Golden gymnasts

Weston Aerobic Gymnastics Club pick up medals galore at the Heathrow International Championships.

IT was a strong team of gymnasts from Weston Aerobic Gymnastics Club who arrived at Bracknell for the three day Heathrow International Championships.

Rachel Anderson, in the RAC nine-year-old category, added to her gold medal collection with a routine that looked perfect from start to finish. Taylor Drewer in the 10-11 year group also looked lovely from start to finish and won a silver medal. Courtney Hewwett took to the floor with another polished routine, to get the 12-14 bronze medal.

Then came the pair’s events with Bayleigh Whitehead and Ffion Dando completing a composed routine, much improved on the Welsh, and should be thrilled with the silver medal.

In the 12-14 age group, Lauryn and Katie teamed up against new girls Amy Bond and Jenny Cao. Both pairs were superb on the floor with few errors, but when the scores come up they showed that Amy and Jenny had won the gold medal with Lauryn and Katie getting the silver.

Next to compete were Weston’s NAC. The trio of Lara Hunt, Katy Day and Katy Tossel took to the floor near the end of a long day, and won a well deserved gold for the team.

Losing partner Emily Antoine to a broken foot meant that Beth Kemmish had to open the day in the NAC female individuals for age 12-14. Beth did a fantastic routine to earn a bronze medal.

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Beth Kemmish and Maddy Reynolds started the pairs event in fine style, with a clean routine to bag the gold medal, with new pair Lucy Williams and Grace Maggs rising to the challenge to earn silver.

The 12-14 six team of Lucy Williams, Lucy Clarke, Grace Maggs, Cally Bullock, Katy Tossell and Izzy Worral did a crowd pleasing routine with some good teamwork to earn the club another gold medal.

In the NAC Group 2 females, and second to compete was Jess Taylor, who scored some great elements, placing her in first place, a position she held onto, with Cara Short bringing home the silver medal.

Next on the floor for Weston was Kirsty Harvey, who flew round the floor to earn a gold medal. The Group 2 trio of Jade Hunt, Kat Forster and Olivia Barratt thrilled the judges and should be delighted with the gold medal. Kat and Jade then walked back on the floor with Rosie, Jess, Cara and Dani Lintern to win the gold medal in the six team event, with their best ever performance.

The final routine of a busy weekend was Kirsty Harvey, who partnered Jade Hayes, who has made a welcome return to the sport to pick up another gold medal.

The weekend finished with many judges complementing head coach Debbie Saunders on the gymnast’s excellent execution and presentation, a testament to how hard the gymnasts and coach have trained through the summer.

The clubs next big challenge is the British Championships in two weeks time, where the clubs international gymnasts will also compete.

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