Good week for Uphill teams

BADMINTON - UPHILL Badminton Club had another week of good results as the A and B teams won, the men's team drew and the D team lost to Wells.

BADMINTON - UPHILL Badminton Club had another week of good results as the A and B teams won, the men's team drew and the D team lost to Wells.

The A team, playing their first match of the season at home, gave Pill A a real trouncing as they won by 9 rubbers to 0. The match started well for Uphill with Becky Matthews and Paul Edwards winning the first mixed 21-9, 21-18 and this was followed by captain Nicky Mills and Mark Edwards winning the second mixed 21-13, 21-11. The third mixed was more closely contended as Becky Halfpenny and Matt Cole were taken to three games by Morai Roberts and Adam Bayliss before winning 21-13, 20-22, 21-13.

In the first ladies' rubber, Becky Matthews and Nicky Mills were made to work hard in their first game against Alison Tucker and Helen Skip before winning 26-24, 21-15. In the second ladies' rubber, Becky Matthews and Becky Halfpenny cruised to a 21-11, 21-12 win. In the last ladies' rubber, Nicky Mills and Becky Halfpenny had a wake-up call in the first game, losing 21-19, but then got their act together winning the last two games 21-15, 21-16.

The men's rubbers were all won comfortably in straight games.

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This team, with two new players this season, Becky Matthews and Matt Cole, looks promising and as the pairings gain more experience of playing together will prove hard to beat.

The B team, playing their second game of the season away to CBC@Backwell, had another convincing win 6-3. This was a competitive match with three of the rubbers going to three games and a further game going to 23-25. The Uphill team of Becky Matthews, Wai Cheung, Christy Langford, Brian Hadley, captain Denise Burton and Rob Morray played well with Uphill winning the first and third mixed rubbers, while CBC@ Backwell won the second mixed. This pattern was repeated in both the ladies' and men's rubbers, which meant all the Uphill players won two rubbers each.

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The D team, consisting of Fiona Singleton, Robin Curry, captain Sue Garrett, Grant Kelly, Rachel Harding and Dave Barnes, played their first match away to Wells City and lost 7-2. The evening started well for Uphill with Fiona and Robin winning the first mixed 23-21, 18-21, 17-21. Wells City then started to take control by winning the next two mixed and the first ladies. In the second ladies' rubber Fiona and Rachel played well to win 19-21, 13-21, but Wells City then won the third ladies' and the three men's rubbers, although they were made to work hard in the third men's rubber by Grant and Dave before winning 20-22, 21-9, 21-17. This was a good result for a team with three juniors playing two divisions up from last season and promises well for the future.

The men's team played their first match of the season at home to Wells City and drew three rubbers each. This was a hard-fought match with all the games having close score lines, although only two rubbers went to three games, both of which Wells City won.

The team of Nigel Judge, Fred Brown, captain Bill Ponting and Steve Emerson played well, but Steve Emerson finished as man of the match, winning all his rubbers with good support from Nigel, Fred and Bill.

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