Huge interest since the World Cup

Weston Under-7s.

Weston Under-7s. - Credit: Archant

A huge amount of interest from all ages has been shown since the Rugby World Cup was played last year.

Since the Rugby World Cup there has been a huge amount of interest from all ages wanting to copy the top players from around the world.

Even the Haka has been demonstrated on the pitch, showing the impact sport can have on an impressionable age group.

At Weston Rugby Club, there are approximately 30 children ranging between four and seven years taking part in training sessions.

The sessions are non-contact and involve tag rugby, where players have to remove the tags to replicate a tackle. The games are generally six-a-side against teams from the surrounding area, where the objectives are to ensure four key principles – active, purposeful, enjoyable and most importantly, safe.

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Rugby is the one place height doesn’t matter, with team spirit boosting confidence on and off the field. Feedback from parents has seen confidence boosted in many children and this has also taught them to support other players.

Coach Gary Moore said: “I recently completed a level 1 rugby course led by the RFU. This drilled home the importance of how essential sport was to young children in all areas of life - It also reinforced the main principle of making it enjoyable.

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“While we as adults want to see our children being drilled with various skills and techniques, it is imperative to remember, all they want to do is play games and be like their heroes on TV.

“At the club, there is always after match activities, teas and coffees available to enable the parents to mix as well. Last year we went on tour and it was apparent the adults were far more excited than the children.

These experiences have shown me that taking my son down for a game two years ago has now given me far more than I could have imagined in a coaching role.”

Weston Rugby Club is open to all ages from reception onwards. They meet at the club by the train station every Sunday from 10am to noon. There are four coaches available for the Under-6/7s, ensuring the children get maximum opportunity to learn and develop.

For more information, contact Gary Moore on 07811 446151 or

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