Enjoyable cross-country

OVER 130 young athletes enjoyed an afternoon's cross-country at Backwell Secondary School.

OVER 130 young athletes enjoyed an afternoon's cross-country at Backwell Secondary School.

In the mist of all the serious competitions that North Somerset Athletics Academy have been involved in, it was welcome change to watch many of the athletes in fancy dress and running for fun. Many of the South West's top athletes from North Somerset were competing, and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed nature of the event.

Teams of four same-age, same-sex athletes competing in a relay format has proved a popular event, a gentle introduction to cross-country for many. Trophies were awarded to the winning teams in each of the age age/sex categories. Medals were handed out to all athletes who finished on the podium, a fastest leg trophy sponsored by he Club at Cadbury House for the individual in each race who posted the fastest lap time, as well as prizes for best fancy dress and funniest team name.

Year 2-4 girls (4 x 0.25 mile): Sleepy Heads 7.18 minutes (Sophie Parker, Immy Buck, Issy Povey, Caroline Walder). Fastest individual leg: Sophie Parker (1.44).

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Year 2-4 boys (4 x 0.25 mile): The Clone Troopers 7.21 (Luke Braham, George Gibbs, James McDermott, Sam Gentry). Fastest individual leg: Sam Gentry 1.34.

Year 5-6 girls (4 x 0.5 mile): Googlie Ooglies 12.34 (Jasmine Emery, Alys Withers, Sofie Anderson, Ada'ora Chigbo). Fastest individual leg: Jasmine Emery .59.

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Year 5-6 boys (4 x 0.5 mile): The Somerset Rhinos 12.41 (Aidan Paul, Henry Gibbs, Joe Gentry, James Copeland). Fastest individual leg: Aiden Paul 2.58.

Year 7-8 girls (4 x 0.75 mile): The Four Musketeers 20.51 (Elspeth McGowan, Emily Harvey, Ellen Gentry, Kate Grinyer). Fastest individual leg: Kate Grinyer 4.35.

Year 7-8 boys (4 x 0.75 mile); Homer Simpson Fitness Crew 19.18 (Corey Davis, Lewis Jones, Zac Sow, Kody Mortimer). Fastest individual leg: Kody Mortimer 4.44.

Year 9-11 girls (4 x 1 mile): Neon Ladies 29.27 (Frankie Allen, Sophia Sow, Emma Smith, Tasha Osgood). Fastest individual leg: Tasha Osgood 6.51.

Year 9-11 boys: No Name 23.35 (Jake Fisher x2, Ali Griffith x 2). Fastest individual leg: Jake Fisher 5.39.

Best fancy dress: The Sleepy Heads. Best name: The Yatton Yak Yummies.

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