End of season results

CLEVEDON Promenade Saxons 88, Clevedon 133.

CLEVEDON Promenade Saxons 88, Clevedon 133 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): T Passey, K Chandler, R Cranshaw 13, A Miller 27; C Powney, M Thorne, R Soper 13, N Neath 26; N Arney, G Giles, B Rogers 14, A Morgan 21; I Waterhouse, M Wise, T Deakin 15, M Langley 22; B Quantrill, C Bethune, P Rowley 15, C Seward 18; M Whitehead, G Sheppard, S Harvey 18, M Payne 19.

Clevedon Promenade 76, Avon and Somerset Police 81 (friendly): M Whitehead, A Coombes, B Baldwin, S Harvey 22-17; T Foster, C Powney, J Grubb, G Giles 15-20; N Arney, B Carpenter, B Quantrill, M Rowsell 21-19; D Higley, B Davis, P Bissett, K Low 18-25.

Clevedon Promenade 84, North Petherton 102 (mixed friendly): C Powney, J Alvis, J Fry, J Grubb 11-31; N Arney, P Powney, S Farnden, D Knowles 17-16; Be Quantrill, S Walker, D Hollier, T Deakin 27-13; D Cranshaw, B Davis, B Quantrill, F Rawlings 18-19; E Perham, B Carpenter, B Hollier, B Jones 11-23.

Clevedon Promenade 139, Clevedon 79 (mixed friendly): G Sheppard, V Say, J Jeffrey, R Soper 20, N Neath 17; B Baldwin, M Sheppard, J Williams, D Knowles 18, B Palmer 23; F Rawlings, J Grubb, B Jones, C Pratten 23, E Kitchen 11; M Whitehead, L Jones, P Knowles, C Crees 31, J Helliker 5; D Symes, J Durbin, P Rowley, D Demery 21, M Payne 10; S Jones, N Arney, E Rowley, H Williams 26, D Pratten 13.

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CLEVEDON final results of a successful outdoor season.

Clevedon 134,Clevedon Promenade Saxons 88 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): D Harding, M Say, A Miller 27, R Cranshaw 13; C Folland, P Stevens, N Neath 26, R Soper 13; K Parkins, D Priddle, A Morgan 21, B Rogers 14; J Manning, D Pratten, M Langley 2, T Deakin 15; M Hussey, K Bristow, C Seward 18, P Rowley 15; G Fletcher, R Boak, M Payne 19, S Harvey 18.

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Clevedon 79, Clevedon Promenade 139 (friendly): A Scott, J Freeman, M Say, N Neath 17, R Soper 20; R Capern, M Rothwell, D Priddle, B Palmer 2, D Knowles 18; S Savage, B Davis, D Taylor, E Kitchen 11, C Pratten 23; J Drewitt, D Watts, J Weeks, J Helliker 5, C Crees 31; M Foster, J Brown, K Parkins, M Payne 10, D Demery 21; K Bird, M Davis, J Priddle, D Pratten 13, H William 26.

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