Gold rush at Welsh championships

Weston Aerobic Gymnastics Club won a host of medals at the recent Welsh Championships in Cardiff.

WESTON Aerobic Gymnastics Club was out in force at the Welsh Championships, held at the Institute of Wales, in Cardiff.

With a squad of 39 gymnasts and some competing for the first time, nerves had to be controlled and focus maintained.

The RAC gymnasts started the weekend off in fine style, with a clutch of gold medals. First on the floor for the club was Rachel Anderson, who won the club a gold medal in the foundation section, followed by Taylor Drewer, who won another gold.

In the group one section, Courtney Hewwett sparkled her way to the gold medal, with Lauryn Granger in equal second place, but dropping to bronze with the execution scores.

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Lauryn then paired up with Katie Edwards to win the pairs. Bayley Whitehead and Ffion Dando finished the day for the RAC gymnasts with another gold. All the RAC gymnasts looked beautiful in their new leotards and should be rightly pleased with their results.

Next up was the delightful Isi Vicicevic competing at national level in the age 10-11 section. She went out with lovely execution and should be delighted with her silver medal.

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The trio of Katy Tossell, Katy Day and Lara Hunt flew through their routine, showing off some good teamwork, although the lift at the end had to have some quick thinking by Katy Day to keep Lara in place.

Friday was finished with the FIG gymnasts taking to the floor and Weston’s young GB squad members showed their quality. Rhys Williams was a delight to watch as he clinched gold, the mixed pair of Rhys and Kiera Landen were rewarded with a well-deserved gold medal.

On Saturday, the group one (age 12-14) took to the floor and the trio of Beth Kemmish, Maddy Reynolds and Lily Jeffery had a great performance and collected another gold for their collection.

Two new additions to the six-team with Katy Tossel and Izzy Worrall, joining Lucy Clarke, Lucy Williams, Grace Maggs and Cally Bullock, did not affect their performance, and another gold was added to the tally.

The last routine of the day was Matt Saunders, competing in the international section and he flew around the floor, showing immense power and charisma, to get the gold medal and the club’s top score.

Sunday started with national gymnasts aged 15-17 and Cara Short won the bronze medal in the open and the title of Welsh champion. Emma Deakins proved she was right to return to gymnastics after a break, and earned the silver medal.

Also in the 15-17 NAC section, the trio of Jade Hunt, Kat Forster and Olivia Barratt were clean and can be proud of their gold medal, and the gold won by the six-team, Jade Hunt, Kat Forster, Rosie Hitchins, Jess Taylor, Dani Lintern and Cara Short.

Last routine for the NAC was Kirsty Harvey, but a couple of technical errors cost her dear and she had to settle for the bronze medal.

Abi Butterfield and Matt Saunders had to settle for the silver after a bad landing left Matt injured, although he did well to finish the routine.

The six-team of debutant Beth Kemmish, Amelia Barratt, Ella Milford, Georgina Hannam, Jaime Ward and Emily Antoine, produced a silver medal winning routine that was only just below GB squad scores.

It was a great end to a fantastic weekend. With a total of 33 gold medals, 10 silver and three bronze. Head coach Debbie Saunders said: “Getting to the top is tough, staying there is even tougher and all the gymnasts who competed this weekend have shown real determination and staying power, I am proud of them all.”

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