Gymnasts enjoy fantastic weekends

Splitz Gymnastics Club.

Splitz Gymnastics Club. - Credit: Archant

Splitz Gymnasts Club members enjoyed a couple of weekends, where a plethora of medals were won.

SPLITZ Gymnastics Club has enjoyed a couple of fantastic weekends, with amazing results from everyone who competed at Sherborne and Taunton, the club taking home 17 medals.

At Sherborne, first up on the day from Splitz was Maisie Carter and Kyra Bonnor, who performed an outstanding routine and achieved the second highest technical and artistry score of their category, giving them a silver medal.

Harry Sheppard and Eleanor Green had their first competition as a partnership, performing a fun routine giving them a bronze medal. They also achieved the second highest artistry score of their category.

Men’s pairing Archie Pickles and Abel Luke performed an exciting, clean routine and earned a bronze medal.

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Storm Rickwood, Jessica Wilford and Chloe Reyes performed a great routine to Ghostbusters their first competition together as a partnership and were rewarded with the highest artistry score of their category.

Harley Richards and Alannah Taylor not only got a gold medal, but had the highest artistry, technical and overall score in their category. They were followed by Kennedy Bonnor, Taylor Drewer and Katie Bellamy, who got a bronze medal and achieved the second highest artistry score in their category.

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The last trio of the day achieved another amazing gold medal for Kayleigh Down, Chili Harling and Alannah Taylor, who performed an eye-catching routine, who again had the highest artistry, technical and overall highest score of the category.

Coach, Carmen Benham, said: “I am so pleased with the brilliant results and what we have achieved these past few weekends. We are definitely seeing a lot of progression already this year, and the gymnasts have worked very hard.”

First on at Taunton was the trio of Harley Richards, Elleanor Atwell and Roxxi Crandon, who worked extremely hard for this competition and performed well.

Lottie Barns, Amelia Heslington and Amy Green, performed a clean and elegant routine, giving them a well-deserved fourth place.

Isabelle Murphy, Taylor Conway and Sophia Harvey-Bennett performed an exciting routine, and a big well done to Sophia, as this was her first competition with the competition squad.

Next up were Emma Byrne, Mia Pickett and Erin Madge, who performed an eye-catching routine, which gave them a bronze medal.

Last off were the four pairs to finish off the day. Libby Bunker and Olivia Harvey-Bennett, Sam Middleton and Daisy Hooper, Mali Lloyd and Sienna Cunliffe, Elleanor Atwell and Roxxi Crandon all performed exciting routines and achieved great overall scores.

Head coach, Sharon Benham, said: “I am amazed by all the outstanding results from all of our gymnasts. They have all worked very hard and I am proud of them all.”

We would like to say a big thank you to Serena Robertson, who is our club judge, who attended the Taunton competition and to assistant Eleanor Robertson, who was a massive help at Sherborne. Also to Jo Hodder of Diamond Leotards.

Anyone who would like to join Splitz Gymnastics Club, please visit the website or phone 07900 856129.

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