Husband and wife scoop top awards

Husband and wife Mike and Sue Cooper scooped the top awards at Victoria Bowling Club finals.

HUSBAND and wife Mike and Sue Cooper scooped the top awards at Victoria Bowling Club finals by each winning the championship singles finals.

It proved to be a successful weekend for the Coopers with Sue winning a further trophy and Mike a further three trophies, just reward for bowling in excess of 140 ends over the weekend.

The ladies’ singles handicap was won by Mildred Chudley in a close game with Sue Cooper. Annie Holland and her triples team of Doreen Owen and Rose Cleeves produced a barnstorming finish to triumph in the triples, winning the final end to snatch victory.

Margaret Hillman raced to a 10-0 lead in the two-wood singles, but Mildred Chudley started playing long jacks which enabled her to get close, but the lead was sufficient for Hillman win the title by the narrow margin of three shots.

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The men’s fours saw a turnaround on the 12th end when the fours of Derek Hurst gained six shots to tie the score at 14-14 and then went on to score a further 14 shots without reply until the final end when Mike Manning’s four picked up two shots.

The men’s four-wood handicap pairs produced a nail-biting finish. Roger Rockett and John Smart led for most of the game until the penultimate end, when the pair of Malcolm Campbell and Ken Curtis gained four shots to take the lead by two and retained that lead on the final end.

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Maryisa Angove played her first final in the ladies’ non-winners final giving a good account of herself, before the experience of Rose Cleeves saw her through to an excellent win.

The men’s triples of Dave Williams were 11 shots down after two ends and never recovered allowing the triple of Pete Wyatt, John Downing and Mike Cooper to win the trophy.

Sue Cooper won her second final of the weekend partnering Ellen Newport to a fine win over Rose Cleeves and Margaret Hillman in the four-wood pairs.

The men’s four-wood handicap singles was a close game throughout with Mike Cooper leading most of the way, but on the last end Paul Leadbeater drew two shots to take a well-deserved win.

The pair of John Mingo-West and Malcolm Campbell consolidated on a winning start to beat Bill Nicholls and Mike Stocker to win the two-wood handicap pairs. The seniors’ singles title saw Alan Shattock forge ahead after five ends and maintain the lead for a convincing win over Dave Williams.

The two-wood handicap singles final stretched to 33 ends before Mike Cooper finally overcame a spirited challenge from Pete Lunn.

Carol Willetts and Margaret Hillman enjoyed the narrowest of margin wins over Ellen Newport and Mildred Chudley to lift the two-wood pairs trophy.

In the men’s non-winners final, Harrison Whyte used his greater experience to change the length of the jack to take control of the game to overcome a spirited challenge from Darren Beard.

The pair of Mildred Chudley and Will Harrison won the mixed pairs final after taking an early lead against the pair of Rose Cleeves and Malcolm Campbell, who were never able to close the gap.

Sue Cooper retained the ladies’ championship crown by beating Sue Harrison after gaining an early lead and then consolidating on her position as the match transpired.

The men’s championship singles final was between Mike Cooper and Colin Gazzard and with Cooper now playing his sixth game of the weekend he found the strength and inspiration to win the final and his fourth trophy of the weekend.

Victoria entertained Notts Tourists in two friendlies, losing the first match by 24 shots and winning just two the rinks skipped by Tony Bray and Derek Jones.

Victoria also competed against Notts Tourists under Federation Rules, but fared no better losing again with just one winning rink skipped by Roger Rockett.

Cheltenham were also visitors playing a mixed friendly, but with the attraction of visiting Weston they were clearly able to field a strong squad to win the match convincingly.

Victoria won just one rink led by Alan Shattock, supported by Brian Johnson and club captain Mike Manning.

Victoria 114, Notts Tourists 138: S Thynne, R Sparkes, J Smart, M Manning 12-24; L Kelly, T Uccellini, P Leadbeater, T Bray 20-12; P Wyatt, C Chudley, G Thorne, D Jones 19-15; J Mingo-West, R Sleep, R Rockett, M Taylor 18-19; T Gilbert, G Richards, A Barnes, D Hurst 18-20; M Milliner, A Waygood, E Sage, K Harvey 11-24; D Roberts, J Griffiths, J Newman, M Campbell 16-24.

Victoria 65, Notts Tourists 88 (Federation Rules): A Waygood, J Newman, R Rockett 16-9; B Nicholls, J Griffiths, M Campbell 17-9; M Milliner, E Sage, D Williams 8-21; A Shattock, C Chudley, T Bray 8-20; P Wyatt, T Gatehouse, M Manning 6-19; B Jonson, T Palmer, D Jones 10-10.

Victoria 112, Cheltenham 160 (mixed friendly): J Mingo-West, S Lawrence, C Chudley, M Hillman 13-21; P Wyatt, E Newport, M Chudley, D Jones 20-20; E Williams, R Cleeves, E Sage, J Newman 12-23; D Owen, B Nicholls, A Holland, Mi Taylor 20-22; S Milliner, C Sage, G Richards, R Rockett 11-36; C Willetts, M Milliner, S Newman, M Campbell 20-27; A Shattock, B Jonson, M Manning 16-11.

A DISAPPOINTING defeat in the Over-60s Triples League to Clarence Blues was countered by two good wins against visiting tourist sides from across the Bristol Channel.

St Andrews Spartans 100, Clarence Blues 110 (Over-60s Triples):

R McLeod, B May, D Bailey 14-24; B Rogers, A Horsburgh, A Steer 12-20; C Reeves, A Ware, J Warren 20-21; G Tofte, B Reeves, B Forse 24-9; R Smith, P Villis, D Favis 18-16; M Goddard, R Venn, G Guest 12-20.

St Andrews 123, Havelock, Llanelli 71: Mrs J Forse, K Rodgers, Mrs E Blight, B Green 32-8; Mrs B Goddard, R Brereton, R Smith, Mrs I. Tofte 25-23; P Smart, G Berry, Mrs J Smith, Mrs A Campbell 18-15; C Robinson, Mrs A Greenwood, M Goddard, B May 23-14; Mrs P Uglow, J Steer, A. MacNab, Mrs M Pattenden 25-11.

St Andrews 107, Blaina 83: Mrs J Smith, R Brereton, B Reeves, J Warren 28-12; Ms S Sinclair, C Robinson, B May, A Horsburgh 21-11; R Smith, A Cooper, J Ling, Mrs J Pitman 18-24; G Sims, Mrs A Greenwood, M Blight, S Davies 16-20; P Smart, A MacNab, Mrs E Blight, B Green 24-16.

CLARENCE Bowling Club staged one of the biggest matches in their history when the Friends of English Bowling visited them.

The award of the match was part of Clarence’s prize for having finished runners-up in the Bowls England Club of the Year competition in 2011. The visitors, who included Bowls England’s junior vice-president Bob Niblock, came from all over the country, one from as far away as Lincolnshire.

They were entertained to a buffet lunch before the game then dinner afterwards. More than �300 was raised for the motor neurone disease charity with a raffle and auction during an excellent day. The Friends, who included several current and ex county players, won the match.

Clarence 97, Friends of English Bowling 142: B Rossiter, G Barlow, Veronica Jones, D Towie 15-22; A Taylor, A Bishop, Margaret Baker, G Cooper 13-29; Christine Hooper, T Hooper, T Mannion, R Burrough 13-24; R Gilson, B Cornwall, Elizabeth Williams, R Flicker 14-28; P Robinson, Ann Ward, H Sparks, D Stott 19-20; T Ward, M Davies, Joan Davis, M Clay 23-19.

Clarence Blues gave a boost to their battle against relegation from Division 1 of the Over-60s League when they won by 10 shots away to St Andrews Spartans.

This result avenged the Blues’ recent defeat by Spartans in the KO Cup final. Clarence finished up on four of the six rinks this time.

St Andrews Spartans 100 (4), Clarence Blues 110 (16): A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 24-14; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 20-12; T Hooper, J Rogers, P Tubb 21-20; T Ward, J Burgess, M Adams 9-24; L Lakey, M Clay, H Sparks 16-18; B Rossiter, B Underwood, R Crawford 20-12.

On the previous day, Blues, who had beaten Winscombe in the semi-final of the KO Cup, lost at home to the same opposition in the league, succumbing by 15 shots.

Clarence Blues 98 (5), Winscombe 113 (15): T Hooper, J Rogers, P Tubb 17-17; T Ward, J Burgess, M Adams 13-21; A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 24-14; B Rossiter, P Palmer, R Crawford 19-12; N Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 17-21; L Lakey, M Clay, H Sparks 8-25.

Clarence’s postponed club pairs final was won by Pete Williams and Paul Tubb, who beat Maurice Phillips and Roger Burrough 25-10.

A Clarence mixed team, captained by David Stott, notched up a fine victory over eight rinks against Coventry & District Tourists.

Clarence 172, Coventry & District Tourists 113: John Hayes, C Tippett, M Skyrme, Audrey Harris 21-17; R Rossiter, T Comfort, T Ward, Pam Hawkins 14-18; Jo Mannion, B Hanks, A Bishop, R Burrough 25-14; L Lewis, J Hawkins, B Cornwall, M Phillips 22-13; Yvonne Burrough, B Difford, L Lakey, D Stott 27-15; T Hooper, K Marshall, T Mannion, R Crawford 15-13; M Edlin, Di Stenning, M Scoins, M Clay 23-9; Joan Duffy, I Phipps, D Jackman, G Cooper 25-14.

Clarence 101, Blaina Tourists 118 (mixed): Christine Hooper, Norma Peters, J Hicks, B Duffy 23-15; Elaine Stott, Jo Mannion, L Medcraft, D Stott 19-16; B Difford, John Hayes, I Phipps, Joan Duffy 17-16; Brenda Hayes, D Grier, T Ward, J Edwards 12-23; Pam Fowler, B Cheffers, B Cornwall, T Mannion 15-20; Irene Hicks, B Hanks, M Peters, M Davies 15-18.

BANWELL Bowling Club were blessed with good weather for their finals day, which had to be spread over two days as captain Chris Wilson had played his way through to no less than five finals.

However, there were some new names to go on the trophies this year. Top of the list was the competition secretary himself Trevor Garfield, who not only became club champion, but completed the double over Chris Wilson when he also beat him in a close game in the handicap final.

Special mention must go to young Ryan Smith who achieved a stylish win over John Amos in the novices game and of course Maggie Burgess who fought her way to two finals, but unfortunately found herself in the runners-up position in both.

Championship: Trevor Garfield bt Chris Wilson 21-12; two-wood singles: Chris Wilson bt John Davies 21-9; handicap: Trevor Garfield bt Chris Wilson 21-19; veterans: John Davies bt Tony Hyde 21-17; novices: Ryan Smith bt John Amos 21-11; beginners: Paul Arlotte bt Maggie Burgess 18-4; pairs: Derek Walker and Barry Taylor bt Mike Amos and Harry Woodards 23-14; two-wood pairs: John Amos and Chris Wilson bt Tony Hyde and Alan Vickery 17-16; open pairs: Tony Hyde and John Davies bt Maggie Burgess and Chris Wilson 30-12.

ASHCOMBE Bowls Club mixed game against City & Port of Bristol was a tight game, only five shots between the two teams.

Ashcombe men played a Welsh team from Bedwellty and also a mixed team from Blaina.

Ashcombe Knights 95, Clevedon Prom 115 (Over-60s League): D Cooper, A Freke, Shannon 30-12; B Noyes, I Baker, J Main 11-23; R Counsell, G Kinsey, G Mills 18-22; D Underhay, D Norville, E Hopkins 9-19; B Jones, G Sansam, E Hooper 9-21; M Parry, T Cotterell, W Spring 18-18.

Ashcombe 62, City & Port of Bristol 67 (mixed): M Main, C Hedges, G Tottle, B Webber 18-18; A Wilmot, V Webber, R Simmons, S Hopkins 18-20; L Patterson, B McGregor, N Counsell, J Main 17-14; M Patterson, B Alden, M Tasker 9-15.

Ashcombe 64, Bedwellty 109: R Tasker, R Simmons, P Sheppard, J Main 9-25; B Noyes, J Price, S Hedges, J Taylor 9-29; M Paterson, A Cracknell, C Hughes, B Webber 16-13; R Lewis, A.Freke, L Cox, E Hooper 17-22; G Tucker, R Counsell, G Wilkinson, J Whitton 13-20.

Ashcombe 85, Blaina 135 (mixed): J Sansam, B McGregor, C Hughes, J Creasey 17-10; G Fews, M Patterson, G Sansam, S Hopkins 20-22; A Wilmot, B Benstead, J Hughes, M Williams 13-23; B Noyes, V Webber, R Counsell, J McInally 9-18; S Noyes, C Hedges, B Alden, B Webber 26-22.

Ashcombe Ladies 54, Yatton 38: M Palmer, S Davies, J Wilkinson, S Weaden 18-10; J Matthews, N Counsell, S Hopkins, J McInally 20-12; S Noyes, V Webber, C Hedges, A Goacher 16-16.

Ashcombe Ladies 61, Portishead 57: S Appleby, M Sell, J Hughes, B MacGregor 14-21; L Paterson, B Groves, S Hopkins, M Williams 23-11; S Noyes, A Bryant, B Cullen, S Weaden 24-25.

WINSCOMBE’S penultimate week of the season saw them at home to a Port of Bristol mixed team which they won.

They then visited Clarence Park to play their last Weston Over-60s fixture against Clarence Blues. This was a must win for Clarence to ensure they stayed in the top division, but Winscombe got revenge for their defeat in the semi-final of the Over-60s cup and won by 15 shots, securing 15 points to Clarence’s five.

Winscombe also entertained their friends from Notts County. These tourists have been visiting Winscombe for 60 years and apart from the war years, have never missed this traditional fixture.

Once again the game of bowls was the winner, although this year the tourists did snatch a win too.

In the Clevedon and District pairs finals at Nailsea, Mike Adams and Tommy Ellis won in a close match which went down to the last end.

Winscombe 114, Port of Bristol 98 (mixed friendly): L Coombe, K Headford, D Beaverstock, S Eastment 20-20; D Owen, S Vincent, J Sprouting, A Watts 21-20; M Sprouting, K Symons, G Coombe, M Dorrington 26-14; J Vincent, J Rush, G Hill, M Nash 26-20; A Brand, T Moody, J Kimmins, P Fredersdorff 21-24.

Winscombe 113 (15), Clarence Blues 98 (5) (Weston Over-60s Triples): G Coombe, L Collier, M Adams 17-17; R Wootten, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 28-8; R Knight, R Lowman, T Ellis 21-17; M Nash, G Hill, G Neville 21-13; J Sprouting, R Kibble, A Dudley 14-24; G Lloyd, M Hunter, A Watts 12-19.

Winscombe 120, Notts County Tourists 131 (friendly): A Brand, N Hansford, P Hopes, G Hill 24-16; B Paul, D Peakall, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 16-11; R Sapsford, K Headford, J Sprouting, A Dudley 14-14; R Fisher, B Prince, M Hunt, R Lowman 9-31; K Whatling, L Collier, C Westlake, N Westlake 17-19; R Weller, D Owen, R Wootten, S Eastment 18-19; G Lloyd, J Smith, G Coombe, R Feltham 21-22.

Winscombe also held their club championship finals days and the results were – singles championship: P Eastment; runner-up: K Whatling. Ladies’ singles: E Watts; S Lowman. Singles handicap: M Adams; R Lowman. Two-wood: S Eastment; R Wootten. Pairs: R Lowman, G Neville; M Adams, T Ellis. Ladies’ pairs: D Sapsford, E Watts; M Smith, L Whatling. Fred Anthony: G Coombe; S Easterby. Pairs handicap: R Wootten, M Dorrington; R Sapsford, R Lacy. Triples: R Lowman, M Dorrington, S Eastment; T Watts, N Hansford, T Dudley. Veterans: R Lowman; R Feltham. Mixed pairs: M & M Adams; A & W Ainsworth.

Winscombe floodlight finals: Congresbury D 23, Burnham A 14; Banwell A 23, West Backwell A 10.

WEDMORE ladies played Bridgwater BCL at home in the last match of the Victoria Triples League.

Wedmore lost on two rinks but Gill Harvey’s team won by 24-15, enabling an overall victory of 47-46. This gained six league points, enough to win the league and retain the trophy.

Wedmore Ladies 47, Bridgwater BCL 46: B Clark, P Beard, G Harvey 24-15; B Disbrey, L Hamblin, P Cottrell 10-15; T Newell, M Perry, M Trow 13-16.

The ladies have enjoyed a successful season, as in addition to winning the Victoria League, they also kept the Wessex League Trophy won last year. Last year they were runners-up in the Mendip Ladies Triples League and are pleased to have won this season making a clean sweep.

The ladies had a friendly match away at Prattens, which was shortened to 18 ends due to cold weather. Wedmore won one rink and lost two, but lost overall by only three shots 48-51.

In the Mid Somerset Mixed League, Isle of Wedmore entertained Wyrrall Park in the last match of the season.

Wedmore 79, Wyrral Park 45: R Bull, J Harvey, A Hughes, M Hordle 28-10; C Panchaud, M Perry, I Gallop, G Harvey 28-18; D Gallop, B Disbrey, V Matthews, R Hughes 23-17.

Clevedon Promenade visited for a mixed friendly on a pleasant afternoon. The sides won two rinks each with one tied, but overall Wedmore had a narrow win 87-85.

The men received West Backwell in the County A League for the last match of the season, winning by two rinks to one.

Wedmore 73, West Backwell 56: G Anniuk, I Gallup, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 26-9; R Newell, T Brown, D Nicholls, R Barron 24-27; R Bull, D Trow, K Pettit, E Payne 23-20.

Wedmore men’s team in the Over-60s Triples League succeeded in gaining promotion from division two.

The men had their annual triples day which was won by the club captain Ray Newell and team-mates Tony Counsell and Clive Panchaud. They were the only team to win all three of their matches.

Captains day ended the outdoor season with around 60 members taking to the green for a fun 4321 game, when three games of eight ends were played.

Men’s vice-captain Keith Burt together with Lezley Swain, Mike Yarde and Ann Hughes emerged as the winners. Following the game players were treated to tea provided by captains Ray Newell and Liz Hamblin, which was prepared by Trish Newell and her helpers.

The day ended with an Irish raffle, the prize of a large fruit basket being won by Mike Yarde.

Minds are now turning to the indoor season, with internal leagues and competitions plus a sociable roll-up on Saturday evenings. New members will receive a warm welcome and free taster sessions are available when shoes and bowls can be borrowed. Ring Brendon on 01934 743271 to find out more.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 66, Long Ashton 46 (friendly): C Wilcock, A Jones, C Andrews, B Huggett 22-15; C Lewis, S Wright, A Purnell, A Mew 23-13; H Tranmer, R Horton, J Byett, K Herbison 21-18.

Congresbury 129, Avonmouth 96 (mixed friendly): R Baker, C Lewis, P Reay, B Huggett 15-17; M Kimmings, S Burridge, R Stewart, A Jones 26-18; R Jones, S Wright, M Huggett, D Harrison 16-23; P Baker, P Dawes, D Whiskin, M Wear 27-7; C Wilcock, D Davis, D Rivers, G Stenner 22-21; H Tranmer, A Edwards, C Andrews, R Becker 23-10.

Congresbury 84, Wrington 82 (Norris Bryan Cup mixed): C Lewis, A Edwards, M Hill, D Rivers 25-20; G Andrews, P Baker, C Blagden, R Horton 17-26; D Folds, A Harris, M Kimmings, M Wear 18-14; D Davis, R Baker, D Byett, C Andrews 24-22.

THE ladies of St Andrews competed in two important matches in one day and came away as winners of the Fear Cup Plate at Ashcombe Park.

On Sunday morning, they won a close-fought semi-final by just six shots. The afternoon final was played against Long Ashton and the Saints came away as champions, winning the game by 16 shots.

St Andrews Ladies 53, Chew Stoke 54 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Forse, I Tofte, J Ware, M Favis 17-17; C Venn, B Goddard, S Priory, M Pattenden 15-23; E Reeves, D Johnston, M Frost, A Campbell 21-14.

St Andrews Ladies 60, Frome 54 (Fear Cup Plate semi-final): J Forse, I Tofte, J Ware, M Favis 17-15; B Goddard, M Frost, J Pitman, A Campbell 18-20; C Venn, W Allen, S Priory, M Pattenden 25-19.

St Andrews Ladies 78, Long Ashton 54 (Fear Cup Plate final): J Forse, I Tofte, J Ware, M Favis 31-18; B Goddard, M Frost, J Pitman, A Campbell 20-19; C Venn, W Allen, S Priory, M Pattenden 27-17.

WINSCOMBE ladies played their last fixture in the Wessex League against Isle of Wedmore.

Winscombe Ladies 47, Wedmore 78 (Wessex League): T Miles, L Coombe, S Nash, L Whatling 11-23; C Hopes, A Griffin, W Weller, L Fredersdorff 13-28; L Dyer, P Heal, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 23-27.

WESSEX Ladies 53 (6), Clevedon 53 (4) (Wessex League): J Allard, M Milford, P Dunn, E Williams 11-27; E Stott, B Jones, A Fewings, A Powell 23-14; P Tillson, V Edwards, P Taylor, A Ward 19-12.

Wessex Ladies 55, Portishead RBL 50 (friendly): P Hanson, S Bishop, I Hicks, P Taylor 22-13; P Tillson, E Stott, J Davis, E Williams 23-17; V Edwards, M Milford, B Jones, E Deane 10-20.

PRIORY Community schoolboy Sam Easterby was chosen to represent Somerset County Bowls Under-25s against Devon at Queen Camel.

Sam has played consistently well throughout the season and was hand-picked by a Somerset official after seeing him play in a match for his club side Winscombe.

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