Extra end required for cup final

Victoria won the Wedmore Plate final after beating St Andrews on an extra end.

VICTORIA won the Wedmore Plate final in dramatic fashion, beating St Andrews on an extra end after the game finished in a tie.

The first rink to finish was that of Mike Stocker and it was his rink that played the extra end and it was Stocker who gained the shot which ultimately won the game.

Mike Cooper’s rink was the last to finish and were one shot down after Barrie Forse had played a shot which moved the jack back to their wood for shot with Victoria holding second wood.

With his last wood, Forse tried to push Victoria’s second wood out but lost the line and Cooper was relieved not to play his last wood.

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Victoria 78, St Andrews 78: P Fisher, T Bray, M Taylor, M Cooper 8-30; M Campbell, R Fenwick, K Harvey, W Harrison 25-15; J Newman, D Sealey, D Williams, M Stocker 20-22; P Lunn, T Gatehouse, K Curtis, D Hurst 25-11.

In the Somerset County League, Victoria A continue to struggle, travelling to play Banwell A, they won just one rink skipped by Will Harrison, supported by Malcolm Campbell Ray Fenwick and Colin Gazzard ,returning home with just two points.

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Victoria B played at Wrington and although winning on just the one rink courtesy of John Mingo-West, Tony Barnes, Derek Jones and skip Mike Taylor, such was the margin of their win, the team won the game by seven shots to return home with a creditable eight points.

Victoria C hosted Clarence B and run out winners by six shots, gaining 11 points with two winning rinks and one drawn rink. Top rink was Kane Leahy, Tony Webb, Mike Willetts and skip Pete Newport.

Both Victoria teams played in the Weston & District Over-60s League with narrow defeats by each. The Saxons travelled across town to play St Andrews where the score was close throughout the afternoon and in the end it was a three rink win for each team with the Saxons edged out by just one shot.

The Vikings entertained Portishead RBL and won four rinks and were ahead after both 10 and 15 ends, but finished weakly to surrender the game by 11 shots The rink of Richard Jacobs, Cliff Chudley and George Frost top scored for Victoria.

One of Victoria’s end of seasons friendlies is the Over-65s versus the Under-65s which is played in a competitive spirit and this year was no different with a 28 shot win by the Under-65s, who it was clear were boosted by the late transfer of some over-65 players.

Penarth came to Victoria for their annual visit and as always it was a pleasure to host long standing friends from across the estuary. Victoria secured a comprehensive victory with the rink of Bill Nicholls, Graham Richards, John Newman and Derek Hurst leading the way.

Victoria A 61 (2), Banwell A 67 (10): M Campbell, R Fenwick, C Gazzard, W Harrison 23-18; J Newman, K Curtis, D Williams, M Cooper 18-27; P Lunn, K Holland, D Sealey, M Stocker 20-22.

Victoria B 62 (8), Wrington 55 (4): J Dyet, G Richards, J Howell, D Hurst 18-20; B Nicholls, T Gatehouse, T Uccellini, M Manning 10-25; J Mingo-West, A Barnes, D Jones, M Taylor 34-10.

Victoria C 58 (11), Clarence B 52 (11): K Leahy, T Webb, M Willetts, P Newport 19-14; R Jacobs, F Aldridge, R Sleep, G Frost 23-23; P Wyatt, M Milliner, J Kerr, D Avery 16-15.

Victoria Saxons 99 (6), St Andrews 100 (14) (Weston and District Over-60s League): J Mingo-West, R Fenwick, J Newman 25-21; M Campbell, K Curtis, D Hurst 22-10; H Whyte, M Manning, M Taylor 11-17; T Gatehouse, G Hodge, D Williams 20-17; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 10-18; P Lunn, T Uccellini, T Bray 11-17.

Victoria Vikings 94 (8), Portishead RBL 105 (12): S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 16-23; F Aldridge, C York, D Avery 15-13; R Jacobs, C Chudley, G Frost 20-15; B Johnson, G Richards, E Sage 16-15; J Griffiths, R Sleep, J Smart 9-24; B Nicholls, D Roberts, P Newport 18-15.

Over-65s 88: B Johnson, C Chudley, M Manning 8-26; F Aldridge, R Sparkes, M Taylor 3-23; G Jones, J Griffiths, D Williams 18-17; T Gilbert, D Sealey, D Hurst 23-15; J Codrington, R Sleep, S Evans 19-14; A Shattock, K Curtis 17-21.

Under-65s 116: H Whyte, J Newman, W Harrison 26-8; B Nicholls, R Fenwick, T Bray 23-3; J Mingo-West, D Roberts, P Leadbeater 17-18; P Wyatt, G Hodge, M Stocker 15-23; I Linham, M Willetts, R Rockett 14-19; M Milliner, D Jones 21-17.

Victoria 116, Penarth 52: A Shattock, A Waygood, J Smart, M Taylor 8-11; J Griffiths, G Hodge, R Rockett, G Frost 16-7; B Nicholls, G Richards, J Newman, D Hurst 22-6; M Milliner, H Whyte, P Leadbeater, K Harvey 18-5; J Mingo-West, C Chudley, D Jones 18-9; R Sleep, E Sage, T Uccellini, M Stocker 13-6; R Sparkes, M Manning 21-8.

AN almost perfect week was brought to an abrupt end when St Andrews lost in the final of the Wedmore Plate by one shot on an extra end.

A victory for St Andrews could have capped one of the best weeks in their history as both their County League sides won their last league games and, consequently, gained promotion by winning their respective divisions.

On the domestic front, an enjoyable friendly game against tourists from St Albans was brought to a halt, by torrential rain, with just two ends to play.

St Andrews Spartans 100, Victoria Saxons 99 (Weston Over-60s Triples): R Smith, R McLeod, P Villis 21-25; M Goddard, R Venn, G Guest 17-11; K Rodgers, C Reeves, A Ware 18-10; B Rogers, J Ling, A Steer 10-22; K Uglow, A Horsburgh, D Bailey 17-11; K Parker, G Tofte, B Forse 17-20.

St Andrews A 51, Yatton A 49 (County League): K Uglow, P Aldus, D Bailey, A Steer 20-17; R Smith, G Aldridge, P Villis, A Owens 19-16; G Tofte, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 12-16.

St Andrews B 77, Clevedon Promenade C 55 (County League): K Parker, M Blight, A Horsburgh, D Favis 19-25; R McLeod, T Allen, B May, J Warren 31-15; M Simpson, J Ling, A Ware, G Wride 27-15.

St Andrews 78, Victoria 79 (Wedmore Plate final): G Tofte, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 30-8; R Smith, B May, D Bailey, G Guest 22-20; M Goddard, B Reeves, R Venn, A Owens 15-25; K Uglow, A Ware, P Aldus, A Steer 11-25.

St Andrews 62, St Albans 84 (tourists): P Pattenden, J Steer, Mrs E Blight, Mrs I Tofte 14-12; A Cooper, A Lay, R Dunstone, K Rodgers 13-16; G Berry, Ms S Sinclair, R Smith, A Horsburgh 16-14; G Sims, Miss K Dobney, T Allen, Mrs S Glenville 8-26; M Simpson, Mrs A Greenwood, A MacNab, Mrs M Pattenden 11-16.

CLARENCE A went top of Division One North in the Somerset County League with an impressive away victory over Ashcombe A.

The Weston Ladies’ Open Bowls tournament finals day deprived Clarence of two of their best players, who were officiating. They were also without another regular because of holiday.

However, the three players drafted in from the B team all contributed well, as Clarence finished up on two of the three rinks to establish themselves as favourites for the one promotion spot from the division.

Eight points from their final league game, a tough one at home to Winscombe A on Saturday, will guarantee Clarence a quick return to Premier Two, no matter what rivals West Backwell do in their last match.

Ashcombe A 46 (2), Clarence A 63 (10): B Rossiter, T Ward, P Palmer, D Towie 14-17; M Edlin, T Mannion, J Keay, R Crawford 25-13; T Hooper, T Pritchard, M Clay, R Burrough 24-16.

The promotion hopes of Clarence B took a knock when, with a depleted side, they lost by six shots away to Victoria C in Division Three North.

Their only point in a closely-contested match came from the rink skipped by Martyn Adams, although Mike Davies’s four did well to come back from 14-1 down and nearly snatched a draw on the final end, while Maurice Phillips lost by just one.

Victoria C 58 (11), Clarence B 52 (1): B Cheffers, J Edwards, D Jackman, M Davies 14-19; L Smith, B Cornwall, M Skyrme, M Adams 23-23; A Bishop, J Hicks, M Scoins, M Phillips 15-16.

ASHCOMBE’S game against a St Albans touring team had to be abandoned after 13 ends due to torrential rain, but everyone enjoyed a get together in the bar afterwards.

Ashcombe 63, St Albans 54:

B Alden, L Patterson, S Hopkins, A Little 8-12; D Little, V Webber, T Morgan, B Webber 8-19; S Appleby, S Davies, P Sheppard, J Whitton 11-17; S Noyes, J Mathews, C Hughes, G Wilkinson 12-4; B Noyes, A Bryant, K Hallett, J Creasey 24-2.

The Knights had a close game against Clevedon winning by only five shots.

Ashcombe Knights 100, Clevedon 95: R Counsell, G Kinsey, T Bass 28-10; R Cole, A Freke, I Shannon 21-15; D Underhay, B Underhay, E Hopkins 13-18; B Jones, L Patterson, R Simmons 9-22; M Parry, B Noyes, W Spring 11-16; I Baker, E Hooper, J Main 18-24.

Ashcombe Templers 94, Mark Moor 116: M Unwin, G Tucke,r R Tasker 12-20; M Field, N Coombes, P Gaulton 14-15; S Eastham, M Brummell, L Cox 18-24; R Lewis, T Pople, T Cottrell 17-17; B Benstead, V Bragg, K Hallet 18-18; G Pople, M Patterson, M Bass 15-22.

Ashcombe A 36, Clarence A 63: G Fews, A Little, G Wilkinson, B Webber 16-24; A Wilmot, D Stanton, L Day, J Whitton 13-25; T Morgan, A Cracknall, J Price, J Creasey 17-14.

Ashcombe B 74, Isle of Wedmore 55 (County League): M Bass, W Spring, P Sheppard, E Hooper 30-16; R Powell, J Main, S Hedges, A Yates 28-11; M Parry, D Bleasdale, K Hallett, J Taylor 16-28.

Ashcombe 53, Congresbury 67 (County League): J Marlow, N Coombes, M Brummell, R Tasker 25-18; G Tucker, D Underhay, R Simmons, A Freke 14-28; D Cooper, G Sansam, I Baker, P Gaulton 14-21.

Ashcombe 46, Yatton 70: I Baker, D Bleasdale, J Price, J Taylor 17-25; M Bass, M Parry, P Sheppard, B Hadley 18-25; R Powell, D Cooper, S Hedges, A Yates 11-20.

WINSCOMBE B won promotion to Division 1 North in the Somerset County League and will join Winscombe A in this league in 2013.

The B team travelled to Chew Stoke where they needed a point to secure promotion. They achieved this by winning on one rink, drawing on one rink and losing on one rink and winning nine points to three and seven shots overall..

The A team visited Burnham were they matched the B teams rink results. The rink skipped by Tommy Ellis snatched a 20-20 draw after coming from 20-12 down after 17 ends. Winscombe won by 14 shots and also secured nine points to Burnham’s three.

There were two Over-60s matches this week. The match against Burnham at Winscombe was reduced to 12 ends following heavy rain and Burnham had a good win.

At Clevedon Prom, Winscombe won on four rinks to two, but lost overall by nine shots.

In the mixed friendly at Congresbury, Winscombe won on four rinks to one and by 16 shots overall.

Winscombe also entertained a St Albans tourists side in a mixed game on a beautiful sunny afternoon and secured another win by nine shots.

Winscombe A 62 (9), Burnham 48 (3) (County League): R Lowman, G Lloyd, R Wootten, T Ellis 20-20; W Ainsworth, M Hunter, A Dudley, M Adams 29-9; K Whatling, J Sprouting, J Lukins, S Eastment 15-21.

Winscombe B 58 (9), Chew Stoke 51 (3) (County League): S Easterby, M Hunt, R Kibble, A Watts 18-18; G Coombe, D Beaverstock, J Smith, G Neville 26-13; R Knight, B Paul, M Dorrington, M Nash 14-20.

Winscombe 99, Congresbury 83 (mixed friendly): L Parfit, T Moody, R Lowman, S Caddy 9-30; R Sapsford, R Hart, G Coombe, M Dorrington 28-9; S Lowis, K Symons, W Weller, S Eastment 24-19; L Coombe, A Hart ,R Knight, A Watts 20 -13; D Sapsford, R Weller, B Paul, S Lowman 18-17.

Winscombe 115, St Albans Tourists 106 (mixed friendly): C Hopes, J Smith, E Watts, M Nash 17-21; R Weller, T Darkin, R Freegard, A Ainsworth 19-17; R Knight, S Lowis, M Hunt, K Whatling 21-10; W Weller, D Peakall, L Whatling, W Ainsworth 15-18; P John, B Prince, J Kimmins, A Watts 19-21; D Owen, S Nash, R Keane, R Lowman 24-19.

Winscombe 54 (3), Burnham 81 (17) (Weston Over-60s League): R Knight, B Kibble, M Nash 10-10; K Whatling, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 9-12; J Smith, R Lowman, G Neville 9-16; G Lloyd, L Collier, A Dudley 9-15; B Paul, M Hunt, A Watts 6-19; J Vincent, R Freegard, M Adams 11-9.

Winscombe 95 (8), Clevedon Prom 114 (12) (Weston Over-60s League): J Vincent, M Nash, W Ainsworth 24-17; R Fisher, M Hunt, A Watts 17-15; A Brand, P John, T Ellis 20-18; R Hart, R Kibble, G Neville 17-13; J Smith, K Whatling, R Lowman 6-30; T Moody, R Knight, A Dudley 11-22.

THE annual Friendship Cup match against City of Wells was played at Wedmore with the Wedmore mixed team winning 129-112.

The men played away at Nailsea in the Over-60s Triples League and won all six rinks. An outstanding result from Keith Pettit’s team who won their rink 27-9 helped Wedmore to an overall win of 118-71.

Wedmore 118, Nailsea 71: T Hamblin, R Hunt, R Newell 17-10; V Matthews, B Aston, C Panchaud 17-12; B Dearden, R Norris, R Barron 18-13; D Trow, S Newdick, I Faulkner 17-14; C Wheller, D Barnett, D Stansfield 22-13; K Davey, I Gallop, K Pettit 27-9.

In the men’s County League, the B team had a tough match at home against St Andrews A, with Dennis Stansfield and his team managing a draw and the other two rinks losing.

Wedmore 52, St Andrews 62: T Hamblin, P Bean, V Matthews, K Burt 21-19; B Cottrell, S Newdick, S Fisher, C Moss 15-27; K Davey, B Aston, M Green, D Stansfield 16-16.

The ladies played at Burnham in a postponed Victoria League match and in a hard fought contest, won two of the three rinks and the match overall by just two shots.

Marie Trow and her team had the best result of the afternoon with a 20-13 win. Wedmore lost a friendly rink by just one shot 12-13.

Wedmore Ladies 49, Burnham 47: C Pettit, P Beard, P Cottrell 13-20; B Disbrey, R Aston, M Trow 20-13; D Gallop, S Moss, M Hordle 16-14.

Torrential rain stopped the ladies Mendip League match away against Fosseway at the halfway stage, but play resumed after tea and all 18 ends were played.

Maureen Hordle’s rink lost by just one shot, but Gill Harvey and her team had a good win 30-14 which carried the match for Wedmore to gain six league points.

Wedmore Ladies 57, Fosseway 53: D Gallop, M Barron, M Hordle 18-19; J Collins, L Hamblin, G Harvey 30-14; A Hughes, P Beard, M Ronald 9-20.

The postponed Mark Moor Cup match was played at Wedmore and the home mixed team managed to win decisively on all six rinks. Amongst some high scoring games Roger Hughes and Ron Barron’s teams won dramatically with scores of 36-15 and 27-7 respectively.

Wedmore 165, Mark Moor 90: R Hughes, J Hunt, C Wheller, R Hughes 36-15; D Gallop, C Panchaud, L Hamblin, R Newell 25-15; M Barron, J Clark, B Cottrell, R Barron 27-7; T Counsell, J Runciman, I Gallop, P Cottrell 30-17; R Hunt, J Bean, K Burt, J Masters 23-19; B Disbrey, P Bean, D Trow, M Hordle 24-17.

As Wedmore took a 10 shot league into the home leg of this local derby they retained the cup with an aggregate shot difference of 85. Mark Moor captain Jim Adams presented the cup to Ray Newell, Wedmore’s mens’captain.

Wedmore played two friendly matches this week and won both of them. The ladies visited Wells and won all three rinks with an overall score of 69-37, and a touring team from St Albans played a mixed match which Wedmore won 147-100.

The picture shows Wedmore Captain Liz Hamblin receiving the cup from City of Wells Captain David Bishop.

CONGRESBURY 93, Clevedon 79 (Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League):

A Collins, J Churchward, D Rivers 24-7; S Pook, D Byett, R Kirkham 14-17; G Wilcock, R Baker, B Herbison 14-13; A Edwards, M Huggett, G Stenner 8-21; K Cole, J Freemantle, L Beck 20-7; P Dawes, D Gosling, J Stone 13-14.

Congresbury 57, Yatton 42 (friendly): D Folds, C Blagden, M Wear 17-13; J Freemantle, R Joseph, G Stenner 17-17; A Edwards, P Dawes, D Manning 23-12.

Congresbury 107 Clevedon Prom 95 (Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): D Byett, J Freemantle, D Rivers 14-10; K Cole, P Reay, D Manning 14-16; M Kimmings, S Pook, R Kirkham 18-19; P Dawes, J Churchward, L Beck 19-20; D Folds, C Blagden, D Gosling 13-19; R Baker, M Huggett, J Stone 29-11.

Congresbury A 64, Wedmore A 52 (Somerset League): D Manning, D Gosling, D Rivers, R Kirkham 24-14; R Baker, M Huggett, R Stewart, R Becker 19-18; P Reay, C Blagden, G Stenner, M Wear 21-20.

Congresbury B 67, Ashcombe C 53 (Somerset League): A Harding, A Edwards, J Churchward, L Beck 28-14; P Dawes, R Joseph, T Lewis, J Stone 21-14; M Kimmings, M Greaves, J Freemantle, B Herbison 18-25.

Congresbury Ladies 62, Portishead 43 (WDLL): A King, D Harrison, A Mew 11-20; C Wilcock, E Stenner, B Huggett 29-11; J Blagden, C Andrews, K Herbison 22-12.

YATTON 98, Nailsea 87 (Weston Triples League): N Allen, D Goddard, D Blundell 21-14; E Butt, J Knight, J Parker 15-13; G Walford, R Adams, B Foster 11-24; S Pascoe, G Price, R Bish 19-9; M Musgrove, A George, M Withyman 19-10; K Lawrence, P Creber, T Storm 13-16.

Yatton 55, Clarence Golds 108: G Dodd, E Reynolds, J Parker 14-18; G Collins, G Price, M Withyman 12-22; S Pascoe, R Adams, B Foster 8-20; K Lawrence, D Goddard, D Blundell 17-15; E Butt, J Knight, B Hardwick 4-33.

Yatton 90, Portishead RBL 115: J Knight, G Price, M Withyman 15-18; K Lawrence, D Goddard, D Blundell 18-14; E Butt, B Foster, B Hardwick 13-24; G Dodd, P Osborne, J Parker 12-19; R Adams, E Reynolds, R Bish 12-23; S Pascoe, P Creber, T Storm 20-17.

Yatton 67, Long Ashton 57 (Clevedon and District Evening League): R Mills, M Richards, R Bish, D Bessant 17-12; R Lewis, E Butt, P Osborne, M Withyman 22-10; L Howe, R Adams, T Storm, W Casey 17-13; S Pascoe, J Knight, C Parsons 11-22.

Yatton A 38, Wrington 75 (Somerset County League): L Howe, R Lewis, T Storm, W Casey 18-20; D Goddard, D Bessant, P Osborne, D Sweet 11-27; B Foster, J Knight, M Withyman, G Smith 9-28.

Yatton B 43, Winscombe B 67: B Hull, M Richards, N Robinson, T Robinson 13-22; J Parker, R Adams, B Hardwick, C Parsons 15-20; R Mills, E Butt, D Blundell, R Bish 15-25.

Yatton A 49, St Andrews A 51: L Howe, R Lewis, T Storm, W Casey 16-19; D Goddard, S Pascoe, P Osborne, W Cole 17-20; B Hull, M Withyman, T Robinson, G Smith 16-12.

Yatton B 70, Ashcombe B 46: R Mills, M Richards, D Blundell, R Bish 25-18; G Dodd, J Knight, N Robinson, T Robinson 20-11; A George, S Pascoe, B Hardwick, C Parsons 25-17.

YATTON Ladies 57, Long Ashton 49 (DRT League) L Manning, F McCormack, C Cheesewright, M Spalding 11-18; M Millard, M Hubbard, P Allen, P Goddard 17-20; S Crombie, P Laver, A Keating, S Parsons 29-11.

Yatton Ladies 57 Congresbury 46 (friendly): L Collings, A Keating, M Hubbard 13-8; S Carson, P Turley, P Goddard 9-14; S Carr P Laver, B Topham 7-21; A Storm, M Millard, P Allen 28-3.

Yatton Ladies 61, West Backwell 59 (DRT League): S Crombie, P Laver,A Batson, S Parsons 19-18; L Manning, C Lewis, C Cheesewright, M Spalding 11-30; M Millard, M Hubbard, P Goddard, P Allen 31-11.

Yatton Ladies 67, Burnham 44 (friendly): M Millard, B Eley,B Parker, P Allen 23-11; A Storm, L Collings,P Laver, M Hubbard 16-21; B Topham, S Carr, F McxCormack, P Goddard 28-12.

Yatton Ladies 37 Portishead 52 (DRT League): F McCormack, B Eley, A Batson, M Spalding 7-24; P Laver, S Carr, A Keating, S Parsons 16-13; A Storm, B Parker, P Goddard, P Allen 14-15.

CONGRATULATIONS go to Victoria member Margaret Hillman for winning the ladies’ singles championship at the Weston open tournament.

Victoria Ladies 57, Nailsea 45 (friendly): S Milliner, R Cleeves, C Willetts 14-18; J Mills, E Newport, M Hillman 19-14; C Sage, S Newman, M Chudley 24-13.

Due to injuries and players in the various open competitions, a much changed team could not cope with the heavy rain in this league match and lost on all three rinks.

Victoria Ladies 33 (0), North Petherton 56 (10) (Weston & District Triples League): J Mills, C Willetts, E Newport 13-16; M Angove, S Newman, M Chudley 9-17; C Sage, R Cleeves, J Donald 11-23.

WINSCOMBE ladies played three North Somerset League games and sadly lost all of them, picking up six points overall.

Highlight of their week however, was the traditional fun day. This year, with both the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, the ladies were requested to attend dressed in red, white and blue. As usual they did not disappoint and with the clubhouse dressed to match, it was a colourful sight.

Winscombe Ladies 40 (2), Portishead RBL 69 (8): J Kimmins, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 16-13; C Hopes, W Weller, E Watts 9-30; T Miles, M Adams, S Nash 15-26.

Winscombe Ladies 26 (2), Ashcombe 72 (8 ): J Kimmins, R Keane, A Ainsworth 7-25; S Lowis, T Miles, E Watts 14-10; C Hopes, D Sapsford, S Nash 5-37.

Winscombe Ladies 38, Clevedon Prom 56: S Lowis, T Miles, A Ainsworth 12-22; M Sprouting, M Adams, E Watts 12-21; C Hopes, J Rush, L Whatling 14-13.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 72 (8), Winscombe 26 (2) (North Somerset Triples League): M Main, B MacGregor, S Ford 25-7; B Groves, N Counsell, C Hedges 10-14; S Noyes, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 37-5.

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