End of season presentations held at Clarence

Flag lowering at Clarence Bowls Club.

Flag lowering at Clarence Bowls Club. - Credit: Archant

Clarence Bowling Club held their end of season presentations on president’s day.

PRESIDENT Bob Rossiter congratulated members of Clarence Bowling Club on a successful year at his end-of-season president’s day.

He said that the A team had won the North Division title in the County League, losing only one game, while the Blues had finished fourth in Division One of the Over-60s League.

The club had also enjoyed considerable success in county and national competitions, while Clarence men and ladies and Wessex Ladies had hosted the Somerset BA Centenary Fours, organised by club vice-captain David Stott.

President’s day began with a spider, won by Doug Grier, then 48 players competed in a 12-end triples match, between the captain’s and president’s teams. Captain Brendan Duffy’s team won by 40 shots.

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Then players and non-players sat down to an excellent team, provided by the ladies of Clarence and Wessex, after which the club trophies were presented.

Len Lewis, who is fairly new to bowls, won the season-long Paxton Cup charity competition, while the runner-up was another comparative novice, Derek Weston.

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Now members are preparing for the indoor season, which starts at Clarence on October 20. Twenty-eight members of the three Clarence-based clubs and one or two guests are going on a bowls tour to Spain next week.

Captain’s Team 108, President’s team 69. Captain’s team names first: J Loveridge, M Scoins, K Marshall 7, R Flicker, B Cornwall, M Edlin 13; T Hooper, D Thomson, C Read 16, C Tippett, M Skyrme, G Barlow 6; J Atkins, A Taylor, J Keay 17, June Allard, M Peters, R Crawford 9; A Bishop, Barbara Jones, D Stott 13, B Underwood, T Cockcroft, B Ballinger 13; M Thompson , Joan Duffy, B Duffy 8, B Rossiter, D Grier, M Phillips 10; B Cheffers, D Jackman, A Gardiner 22, J Kelloway, Veronica Jones, J Edwards 3; D Weston, R Dodson, R Higgins 15, L Lewis, J Rogers, J Burgess 3; Shirley Scoins, T Mannion, R Burrough 10, T Ward, M Davies, Carol Edlin 11

Clarence men and Wessex Ladies enjoyed themselves in their annual friendly match, with the men prevailing by 15 shots.

With the opposing captains Brendan Duffy and his wife Joan, there was plenty of ribbing and good-natured rivalry and, at tea, halfway through, there were only a couple of shots in it.

But, apparently revitalised by a splendid tea, the men pulled away, losing only two of the five rinks. Their winning skips were Adrian Gardiner, Brendan Duffy and David Stott, while the fours skipped by Christine Peart and Pat Taylor finished up for Wessex.

Clarence 97, Wessex Ladies 82 (men’s names first): A Bishop, P Lewis, J Burgess, A Gardiner 24, J Davis, M Hawkins, B Jones, J Duffy 16; H Dunn, M Scoins, J Hayes, J Keay 17, V Edwards, R Hinde, M Davis, C Peart 18; B Cheffers, M Peters, M Davies, B Duffy 15, B Hayes, V Gardiner, A Ward, A Fewings 12; J Loveridge, B Cornwall, D Jackman, D Stott 23, N Peters, E Wade, P Dunn, M Williams 13; G Andrews, J Hicks, T Ward, J Edwards 18, I Hicks, T Langford, J Allard, P Taylor 23.

The annual match at Clarence Park between current and ex-presidents and captains of the three clubs based there resulted in a resounding victory for the captains’ team led by Brendan Duffy. They finished up on all three rinks, winning by 56 shots to 20.

Rink scores (presidents’ team first): Trevor Ward, Bob Cornwall, Vi Senior, Pauline Burrough 6, Alan Bishop, Christine Peart, Roger Burrough, Margaret Noddings 21; Reg Flicker, June Allard, Ron Higgins, Pam Hawkins 5, Shirley Scoins, Tony Mannion, Joan Duffy, Brendan Duffy 20; Carol Cromey, Anne Ward, Pauline Dunn, Don Towie 9, Joan Davis, Elaine Deane, Mike Clay, David Stott 15.

Clarence’s final club match of the season is always against Bridgwater, who were the visitors. Clarence won by 15 shots, the second time they have beaten Bridgwater this year.

Brendan Duffy and David Stott, Clarence captain and vice-captain respectively, skipped two of their winning rinks, Maurice Phillips the other.

Clarence 97, Bridgwater 82: B Rossiter, M Davies, T Ward, D Stott 27-9; L Lewis, A Taylor, B Hanks, B Duffy 23-20; J Loveridge, I Phipps, J Burgess, T Mannion 14-23; M Edlin, J Kelloway, M Scoins, J Edwards 14-21; C Tippett, John Hayes, D Jackman, M Phillips 19-9.

PAM Fowler and Margaret Noddings both won three titles in Clarence ladies’ recent championship finals.

Fowler won the Pratt Cup, club fours and four-wood pairs, while Noddings was victorious in the championship, two-wood pairs and club triples.

They and the other prize-winners received their trophies at the club’s captain’s day season-closing event, when the umbrella was won by new member Ros Francombe.

Championship winners and runners-up - Pratt Cup: Pam Fowler; Carol Marshall. Club Fours: Pam Fowler, Jean Colman, Val Collicott, Audrey Harris; Lucy Oldham, Shirley Searle, Pam Hawkins, Carol Edlin; club triples: Shirley Searle, Pat Phillips, Margaret Noddings; Shirley Scoins, Pam Fowler, Carol Edlin; four-wood pairs: Pam Fowler, Mary Davison; Shirley Searle, Carol Edlin; two-wood pairs: Yvonne Burrough, Margaret Noddings; Pam Fowler, Mary Davison; two-wood singles: Carol Edlin; Pauline Burrough; handicap: Mary Davison; Audrey Harris; championship: Margaret Noddings; Pat Phillips.

Green-sharers Clarence Ladies and Wessex Ladies combined forces on September 11 for a six-rink match against Surrey County Ladies.

After a very close tussle, in which the home team won three rinks and drew another, a big win by Surrey on one rink earned them victory by five shots.

The successful Clarence/Wessex rinks were skipped by Pam Hawkins, Joan Duffy and Ann Ward, while Carol Edlin’s four drew.

Wessex/Clarence Ladies 103, Surrey County Ladies 108: B Hayes, G Hookway, C Peart, P Hawkins 21-15; N Peters, L Oldham, M Davis, M Noddings 9-33; J Anning, I Hicks, V Jones, J Duffy 23-14; V Edwards, E Wade, P Phillips, C Edlin 19-19; S Scoins, J Alward, V Collicott, P Taylor 15-17; P Fowler, A Ballinger, J Davis, A Ward 16-10.

On the previous day, Clarence ladies chalked up a fine away win over local rivals St Andrews in a friendly triples match, winning by six shots.

Veronica Jones and Carol Edlin skipped their trios to victory, with Jones’s team having a six on the fourth end.

St Andrews Ladies 46, Clarence Ladies 52: S Scoins, C Cromey, P Phillips 10-22; P Fowler, S Searle, V Jones 24-9; J Colman, V Senior, C Edlin 18-15.

A 26-shot victory by Pam Fowler, Shirley Searle and skip Margaret Noddings helped Clarence ladies beat visitors Burnham comfortably. Pam Hawkins also skipped her triple to success.

Clarence Ladies 64, Burnham Ladies 34: G Hookway, Pauline Dunn, P Burrough 15-18; P Fowler, S Searle, M Noddings 31-5; J Anning, L Oldham, P Hawkins 18-11.

VERLIE Edwards received the Club Championship Cup from Somerset Ladies’ county president Dawn Barnaby at Wessex Ladies’ Bowling Club’s end-of-season captain’s day.

It has been a highly successful year for Verlie, who won a total of seven winners’ or runners-up trophies, including two-wood singles. The Handicap Cup was won by captain Joan Duffy, and the First Time Singles by Norma Peters.

Club pairs winners were Pam Turner and Ann Ward, while the triples champions were Brenda Hayes, Pam Turner and Ann Ward. The full list of awards and photographs will be on the Clarence BC website, www.clarencebowls.org

ASHCOMBE Park Bowls Club finished their season with a game of triples, won by John Main, Davae Bleasdale and John Hornett, while the spider winner was Graham Wilkinson.

Ashcombe are having an extension built to their clubhouse which will enable the club to hold more activities including short mat bowls and to provide meals for touring teams.

Club members played for the Don Stanton Cup, donated by his family in memory of Don, who passed away July 2013. It was an all-day event, with lunch provided and the winner this year was Alan Yates with a score of 263.

A fun afternoon was organised by Alan Cracknell, who also presented the club with the Alan Cracknell Trophy Cup. Members played 18 ends of mixed triples and the trophy was won by Dave Wynne, Sam Hedges and Chris Hedges.

WINSCOMBE’S penultimate game of the season was a home friendly against Bridgwater, which Winscombe just managed to win by three shots.

The final game was played on closing day between the captain’s and president’s teams with the president exacting revenge for the loss on opening day, winning the match by 109 shots to 101.

Winscombe 90, Bridgwater 87: G Lloyd, T Moody, M Nash, R Lacy 16-18; J Smith,

D Peakall, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 16-16; K Whatling, A Uccellini, P Fredersdorff,

G Neville 26-18; R Knight, M Hunt, A Watts, S Eastment 16-15; R Sapsford,

K Headford, G Coombe A Dudley 16-20.

The finals weekend produced some fine bowling with the following highlight results - men’s singles championship (R Calvert Cup) winner: S Eastment, runner-up: R Lowman; men’s pairs (G Salisbury Cup): M Dorrington, S Eastment; M Adams, T Ellis. Triples (R Cooper Cup): R Lacy, T Ellis, M Adams; M Dorrington, R Lowman, S Eastment.

Ladies singles (M & A Pitt Cup): E Watts; S Lowman; pairs (D Kimmins Trophy): L Parfitt, C Hopes; L Whatling, R Keane.

Mixed pairs (E Kent Cup): A Ainsworth, W Ainsworth; E Watts A Dudley.

WESSEX ladies held their captain’s day on a sunny afternoon.

Captain Joan Duffy welcomed Somerset County president Dawn Barnaby and guests from Clarence Bowling Club, Clarence ladies and other local clubs. Special guests were greenkeepers Richard Crawford and Gerry Barlow, who keep the greens in such a wonderful condition.

The spider was won by Joan Davis and the bowls drive was won by Mary Hawkins, with Norma Peters winning the consolation prize. Following a delicious tea, the trophies were presented by president June Allard, assisted by Mrs Barnaby.

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