Latest Weston & District League results and fixtures

PUBLISHED: 09:47 10 April 2015 | UPDATED: 09:47 10 April 2015

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Football generic picture


Latest results and fixtures from the Weston & District League.

WESTON & District League results - Davis Shield semi-final: Westend Res 2, Wedmore Res 0.

Challenge Cup semi-final: KVFC 2, Westend 1 (aet).

Division 1: Cleeve West Town Res 2, Nailsea Utd A 2; Winscombe Res 2, Hutton 1; Yatton Ath Res 2, Congresbury Res 3; Portishead A 4, Draycott 1.

Division 2: Axbridge Town 0, Locking Park 1; Burnham Utd A 2, Clevedon Utd A 3; Churchill Club 70 Res 1, Sporting Weston 4; Nailsea Utd B 0, Worle Rangers 3; St Georges (E-i-G) Res 0, AFC Nailsea 1.

Division 3: Banwell Res 7, Portishead Town B 1; Shipham 0, Cheddar A 1.

Division 4: Clapton-in-Gordano 4, Pill Utd 1; Portishead Caledonian Thistle 3, South Park Rangers 4; St George (E-i-G) A 3, North Worle 3; Worle Res 5, Hutton Res 2; Portishead Colts 1, Kewstoke Res 3.

Division 5: Congresbury A 2, Clapton-in-Gordano Res 4; South Park Rangers Res 2, AFC Nailsea Res 1.


Hospital Cup semi-final: Hutton v Nailsea Utd A (A Lambourne).

Keyes Cup semi-final: Westend Res v Clevedon Utd B (M Smith).

Division 1: Berrow Res v Portishead Town A (D Carstensen); Tickenham Utd v Draycott (S Freeman); Weston Super Seagulls v Cleeve West Town Res (I Smith); Yatton Ath Res v Winscombe Res (S Clarke).

Division 2: AFC Nailsea v Sporting Weston (M Sprague); Clevedon Utd A v Worle Rangers (J Locker); Locking Park v Nailsea Utd B (B Carter); St George (E-i-G) Res v Churchill Club 70 Res (A Smith); Uphill Castle Res v Burnham Utd A (J Harding).

Division 3: Portishead Town B v Cheddar A (T Barlow); Wedmore v KVFC (S Cahill); Westend v Cleeve West Town A (T Billinghurst); Winscombe A v Banwell Res (A Fry).

Division 4: Kewstoke Lions Res v Clapton-in-Gordano (D Pinnock); Portishead Caledonian Thistle v Worle Rangers Res (W Barlow); St George (E-i-G) A v Worle Res (T Boylan).

Division 5: Axbridge Town Res v South Park Rangers Res (B Dancer); Congresbury A v AFC Nailsea Res (D Poole); Selkirk Utd v Wedmore Res (K Fox); Westend Res v Clapton-in-Gordano Res (J Collard).

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