerset Masonic 72: E Sage, A Waygood, R Sleep, A Barnes 14-15; M Milliner, J Griffiths, K Curtis, D Williams 27-11; T Gilbert, W Nicholls, M Campbell, A Uccellini 19-15; R Jacobs, A Shattock, J Newman, M Taylor 19-14; W Osborne, I Linham, R Rockett, K Harvey 21-17.

Victoria’s mixed squad travelled to Chew Stoke for a friendly and came away with a three shot win. The top rink was skipped by John Newman, supported by Chris Sage, Rita Bailey and Eric Sage.

Victoria 82, Chew Stoke 79: S Lawrence, R Jacobs, R Sleep, D Williams 10-25; J West, W Nicholls, S Newman, M Stocker 22-24; C Sage, R Bailey, E Sage, J Newman 27-14; M Milliner, C Willetts, J Griffiths, M Taylor 23-16.

Victoria 112, Ashcombe 122: D Beard, D Roberts, M Fletcher, J Newman 13-22; H Whyte, M Willetts, R Rockett, K Holland 12-19; J Codrington, E Sage, A Barnes, M Manning 17-17; W Nicholls, R. Sleep, J Howell, S Evans 22-16; J West, T Gatehouse, P Leadbeater, D Hurst 26-22; M Campbell, C Chudley, G Frost, M Stocker 22-26.

Victoria 92, Cheltenham 165: M Milliner, P Leadbeater, P Palmer, N Sell 9-28; J Newman, E Sage, R Rockett, M Manning 11-25; J Codrington, C Chudley, T Gatehouse, M Taylor 16-19; D Beard, J Griffiths, M Fletcher, D Williams 16-16; G Hodge, R Jacobs, D Sealey, M Stocker 15-30; W Nicholls, R Sleep, A Uccellini, E Mangan 15-21.

IN a friendly against Clarence, Winscombe were in devastating form winning on all rinks and by 62 shots.

Then at Bristol Arrow in a match reduced to four triples, they won by 29 shots and by three rinks to one.

The highlight of the week was a special match against The Barbarians to celebrate Winscombe’s 90th anniversary. The Barbarian’s association team is made up by invitation to senior bowlers from all over the country.

The Barbarian team included bowlers from South Wales, Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and even France. It was an excellent afternoon’s bowling on a sunny day with an excellent tea provided by Winscombe ladies.

Winscombe 129, Barbarians 95: K Whatling, J Smith, A Kyprianides, M Nash 18-15; M Roberts, J Lukins, R Wootten, T Ellis 23-10; R Knight, G Hill, G Tofte, A Dudley 20-24; W Ainsworth, L Collier, R Feltham, M Adams 21-16; P Hopes, M Hunt, R Freegard, A Watts 26-9; D Beaverstock, D Owen, J Sprouting, S Eastment 21-19.

Winscombe 86, Bristol Arrow 57: M Roberts, L Collier, A Watts 31-5; R Knight, B Prince, W Ainsworth 15-25; D Owen, J Sprouting, A Dudley 19-14; B Paul, A Kyprianides, R Lowman 21-13.

Winscombe 130, Clarence 68: J Sprouting, G Hill, R Wootten, T Ellis 20-8; M Dorrington, P Hopes, N Hansford, M Nash 27-24; K Whatling, K Symons, R Lacy, M Adams 38-8; R Freegard, J Vincent, J Smith, A Kyprianides 18-14; R Fisher, D Owen, J Lukins, S Eastment 27-14.

WEDMORE played away against St Andrews B in the county league, winning one rink, losing on another and drawing one, but with a winning margin of four shots Wedmore came home with nine points.

Wedmore 57, St Andrews B 53: R Bull, R Hunt, B Cottrell, D Stansfield 16-19; V Matthews, T Counsell, I Faulkner, C Panchaud 19-19; T Hamblin, T Simpson, P Rowlett, C Moss 22-15.

Wedmore played a morning game at Portishead RBL in the Over-60s League, with limited success, winning only two rinks and losing overall by 21 shots.

Wedmore 97, Portishead RBL 118: V Matthews, J Clark, I Faulkner 9-19; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 18-19; T Counsell, K Burt, R Thurkettle 11-27; C Wheller, B Aston, C Panchaud 24-15; T Hamblin, P Rowlett, R Ronald 12-25; R Bull, M Green, R Barron 23-13.

The Wedmore Plate quarter-final due to be played between Wedmore and Donyatt at Chew Stoke was conceded by Donyatt and Wedmore go forward to the semi-final stage.

Bloomfield travelled from Bath to Wedmore for a mixed friendly. Shortage of Bloomfield players reduced the rinks from six to four and even that involved some assistance from Wedmore players playing for the opposition.

Despite the re-arrangements, the game was enjoyed by all in good weather, with Wedmore winning by 92-74.

WITH three friendly matches over five days, Banwell had two big victories and one narrow defeat.

First up was an away game at Congresbury. Five rinks battled it out on pleasant night, and a good game was played in the right spirit. Congresbury won by two shots (99-97), but Mal Laycock, who stood in as skip marshalled his team to finish up Banwell’s highest winning rink.

Next up was an away game at Ashcombe on another warm and sunny evening, with the green, just a little faster than previous matches. Banwell excelled themselves by winning on all four rinks to achieve a convincing 86-55 win.

Vice-captain Darrell Johnston and his rink took the honours as Banwell’s highest winning rink.

The final game of the week was at home, a mixed match against Severn Vale. This time Phil Villis and his rink finished up Banwell’s highest winning rink in their 134-88 victory.

ST ANDREWS achieved a marvellous win at home to Wrington, winning on three rinks out of four.

Sadly, they suffered defeat in their friendly fixture against North Petherton.

St Andrews 100, Wrington 54: M Blight, T James, T. Allen, A Horsburgh 30-14; P O’Connor, C Reeves, J Ling, G Wride 30-10; K Rodgers, A MacNab, R Dunstone, D Favis 16-18; D Nutt, B Reeves, T Thomas, S Davies 24-12.

St Andrews 76, North Petherton 98: P O’Connor, G Berry, J Warren 21-11; D Price, E Day, D Favis 21-12; C. Reeves, T Bell, A Horsburgh 15-21; K Rodgers, F Mudge, T Allen, R Davey 10-26; A Cooper, A MacNab, R McLeod 9-28.

A LARGE and enthusiastic crowd watched Clarence club champion Barrie Forse lead his team to victory in the area final of the Bowls England National Mixed Fours at his home green.

Forse, Pam Barnbrook, Rebecca McMillan (both Clarence ladies) and Andrew Owens (Victoria) beat a strong team from Somerton & District by three shots in an enthralling match.

Going into the last end, Forse’s four led by two and though Forse moved the jack accidentally with his final wood, Somerton were unable to take advantage, losing 18-15.

Victory put the Clarence/Victoria team through to the national finals at Worthing in August.

Again at Clarence and in front of a good crowd, Forse attempted to reach the national finals of the Bowls England Champion of Champions.

His opponent in the area final was Louis Ridout, a rising star of the England team from Ilminster. Ridout, who is in his early 20s, gave a brilliant display of drawing to the jack, and although Forse played well, he went down 21-7.

The powerful Portishead RBL team and their heavy green made it difficult for visitors Clarence in the North Somerset KO Cup. Although David Stott’s rink fought back from 9-4 behind to win by eight, taking the last eight ends, the other four Clarence teams lost.

Portishead RBL 103, Clarence 74: M Edlin, G Aldridge, G Cooper, B Forse 9-21; J Keay, T Ward, T Pritchard, P Tubb 13-20; R Flicker, B Duffy, R Crawford, D Stott 22-14; J Edwards, G Barlow, D Jackman, R Burrough 16-25; T Mannion, I Baker, T Perry, H Sparks 14-23.

Clarence’s Omani player Fakhry Al-Hinai made his season’s debut in the friendly triples match away to Bridgwater. The visitors, despite fielding a scratch side, finished up on two of the four rinks for a seven-shot victory.

Bridgwater 63, Clarence 70: R Dodson, M Davies, D Stott 23-12; J Keay, E Turner, D Jackman 20-15; R Flicker, F Al-Hinai, J Burgess 15-23; D Urch, A Bishop, T Ward 12-13.

The highlight for Clarence in their away friendly with Winscombe was the after-match meal. They went down on all five rinks to a heavy defeat, although Chris Read’s rink had a six on the sixth end and lost by just three.

Winscombe 129, Clarence 68: AN Other, A Bishop, A Bidmead, R Burrough 14-18; R Flicker, R Dodson, B Duffy, T Pritchard 8-19; G Aldridge, D Urch, I Baker, C Read 24-27; J Loveridge, M Skyrme, J Burgess, T Ward 14-27; T Mannion, M Scoins, G Kettleborough, G Cooper 8-38.

New bowlers Doug Grier and Bob Bridgman made successful debuts for Clarence in the home mixed match against Windsor Great Park. With the assistance of skip Roger Burrough and No 3 Dick Jackman, they earned a 25-shot victory for their rink as Clarence won by 33 shots.

Clarence 125, Windsor Great Park 92: B Bridgman, D Grier, D Jackman, R Burrough 30-5; R Flicker, K Bailey, M Skyrme, P Tubb 26-15; P Bridgman, D Stevens, J Allard, T Ward 20-16; A Ward, M Davies, I Baker, D Stott 14-15; J Stewart, S Searle, L Lakey, G Barlow 20-20; M Waite, H Dunn, E Deane, B Cornwall 15-21.

Yossers went top of the Two Wood Triples League at Clarence with an eight-shot victory over previous leaders Edwardians. Champions Internationals had their second win, while Roller Coasters registered their first victory.

Results: Yossers 18, Edwardians 10; Nuts 14, Internationals 22; Roller Coasters 26, Allsorts 9.

The annual Three Clubs Drive, between Clarence men and ladies and Wessex Ladies, was played on Saturday with a different format from the usual. This time, it was Pinks (ladies) against Blues (men), with 67 colourful competitors enjoying eight fours matches.

Heavy morning rain gave way to afternoon sunshine but left the green fairly heavy, which suited the men more than the women. The Blues won by 160 shots to 107.

Scores (Pinks first): P Turner, P Tillson, J Binding, J Davis 14, A Bishop, P Bridgman, J Larvin, D Gilbert 22; M Waite, B Jones, J Bishop, E Williams 14, P Tubb, M Phillips, D Jackman, D Stott 22; E Stott, Pauline Dunn, M Baker, A Powell 11, R Dodson, C Tippett, R Crawford, A McMillan 19; M Woods, S Phelps, A Ward, M Davison 9, J Stewart, E Turner, T Ward, T Pritchard 20; S Bishop, P Fowler, L Oldham, L Peart 9, F Al-Hinai, D Stevens, T Mannion, B Cornwall 17; E Deane (skip) 12, D Grier, G Aldridge, I Baker, R Burrough 23; P Phillips, V Jones, V Collicott, P Burrough 9, J Keay, M Skyrme, T Cockcroft, C Read 24; J Mannion, V Edwards, S Pritchard, S Foster won 19-13.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team had a comfortable, 20-shot win against Panteg House from the Welsh Valleys. The rinks were shared 3-3, but captain David Stott’s four (including newcomers Sue Bishop and Chris Tippett, supported by the experienced Jan Bishop) scored an emphatic 37-4 win to seal the victory. Richard Crawford’s rink had a wonderful comeback from 0-14 after nine ends to win by eight.

Clarence 114, Panteg House 94: S Bishop, C Tippett, J Bishop, D Stott 37-4; M Phelan, I Hicks, D Gilbert, P Dunn 11-20; S Foster, M Waite, T Mannion, R Crawford, 24-16; M Woods, A Bishop, A Bidmead, V Jones 16-11; G Aldridge, L Oldham, J Hicks, P Hawkins 13-25; J Larvin, P Bidmead, M Davies, D Jackman 13-18.

Also on Sunday, Clarence Park staged regional finals of the Bowls England Walker Cup ladies’ triples, featuring teams from Cornwall, Wiltshire, Warwickshire and Herefordshire. Members of Clarence and Wessex Ladies did a sterling job catering for a large number of players and supporters.

ASHCOMBE Crusaders 100 (2), Burnham 106 (18) (Over-60s): A Wilmot, G Finnegan, J Hornett 15-17; C Hughes, J Main, D A Williams 16-22; A Wright, L Day, J Taylor 20-21; D Stanton, G Tottle, J Whitlow 18-11; R Powell, D Carr, A Yates 15-17; S Hedges, M Southwood, J Creasey 16-18.

Ashcombe Crusaders 104 (16), Portishead RBL 92 (4) (Over-60s): S Hedges, M Southwood, J Creasey 14-12; D Carr, J Whitlow, A Yates 28-11; R Powell, L Day, J Taylor 14-17; D Stanton, G Tottle, R Hadley 8-22; C Hughes, J Main, D A Williams 19-17; A Wilmot, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 21-13.

Ashcombe Knights 118 (18), Yatton 78 (2) (Over-60s): A Morgan, B Underhay, E Roberts 19-13; T Shearman, R Simmons, R Kibble 20-21; D Underhay, W Spring, E Hooper 24-15; M Parry, A Little, I Shannon 19-11; R Counsell, A Freke, J Whitton 20-8; M Badman, D Norville, W Caddick 16-10.

Ashcombe Templars 90 (4), Mark Moor 116 (16) (Over-60s): R Cole, T Bass, M Adams 12-18; M MacMahon, P Gaulton, G Kinsey 17-11; M Tripp, V Bragg, M Brummell 21-22; N Coombes, Colin Winser, T Cottrell 9-31; M Bass, E Booth, L Cox 18-15; T Pople, B Jones, B Alden 13-19.

Ashcombe 75, Clevedon 104 (friendly): N Coombes, B Benstead, R Tasker, L Cox 21-19; R Lewis, B Golding, M Adams, G Wilkinson 20-18; G Fews, B Noyes, Colin Winser, T Bass 5-27; M Simpson, M MacMahon, A Cracknell, M Brummell 15-17; M Unwin, G Tucker, B Alden, T Cottrell 14-23.

Ashcombe 122, Victoria 112 (friendly): G Tucker, B Underhay, G Tottle, C M Winser 22-13; R Tasker, F Ham, M Badman, A Yates 19-12; J Marlow, D Norville, J Main, G Wilkinson 17-17; R Perkins, A Cracknell, D Stanton, W Caddick 16-22; D Underhay, B Benstead, S Hedges, J Whitlow 22-26; R Lewis, M Parry, D Carr, D A Williams 26-22.

Ashcombe 55, Banwell 86 (friendly): N Coombes, R Counsell, P Sheppard, G Wilkinson 20-22; M Unwin, G Sansam, T Bass, I Shannon 12-25; T Pople, B Alden, M Adams, T Cottrell 10-25; M Bass, R Smith, G Kinsey, W Caddick 13-14.

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