Freezer series in full swing at Cheddar

THE Freezer Series continued on Cheddar Reservoir in wet and blustery conditions with winds of 18-25 mph.

THE Freezer Series continued on Cheddar Reservoir in wet and blustery conditions with winds of 18-25 mph.

The Solos started first getting away cleanly. Nigel Appleton in 5027 maintained a lead all the way to the finish, followed by Mark Tinker and Charles Davidson. The handicap fleet started bunched towards the committee boat with Steve Bolland in his RS300 leading from Tom Halhead and Stu in the RS800.

The spinnaker boats found the reaches exhilarating with the Lark of Garry and Richard Packer starting to pull away from the slower boats until they capsized. This allowed the Enterprise of Ian Wakeling and Laser of John Lapes to steam past.

Steve in the RS300 was having a good race, however a knot in the mainsheet caused the first of a few capsizes. Gear failure in the trapeze department caused Tom Halhead in the RS800 to go for a bit of a wander, resulting in a swim.

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Of the Enterprises, only Bryan Smith crewed by Richard Bateman started on time. Ian Wakeling and Johnny Allen with son Wills made a concentrated attempt to catch up after a late start, eventually overtaking Bryan to finish as first Enterprise.

For race two, the Solos were over eager and with most of them over the line allegedly pushed their by Mark Tinker in 4321 and race officer Gavin Willis signalled a general recall.

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The handicap and other fleets mostly started cleanly, but John Teague in the RS200 had a horrendous start as he crossed the line early, stood on the mainsheet and just carried on, unable to get back.

As the fleets progressed up the first beat, the wind shifted through more than 90 degrees, however the over eager Solos were still waiting for their start at the back of the sequence.

Quick thinking by the RO saw the Solos setting off on the same course as the other boats, but in the opposite direction. With the wind dying to virtually nothing, most of the boats headed for home with only the Enterprise of Wakeling carrying on doggedly to the finish.

The Solos starting at the opposite end of the course persevered and with the wind strength at the opposite end of the spectrum it was Tinker who took the honours with Appleton second and Davidson third again.

Results – morning – Handicap: Steve Bolland; Garry and Richard Packer; Tom Halhead and Stu Jagger. Solo: Nigel Appleton; Mark Tinker; Charles Davidson. Enterprise: Ian Wakling and Shaun; John Allen and William; Bryan Smith and Richard Bateman. Laser: John Lapes; Ian Millar. RS200: John Teague.

Afternoon – Solo: Mark Tinker; Nigel Appleton; Charles Davidson. Enterprise: Ian Wakling and Shaun.

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