Excellent figures for Blagdon

Catch figures for Bristol Water Fisheries have just been announced.

WITH the 2011 fly fishing season now over, Bristol Water Fisheries are just completing the catch figures for the year.

After a slightly disappointing 2010, this year has proved much better at the main lakes, despite low water levels and heavy weed growth. With even more fish reared and stocked into the lakes, the catch rates have been some of the best ever recorded.

Rod catches at Chew and Blagdon were excellent and Blagdon has recorded its second best ever catch with 24,730 fish so far. Barrows fished consistently through the year, but the catch was slightly down on 2010

Opening days next year will again be staggered at all the fisheries. Barrows 1 and 2 will start on March 2, Blagdon on March 16 and Chew Valley a week later on March 23. Special days for season permit holders will be March 1, March 14 and 21 respectively. Closing dates will be November 30.

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Barrow 3 will not be available for fishing for the whole of the 2012 season. However, there will be extra fish into 1 and 2 to compensate for the loss of the most popular lake.

Most permit prices will increase in 2012. Full details of all the costs will soon be available on the website, but the main charges will be – (per rod) – boat – Chew Valley �35, Blagdon �30, Litton �65. Bank: Chew Valley �17, Blagdon �20, Barrows �15. Season permits: All waters �700, Chew and Barrows �570, Barrows �435, weekend �275.

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To book early season boats send a letter application to Woodford Lodge to be received before January 1.

Although fewer pike were landed in 2011 than in previous years, the chance of catching a fish of more than 20-30 pounds attracts anglers from all over the country and the recent capture of a lake record 42.04lb fish is bound to interest even more anglers to what has become the mecca for pike fishing enthusiasts.

Planned dates for pike fishing: January 23-29, February 6-12 and 20-26, October 15-20, 25-30, November 4-9, 14-20 and 25-30. All sessions will be bank and boat.

Prices will increase for boat and bank permits. Boat �32.50 per person and bank �16.50 per person. Please note: Restrictions on fishing areas may apply during pike fishing.

Booking for all pike fishing is essential. Letters or e-mails should be sent to arrive at Woodford Lodge before January 1 and those received will be placed in a draw.

Please supply your full name and address with a daytime or mobile phone for booking records with your application.

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