Good week for Uphill teams

BADMINTON - UPHILL Badminton Club had another week of excellent results as the A, D and E teams all won, the men's team drew and the C team lost a close match.

UPHILL Badminton Club had another week of excellent results as the A, D and E teams all won, the men's team drew and the C team lost a close match.

The A team were away to Pill and won by nine rubbers to nil. The team of Becky Matthews, Paul Edwards, Nicky Mills, Mark Edwards, Becky Halfpenny and Matt Cole showed no mercy to the opposition as they won all the rubbers in straight games.

The only competitive rubber in the match was the second men's in which Paul Edwards and Matt Cole were made to work hard by Steve Simpson and James Light before winning 25-23, 21-19.

The C team were at home to Portishead A and lost by five rubbers to four.

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This was a close and competitive match which could have gone either way, with three rubbers going to three games and many other individual games having close score lines.

The team of Claire Garrett, Steve Mathew, Julie O'Sullivan (back from maternity leave), Matt Valentine, Maureen Matthews and Tom Higgins all played well.

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Uphill had a good start to the match with Claire & Steve winning the first mixed 21-15, 21-17 and Julie and Matt winning a thrilling second mixed 22-20, 27-25. The third mixed was a topsy turvy rubber with Maureen and Tom losing the first game 16-21, but then winning the next easily 21-11 before losing a close third game to Anna Reisco and Ralph Fog 20-22.

The Portishead ladies then took control winning all three rubbers. However, the second ladies was again close with Claire and Maureen taking Ellie Marsh and Ana Reisco to three games before losing 21-18, 19-21, 21-23.

In the men's rubbers, James Cant and Sam Quormby of Portishead beat Steve and Matt 21-17, 21-18. The second men's rubber was another close affair with Steve and Tom eventually winning 21-15, 20-22, 21-17 against James Cant and Ralph Fog. The last men's rubber was won comfortably by Matt and Tom 21-13, 21-14.

The only player to win all their rubbers was Ana Reisco of Portishead.

The D team consisting of Fiona Singleton, Robin Curry, Claire Garrett, Grant Kelly, Sue Garrett and Peter Rybaruk were at home to Wells City and won by six rubbers to three.

Uphill got off to a good start when Fiona and Robin won the hard fought first mixed 21-23, 21-10, 21-18. But Wells hit back when Andrea Simpson and Spencer Russell beat Claire and Grant comfortably 21-15, 21-17 and followed this up by Christy Allen and Peter Hughes beating Sue and Peter, who was playing his first league match for the club, 20-22, 21-17, 21-17 in the third mixed.

The Uphill ladies then stamped their presence on the match by winning all the ladies rubbers in straight games. The Uphill men then continued the good work by winning the first two men's rubbers in straight games before Spencer Russell and Peter Hughes of Wells hammered Grant and Peter 21-8, 21-9.

The only players to win all their rubbers were Fiona Singleton and Robin Curry.

The E team juniors were at home to Portishead B team and won by six rubbers to three. The team of Kate Robinson, Andrew Potts, Emily Look, Billy Fear, Emily Walker and Sourish Ganapathi, playing his first league match, all played against an older and more experienced team.

This was a long, enjoyable and competitive match as five of the rubbers went to three games and the other individual games all had close scores.

Uphill got off to a poor start when Kate and Andrew lost to Barbara O'Brien and Richard Martin 21-13, 16-21, 18-21, but in the second mixed, Emily Look and Billy after losing the first game 20-22, came back to win the next two 21-16, 21-17 to take the rubber.

In the last mixed, Emily Walker & Sourish won 21-19, 21-13. In the first ladies Kate and Emily Look were beaten by Barbara O'Brien and Sue Tasker 14-21, 18-21.

The second ladies' was won by Kate and Emily Walker in two close games 21-19, 21-18. The third ladies was another ding dong battle as the two Emily's beat Sue Tasker and Chris Brooks 14-21, 21-16, 21-19.

All the men's doubles were close with Andrew and Billy losing to Richard Martin and Steve May 15-21, 21-18, 17-21 in the first, then Andrew and Sourish winning the second 26-24, 21-19 and finally Billy and Sourish winning 15-21, 21-15, 21-13.

The only players to win all their rubbers were Emily Walker and Sourish Ganapathi. For his first match, Sourish showed good composure which augers well for the future.

The men's team were away to Nailsea & Backwell and drew three rubbers each.

The team of Steve Emerson, Nigel Judge, Fred Brown and Bill Ponting all had an enjoyable evening. In the first rubber Steve and Nigel lost 21-14, 21-16, but Fred and Bill levelled things up by winning the next 21-19, 21-10.

The third rubber saw Steve and Fred lose 21-16, 21-15. Not to be outdone, Nigel and Bill then won the next 21-14, 21-18 and captain Bill then followed this up by winning the next rubber with Steve 10-21, 21-15, 21-15 to put Uphill in the lead. However, the final rubber saw Nigel and Fred lose 11-21, 21-13, 21-18 for everything to finish up equal.

Captain Bill Ponting led his team well and was the only player to win all his rubbers.

NORTH Somerset Badminton Mixed League Division 1: Frys A 0, Uphill A 9; Frys A 3, Clevedon Feathers 6.

Division 2: Wyvern B 6, Frys B 3; CBC@Backwell 3, Nailsea&Yatton A 6; Uphill B 6, Wyvern B 3.

Division 3: Wyvern C 7, Nailsea&Backwell B 2; Nailsea&Backwell B 1, Uphill C 8, Uphill C 4, Portishead A 5.

Division 4: Nailsea&Yatton B 5, Pill B 4; Nailsea&Yatton B 3, Mendipway 6; Uphill D 6, Wells City 3.

Division 5: Wyvern D 7, Nailsea&Yatton C 2.

Division 6: Chew Valley B 6, Winscombe B 3; Tickenham 3, Portishead B 6; Uphill E 6, Winscombe B 3; Uphill E 6, Portishead B 3.

Men's League: Wells City 3, Nailsea&Yatton 3; Winscombe 6, Wells City 0; Nailsea&Backwell 3, Uphill 3.

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