Good weekend for both Banwell teams

Banwell enjoy a successful weekend, with their A team retaining the league status and the B team gaining promotion.

IT was a successful day for both Banwell teams in Saturday’s league matches.

The honours must go to the B team, who with their win over Clevedon Prom B moved into the runners-up spot and are promoted to the North 1 League next season.

The A team ensured Premier 1 status next season with their win over Portishead RBL.

With survival in Premier League 1 uppermost in everyone’s thoughts, this was a match that Banwell A had to win to be sure of another season in the top league.

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A splendid performance from skip Darrell Johnston and his rink and a gritty draw from Tony Steer made sure the points were in the bag.

Banwell A 61 (9), Portishead RBL 50 (3): M Amos, H Woodards, C Wilson, D Johnston 24-9; T Hyde, J Laurent, P Owen, J Davies 20-24; T Garfield, G Millard, P Villis, A Steer 17-17.

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The B team went into the game against Clevedon Prom needing four points to ensure promotion and emerged with a fine 10-2 victory.

Captain Kim Burgess and his rink stormed to a fine win and Alan Vickerys’ four won by one shot, despite dropping a seven on the 19th end.

Banwell B 64 (10), Clevedon Prom 57 (2): M Laycock, R Smith, J Amos, K Burgess 32-12; T Burnett, K Ruby, M House, A Vickery 20-19; T Winstone, E Derham, F Lewis, J Keith 12-26.

Congratulations to club secretary Christopher Wilson who came through the Somerset County quarter and semi-finals at Ilminster and will now try and retain his title on county finals day.

CLARENCE bowler Bob Rossiter was a member of the winning team in the Visually Impaired Bowls England National Triples Championship at Leamington Spa last week.

Rossiter, Colin Moore (Bath) and Patrick Lovell (Bridgwater), beat a team from St Austell 30-7 for a convincing victory in the final.

The result qualified them to represent England in the Visually Impaired UK Championships, which are being held indoors in Belfast in November. Rossiter will also be representing his country in the UK singles.

With the Weston Ladies’ Open Bowling Tournament being played on their greens, Clarence had only one fixture last week, a friendly away to Victoria Park, Bridgwater.

They lost by 40 shots, with Dick Jackman’s experienced rink the only one to avoid defeat.

Victoria Park 91, Clarence 51: J Kelloway, B Difford, R Dodson, I Baker 11-22; L Medcraft, L Smith, A Bishop, C Read 9-29; J Larvin, Jeff Hayes, M Davies, D Jackman 17-17; M Phelan, G Aldridge, M Peters, A McMillan 14-23.

ST ANDREWS Over-60s had a couple of games, resulting in a resounding win and a close defeat.

The match at Yatton ended with a win on every rink for the Saints, with Alex Horsburgh’s triples registering a 12-shot victory. The mixed game against the Old Grammarians tourists was close-fought and enjoyable, with the Saints just emerging as victors, although both sides achieved three rink wins.

St Andrews 92, Yatton 58 (Over-60s ): A Cooper, R Venn, T Thomas 16-11; T Allen, T Bell, A Horsburgh 23-11; F Mudge, A MacNab, B Green 16-10; G Matthews, E Day, D Nutt 18-13; P O’Connor, J Ling, G Wride 19-13

St Andrews Spartans 98, Victoria 103 (Over-60s Triples): D Price, T Bell, A Horsburgh 22-11; K Parker, M Goddard, J Warren 15-21; G Berry, R McLeod, D Favis 22-21; B Rogers, R Venn, B May 7-18; R Smith, A Yeeles, T Thomas 22-11; M Berry, J Ling, D Bailey 10-21.

St Andrews 113, Old Grammarians (Northampton tourists ) 107: Mrs E Blight, P Smart, A MacNab, J Warren 12-16; M Blight, Mrs J Reed, B May, Mrs. M Pattenden 19-21; D Nutt, Mrs A Greenwood, R Venn, Mrs J Pitman 15-16; M Goddard, R Brereton, Mrs J Smith, A Horsburgh 14-23; Mrs M Wride, Mrs M Cordwell, B Reeves, S Davies 25-14; F Mudge, A Cooper, Mrs S Priory, G Wride 28-17.

ISLE of Wedmore A played Victoria B in the County League, losing on two rinks but just holding on in the third to win by two shots.

Wedmore A 66, Victoria B 64: B Aston, R Ronald, D Nicholls, E Payne 30-23; D Trow, T Keates, K Pettit, D Wederell 15-18; G Anniuk, S Newdick, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 21-23.

The B team’s game at home against Ashcombe B produced a good win by the narrowest of margins.

Ian Faulkner’s rink won by 12 shots, which was just enough to overcome the deficits on the other two rinks and give a final victory by one shot, despite seven shots being dropped in the last two ends.

Wedmore B 51, Ashcombe B 50: K Hooper, C Wheller, B Aston, I Faulkner 22-10; V Matthews, P Bean, B Freeman, K Burt 17-22; T Hamblin, T Simpson, K Davey, C Moss 12-18.

In a rain-interrupted match in the Over-60s League at Victoria, wins on four rinks were not sufficient to overcome the losses on two rinks, giving a losing margin of 16 shots.

Wedmore 93, Victoria 109: J Clark, M Green, D Stansfield 7-31; V Matthews, B Freeman, C Panchaud 11-26; M Fowler, S Newdick, C Moss 15-10; K Davey, B Cottrell, K Pettit 17-10; J Runciman, S Fisher, I Faulkner 24-14; D Barnett, T Brown, D Wederell 19-18.

The second leg of the annual match against Mark Moor for the Moors Trophy was played at Mark Moor.

Wedmore went into the game with a 32-shot lead from the first leg and this was enhanced by a 21-shot victory on the day.

Wedmore’s captain, Ray Newell, was delighted to receive the trophy for another year from Mark Moor’s Jim Adams.

Wedmore 125, Mark Moor 104: J Wheller, K Davey, B Cottrell, R Newell 24-15; B Disbrey, B Aston, G Harvey, D Trow 20-13; T Newell, J Gainey, I Gallop, P Cottrell 28-7; T Hamblin, R Aston, M Trow, D Stansfield 23-19; D Gallop, C Wheller, L Hamblin, M Stansfield 11-28, M Barron, M Perry, T Simpson, M Hordle 19-22.

Wedmore ladies had a successful Victoria League fixture against Wessex, winning on all three rinks to amass a final score of 56-27 and take home the full 10 points.

Wedmore Ladies 56, Wessex 27: P Beard, M Perry, M Ronald 16-12; M Barron, J Gainey, G Harvey 22-7; M Green, M Hordle, V Beard 18-8.

However, it was a different story in the Mendip League game at Fosseway, where the ladies lost on all three rinks.

Two rinks were leading after 16 ends, but unfortunately both dropped shots in the last two to finish with one shot deficits.

Wedmore Ladies 42, Fosseway 51: L Hamblin, M Perry, G Harvey 15-16; A Hughes, M Hordle, M Ronald 12-13; M Barron, S Moss, P Cottrell 15-22.

ASHCOMBE B 60 (10), Winscombe B 56 (2) (Somerset League): A Freke, R Kibble, E Roberts, J Creasey 22-20; G Fews, R Simmons, J Whitton, B Webber 16-17; A Wilmot, P Fisher, A Little, L Day 22-19.

WINSCOMBE played Burnham twice in two days and managed to beat them both times.

The first match was in the Weston and District Over-60s League and in a close game Winscombe played well to win by six shots and gain 14 points.

The two teams met again, this time in the semi-final of the Weston & District Over-60s Knockout Cup.

After nine ends, Burnham were winning on four rinks and by 17 shots. A torrential downpour suspended play for about 15 minutes as the green had flooded. When play restarted there was a dramatic turnaround by Winscombe.

All rinks started making inroads into the Burnham lead and soon it was clear that Winscombe were ahead. The rinks of Les Baldwin, Tony Watts and Tommy Ellis were particularly productive, winning the last nine ends by 37 shots between them.

Overall Winscombe won by 22 shots and will play either Clevedon or St Andrews in the final at Ashcombe on September 6.

A friendly four rink game at Street saw Winscombe soundly beaten by a strong Street team.

In the County Leagues, Winscombe B in Division 2 North had a narrow defeat at Ashcombe B, which gave Ashcombe B promotion to Division 1 North.

Winscombe A were at Yatton and succeeded in winning to get 10 points and ensured they stay in Division 1 for next year.

Winscombe 104, Burnham 82 (Over 60s KO Cup semi-final): R Knight, A Kyprianides, L Baldwin 22-13; G Tofte, L Collier, A Watts 15-11; M Roberts, R Wootten, T Ellis 28-10; G Lloyd, M Hunt, A Dudley 15-9; K Whatling, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 10-21; J Smith, G Neville, M Nash 14-18.

Winscombe 102 (14), Burnham 96 (6) (Weston Over-60s League): K Whatling, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 22-9; R Knight, L Baldwin, M Adams 27-11; R Freegard, R Wootten, T Ellis 22-14; G Lloyd, M Hunt, A Dudley 11-19; R Lowman, L Collier, A Watts 12-20; J Smith, M Nash, G Neville 8-23.

Winscombe A 70 (10), Yatton A 62 (2): M Dorrington, L Collier, A Dudley, S Eastment 29-22; M Roberts, J Lukins, R Wootten, T Ellis 16-27; W Ainsworth, M Nash, R Feltham, M Adams 25-13.

Winscombe B 56 (2), Ashcombe B 60 (10): N Hansford, G Tofte, K Whatling, G Neville 19-22; G Lloyd, A Kyprianides, M Hunt, L Baldwin 17-16; R Knight, M Hunter, J Smith, A Watts 20-22.

Winscombe 56, Street 107 (friendly): P John, A Kyprianides, L Collier, A Dudley 14-38; B Paul, B Prince, W Ainsworth, S Eastment 12-27; D Beaverstock, G Tofte, K Whatling, G Neville 19-14; J Sprouting, P Hopes, M Nash, M Adams 11-28.

Winscombe Floodlit Tournament results: Winscombe C 17, Wrington A 10; Wrington B 11, Wyrral Park B 36; Wells B 18, Victoria B 14; Nailsea A 21, Wedmore B 16; Congresbury A 14, Clarence A 15; Clarence C 11, Congresbury C 23; Congresbury H 13, Banwell A 18; Mark Moor A 17, Clevedon B 14; Winscombe F 4, Wyrral Park A 33; Winscombe E 13, Victoria C 26; Congresbury E 17, Winscombe D 29; Winscombe A 10, Wyrral Park C 21; Ardagh B 23, Burnham on Sea A 10; Congresbury D 21, Nailsea C 9; Victoria E 15, Ashcombe A 23; Wedmore B 10,Clarence B 27; Winscombe G 14, Nailsea A 22; Winscombe B 14, Congresbury C 5; Victoria C 10, Burnham on Sea A 12; Clarence C 23, Wedmore A 11.

CONGRATULATIONS to Vicki Buick and Rebecca McMillian who played each other in the quarter and semi-finals in the unbadged singles competition at Yeovil.

Vicki beat Rebecca 21-17 and went on to play L Williams from Ilminster, who she beat 21-18.

Vicki will now be competing in the finals which will take place at Victoria Bowls Club on September 4.

WESSEX Ladies 27 (0), Isle of Wedmore 56 (10) (Victoria Bridgwater League): P Tillson, M Milford, P Hanson 8-18; E Stott, C Peart, A Fewings 7-22; L Woodrow, P Turner, P Taylor 12-16.

WINSCOMBE Ladies 38, Clevedon Prom 72 (Triples League): J Kimmins, S Caddy, M Adams 11-19; M Sprouting, R Keane, I Tofte 14-23; T Miles, E Watts, A Ainsworth 13-30.

The match against Ashcombe was abandoned after five ends as the green was flooded. The points were shared five points each.

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