Good results for Tim

Anglers enjoyed mixed conditions at Shiplate Farm Fisheries.

ANGLERS battled against the downpours and light winds that heralded the Diamond Jubilee Match on the Main Lake at Shiplate Farm Fisheries.

Tim Lewis fished into open water on the tip, with caster and worm in an open feeder to take the match by a narrow margin.

Results: Tim Lewis (Clevedon AC) 37lb 4oz; Johnny Page (Weston) 36lb 13oz; Lewis Jones (Sensas/Thyers) 33lb 12oz; Simon Ryall (Weston) 26lb 8oz; Roy Ede (Weston) 25lb 7oz; Paul Chapman (Shiplate) 25lb 6oz.

Jeff Wye took the silvers with 15lb.

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Section winners were: Titch Williams 23lb 4oz; Steve Howel 13lb 4oz; Lewis Jones 33lb 12oz.

Dominic Sullivan managed to win the next match, fishing the pole to the far bank shelf on pellet, while Tim Lewis came second fishing the pole down the centre track on paste.

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Results: Dominic Sullivan (Shiplate) 84lb 2oz; Tim Lewis (Clevedon AC) 57lb 12oz; Paul Chapman (Shiplate) 43lb 10oz; Mike Smith (PSV) 43lb 8oz; Paul Reed (PSV) 19lb 12oz; Phil Lambert (Shiplate) 7lb 8oz.

With weather conditions changing throughout the day, the fish were more comfortable than the anglers as they fished the matches on the three lakes.

Most of the winning bags were achieved on maggot, with several carp in the 20lb+ bracket coming in to single red maggot on the Main Lake. Some good sized bream were also shown in the weigh-in on the Main Lake.

Main Lake: Simon Garbett (peg 3a) 46lb 10oz; Andy Forward (peg 11) 43lb; Paul Bowyer (peg 6) 37lb. Robby won the silvers with 22lb 12oz from peg 14b.

Hawthorns: Danny (peg 11) 53lb; Peter Cook (peg 9) 35lb 1oz; Paul Berry (peg 12) 22lb 10oz (also winning silvers).

Westpool: Steve Howell (peg 11) 56lb 8oz; Paul Chapman (peg 8) 49lb 6oz; Ron Stark (peg 7) 45lb 14oz (also winning silvers).

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